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cholanhips. The will 

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. ■• 





From 1640 to 1892 






Author of ** History of the Morison or Morrison Family "; " History of Windham in New Hamp- 
shire"; "Rambles in Europe, with Historical Facts relating to Scotch-American 
Families, gathered in Scotland and in the North of Ireland *' ; and 
"Among the Scotch-Irish : a Tour in Seven Countries." 


This shall be written /or the generation to come." — Psalm 102 : 18. 


%\t #lb Aorntr ^ookstort. 
I 892. 

Ham^JLI^ (jU^ufi^ 

In this Work are Facts Relating to the Families of 






























Von Rapp, 










































and other 


















S. W. HU8E * CO., PftOPMETOfM, 



To the Norrises of the past, present, and future, 

this volume is dedicated. 


'^Leonard Allison Morrison, of Windham, N. H. 
VJacob Norris, of Chelsea, Vt. 
vThomas Folsom Norris, of Boston, Mass. 
v' Sally (Smith) Norris, of Boston, Mass. . 
v^JosEPfl Norris, of Lawrence, Mass. . 
vLuciAN WiNSLOW Norris, of Boston, Mass. 
V^Alvah Maximillian Norris, of Boston, Mass 
>/Elmer Ellsworth Norris, of Boston, Mass. 
n/ Rosamond Theodora Norris, of Boston, Mass. 
\/ James Shepard Norris, of Concord, N. H. 
v<HiRAM Welcome Norris, of Bradford, Penn. 

V Herbert Francis Norris, of Boston, Mass. 
>^ George Washington Norris, of Boston, Mass. 
n/Caroline Train Norris, of Boston, Mass. 
VWiLLiAM Henry Norris and Family, of Hyde 

Park, Mass 

Mrs. Calista M. Norris. 

Wehelmina Calista Norris. 

Clarence George Norris. 

Harry Adams Norris. 
'^JOHN Oscar Norris, of Melrose, Mass. 
V" George Washington Norris, of Lowell, Mass. 
v^JOHN G. Sinclair, of Orlando, Fla. . 
v^ Albert Lane Norris, of Cambridge, Mass. 
-^ Lyman Decatur Norris, of Grand Rapids, Mich. 

V LoRiN Orville Norris, of Methuen, Mass. 

V JosiAH Henry Norris, of Tiona, Penn. . 
y George Washington Norris, of Woburn, Mass. 

V . 

























% . 




















I ,' 












LiTEBABT labor and the wish to preserve historical facts, 
being almost a passion with me, have been the moving causes 
for the production of this book. A few years since, while 
gathering data relating to an old New England family, it 
was necessary to ascertain the pedigree of her emigrating an- 
cestor to the New World, of a female member of the Norris 
lineage, who had become connected with it by marriage. This 
required so much research that before its accomplishment, I 
gleaned genealogical and historical matter . of considerable value 
relating to her direct line, and also to collateral branches of 
the Norris family. This was obtained from wills, the adminis- 
trations of estates, from deeds, the records of towns and 
churches, from tombstones, from family records, and from in- 
formation embraced in a very extensive correspondence with 
members of the Norris family, and from published records. 

Subsequently, I decided, in order to preserve facts already 
obtained, to make a general history of the Norris family. 
Having this definite plan before me, my investigations and 
labors were renewed, and have continued till the present, and 
the result, — the preservation of the annals of another New 
England family, — is now given to the Norrises and to the 
general public. 

Genealogical works are never remunerative, and are seldom 
prepared, except by interested persons, as "a labor of love," 


or by others, in whom the historical trend is so powerful 
that they can hardly fail to work, write, and prepare them. 
I have made a large expenditure of time, labor, and money, 
and this book is as fall in information and as attractive in 
form, as was possible. I assumed the entire expense of the 
undertaking. My chief recompense is in the pleasure of this 
book's preparation, the knowledge that history is preserved, 
and the thought that others may experience delight in its 
perusal and possession. 

A well prepared book of genealogy and biographies is of 
great value because of its relation to local and general history, 
and it preserves a vast amount of information which otherwise 
would be lost. Lands and homes are located and described, 
the manners of life of bygone generations are delineated, and 
they who have long been sleeping are, by the published 
records of their lives, made familiar acquaintances of the' 
present generation. The life-history, with the toils, struggles, 
sacrifices of our predecessors is made known to those of the 
present, for their benefit and loyal appreciation. The fathers 
and mothers of the long ago, live again in their descendants. 

My task is over. They who have kindly furnished me 
information and records of themselves or others, have my 
sincere thanks. They who from any cause neglected my oft 
repeated and urgent request to impart desired knowledge, may, 
when too late, regret their indifference. 

I experienced considerable dificulty in securing a sufiicient 
number of subscribers in the Norris family to liquidate the 
expense of publication, not to mention the expense of prepara- 
tion, of this book. At this critical juncture Hon. Lyman 
Decatur Norris, of Grand Rapids, Mich., very wisely and 
generously aided in a substantial manner, and made sure the 
publication of this work. To him I, with every member of 
the Norris Family, am greatly indebted for his generosity and 
aid in the preservation of this family history. 


In this book errors will appear, but of the materials for- 
warded me, the best possible use has been made. 

They who have inserted engravings of themselves, or others, 
have my thanks. 

Trusting that this history will meet the reasonable expecta- 
tions of the general public, and the far scattered members of 
this early New England family, it is committed to them with 
the hope that the recorded lives of those found within its 
pages may not speedily pass from their memories. 


Windham, N. H., Aug. 5, 1892. 
(P. O., Oanobib Lake, N. H.) 



Thb early patronymic was Norrey and Norreys, through 
which the modern name shines as clearly as the sun does 
through thin and broken clouds. The family is an an- 
cient one in England. For many centuries it has flourished 
in Sutton and Lancashire. In A. D. 1311, Sir Henry Norreys, 
by marriage with Joan, daughter of Sir Henry Molyneux, 
acquired the Manor of Speke, in Lancashire, England. 

William Norreys, of Sutton, was descended from Alain Nor- 
reys, who in a remote time dwelt on the same estate. From 
him are descended the celebrated families of the name of 
Norris in Speke, Lancaster, and Eyecote, in the County of 

Thomas Norreys^ of Speke, was father of Nicholas Norreys', 
Esq., of Tarleton, who was succeeded by a son, Nicholas Nor- 
reys*, of Tarleton. A son of the latter, Nicholas Norreys*, 
of the same place, was followed in the possession of his 
name, by his son, Nicholas Norreys*, of Middleworth, County 
of Lancaster, whose son, Nicholas Norreys^ of Middleworth, 
born in 1633, was succeeded by his son, Henry Norri^^. It 
will be noticed here the name changes to the form generally 
used in more modern times. It is also interesting to observe 
that the Christian name Nicholas^ which was borne by the 
heads of five successive generations of this family name, is 


the same as carried by the early emigrant and settler, Nicholas 
Norris, who was a resident of New Hampshire in 1663. 

After the change in the orthography of the name to Nor- 
riS) as previously stated, it was so written by many of the 
descendents of Henry Norris, for many generations, and then 
by some of them, in recent times, was again altered to 
the original form. 

Many of this blood have been distinguished, in times past, 
and numerous members bear the name with high honor at the 
present. Sir Henry Norris, of Ryecote, was granted a peer- 
age in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Early, some of the 
English Norrises settled in Ireland ; one branch lived in 
Armagh, and claim descent from Sir Henry of Ryecote, 
Berkshire. Among the noted members of the Armagh 
family, was Sir William Norris, who died in 1859. He was 
once Chief Justice of Ceylon, India, and his father was Pres- 
ident of the College of Surgeons in London. A son of Sir 
William Norris, is W. E. Norris, of Underbank, Torquay, 
England, an author of high repute. 


In the records in the City Hall at Leyden, Holland, is the 
recorded fact, that Mary Norris, a girl of Newbury, England, 
was married to Isaac AUerton, Nov. 11, 1611. He was of 
London, England, and they were of that Pilgrim Colony who 
located in Leyden. She came as a passenger in the May- 
flower^ to Plymouth, Mass., in 1620. 

On June 10, 1635 Jo: Norris was one of those to be 
transported "to the Bormoodoes or Somer Islands imbarqued 
in the True love de London." 

Rev. Edward Norris, between whom and Nicholas Norris, 
of New Hampshire, there is no known connection. The for- 
mer was a Non-Conformist minister. He was born in Eng- 
land in 1579; resided at Tedbury and at Horseigh, Glouces- 


tershire, and was a great deal in Bristol. He was an author 
of considerable repute, a teacher of standing, and a preacher. 
Had works published in London in 1636 and 1638. He 
came to America, joined the church in Boston, Mass., July 
21, 1639; was in Salem, Mass., in 1640. He married Eleanor 

, and died in Salem, Dec. 23, 1659. His son Edward 

Norris, Jr., was in Salem, Mass., in 1639, was a teacher in 
1640, and died about 1684. The Norrises of Salem, Mass., 
are largely the descendants of Rev. Edward Norris, while 
those of New Hampshire, and many in Massachusetts, are the 
descendants of Nicholas Norris, of Exeter, N. H. 

Nicholas Norris, of Exeter, N. H., was in Hampton, N. H., 
previous to Jan. 21, 1663-64; probably as early as 1654. 

Benjamin Norris came from England in 1690 and settled in 
Hartford county, Md. He had several sons, and the eldest 
was named John Norris. Two of his sons settled in Vir- 
ginia. Among Benjamin Norris's descendants is Col. Basil 
Norris, m. d., at the Occidental Hotel, San Francisco, Cal., 
He is an officer in the U. S. Army, in 1892. 

Philip Norris, of Lancashire, England, was married in 
Boston, Mass., to Mary Bennett, of that place, Dec. 12. 1707. 


Nicholas Norris\ — His name first appears on the records in 
Exeter, N. H., Aug. 30, 1671, although he was in Exeter in 
1666. — 100 acres were granted to him Jan. 31, 1681; 3 acres 
were granted to him Feb. 3, 1698; 20 acres were granted 
to him on the first Monday of April, 1705; 30 acres were 
granted to him in 1725. 

John Norris^ — 30 acres were granted to him in 1725. 

Moses Norris^ — 30 acres were granted to him, Feb. 3, 
1698; 50 acres were granted to him on the first Monday of 
June, in 1706; 60 acres were granted to him in 1725. 


Jonathan Norris^. — 50 acres were granted to him Feb. 3, 
1798 ; 80 acres were granted to him in 1726. 

James Norris^ — 40 acres were granted to him Feb. 3, 

Moses Norris, Jr*. — 40 acres were granted to him in 1725. 

Samuel Norris*. — 80 acres were granted to him in 1725. 

James Norris*. — 30 acres were granted to him in 1725. 


Kobert Norris, a cooper, of Londonderry, N. H., bought 
lands and buildings there of James and Margaret Anderson, 
July 18, 1744. He was living in Londonderry, Jan 31, 1739, 
and signed a petition. 


Jonathan Norris, of Capt. Henry Dearborn's company, was 
taken prisoner at Quebec, Can., Dec. 31, 1775. 

Cornelius Norris, of Exeter, N. H., of Capt. Daniel Mor- 
gan's company, was killed at Quebec, Dec. 31, 1775. 

Joseph Norris, with many others, was killed at Minisink 
Settlement, Orange county, N. Y., July 22, 1779, by a party 
led by the Indian chieftain Brandt. 

Jacob Norris was in the Revolutionary war. One of the 
prisoners committed to the Old Mill Prison, situated between 
Plymouth and Plymouth Dock, England. 

" Our life is a dream; 
Our time as a stream 
Glides swiftly away. 

Though the moments ^^ glide swiftly away,** yet we should "&« ashamed to 
die''* till we have accomplished something which adds to human knowledge, 
and increases human joy. 


1. Nicholas Norris\ was the progenitor of this family. His prob- 
able date of birth was about 1640. By occupation he was a tailor 
and planter, and was an early resident of Hampton, N. H. The 
tradition in regard to his origin is that he was of English extrac- 
tion, being a descendant of one of the Efiglish settlers in Ireland, 
where he was born. That he was " a stowaway " in an emigrant 
ship, and arrived in America when fourteen years of age. He be- 
longed to that goodly throng who at that early day emigrated to 
New Hampshire to develop and found a successful and prosperous 

He married Sarah Coxe, 11th mo. 21st day, 1663. This is the 
first record of him in Hampton. On Sept. 29, 1666, he deeded a 
dwelling-house and three acres of planting land in Hampton to John 
Godfrey. That same year he appeared in Exeter, N. H. In 1677 
he took the oath of allegiance, desired the jurisdiction of Massachu- 
setts in 1690, and was a soldier in garrison from Aug. 3 to Aug. 31, 
1696, under Kinsley Hall. His home was near Meeting-house hill 
in Exeter Village. 

On March 8, 1720-21, ten acres of land were laid out to him by 
the town of Exeter, on the *' north side of a masteway leading from 
Col. Hilton's to Pawtuckawaye Mills," it being the southwest cor- 
ner of John Sinkler's fifty acres of land. He deeded away land 
June 10, 1721, which is the last reference to him found upon any 
record. He must have died soon after that date. 

Tradition in relation to him has about died out, but it is said that 
he was fond of athletic sports, and was an expert in the use of his 
hands. He was a resident of Exeter for fifty-seven years, perform- 
ing his duties as a friend, neighbor, citizen, and then disappeared 
from view. His descendants have become like the sands of the sea 
for multitude. 


2. Sarah Norris^ b. 20, 7, 1664 ; d. Feb. 10, 1667. 

3. Sarah Norris^, b. 10, 12, 1666; d. youug. 

4. John Norris^, b. 10, 5, 1667 ; no record ; he probably d. when young. 

5. Moses Norris^ (11), b. Aug. 14, 1670; m. Ruth Folsom; res. Exeter, 

N. H. 



6. Jonathan Norris^ (20), b. March 5, 1673; res. Stratham, N. H. 

7. Abigail Norris^, b. Nov. 29, 1675 ; no record. 

8. Sarah Norris^, b. April 10, 1678 ; no record. 

9. James Norris^, b. Nov. 16, 1680; d. before March 28, 1698. 
10. Elizabeth Norris^, b. Sept. 4, 1683 ; no record. 

11. Moses Norris^ (5) [Nicholas*]. He was born in Exeter, N. H., 
Aug, 14, 1670, and always lived in Exeter. He received sixteen 
acres on "road to Hampton Farms," from his father, April 9, 1698, 
and the same date he received land from his father-in-law, Samuel 
Folsom, of Exeter, N. H. He married March 4, 1692, Ruth, daughter 
of Samuel and Mary (Robey) Folsom, and granddaughter of John 
Folsom, the immigrant to Exeter.* He served as a soldier from 
Aug. 31, 1696, to Sept. 28, 1696. 

On Feb. 2, 1720-21, "for fatherljr love and affection" he deeded 
land to his children, they to come mto possession " after ye decease 
of me and my present wife, Ruth Norris." By this deed, and others, 
all of his children can be identified. No farther record of the settle- 
ment of his estate is upon the public records. The date of his death 
is unknown, but he lived for a number of years after making the 
deed of Feb. 2, 1720-21. 


12. Samuel Norris^ (26), b. about 1693; d. before Oct. 30, 1754; res. Exe- 

ter, N. H. 

13. John Norriss (28), b. Dec. 25, 1694, O. S.; d. Nov. 8, 1766; res. Ep- 

ping, N. H. 

14. Moses Norris, Jr.8 (30), b. about 1696; d. before Oct. 16, 1751; res. 

Nottingham and Epping, N. H. 

15. Nicholas Norriss (35), b. about 1698; d. in 1761 or 1762; res. Ports- 

mouth, N. H. 

16. Joseph Norris^ (40), b. about 1699; d. about 1788; res. Epping, N. H. 

17. Jonathan Norris^ (46), b. about 1700; d. before Dec. 27, 1769; res. 

Exeter N. H. 

18. James Norris* (54), b. about 1702 ; d. Dec. 20, 1768 ; res. Epping, N. H. 

19. Ruth Norris*, b. about 1704. She was under 18 years of age on Feb. 2, 

1720-21, when her father deeded property to his children ; she was 
to have some personal property and a room in her father's house. 

20. Jonathan Norris^ (6) [Nicholas*]. He was born in Exeter, 
N. H., March 5, 1673. He settled in that portion of Exeter which 
afterwards was included in the town of Stratham, N. H., where he 
resided until his death. On March 14, 1716, he with others signed 
a petition for the incorporation of the township of Stratham, which 

was granted. Was called husbandman. He married Lydia , who 

survived him. His will was made March 20, 1718; probated July 
23, 1718. At least two of his children, Benjamin Norris*, who suc- 
ceeded him in house and lands, and Jonathan Norris', were under 
21 years of age when his will was made. 

♦ John Folsom came from England, in the " ship Diligence^ of Ipswich," 
hi 1638. 



21. Benjamin Norris^ (70), m. Mehitable Stevens, Dec. 14, 1727; res. Stra- 

tham, !N. H. 

22. James Norris^ (81), lived in Chester, N. H.j d. in Epping, N". H. 

23. Jonathan Morris, Jr.^ (90), res. Stratham, Exeter, and Epping, IST. H. 

24. Lydia Norris^, m. Dr. Jeremiah Robinson. 

25. Abigail Norris^, m. Joseph Prescott, of Hampton, N". H. 

26. Samuel Norris* (12) [Moses*, Nicholas^]. He was bom in 
Exeter, N. H., probably about 1693, and he always resided in his 
native town. His father deeded him land Feb. 2, 1720-21 ; he was 
to receive one-half of his father's homestead after his father's decease, 
the land ^' to be on that side and adjoining Joseph Robinson's land 
throughout both upland and swamp," and also one-half of the land 
lying " on the east side of the road leading from Hampton Town to 
Exeter." His brother, Joseph I^orris, had the other half of the 
homestead. The land owned by them was undivided, and was sold 
after his death, by deed given by his wife, Ruth Norris, and Samuel 
Norris, as his heirs-at-law, and Joseph Norris, of Epping, Oct. 30, 
1754, with buildings and orchard, to Richard Dole, of Rowley, Mass. 
Samuel Norris inherited from his father one-eighth of a sawmill at 
Petuckaway. He dealt somewhat in real estate, and the last sale of 
land made by him, found upon the records, was made May 18, 1753, 
of forty acres in Exeter, to Jonathan Douse, of Hampton, N. H. 

He married Ruth , who survived him. He died beiore Oct. 30, 



27. Samuel Norris* (92), b. Exeter, N. H., probably about 1714; res. Ep- 
ping, N. H. ; d. before Feb. 27, 1765. 

28. John Norris* (13) [Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Exe- 
ter, N. H., O. S., Dec. 25, 1694. He was a soldier about 1710, for 
sixteen weeks and two days, in Capt. Shadrach Walton's company. 
By a gift deed of land from his father, on April 25, 1720, he re- 
ceived land on the east side of the road leading from Hampton 
Town to Exeter, "ninety rods in length and ye thirty rods In 
Breadth." His name is upon the list of those who received land 
from Exeter in 1725. He received thirty acres. He sold land May^ 
16, 1732, to Jabez Sanborn, of Hampton, N. H. He signed a peti- 
tion in 1741 for the incorporation of Epping, and against a bridge 
at the Newfields in 1746. 

His home was in what is now West Epping, on the farm owned 
in 1892 by his descendant, Israel Francis Norris. He married Sarah 
Knight, who was bom June 5, 1710, and who died Dec. 20, 1781. 
He died in Epping, Nov. 8, 1766. The record of only one child has 
been obtained. 


29. Israel Norris* (100), b. May 3, 1740, O. S. ; m. Sarah Jenness, b. June 
25, 1754. He d. Oct. 27, 1826 ; res. Epping, N. H. 



80. Moses Norris, Jr.* (14) [Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom 
in Exeter, N. H., about 1696, as he purchased land May 8, 1718. 
He saw military service, and a muster roll signed by him was 
allowed Dec. 12, 1724. On April 28, 1726, he was in a company of 
men commanded by Capt. John Oilman, and rendered five days' 
service. On Oct. 9, 1731, he purchased '*one messuage" in Not- 
tingham. There he was an innholder, and entertained the public. 

He married Lydia, daughter of James Eundlett, of Stratham, and 
a sister of Theophilus Rundlett. He dealt largely in real estate, 
lived in Nottingham until about 1745, when he bought land in 
Epping, and soon after appeared there, where he spent the remain- 
der of his life. He made his will Aug. 23, 1750, admitted to pro- 
bate court Aug 16, 1751, showing that he died between those dates. 
His wife, probably, died Jan. 23, 1795, aged 96 years. 


31. Elizabeth Norris*. She was to receive £150 in two months after her 

father's decease. 

32. Sarah Norris*, m. Mr. Smart. She had part of land at Petuckaway 

lower mill. 

33. Ruth Norris*. She was to receive £150 in three months after her 

father's decease. 

34. James Norris* (109), b. Feb., 1728; res. Epping, N. H. He was the 

executor of his father's will. He d. Nov. 6, 1814. 

35. Nicholas Norris* (15) [Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in 
Exeter, N. H., about 1698. By a deed from his father, Feb. 2, 
1720-21, he received one-half of right to stream and falls, "on which 
my sawmill at Petuckaway stands." He married, Dec. 19, 1723, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Fanning, of Ports- 
mouth, N. H., and soon after moved to that city, where he spent the 
remainder of his life. He was the only one of his name taxed in 
that city until 1744, and his home was on the south side of the mill- 
dam. He was last taxed in 1761, and died before the assessment of 
taxes in 1762. Mrs. Norris was deceased before March 20, 1765. 


36. Moses IsTorris*, b. about 1725; res. in Portsmouth, N. H. ; called him- 

self ''laborer" in a deed March 20, 1765, when he sold all right in 
his father's estate to his brother, Jonathan Norris. He was taxed 
in 1766 and d. before taxes were assessed in 1767. No record of 
wife or family. 

37. Jonathan Norris*, b. about 1727; res. Portsmouth, N. H. On Nov. 5, 

1766, he and his brother, Joseph Norris, sold land to their brother, 
Samuel Norris. There is some confusion in regard to persons of 
this name in Portsmouth. One Jonathan Norns was ''dead" in 
1761 ; another appears upon the tax-list in 1763, and is " Gone " in 
1770. This Jonathan Norris appears to have been there in 1772, and 
then he disappears, probably died. His wife was probably the Euth 
Norris, widow of Jonathan Norris, who had her thirds set off, and 
which land was sold to Moses Norris^, a nephew of Jonathan, on 
March 5, 1811. 


38. Samuel Norris* (117), b. about 1728; res. Portsmouth, N. H. ; d. in 

1821 ; was taxed for last time in that year. 

39. Joseph Norris*, b. about 1730 ; res. Portsmouth, N. H. ; on Nov. 5, 

1766, he deeded land with his brother Jonathan to their brother, 
Samuel Norris. He was there Jan. 25, 1772, and was taxed until 
1807, and his "Heirs" until 1827, when they dropped out.* 

40. Joseph Norris* (16) [Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in 
Exeter, N. H., about 1700, as he was apparently of age when his 
father deeded land and property to him and other sons, Feb. 2, 
1720-21. He was to have one-half of his father's homestead, and 
his father's house. He received one-eighth of sawmill at Petucka- 
way, now West Epping, N. H. He and his brother, Samuel Norris, 
had five acres of meadow together. His home was in what is now 
Epping, and was included in that township when it was cut off from 
Exeter in 1741. He sold land to his brother, Jonathan Norris, of 
Exeter, N. H., Dec. 3, 1735; signed a petition for the incorporation 
of Epping in 1741; was fence viewer in 1744; signed a petition 
against a bridge at Newfields in 1746; and March 5, 1747, that a 
scout of men might be sent to protect Nottingham from the enemy. 
Joseph Norris and Elizabeth, his wife, on Oct. 21, 1747, sold land to 
Josiah Ladd, which belonged to their honored father, Jeremiah 
Bean, of Exeter, deceased. On Dec. 9, 1765, he sold land to 
Nathaniel Brackett. He sold 47 acres *'to my son Joseph" Norris, 
Jr., Feb. 8, 1775 (David Norris was a witness). On Nov. 22, 1788, 
he and his wife, Joanna Norris, and his son, Joseph Norris, Jr., and 
bis wife, Rebecca Norris, sold to Daniel Til ton, of Exeter, 12 acres in 
Epping, and is "our Homeplace where we now live." It was about 
a mile west of Epping Corner, on the north side of the Rundlett 
road (Jeremiah Norris was a witness). He sold land to his 
brother, Jonathan Norris, of Exeter, which the latter sold to Peter 
Oilman, April 20, 1744, "and which belonged to my father's home- 
place." Mr. Oilman married Mary Norris. He sold to Joseph 
Norris, Jr., 60 acres in Barnstead, Dec. 8, 1786, and on March 7, 
1787, he sold "to son, Joseph Norris, Jr., the homeplace where I 
now live," being 60 acres on Joseph Purrington's land (Jeremiah 
Norris, a witness). He sold to Daniel Tilton, Nov. 3, 1786, 18 acres, 
"where my son, Jeremiah Norris, now lives." 

He married Elizabeth, daughter of Jeremiah Bean, of Exeter, 

N. H., and married, 2d, Joanna . He died about 1788, as he 

disappeared from the records at that time. 


41, David Norris* (?)• 

42. Joseph Norris, Jr.* (127), b. as early as Feb. 8, 1754; m. Jan. 7, 1777, 

Kebecca Robinson, of Fremont, N. H., and d. in Epping between 
April 16, 1822, and Aug. 15, 1822. 

♦ On the Portsmouth records are the following unassigned Norris records : 
James and Katherine Norris — children, b. Portsmouth, N. H. : Mary Nor- 
ris, b. Dec. 17, 1784 ; Margaret Norris, b. Aug. 16, 1787 ; Elizabeth Norris, 
b. Sept. 15, 1789 ; Jane Norris, b. April 25, 1792. 


43. Jeremiah Norris^ (133). He lived in Epping, N. H., and other places. 

44. Samuel Norris* ( ?) . 

45. RuthNorri8*(?). 

46. Jonathan Norris* (17) [Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in 
Exeter, N. H., about 1700, as, apparently, he was of age on Feb. 2, 
1720-21, when he received a deed of land from his father, and one- 
eighth of a sawmill at Petuckaway, now at or near West Epping, 
N. H. This he sold to his brother, James Norris, on June 10, 1741. 
He lived in Exeter, N. H.; was a carpenter, and also dealt largely 

in real estate, and was prosperous. His wife was Sarah , who 

died previous to him, as she is not mentioned in his will. He 
died between March 19, 1768, when his will was made, and Dec. 27, 
1769, when it was proven. His son Jonathan was executor. 


47. Rachel Norris^, b. Jan. 16, 1744, and i$ mentioned in her father's will. 

48. Joseph Partridge Norris*, b. Feb. 2, 1746; no record. 

49. Jonathan Norns* (134), b. Sept. 11, 1749 ; was a lieutenant in the Amer- 

ican Revolutionary army; res. Exeter, N. H., many years. 

50. Sarah Norris*, b. Aug:. 25, 1751 ; was mentioned m her father's will. 

51. Benjamin Norris* (136), b. Aug. 15, 1753; received one-half of mills 

and real estate of his father ; soldier of the Revolution ; res. for a 
time in Exeter, N. H., and disappeared during the Revolution. 

52. James Norris* (136), b. Nov. 10, 1755 ; a soldier of the Revolution ; res. 

for a time in Exeter, N. H., and disappeared during the Revolution 
and appeared later in Sandwich, N. H. 

53. Samuel Norris* (145), b. May 17, 1759; a soldier of the Revolution. 

By his father's will he received one right in Chichester, N. H. He 
res. for a time in Exeter, and disappeared during the Revolutionary 

54. James Norris' (18) [Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was born in 
Exeter, N. H., after the year 1700, and not of age Feb. 2, 1720-21, 
when his father deeded property to his children. He received one- 
eighth of a mill at Petuckaway. When he arrived at manhood's 
estate he lived in that portion of Exeter which was included in 
Epping, on the incorporation of that town in 1741. His home was 
about one and one-half miles from West Epping, on the farm owned 
in 1892 by Jonathan P. Sanborn. He was a farmer and miller, 
owned large tracts of land, and dealt largely in real estate. In May, 
1724, he was a soldier in Capt. Daniel Ladd's company, and scouted 
for Indians, near Lake Winnipesaukee, for six days. He signed the 
petition for the incorporation of Epping in 1741, and the early 
town meetings in that town were often caUed at his house. He was 
an active, prominent, and leading man in that community, and 
frequently filled offices of public trust, serving certainly as modera- 
tor in 1742, '47, '51, '64, and selectman in 1745, '49, '50, '54, and was 
one of a committee to hire a minister, and to build a meeting-house, 

in 1745. He married Mary , who died Sept. 19, 1766. He 

married, 2d, Mrs. Alice Mitchell, widow of Joshua Mitchell of New- 
market. Mrs. Norris administered upon her former husband's es- 


tate. Mr. Norris made his will Oct. 12, 1768; died Dec. 20, 1768; 
will was proven Dec. 28, 1768. His son, Josiah Norris, was execu- 
tor. Mrs. Norris' dower was set off May 28, 1770. 


55. Josiah Norris* (146), res. Epping, N. H., and d. before April 19, 1786. 

56. Josepli Norris*, b. April 26, 1728 ; no record. 

57. Jeremiah Norris* (154), b. Dec. 16, 1729; res. Epping, N. H., in 1769; 

m. Nov. 18, 1756, Hannah, dau. of Benjamin and Bebecca (Gar- 
land) Towle. 

58. Moses Norris* (156), b. Jan. 20, 1732; m. Susannah Gordon; res. Not- 

tingham, N. H. 

59. Mary Norris* (162), b. May 22, 1734; m. Maj. Joseph Prescott; res. 

Sanborn ton. N. H. 

60. Elizabeth Norris*, b. April 8, 1736; was not m. Oct. 12, 1768. 

61. Lydia Norris*, b. Aug. 28, 1737; m. Thomas Drake. 

62. James Norris* (168), b. April 9, 1739; m. Mary Chandler. He d. in 

Monmouth, Me., Nov. 11, 1816. 

63. Sarah Norris*, b. Feb. 14, 1741 ; m. Robert Smart. 

64. Daniel Norris*, b. June 3, 1743 ; d. young. 

65. Daniel Norris* (178), b. Nov. 22, 1744; m. Mary Lane; res. Raymond, 

N. H. 

66. Simeon Norris* (189), b. Aug. 8, 1748; res. Epping, N. H. 

67. Anna Norris*, b. Nov. 20, 1749 ; probably m. Ephraim Drake. 

68. Lucy Norris*, b. Aug. 19, 1752 ; no record. 

69. Eliphalet Norris* (196), b. Aug. 22, 1757; res. in Epping, N. H., on 

Jan. 27, 1785. 

70. Benjamin Norris* (21) [Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was bom 
after 1700, in what is now Stratham, N. H., and was not of age 
July 23, 1718. He succeeded his father on the homestead. On 
June 22, 1731, he bought land and orchard and buildings of his 
father-in-law, Nathaniel Stevens. He bought land of Cornelius 
Norris, of Exeter, on Nov. 28, 1743; was selectman in 1744; signed 
a petition against a bridge at Newfields in 1746. He owned two 
rights of land in Bow, N. H., and the public records testify to his 
repeated purchases and sales of real estate. 

He married, Dec. 14, 1727, Mehitable, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Sarah (Folsom) Stevens of Stratham. She was born Dec. 21, 1709, 
and was a sister of Mrs. Richard Sinclair of that town. Mr. Norris 
made his will June 30, 1764, proven Nov. 28, 1764, showing that 
he died between those dates. Mrs. Norris survived him. 


71. Lydia Norris* (197), b. about 1729; m. Elisha Smith; res. Sanbomton, 

N. H., and d. Nov. 12, 1819. 

72. Benjamin Norris* (211), b. Feb. 24, 1731 ; res. Bow or Pembroke, N. H. 

73. Mehitable Norris*, b about 1733 ; m. Mr. Smith. 

74. Sarah Norris*, b. about 1739 ; m. Mr.Wiggin. Had land in Bow, N. H. 

75. David Norris* (226), b. Dec. 21, 1735; res. Northfield, N. H., and 

Peacham, Vt. ; d. Hardwick, Vt. 

76. Jonathan Norris*, b. about 1737 ; no record. 

77. Nathaniel Norris* (239), b. about 1739. Had ten acres of land in Exe- 

ter, N. H. ; was lost at sea when a young man. 


78. Mary N"orri8*, b. about 1741 ; was given a legacy in the will of her 


79. Abigail N"orri8*, b. about 1744 ; received a legacy by the will of her 


80. Joseph Norris* (242), b. Jan. 31, 1753: res. Stratham, N". H. ; d. Dec. 

16, 1797. 

81. James Norris* (22) [Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He was bom 
in Stratham, N. H. Was a cordwainer and farmer. On Aug. 10, 
1731, he bought land and buildings of Stephen England, near the 
Scammon property, in Stratham. He removed to CJhester, N. H., 
previous to July 3, 1733, and owned much land there. He was 
tithingman there in 1735, selectman in 1737, and lived there 
until Dec. 16, 1740, when he bought 148 acres in Epping, N. H.,and 
lived on the farm in that town, occupied in 1892 by Thomas Norris, 
where he spent his days. He was a large dealer in land, and was 
known as "Cheshire" James Norris, as he had lived in Chester, and 
upon the records as James Norris, 3d, James Norris, Jr., and as 
Capt. James Norris. He often filled positions of trust in Epping. 

He married Johannah Chase, of Stratham, N. H. Made his will 
Jan. 18, 1775, probated June 28, 1780. His wife survived him; 
dower set off Dec. 17, 1788; will made Sept. 5. 1789; probated 
July 21, 1790. 


82. James Norris*, b. May 21, 1838, in Chester, N. H. ; m. Molly Nudd, of 

Chester; res. Eppmg, N. H. 

83. Johannah Norris*, b. Epping, N. H., March 3, 1741; m. Mr. Stevens. 

84. Thomas Norris* (252), b. Epping, N. H., Feb. 14, 1743; res. Epping, 

N. H. ; d. 1840, ad, 97 yrs. 

85. Jonathan Norris*, b. Epping, N. H., Sept. 9, 1745; d. Aug. 21, 1751. 

86. Simeon Norris*, b. Epping, N. H., Oct. 20, 1747; d Nov. 3, 1747. 

87. Mary Norris*, b. Epping, N. H., Oct. 3, 1748; m. Theophilus Blake of 

that town. 

88. Lydia Norris*, b. Epping, N. H., Sept. 5, 1751 ; was living Jan. 18, 1775. 

89. Mercy Norris*, b. Epping, N. H., Oct. 16, 1755 ; m. Asa Blake and had 

a family ; she d. before Sept. 5, 1789. 

90. Jonathan Norris, Jr.* (23) [Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He was 
born in Stratham, N. H., after 1700, being a minor at time of making 
of his father's will. He was a resident of Stratham till he had 
reached the meridian of life. On Dec. 9, 1738, he bought 30 acres 
of land in Exeter, and in the spring of 1739 he moved to Exeter, to 
that portion which is now included in Epping. He signed the peti- 
tion for the incorporation of that town in 1741. He was a farmer 
and mill-owner. He was constable in 1746. The meeting-house in 
Eppmg, built about 1745, was erected upon his land, and the town 
declined, on Feb. 19, 1749-50, to remunerate him for it. He mar- 
ried Lydia, daughter of Jonathan Taylor, of Hampton, N. H., and he 
and his wife deeded, on July 12, 1748, all right to his estate, to 
brother John Taylor, of Hampton. He died before Oct. 21, 1773, as 
at that date administration of his estate was granted to his son, 
David Norris. 



91. David N"om8* (264), b. about 1746, and appears upon the tax-list first 
In 1767. 

92. Samuel Norris* (27) [SamueP, Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was 
bom in Exeter, N. H., probably as early as 1714. He married Mary 

, who survived him. He, with his mother, Ruth Norris, and 

his uncle, Joseph Norris, deeded away an undivided estate of his 
father and Joseph Norris, in Exeter, Oct. 30, 1754. He lived in 
Epping, and dealt more or less in real estate. On Oct. 26, 1758, he 
bought 70 acres of Enoch Clark, a part of which he left to his son, 
Samuel Norris, in his will. He made his will Nov. 21, 1764, admit- 
ted to probate court March 26, 1766, but for some unexplained 
reasons his estate had been administered upon by his wife Mary, 
who was appointed administratrix Feb. 27, 1765. She is said to 
have been a half-blooded Indian. 


93. Beinamin Norris^ (265), b. about 1733; had home farm; res. Epping, 

N. H. 

94. Samuel Norris^ (275), b. June 17, 1734; res. Epping, Deerfleld, and 

Corinth, Vt. 

95. Zebulon Norris^ (287), b. about 1736; res. Nottingham, N. H. 

96. Mercy Norris^, b. about 1738 ; m. Mr. Burley. 

97. Mary Norris^, b. about 1740 ; m. Mr. Meloon. 

98. Ruth Norris^, b. about 1742; was not m. Nov. 21, 1764. 

99. Deborah Norris^, b. about 1744; was not m. when her father's will 

was made, Nov. 21, 1764. 

100. Israel Norris* (29) [John*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom 
May 3, 1740, O. S., in Exeter, that portion now Epping, N. H. He 
bought of Joseph and wife, Mary Prescott, of Epping, 20 acres, with 
buildings, April 7, 1772. He married, Dec. 28, 1773, Sarah, daugh- 
ter of Francis and Elizabeth Jenness. She was born June 25, 1754, 
N. S., and died Dec. 22, 1844. (Her father was born June 7, 1721, 
O. S., died June 2, 1787. Her mother was born Oct. 12, 1730, O. S., 
and died April 17, 1813.) Mr. Norris lived on a farm in West Ep- 
ping, occupied in 1892 by his grandson, Israel Francis Norris. He 
died Oct. 27, 1826. 


101. John Norris*, b. Jan. 10, 1775 ; m, April 1, 1802, Elizabeth Beede, and 

d. in Sandwich, N. H., July 8, 1849. 

102. Francis Norris^ (288), b. Feb. 4, 1777; d. April 29, 1849. He m. Dec. 

26, 1803, Betsey, dau. of Theophilus Norris, Ist, of Epping, N. H. ; 
b. Dec. 14, 1783; res. in West Epping, where his son, Israel 
Francis N^ orris lives 

103. Ruthy NorrisS b. Sept. 24, 1779; m. Nov. 3, 1803, Lowell Cliflford, of 

Epping, and d. Feb. 24, 1832. Two children : Lowell Clifforde 
and Lucy Clifford^. 

104. Israel Norris^ (292), b. Jan. 10, 1783; m. April 12, 1812, Sarah, dau. 

of Benjamin Folsom, of Epping, N. U. 


106. Mary Pike Norris^, b. July 2, 1785; m. Nov. 26, 1827, James D. Nor- 
rls, and d. subsequently. Children: Maria Norris^, James S. 
Norris^, and Mary E. Norris^. 

106. Sarah Norri8«, b. May 27, 1788 ; d. Oct. 29, 1855 ; single. 

107. Elizabeth Norris^, b. April 11, 1791 ; m. Nov. 26, 1807, Joseph Tilton. 

They rem. to Monmouth, Me., where she d. April 21, 1840. Chil- 
dren : Mary Tilton«, Joseph Tilton«, Josiah Tilton«. 

108. Lydla Norris^, b. April 26, 1793; m. June 18, 1833, as his 2d wife, 

Lowell Clifford, the former husband of her deceased sister. No 
children. He d. Oct. 26, 1864. She d. Oct. 28, 1864. 

109. James Norris* (34) [Moses, Jr.", Moses^ Nicbolas^]. He was 
born, February, 1728, probably in Exeter, N. H. By his father's 
will, proven Oct. 16, 1751, after paying legacies, he received the 
larger part of personal property and real estate ; resided in Epping, 

•N. H. ; farmer. He married Priscilla . His death occurred in 

Corinth, Vt., Nov. 6, 1814. 


110. Moses Norris^ (296), m. Anna Hannaford. 

111. James Norris^ (303), m. Abigail or Rhoda Dimond, Nov. 23, 1786. 

112. Theophilus Norris« (312), b. Jan. 20, 1758; d. in Epping, N. H., July 

29 1833. 

113. Jacob Norris^ (314), b. March 9, 1762; res. Corinth, Vt. 

114. John Norrigs (321), b. April, 1765; d. Groton, N. H., Sept. 9, 1846. 

He m. Hannah Kelley. 

115. Priscilla Norris^, m. Abel Heath; res. Corinth, Vt. 

116. Leah Norris^, b. April, 1771 ; m. Joseph Heath ; res. Corinth, Vt., and 

d. there, Oct. 19, 1855. 

117. Samuel Norris* (38) [Nicholas*, Moses^, Nicholas^]. He 
was born in Portsmouth, N. H., about 1728; married, Oct. 31, 1766, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Holmes, of Portsmouth. His home 
was in Portsmouth, near the Greenland line, and close to the " Great 
Swamp." He is said to have been a soldier in Stark's command in 
the Revolution, and lost an arm and an eye in the service of his 
country. He and his wife, Elizabeth, deeded to Benjamin Holmes 
all her right in her father, Benjamin Holmes' estate, April 1, 1791. 
He sold land to his son, Samuel Norris, Jan. 17, 1810, which he 
purchased of his brother, Joseph Norris, Jan. 26, 1772. He was 
last taxed in 1821, and died before the assessment in 1822, aged 94 
years, and is buried in the Cotton cemetery, in the southern part of 
Portsmouth, N. H. 


118. Mehitable Norris^, b. about 1768; m. Mr. Gardner: res. Portsmouth, 

N. H. 

119. Moses Norris^ (333), b. Aug. 17, 1770; res. Portsmouth, N. H. 

120. Lydla Norris^, b. about 1772; m. Maj. Samuel Langdon; res. Ports- 

mouth, N". H. 

121. Joseph Norris^, b. about 1774; was a haker and farmer; res. Ports- 

mouth, N. H., for many years. He deeded away his farm of 
about forty acres July 2, 1805 ; left Portsmouth and lived a long 
time with the Shakers at Canterbury, N. H. He d. in Boston, 
Mass., and is buried there. 


122. Dau. Norriss, b. about 1776 ^ m. Israel Marden ; res. Portsmouth, N. H. 

124. Dau. Norris^, b. about 1779 ; m. Mr. Downing; res. Portsmouth, N. H. 

125. Samuel Norris^ (340), b. about 1782; res. Portsmouth, N. H., and 

in Osslpee, ]N. H., where he d. 

126. Benjamin Bailey Norris^ (352), b. 1784; m. Sally Ayres; res. Ports- 

mouth, N. H., where he d. Oct. 24, 1834. 

127. Joseph Norris, Jr.* (42) [Joseph*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He 
was born in Epping, N. H., as early as Feb. 8, 1754, as he was of 
age when he received a deed of land from his father, Feb. 8, 1776. 
He lived in Epping, on the farm owned in 1890 by Robert Thomp- 
son, from one to two miles west of Epping village. It was near the 
Fremont line, and near the Jeremiah Carr place, in that town. 
The buildings are now demolished, and the farm thrown out to 
pasturage, and to grow up with wood. Mr. Norris was of excellent 
character, a very useful and respected member of society. On Jan. 
7, 1777, he married Rebecca Robinson, of Fremont, who survived 
him a few years. He made his will April 16, 1822, and proven Aug. 
16, 1822, showing that he died between those dates. They are 
buried in the cemetery near the Carr place, in Fremont. 


128. Betsey Norris^, b. about 1779; m., as his 2d wife, Levi Blake, of Ep- 

ping, N. H., who was a carpenter and lived west of the railroad 
station at Epping Comer, the place owned in 1890 by Robert 
Thompson. He was a farmer the last years of his life. Mrs. 
Blake d. about 1830, a few years before the death of her husband, 
and left two children. He m. 3d, Mrs. Joseph Norris, his sister- 
in-law, and d. about 1850. Children : Betsey Blake^, m., as his 
2d wife, Robert Thompson, and lives on the home farm, near Ep- 
ping Comer railroad station. Child : Mary Thompson^ m. Asa 
S. Kobie, and d. Nov. 13, 1884; no children. Levi Blake*, m. 
Amanda Samper, of Gilford, N. H. ; has a family; res. Lake 
Village, N. H. 

129. Moses Norris^ (365), b. about 1783; m. Nancy Godfrey; res. Fre- 

mont, N. H. 

130. Joseph Norris^ (369), b. March 17, 1785; m. Mary True, of Chester, 

N. H. ; res. Epping, N. H. 

131. Josiah Norris^ (373), b. about 1787; m. Nov. 22, 1710, Abigail Robin- 

son, of Fremont; res. Fremont, N. H. 

132. Ezekiel Norris^ (376), b. about 1789; m. Judith Poor; res. Fremont, 

N. H. 

133. Jeremiah Norris* (43) [Joseph*, Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was 
born in Epping, N. H., about 1750, as his name first appeared upon 
the tax list of that town in 1771. He purchased, Nov. 30, 1770, 60 
acres in Chichester, N. H., of Joseph Norris, and soon after removed 
to that town, and was living there Nov. 3, 1773. He married Mary 
. They sold property in Chichester, on May 1, 1781, and im- 
mediately removed to Candia, N. H., as they were living there on 
June 29, 1781. On Dec. 14, 1784, they sold their land and buildings 
in Candia, and went back to his native town of Epping, where he 
was living on Nov. 13, 1786, when his father, Joseph Norris, sold to 



Daniel Tilton 18 acres, "where my son, Jeremiah, now lives. 
He then disappeared.* 

134. Jonathan Norris* (46) [Jonathan*, Moses^ Nicholas*]. He 
was born in Exeter, N. H., Sept. 11, 1749. By the will of his 
father he received one-half of his real estate in Exeter, and one-half 
of his sawmill and gristmill, and on May 3, 1774, he was appointed 
guardian di his minor brothers, Samuel and James Norris, of Exeter. 
He lived in Exeter, and when the Revolutionary war broke out he 
was in the full strength of his manhood, and he engaged with en- 
thusiasm in the service of his country. On Sept. 20, 1776, he was 
an ensign in Capt. Daniel Gordon's company, Col. Thomas Tash's 
regiment, raised to reinforce the Continental army in New York. 
He was a second lieutenant in Capt. Zebulon Oilman's company, Col. 
Stephen Evans' regiment, and joined the Continental army in New 
York, and served from Sept. 8, to Oct. 29, 1777. On Dec. 19, 1778, 
he sold to John Philips, of Exeter, land left him by his father's will. 

135. Benjamin Norris* (51) [Jonathan*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He 
was born Aug. 15, 1753, in Exeter, N. H. He inherited one-half of 
his father's real estate in Exeter, and of his sawmill and gristmill, 
by his father's will. 

He was a resident of Exeter during the Revolution, or a part of 
it, and was a soldier in the service of his country. On Sept. 26, 
1775, he was at Sewall's Point, in Col. Laommi Baldwin's regiment. 
He was a "cord winder," and on Feb. 4, 1777, he sold some 55 acres 
in Exeter, bounding on his brother, Jonathan Norris, to John 
Philips, of Exeter. 

136. James Norris* (52) [Jonathan*, Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was 
born in Exeter, N. H., Nov. 10, 1755, and resided there until middle 
life. He and his brothers were in the military service of the country 
during the Revolution. He enlisted in Capt. Caleb Robinson's com- 
pany, Col. Nathan Hale's regiment, which was the 2d N. H. Contin- 
ental regiment; was mustered into the service Feb. 4, 1777, for 
three years, from Exeter. 

By his father's will, proven Dec. 27, 1769, he received £10. In 
1783 he married, in JExeter, Lydia Sherriff, and later removed to 
Sandwich, N. H., where he spent his life, and where he was buried. 
Mrs. Norris died Oct. 19, 1818, in her 60th year. He died Nov. 6, 
1806, aged 50 yrs. 11 mos. 26 days. 


137. James Norris^, b. March 25, 1784; d. July 14, 1866, ae. 82 yrs. 3 mos. 
19 days. He was a physician ; res. Lower Village, in Sandwich, 

N. H., and is buried there. He m Lucina , who d. Aug. 14, 

1863; ae. 64. Child; Mary S. NorrisS b. 1832; m. Charles W. 
Donovan ; res. Sandwich, N. H. 

137a. Lilly Norris^, d. Dec. 18, 1803, ae. 19 yrs. 

* A Jeremiah Norris signed a petition in Stratham, N. H., March 15, 1785. 
He and wife, Patty Norns, sold land then hounding on Joseph Norris, Oct. 
11, 1796. 


138. Sallv NorrisB, b. Sept. 15, 1785 ; d. Dec. 18, 1803. 

139. Benjamin Norris'^, b. Sept. 19, 1787 ; no record. 

140. Samuel Sherriff Norris^ (379), b. Aug. 30, 1789; d. May, 1862, at 

Concord, N. H. 

141. Lydia No^^i8^ b. June 17, 1792 ; d. Dec. 25, 1821 ; ae. 29 yrs. 

142. Nicholas G. Norris^ (389), b. Feb. 26, 1794; d. in Sandusky, O., May 

12, 1855, ae. 61 yrs. 2 mos. 16 days. 

143. Frances F. NorrisS b. Feb. 17, 1797; d. 1857. 

144. Mary Ann Nor^ls^ b. March 21, 1801; d. Aug. 4, 1825, 86. 24 yrs. 4 

mos. 14 days. 

145. Samuel Norris* (63) [Jonathan*, Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was 
born May 17, 1759. By his father's will he received one right in 
Chichester. As he was a minor at his father's decease, his brother 
Jonathan was appointed his guardian May 3, 1774. The estate had 
been divided among the heirs Dec. 5, 1771. He was early in the 
Eevolutionary struggle. He was, on the 26th of September, 1775, at 
Sewall's Point, in the regiment of Col. Laommi Baldwin. He en- 
listed, and was mustered into service, Feb. 4, 1777, for three years, 
in Capt. Caleb Robinson's company. Col. Nathan Hale's reginaent, 
which was the 2d N. H. Continental regiment. His account' for 
loss at Ticonderoga was £8 ISs. He gave a receipt for money, Feb. 
7, 1781, and was alluded to as "late of Capt. Robinson's company." 

146. Josiah Norris* (55) [James®, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was 
born in Epping, N. H., and always resided in the town of his nativ- 
ity. His home was on the north side of Lampreel river, in Epping. 
He was the executor of his father's will, proven Dec. 28, 1768, and 
received by that document a free title to the land he (Josiah) was 
then living upon. He also sold to his brother, James Norris, 4th 
Gent, 36f acres in Epping, March 30, 1772. He bought of Daniel 
Rogers and his wife, Mehitabel Rogers, of Portsmouth, N. H., Jan. 
11, 1774, 100 acres on Bow street, Nottingham, N. H. He was rep- 
resentative from Epping in 1776. He married, Feb. 14, 1754, 
Katherine Barber, who died May 17, 1758. He married, 2d, Aug. 
80, 1759, Eunice Coffin, who died March 19, 1778. He married, 3d, 
March 18, 1779, Anne, daughter of James and Mary Chase, who was 
born Nov. 19, 1743. His will was made March 8, 1786, proven 
April 19, 1786. He died between previous dates. The inventory 
of his estate showed that he held a Jlawy title to some 500 acres of 
land on the Kennebec river, in Maine. His 100 acres in Notting- 
ham, N. H., were divided between his sons, Maj. William Norris and 
Coffin Dole Norris, Aug. 25, 1786. 


147. Josiah Norris, Jr.^, b. Dec. 16, 1754; m., Aug. 2, 1781, Lydia Chase. 

She d. and he m. 2d, Molly Tllton, Nov. 3, 1812. She was 
dau. of Abraham Tilton, of Epping, N. H. ; res. Epping, N. H. 
Children : 1, Dudley Norris^, lived and d. in Epping, N. H. ; he 
m., May 15, 1806, Mary Rogers, of Epping, N. H. 2, Nancy 
Norris^, res. Epping, N. H. 3, Blake Norris'*, res. Epping, N. H. 
4, Josiah Norris^, res. Exeter, N. H. 

148. Katherine Norris«, b. April 19, 1760; d. May 17, 1778. 


149. William Norriss (401), b. June 4, 1762 ; res. Deerfield, N. H. 

150. Lucy Norriss, b. Dec. 19, 1764 ; d. Sept. 29, 1766. 

151. Moses Norris^, b. Dec. 29, 1767. He res. in Epping, and on Oct. 13, 

1791, he was a resident of Campton, N. H., and deeded to his 
brother, Josiah Norris, his right in house and cellar, where 
Josiah then lived. 

152. Eunice Norris^ (409), b. March 12, 1770; m. Eben Clark; lived and 

d. in Sanbomton, N. H. 

153. Coffin Dole Norris% b. March 30, 1775, and inherited one-half of his 

father's lands in Nottingham, N. H. He left Epping, and his 
residence and date of death are unknown to the compiler. 

154. Jeremiah Norris* (67) [Jamas', Moses^, Nicbolasn. He was 
born in Exeter, N. H., April 26, 1728. On Sept. 27, 1759, he pur- 
chased, in Epping, N. H., 23 acres of land of Benjamin Smith, Jr. 
By his father's will he received all that tract of land " where he 
now lives, containing 30 acres, more or less, being laid out to the 
original right of John Sinclair." This will was made Oct. 22, 1768. 
On June 16, 1769, he and his wife, Hannah Norris, sold land and 
buildings. He married, Nov. 18, 1756, Hannah Towie, daughter 
of Benjamin and Rebecca (Garland) Towle. Resided in Epping, 
N. H., in 1769. 


156. Benjamin Norris^, baptized in Hampton, N". H., Dec. 4, 1757. 

156. Moses Norris* (58) [James*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was 
born Jan. 20, 1732; was in Raymond, N. H., April, 4, 1764. He 
married Susannah L. Gordon, and they lived in Nottingham, N. H. 
On Nov. 30, 1773, he bought of brother, Joseph Norris, of Epping, 
N. H., a 50-acre lot of land in Chichester, N. H., No. 25, 2d range, 
3d division, the original right of William Stamford. On Oct. 22, 
1774, he bought land of James Cram, of Chichester. After he made 
these purchases, and before he had time to occupy them, he died. 
The locality in which his land was situated was taken off of Chi- 
chester, and was embraced in the present town of Pittsfield, when 
that town was incorporated, and there Mrs. Norris and her family 
resided after her husband's death. He died before May 29, 1776, 
when the administration of his estate was granted to his widow. 
Ithiel Gordon (probably her brother), and John Carr, Jr., were her 
sureties, and bis brothers, Joseph and Jeremiah Norris, were among 
his creditors. Mrs. Norris married, 2d, Nathan White; resided 
in Pittsfield, N. H., and died there Oct. 23, 1824. Her date of birth 
was Oct. 30, 1743. 


157. Moses Norris^ (418), b. Nottingham, N. H., Sept. 3, 1762; m. Com- 

fort Leavett, and d. in Pittsfield, N. H. 

158. Ruth Norris^ (428), b. Raymond, N. H., April 4, 1764; m. Reuben 

Towle Leavett. 

159. Daniel Norris^, b. 1776. He lived on a fine farm in Pittsfield, N. H., 

three-fourths of a mile from the village, and m. Annie Drew, 
who d. April 27, 184-. He d. Jan. 18, 1842. Children, bom in 


Pittsfield, N. H. : 1, Susannah Norris^, m. Augustus Farwell, 
of Pittsfield, N. H.; rem. to Wells River, Vt., where she d., 
leaving a son, who is merchant and postmaster. 2, Harriet 
Norris**, m. Nathaniel Evans, Jr. ; she lived and d. in Concord, 
N. H. 3, Daniel Norris^, res. Concord, N. H., and d. July 24, 
1854, ae. 22 yrs. 

160. Joseph Norris^ (430), b. Aug. 8, 1768; m. Hannah Giles; res. Barns- 

tead, N. H. 

161. Molly NorrisS b. Aug. 29, 1771 ; m., March 23, 1794, Ebenezer Cram, 

and rem. to Danbury, N. H., where she d. Mr. Cram was b. 
Sept. 9, 1766 ; d. Jan. 30, 1840. Children : 1, Susannah Cram^, b 
Aug. 9, 1794. 2, Ebenezer Cram^, b. Feb. 14, 1796. 3, Jonathan 
Cram6, b. Dec. 7, 1797; d. April 5, 1813. 4, Polly Cram«, b. 
March 4, 1800; d. Feb. 11, 1813. 5, Betsey Cram^, b. Feb. 20, 
1808; d. Feb. 19, 1813. These d. of spotted fever. 6, Lucy 
Cram^, b. Sept. 3, 1809 ; d. of spotted fever. 7, Nancy Cram«, b. 
March 27, 1814; d. Jan. 11, 1841. 

162. Molly Norris* (59) [James*, Moses^, Nicholas^. She was 
borti May 22, 1734; died Feb. 6, 1815. She married Maj. Joseph 
Prescott, born Nov. 17, 1725. He settled at Hampton Falls, then 
in Epping, N. H., where his children were born, and then removed 
to Sanbornton, N. H. He was efficient in the Revolutionary war, 
and died April 8, 1815, aged 89 yrs. 4 mos. 22 days. 


163. Joseph Prescott^ b. Oct. 22, 1752; m. Susannah Prescott, of Hamp- 

ton Falls; res. Sanbornton, N. H., and d. Nov. 19, 1818. 

164. Samuel Prescott^, b. Aug. 29, 1760; m. Dec. 15, 1783, Mary Kundlett, 

of Epping, N. H., and d. Sept. 16, 1807. 

165. Stephen Prescott^, b. Dec. 17, 1767 ; m. Nov. 1788, Hannah Prescott, 

of Hampton Falls ; res. West Sanbornton, N. ^., and d. Jan. 18, 

166. Anna Prescott^, m. Nathaniel Chandler, of New Hampton, N. H. ; 

res. Holderness, N. H. 

167. Molly Prescott^, m. Dec. 17, 1777, James Osgood, of Sanbornton, 

N. H., where they died.* 

168. Mai. James Norris* (62) [James*, Moses^, Nicholas*]. He was 
a resident of Epping, N. H.; bom there April 9, 1739. By his father's 
will, proven Dec. 28, 1768, he received one-half of the homestead and 
of the buildings. He repeatedly went from his town as a soldier in 
the war of the Revolution, and rendered valiant and efficient service ; 
was early a commissioned officer, and in 1775 was a captain of the 
9th company, 2d N. H. regiment, commanded by Col. Enoch Poor. 
He entered the service May 25; mustered in June 17, 1775, the day 
of the battle of Bunker Hill. On the succeeding day, at 11 o'clock 
A. M., he was directed to march his men to Cambridge, Mass., and 
join the army without the loss of time. He served two months 
and eleven days. 

♦ For children of all these, see the "Prescott Memorial." 


On Nov. 8, 1776, he was commissioned a captain in the 2d battal- 
ion, 2d N. H. regiment, in the Continental service, for three years. 
This was commanded by Col. Enoch Poor. He participated in the 
sharply contested action at Castleton, and was reported slain, and 
perhaps was taken prisoner July 7, 1777, at Hubbardston, Vt. On 
the 20th of Sept., 1777, he was promoted to be a major in the 3d 
regiment of N. H., commanded by Col. Alexander Scammel, and 
shared in the memorable campaign of Gen. John Sullivan against 
the Indians in Western New York in 1779. During this period he 
kept a journal, and the original manuscript is now in the possession 
of the Historical Society, Buffalo, N. Y. It has been published en- 
tire in connection with the history of General Sullivan's Indian ex- 
pedition, 1779, published in 1887 by the State of New York. In the 
battle at Newtown (now Elmira), N. Y., he participated, and after 
the conclusion of this hazardous and successful campaign he re- 
turned to the abode of civilization in safety. He continued in the 
service until about July 5, 1780, when he left the service, probably 
by the expiration of his term. He returned to Epping, N. H., and 
for several years performed his duties as a citizen. 

After the Revolution, and late in life, he joined the tide of emi- 
gration to the eastward and located in Monmouth, Kennebec co., 

He married, in Epping, Mary, daughter of Capt. Joseph and Lydia 
(Eastman) Chandler, of that town. Her father lived on Oak Hill, 
one mile from Epping Centre, and near the home of the late Governor 
Plumer. She was born April 26, 1751, and died June 4, 1818, in her 
68th year. He died Nov. 16, 1816, in Monmouth, Me. 


169. Nathaniel Xorris^ (440), b. Epping, N". H., July 22, 1769; d. 1823, in 

Wayne, Me. He m. Miss Allen. 

170. Anna Nor^i8^ b. Epping, N. H., June 19, 1771 ; d. July 2, 1771. 

171. James Frederick NorrisS (441), b. July 25, 1772, in Epping, N. H. ; m. 

Polly, dau. of Maj. Benjamin White, of Winthrop, Me. 

172. Joseph Norris* (450), b. July 15, 1774; m. Sally Fairbanks; m. 2d, 

Sarah Cram, and d. July 14, 1831. 

173. George W. Norri8% b. Nov. 23, 1776; lived in Chandlerville, Somer- 

set CO , Me. (afterwards Detroit), where he d.; farmer. He m. 
his cousin, Sally C. Maloon, and widow of Daniel Bunlet Chand- 
ler. She was b. Aug. 11, 1778. Children : Sullivan Nurris*, res. 
in the west. Wesley Norris^, farmer; res. Burnham, Me. 
Henry Norris^. 

174. Polly H. Norris^ (461), b. Dec. 26, 1778, in Epping, N. H. ; d. Jan. 2, 

1813. She m. Jireh Swift. 

175. Greenleaf Rufus No^ri8^ b. Oct. 12, 1784; d. Sept. 29, 1811. He was 

a Methodist clergyman, and never married. 

176. Lewis Norris^, b. Auff. 8, 1788. He was a lieutenant in the war of 

1812-15. He d. June 29, 1813, in the Army Hospital, in New 
York, of fever contracted in the service. 

177. Otis Norris*, b. June 1, 1792; m. Mary Smith, of Monmouth, Me. ; d. 

in Greenbush, Hensalaer co., N. i . Children : 1, Wyatt S. Norris'^, 
res. Lansingburg, N. Y. 2, Charles Granville Norris*, res. Lan- 
singburg, Is. Y. 3, Mary Ann Norris^, res. Lansingburg, N. Y. 


178. Daniel Norris* (65) [James*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born 
in Epping, N. H., Nov. 22, 1744. He located in Raymond, N. H., 
before the date of his father's will, Oct. 12, 1768. By that docu- 
ment he and his brother, Simeon Norris, received "All that lot of 
land lying in Raymond, being the same lot that the said Daniel 
Norris now lives on"; also, all his land in Nottingham, and mill 
there, and one-half of mill in Epping, to be divided between them. 
He spent his life in Raymond, and was the ancestor of the Norrises 
of that place. The family became extinct in the male line with the 
death of James Norris in 1866. Mr. Norris was a deacon in the 
church. He married, Jan. 8, 1767, Mary, daughter of Joshua, and 
granddaughter of William Lane. She was born in Hampton, N. H., 
Sept. 16, 1748. 


179. Daniel Norris^ (463), b. Sept. 30, 1767; m. Lucy Perkins; settled in 

Centre Harbor, N. H., and d. Oct. 1. 1852. 

180. Joshua Norris^ (472), b. Feb. 23, 1769 ; m. Abigail, dau. of Maj. Josiah 

Fogff ; res. Centre Harbor, N. H., and d. I)ec. 2, 1853. 

181. James Norris^ (475), b. April 10, 1771; m. Martha Osgood. She d. 

April 10, 1824; he m. 2d, Mrs. Martha (Clough) Guy, dau. of 
Nehemiah Clough, of Canterbury, N. H. She d. July 2, 1843. 
He d. at his home in Raymond, Jan. 17, 1865. 

182. John No^^i8^ b. July 18, 1773; m. Mary Moulton. He m. 2d, 

. He res. in Raymond and Dover, N". H., and d. Nov. 10, 

1833, without children. 

183. Stephen No^^i8^ b. Feb. 6, 1775 ; d. April 8, 1777. 

184. Mary Norris^ (481), b. March 2, 1777; m. Feb. 16, 1797, David Lane, 

of Raymond, and d. there July 8, 1856. 

185. Ruth Norris^, b. Nov. 22, 1778 ; m. Henry Sanborn, of Epping, N. H., 

and d. Dec. 4, 1806. 

186. Stephen Norris^ (486), b. Feb. 20, 1781; d. March 15, 1815; res. 

Centre Harbor, N. H., or Meredith, N. H. 

187. Lydia Norris^ (490), b. Aug. 23, 1783; m. Feb. 15, 1812, Jonathan 

Brown; res. Meredith, N. H. She d. Jan. 22, 1858. 

188. Sarah Norris^ (494), b. Jan. 19, 1786; m. Samuel Gove, of Notting- 

ham, N. H. She d. March 14, 1865. 

189. Simeon Norris* (66) [James®, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom 
in Epping, N. H., Aug. 19, 1747. Resided in Epping, and owned and 
lived upon the farm owned and lived upon in 1888 by Mrs. Betsey 
Blackler, the widow of Francis Norris. It is about three-quarters 
of a mile, in a westerly direction, from the railroad station near 
Epping Village. He was part owner of a sawmill at West Epping, 
called Peaslee's Mills. For some forty years he dealt considerably 
in lumber, and had much real estate. His educational advantages 
were few, but his natural powers were of good order. He was smart 
and energetic, had much strength of character and vigor of intellect, 
and was a good citizen. He married Molly Lowell, of Epping, who 
was born March 20, 1751, and whose early home was only a few rods 
from the present town-house. She died Sept. 13, 1818. He married, 
2d, March 3, 1819, Judith, daughter of Dea. Nehemiah Wheeler, of 
Epping, who, after the death of Mr. Norris, removed to her early 



home, where she died a few years later. He died March 26, 1832, 
aged 84 yrs. 7 mos. 7 days. 


190. Lowell Norris^ (497), b. Aug. 4, 1772: res. in Epping, N. H., and d. 

April 3, 1841. 

191. Molly Norris^, b. Aug. 10, 1773 ; m. May 30, 1798, Dudley Clifford, of 

Epping. She d. Dec. 15, 1803 ; no children. 

192. Asa Norri8^ b. March 8, 1778 ; m. Jan. 17, 1815, Sally, dau. of Win- 

throp Dow, of Epping ; b. Oct. 3, 1785. He lived on his father's 
homestead, where he d. March 14, 1845, and is buried in the pub- 
lic cemetery at West Epping, near Folsom's Mills, on the Blake 
road. She d. at her old home ; no children. No further inform- 
ation in regard to the personal history of Mr. Norris could be 

193. David Lowell Norris^ b. Aug. 30, 1782 ; d. Feb. 15, 1815 ; single, lived 

at home. 

194. Josiah Norris, Jr., 3d6, b. Aug. 18, 1786; m. April 16, 1810, Abigail, 

dau. of Dudley Thing, of Epping, and res. on the home farm. 
He sold hiis farm and rem. to Monmouth, Me., where his wife d. 
He m. 2d, in Monmouth, and had one child by his second mar- 
riage, and two by his first. He d. in Monmouth, Me. Children : 
Ab^ail Norris*, b. Epping, N. H. ; m. Luke Manter, of Mon- 
mouth, Me. Elizabeth Norris*, b. Epping, N. H. ; m. Sumner 
Webb. A dau.*, name not given, b. Monmouth, Me. 

195. Nancy Norris^, b. Sept. 14, 1788; m. Nov. 18, 1809, Bartholomew 

Thing, of Epping, N. H. ; res. in Raymond, Epping, Lee, Lyme, 
and rem. to Bockport, Ind. They d. in the west, leaving five 

196. Eliphalet Norris* (69) [James«, MosesS Nicholas^]. He 
was born in Epping, N. H., Aug. 22, 1757, and hj trade was a black- 
smith. His father died Dec. 20, 1768, leaving him fatherless at the 
age of 11 years. On Aug. 3, 1773, James Norris, his brother, after- 
wards known as Maj. James Norris, was appointed his guardian, and 
he was then upwards of 14 years of age. By his father's will, pro- 
bated Dec. 28, 1768, he received one-half of his father's homestead, 
and one-sixth of a sawmill in Epping. Presumably he was engaged 
at his trade in Exeter when the Revolutionary war broke forth, 
and he enlisted from Exeter at its very commencement. He enlist- 
ed May 29, 1776, and was mustered into service June 15, 1775, in 
Capt. James Norris' company. Col. Enoch Poor's regiment,^ and 
served two months and eight days. He enlisted for three years, Feb. 
13,1777, and was mustered into Capt. James Norris' (his brother's) 
company, 2d N. H. regiment, in the Continental army. After the ex- 
piration of his term of service, and his return from the war, he mar- 
ried, Dec. 14, 1780, Lydia Rundlett. He lived in Epping, and sold 
land to his brother, Simeon Norris, March 24, 1783, and on Jan. 27, 
1785, he signed a petition for the appointment of William Plumer as 
justice of the peace. 

197. Lydia Norris* (71) [Benjamin*, Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. She 
was born about 1729, in Stratham, N.H.; married Elisha, son of Jos- 
eph Smith, and settled in Epping, N. H., and in 1775 or '76 removed 


to Sanborn ton, N. H., and their homestead was in the Bay Meeting 
House road. She died of dropsy Nov. 12, 1819. He died March 
12, ISll^.aged 78 or 88 years. 


198. Mercy Smith^, b. Aug. 16, 1746 ; m. Brackett Johnston. 

199. A dau.s, b. 1750; m. Mr. Brown. 

200. A dau.^, m. Mr. Heath, and rem. to Canada. 

201. Lydia Smith*, m. Samuel, son of Rev. Nicholas Folsom ; res. Groton, 

N. H. 

202. Molly Smith*, b. Jan. 23, 1762 ; m. John Johnston. 

203. Benjamin Smith*, b. 1763 ; m. Elsie Woodman, and rem. to Belfast, 

or Belmont, Me. 

204. Mehitable Smith*, m. Caleb Saunders ; rem. to Rlchford, Vt. 

205. Zebulon Smith*, b. April 1, 1767; res. Sanbornton, N. H. 

206. Elisha Smith, Jr.*, b. July 15, 1769, in Epping ; res. Sanbornton, N. H. 

207. Josiah Smith*, b. 1771 ; res. Sanbornton, N. H. 

208. Nathaniel Smith*, b. 1773 ; m. Mary Dalton, of Nottingham, N. H. ; 

d. Oct. 10, 1823 ; res. Sanbornton, N. H. 

209. Joseph Smith*, b. 1775 ; lived in Groton, N. H., Brunswick, Me., and 

Portsmouth, N. H. 

210. Abigail Smith*, b. 1778 ; d. young. 

211. Benjamin Norris, Jr.* (72) [Benjamin*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
He was born in Stratham, N. H., Feb.24, 1731, and resided there till 
about his 26th year. He purchased property in Bow, N. H., and 
removed to that town on, or before Jan. 1, 1757. On July 25, 1758, 
he bought land on the east side of the Merrimack river, and on the 
north side of the Suncook river. He was of Pembroke July 25, 
1759, and he and John Norris were residents there in 1767. He 
acted as surveyor on the Merrimack river Feb. 3, 1774. He was 
selectman in 1773, coroner in 1777 and in 1780, and was called "Cap- 
tain." He was a soldier in the Revolution, being in Captain Mc- 
Connell's company May 4, 1777. His life was spent in Pembroke, 
where he was an active citizen. He married Sarah Wiggin, born 
Oct. 10, 1736, and who died in Dorchester, N. H., in 1826. He died 
in Pembroke, N. H., Jan. 31, 1799. 


212. Zebulon Norris*, b. March 9, 1754. He is supposed to have d. in the 

Revolutionary war. 

213. Sarah Norris*, b. May 28, 1756 ; m. Mr. Piper, and res. in Loudon, 

N. H. 

214. Benjamin Norris* (508), b. Dec. 13, 1757; m. Rebecca Hazeltine; res. 

Dorchester, N. H., and d. Nov. 9, 1836. 

215. Eliphalet Norris* (520), b. Feb. 1, 1760. A Revolutionary soldier. 

He sold land and buildings in Pembroke, N. H., March 8, 1785. 
Perhaps not m. 

216. Andrew Norris* (521), b. March 17, 1762 ; d. 1852, m Mt. Healthy, O. 

217. Thomas Norris* (530), b. March 20, 1764; res. Dorchester, N. H., and 

Potton, Canada. 

218. Mehitable Norris*, b. March 6, 1766; m. Nathan Wiggin, March 12, 

1786; res. Stratham, N. H. « 


219. Jacob Norris^ (538), b. July 5, 1769. He m. Sally Hazeltlne; res. 

Dorchester. He went west after the death of his wife ; m. 2d, 
, and d. in the west. 

220. David No^ri8^ b. May 2, 1771 ; m. Dec. 10, 1795, Sarah Gault, of Pem- 

broke ; res. in Pembroke, N. H., until about 1820, when he rem. 
to the vicinity of Buffalo, N. Y., and d. July, 1830. Children: 
Thomas Jefferson Norris^, Horatio Gates Noriis^. 

221. Nathaniel Norris^ (551), b. April 30, 1773; m. June 1, 1795, Lucy 

Hazeltine ; res. Dorchester, N. H., and d. July 24, 1845. 

222. Mary Norris^ b. Jan. 23, 1775 ; d. Aug., 1775. 

223. Joanna Norris^ (563), b. June 20, 1777; m. John Philbrook, Feb. 28, 

1804, and d. Dec. 10, 1804. 

224. Mary Norris^, b. June 22, 1778 ; d. . 

225. Dolly Norris^ b. April 14, 1781; m. Jeremiah Doe, of Pembroke, 

JST. H., Oct. 16, 1799, and d. about 1854. 

226. David Norris* (75) [Benjamin*, Jonathan^, Nicbolas^J. 
He was born in Stratham, N. H., Dec. 21, 1735. He received of his 
father land in Bow, N. H., and one-half of a salt marsh in Hampton, 
N. H. He lived in Stratham, but on Aug. 4, 1769, he purchased 
fifty acres in Canterbury, N. H., and immediately moved to that 
town, which embraced the present town of Northfield, N. H., and 
he was a resident in that town after its incorporation, June 19, 1780. 
He and wife, Annie Norris, sold fifty acres in Northfield, Dec. 13, 
1780, and again Dec. 18, 1783. He served in Capt. Benjamin Sias's 
company. Col. David Oilman's regiment, destined for New York; en- 
listed April 5, 1776, served three months and eleven days; was in the 
battles of Trenton and Princeton. He was a soldier in Capt. Ben- 
jamin Sias's company, Col. Thomas Stickney's regiment, Gen. John 
Stark's brigade, which marched from Loudon and adjacent towns, 
and joined the Northern Continental army July 20, 1777; discharged 
Sept. 20, 1777. He was sergeant in the " Train Band " and " Alarm 
List" in Canterbury during the Revolution. In one of the battles 
in which he was engaged he was severely wounded by a ball shot 
into his leg below the knee, and which he carried to his grave. 
After the Revolution his buildings were burned, and he removed to 
Peacham, Yt., then called Deweysburgh. He was poor, the country 
new, and he and his family endured great privations. After a few 
years he sold his farm, and spent a few years in Hardwick, Vt., 
then removed to Brownington, Vt., living on a farm of his youngest 
son. Later he lived with his son Benjamin in Peacham, but at last 
he and his wife went to Hardwick, and lived with their son, Mark 
Norris, when they died the same year in great age. He married 
Annie, daughter of John Taylor. She was born in Stratham, N. H., 
July 22, 1739. She was a person of marked piety. 


227. Benjamin Norris^ (565), b. Stratham, N. H., March 14, 1766; res. 

Peacham Vt 

228. Mark Norris^' (580), b. Stratham, N. H., Feb. 5, 1768; res. Hard- 

wict Vt 

229. David Norris^ (583), b. Northfield, N. H., July 14, 1770; res. Hard- 

wick, Vt. 


230. John Norris^, b. in Northfield, N. H., about 1772 ; d. in infancy. 

231. John Norris^, b. in Northfield, N. H., about 1774; was killed by a 

falling tree when about 16 yrs. of age. 

232. Nathaniel Norriss (595), b. Northfield, N. H., March 21, 1776; res. 

Hard wick Vt. 

233. William Nor^i8^ b. Northfield, N. H., about 1778. 

234. Edward Norris^, b. about 1780, in Northfield, N. H. ; res. Hardwick, 

Vt. ; he m. . Children, on Hardwick, Vt., records : Lu- 
ther Norriso, b. Hardwick, Vt., March 16, 1807. Abigail Norris«, 
b. Hardwick, Vt., Jan. 27, 1809. Anna Norris«, b. Hardwick, Vt., 
Aug. 12, 1811. 

235. Sally Norri8^ b. Northfield, N. H., Jan. 3, 1783. 

236. Nancy Norris^, b. Deweysburgh, Vt., May 22, 1786. 

237. John Norris^, b. Deweysburgh, Vt., Dec. 17, 1789. 

238. Chase Norris^, b. Deweysburgh, Vt., March 21, 1791. Mr. Norris res. 

Brownington, Vt. 'He m. Betsey B. Sleeper, and d. Dec. 11, 1851. 
Children : Chase Norris®, res. Reno, Neb. Alexander Twilight 
Norris^, b. Brownington, Vt., July 26, 1829; m. Aug. 14, 1859, 
Mary Jane, dau. of Robert and Sarah Anne (Wood) Laythe, of 
Charleston, Vt. She was b. in Salem, Vt., July 10, 1835. Mr. 
Norris is a farmer ; res. Brownington, Vt., twenty years, and since 
then in Charleston, Vt.* Children, born In Charleston, Vt. : 
Nellie Leone Norris^ b. March 21, 1860; m. June 30, 1877, Will 
Parsons, a farmer; res. Morgan, Vt. Cora Elbine Norris^, b. 
Oct. 30, 1867 ; m. Sept. 23, 1884, Luther Winslow ; res. Charles- 
ton, Vt. Katherine Mae Norris^, b. Jan. 21, 1872; res. West 
Charleston, Vt. 

289. Nathaniel Norris* (77) [Benjamin*, Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. 
He was born in Stratham, N". H. He owned ten acres of land in 
Exeter, N. H. He followed the seas, and was lost at sea when a 
young man. He married and had two children. 


240. A dau.^, name unknown. 

241. Nathaniel Norris^ (599), b. Oct. 21, 1767; m. Aug. 10, 1791, Nancy, 

dau. of William Chase, ol Stratham and Sanbornton, N. H., and 
sister of James Chase, who m. his cousin, Molly Norris, and 
settled in Wheelock, Vt. ; res. Hardwick, Vt. 

242. Joseph Norris* (80) [Benjamin*, Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He 
was the youngest of ten children, and was born in Stratham, N. H., 
Jan. 31, 1753. He succeeded his father on the homestead, and his 
life was spent in his native town, where he died, and upon the farm 
on which he was reared, Dec. 16, 1797, aged 44 yrs. 10 mos. 17 days, 
in the very prime and strength of his manhood. 

He married Comfort Piper, of Stratham, who was born July 10, 
1756, and died Dec. 17, 1842, aged 86 years. They had twelve chil- 
dren ; three died in infancy. 


243. Mehitable Norris^, b. Feb. 11, 1775 ; d. Feb. 1, 1805. 

244. James Norris^, b. Jan. 31, 1778 ; d. at Alexandria, Va., in 1835. 

* He was corporal in Co. K, 10th Eegt. Vt. Vols., and served three years. 
He is a farmer, republican, and Congregationalist. 


245. Joseph Norris*, b. Nov. 9, 1779 ; d. April 11, 1803, ». 24 yrs. 

246. Benjamin Norris*^ (614), b. Aug. 31, 1781; res. Stratham, N. H.; m. 

Mercy Clark, Aug. 8, 1803. He d. 1866. 

247. Mary Norris* (622), b. Nov. 11, 1784; d. Feb. 11, 1866; m. James 

Chase ; res. Wheelock, Vt. 

248. Charles Norris*, b. June 22, 1786 ; d. at Alexandria, Va., in 1827. 

249. Anna Norris* (632) , b. July 30, 1788 ; d. May 30, 1848 ; m. William Lang. 

250. Nathaniel Norris^ (646), b. April 14, 1791 ; res. New Hampton, N. H. ; 

d. April, 1872. 

251. Caleb Wiggin Norris*^ (656), b. Nov. 8, 1792; shipmaster; res. New- 

buryport. Mass ; d. off Canton, China, in 1833, 96. 41 yrs. 

252. Thomas Norris* (84) [James*, Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He 
was bom at Epping, N. H., Feb. 14, 1743. His home was m that 
town, in a lane leading ofE the main road leading from Portsmouth, 
N. H., to Concord, N. H. This was a mile west of Epping Corner, 
or Village, and was the farm occupied by his father. The farm was 
owned in 1888 by Mr. Styles, and occupied bv Mr. Prentice. Late 
in life he occupied another house on the same farm, but situated upon 
the highway. He did not occupy town positions, was part owner 
of a sawmill, and was engaged in the lumber business. Was a farmer, 
also, and was an energetic and successful business man, was of ordin- 
ary size, with dark complexion. He died 1840, aged 97 years, and 
was buried in a priyate cemetery on his own land, situated near his 
house. No tombstone. 

The first wife of Mr. Norris was Dorothy Folsom. She died . 

He married, 2d, Betsey Carr, who survived her husband some two 
years. They had thirteen children, of whom the following are the 
only ones reported. 


263. Jonathan Norris^, m. Nancy Thing, and rem. to Maine. 

254. Dorothy Norris^, m. Jonathan Robinson who d., and she m. 2d, Caleb 

Shaw, and rem. to Maine. 

255. Hannah Norriss in. Ephraim Drew. He d. and she m. 2d, John 

Knight, of Durham, N. H. 

266. Nancy Is^orris^ m. Moses Davis, of Epping, N. H. Children: Zebulon 

Davis*, Noah Davis*, Nancy Davis*, Moses Davis*. 


267. Thomas CoflSn Norris*. He m. Eliza Haynes, of Gilmanton, N. H., 

and probably rem. to the State of New York. Children : Thomas 
Norris*, Hiram Norris*, Rev. William Henry Norris* (a prominent 
Methodist clergyman and presiding elder at one time^ and now 
deceased), and a dau., Mary Norris*. 

268. Chase Norris^ (662), res. in Epping, on the farm occupied by Thomas 

C. Norris in 1892. He m. Catherine Brown. 
259. Mary Norris*, b. Oct. 25, 1778 ; m. Ezekiel, son of Maj. David Folsom, 
of Epping. He is supposed to have d. in Montreal, Can. Three 
children: 1, Noah D. Folsom*, b. 1800; m. Sarah Y. Smith, and 
d. in South Newmarket in 1853. Seven children, born in New- 
market : Ezekiel H. Folsom^, of Salem, Mass. ; m. Sept. 27, 1847, 
Martha Simpson, of Newburyport, Mass., and d. leavingCharles 
William Folsom^, b. Hartsburg, Logan co., 111. Mary E. Folsom^, 
m. Jan. 16, 1849, Walter Clapp, of Newmarket, N. H. Children ; 


Charles W. Clapp^, Emeline P. Clapp*. Relief S. Foisom', m. 
Ezekiel Drew, and d. childless. Sarah G. Foisom^, d. unmarried. 
John G. Foisom", m. Martha Whitney and had four children: 
John Frank Foisom^, Richard Whitney Foisom^, Arthur Edmund 
Foisom^, Charles Ingalls Foisom®. Deborah Foisom"^, d. when 
young, unmarried. Emily Foisom'^, d. in infancy. 2, Moses D. 
Foisom*, b. Aug. 18, 1801 ; m. June, 1824, Mandania Piper, b. in 
Lyme, N. H., May 22, 1806 ; d. Aug. 31, 1858. He was a farmer, 
and was killed in a gristmill, Feb. 9, 1844. Children : Mary Jane 
Foisom^ b. Dorchester, N. H., June 12, 1827 ; m. at Fort Coving- 
ton, N. Y., March 1, 1848, Joseph R. Bums, b. there. May 22, 
1820. Children, bom in Covington : Stella Burns% b. May 28, 
1850. Carrie M. Bums®, b. Feb. 14, 1853. Lyman Norris Bums®, 
b. Nov. 29, 1865. Zebulon Norris Folsom% b. March 7, 1830; m. 
at Hogansburg, Franklin co., N. Y., April 11, 1867, Harriet Mills ; 
b. there Feb. 21, 1834 ; farmer and merchant. Children, born at 
Hogansburg, N. Y. : Mary E. Foisom**, b. June 10, 1868. Anna 
Fofiom*, b. Oct. 31, 1870. Allison G. Foisom*, b. Oct. 25, 1874. 
Lyman Jones Foisom'^, b. at Bombay, Franklin co., N. Y., July 
1835; m. at Trout River, N. Y., May 4, 1859, Ellen Martin; b. 
Dec. 24, 1841 ; merchant. Children : Mary F. Foisom*, b. April 
6, 1862. Ellen L. Foisom*, b. March 10, 1866. Millie M. Foi- 
som*, b. Feb. 27, 1868. Carrie M. Folsom% b. Dec. 15, 1841 ; d. 
Aug. 4, 1842. 3, Oilman Folsom^ b. Feb. 12, 1805; m. June 18, 
1833, Betsey Norris, of Epping, N. H., b. there April 5, 1805 ; 
rem. to Raymond in 1839; engaged in nursery and garden-seed 
business, and d. there March 7, 1882. Children : Irnng_ T. Fol- 
som7, b. April 14, 1841; m. June 18, 1862, Eliza Osgood Edgerly ; 
b. Granville, Mich., Jan. 18, 1843; d. in Raymond, Jan. 23, 1864. 
He m. 2d, Feb. 2, 1865, Mary Elizabeth Hilson, of Chester, N. H. ; 
b. Sept. 24, 1845. Children : Maud Eliza Foisom*, b. Raymond, 
May 1, 1866. Nellie Allen Foisom*, b. May 18, 1870. Frank Foi- 
som*, b. March 12, 1875 ; d. Aug. 28, 1875.* Mrs. Ezekiel Foisom^ 
afterward m. 2d, Capt. Isaac Morton, probably of Portsmouth, 
and lived in Epping, N. H. She d. at Raymond, Feb. 8, 1869. 

260. Betsey Norris*, m. Samuel Gordon. Children: Hendrick Gordon,* 

John Gordon^. 

261. James Dutton Norris* (665), b. April 23, 1785; d. Aug. 9, 1857; res. 

Epping, N. H. He m. 1807, Mary Pike Norris; m. 2d, Sarah 

262. Hiram Norris*, m. Susan Brown, of Fremont. She d. and he m. 2d, 

Sally Harvev, of Nottingham, Nov. 24, 1841, by Rev. Samuel B. 
Dyer. He lived in Epping ; sold his farm there and rem. to Deer- 
field, where he d. and is buried. His widow m. again, and d. in 
Northwood about 1880. Children, born in Epping, N. H. : John 
Norris^, d. when about 21 yrs. of age. Susan Norris*, d. when 
about 21 yrs. old. Charles W. Norris**, b. Epping, N. H., March 4, 
1827 ; m. March 20, 1850, Climena B. Harvey ; b. Deerfleld, N. H., 
Nov. 6, 1825 ; d. Dec. 25, 1853. He m. 2d, Mary E. J. Prescott, 
of Deerfleld, Oct. 22, 1855. He res. in Deerfleld, and in 1892 res. 
in Dover, N. H. Children : Elvila Viola Norris^ b. Jan. 30, 1851 ; 
d. Jan. 30, 1852. Henry C. Norris"', b. Deerfleld, Dec. 4, 1856 ; d. 
Dec. 9, 1857. Jennie Norris^ b. Deerfleld, N. H., Oct. 22, 1857 ; 
m. Charles H. Tasker, Jan. 1, 1879. Child: Charles Norris Tas- 
ker*, b. Aug. 29, 1880; res. Dover, N. H. 

263. Harriet Rhoda Norris*, m. Oct. 18, 1807, John Whitehouse, of Pem- 

broke, N. H., where he lived and died. No children. 

♦ From Foisom Genealogy. 


264. David Norris* (91) [Jonathan, Jr.*, Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. 
He was bom in Epping, N. H., about 1746, and first appeared npon 
the tax list of that town in 1767. His father sold him the home 
place of about 100 acres, with buildings, Sept. 21, 1765. He mar- 
ried Deborah . 

The world evidently did not go well with him, and he made re- 
peated sales of his homestead in Epping, where he resided. He sold 
to Theophius Norris 9 acres, Sept. 9, 1781; on July 8, 1783, to John 
Sanborn, and on Deo. 4, 1787, all right in the dwelling house in 
which they lived, with orchard and land it stands on, to Noah Bob- 
inson. He became very poor, and was aided by the town of Ep- 
ping for several years, at least nine years. He probably died in 
1799, as Jan. 8, 1800, the town paid Lieut. Nathaniel Maloon $75, 
in full for supporting David N orris and wife, and funeral charges. 

265. Benjamin Norris*^ (93) [Samuel*, Samuel', Moses^ Nicho- 
las^]. He was born about 1733, and succeeded his father on the 
homestead in Epping, N. H., having inherited it by his father's will. 
He lived upon it, and sold a portion Nov. 7, 1768. His name is fre- 
quently found upon the records as having bought or sold real estate, 
and frequently sold portions of his home farm. On Oct. 19, 1789, 
he and wife, Mary, deeded a part of the homestead to Jeremiah 
Smith, of Epping. He married Mary, daughter of John and Abi- 
gail Fullonton, of Epping, N. H. 


266. Samuel Norris^ (671), lived in l^ottineham, N. H., June 11, 1787 ; sub- 

sequently res. Danbury, N. H. He m. Sarah Frazier. 

267. Abram Norris^, m. Dolly Boles. 

268. John Norris^, m. Hannah Sleeper; res. Norwich (?), Vt. 

269. Lewis Norris^ (680), m. Polly Frazier, and d. in Danbury, Jan. 15, 

1837, ae. 68 yrs. His wife d. Feb. 20, 1858, ae. 84 yrs. 

270. Benjamin Norris^, m. Mrs. Sarah Hubbard; res. Hill, N. H. No 


271. James Norris^, was a gristmiller; res. Salisbury, N. H. 

272. Simeon Norris^ ; no record. 

273. Hannah Norris^ ; she m. Jabez Smith, and d. comparatively young. 

Children : Ruth Smith^, was adopted by Amo8(?) Taylor, of Dan- 
bury, N. H., after her mother's death; Joseph Smith^, Jabez 
Smith^, Sally Smiths 

274. Keziah Norris^, m. Tristam Hardy; res. Grantham, N. H. Children: 

1, Polly Hardy% b. Feb. 24, 1796. 2, William Hardy% b. Oct. 24, 
1797. 3, Susannah Hardy^, b. Oct. 26, 1799. 4, Moses Hardy', b. 
Jan. 11, 1802. 5, Samuel Hardy^, b. Oct. 1, 1804. 6, Sally", b. 
Jan. 25, 1807. 7, James M. Hardy^, b. Jan. 10, 1809. 8, Keziah 
Hardy^ b. May 11, 1811. 9, Hannah Hardy^, b. March 9, 1813. 
10, Mehitable Hardy^* 

276. Samuel Norris*^ (94) [Samuel*, SamueP, Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
He was bom in Epping, N. H., June 17, 1734. His name is fre- 

♦ Authorities disagree in regard to this family. One record says that 
Keziah Frazier m. Mr. Hardy. She may have married a Frazier for first 


qaently found on the county records in the transfer of land. He 
lived in Epping until Oct. 21, 1769, when he with his wife, Huldah 
Norris, sold to Ezekiel Hook, of Salisbury, Mass., the place " where 
I now live," and immediately removed to Deerfield, N. H., and on 
Sept. 8, 1772, he sold land in Epping, bounding on land he had sold 
to Ezekiel Hook. He resided only a few years in Deerfield. He 
lived for a time in Sandwich, N. H., and was a resident of Corinth, 
Vt., in 1779, where he spent the remainder of his life. He married 
Huldah (Bartlett probably), who was born April 24, 1734, and died 
in Corinth, Vt., Nov. 2, 1780. He married, 2d, Burleigh, per- 
haps of Sandwich, N. H. He died in Corinth, Vt., May 16, 1816, 
and is there buried. 


276. David Norris^, b. Epping, ]^. H., April 17, 1755; d. young. 

277. Huldah Norriss, b. Epping, N. H., May 17, 1758 ; m. Mr. Kent. 

278. (Samuel ]^orris«, b. Epping, N. H., March 31, 1763; d. Dec. 15, 1842; 
-j single. 

279. (Zebulon Norris« (687), b. Epping, N. H., March 31, 1763; d. Oct. 24, 


280. Jonathan Norris^ (691), b. Epping, N. H., Dec. 12, 1765; res. Crafts- 

bury, Vt. 

281. r Moses JSTorris^, b. Epping, N. H., May 17, 1768; Freewill Baptist 

< preacher. 

282. (.David Norris^ (693), b. Epping, N. H. (one record says Sandwich, 
N. H.), May 17, 1768. He d. in North Danville, Vt., Oct. 21, 

1839 ; Freewill Baptist preacher. 

283. John Norris^ (705), b. Deerfield, N. H., July 29, 1770; d. Washing- 

ton, Vt., Sept. 16, 1865. 

284. Taylor Norris** (710), b. Sandwich, N. H., April 1, 1774; d. 1827. 

285. Polly Norris% b. Sept. 27, 1777 ; no record. 

286. Josiah Norriss (720), b. Corinth, Vt., July 29, 1779; d Jan. 12, 1862; 

was a Baptist minister. 

287. Zebulon Norris* (95) [Samuel*, Samuel', Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
He was born about 1736, in Epping, N. H. By his father's will, ad- 
mitted to probate court, March 26, 1766, he received 140 acres in 
Nottingham, N. H., in second range, third division, a part of twenty- 
first lot, with one-third of sawmill and stream, and one-third of 
twenty acres where most convenient for mill purposes. Adminis- 
tration of his father's estate had previously been granted to his 
mother, Mary Norris, Feb. 27, 1765, and on May 13, 1765, he sold to 
Jonathan Norris, of Eppirig, one-fourth part of number twenty- 
one, second range, third division, in Nottingham, given to him in 
the will probated the following year, with dwelling house and barn 
with the house. On same date he sold land and buildings where 
he lived, in Epping. He had purchased the latter place of Jeremiah 
Norris (then of Nottingham), April 1, 1765, who had bought it of 
Samuel Blake, of Epping. He married Margaret, daughter of 
Mathew Nealey, of Nottingham, N. H., and they sold, Nov. 1, 1769, 
to Joshua Stevens, her portion of her father's estate. He lived in 
Northwood ; on June 9, 1774, he signed a petition for the appoint- 
ment of Benjamin Hill for justice of the peace. 


On Sept. 15, 1775, he signed a petition against the appointment 
of Capt. Jeremiah Folsom to the office of lieutenant-colonel of the 
4th regiment of militia. Zebalon Norris served two months and 
eleven days, from Jan. 5 to March 15, 1777, in Capt. Daniel Crordon's 
company. Col. Daniel Oilman's regiment, which re-enforced the 
Northern army in New York. On May 22, 1779, he and wife, Mar- 
garet, of Northwood, sold land to Joseph Nealey. They sold land 
in Northwood to Moses Hoit, May 2, 1780, and soon after were in 
Loudon, N. H. On June 30, 1783, they sold land in Canterbury to 
David Mason, and on April 10, 1784, they sold 60 acres with build- 
ings to Greene Parker, of Hopkinton. He was next in Loudon, and 
in 1786 he signed a petition for the appointment of Joshua Morse 
for justice of the peace, and then disappeared from view. 

288. Francis Norris* (102) [Israel*, John*, MosesS Nicholas^. 
Epping, N. H., was his birthplace, where he was born, Tuesday, Feb. 
4, 1777. His home was in the west section of the town, on the farm 
occupied in 1892 by his son, Israel Francis Norris ; by occupation a 
farmer. He married, Dec. 26, 1803, Betsey, daughter of Theophilus 
and Elizabeth (Briar) Norris, first of Epping, where she was bom 
Dec. 4, 1783, and died in Epping. He died April 29, 1849. 


289. Betsey 'Norri8«, b. Feb. 5, 1805; m. June 18, 1833, Gilman Folsom, of 

Raymond, N. H. (See the family of Thomas Norris*.) He was 
b. Feb. 12, 1855. Son, Irving Folsom^ 

290. Theophilus Norris, 2d« (727), b. Sept. 7, 1809; m. May 29, 1834, Abi- 

§ail, b. Feb. 15, 1813, dau. of Mead Folsom, of West Epping, N. H. 
Francis Norris^, b. Jan. 9, 1823 ; m. June 2, 1848, Olivia Dow, 
dau. of Trueworthy and Abis^ail (Dow) Rundlett, of Epping, 
N. H. ; farmer. She was b. July 10, 1828. He lives on the home- 
stead in West Epping. Five children, born in Epping, N. H. : 
1, Herbert Francis Norris^ b. July 29, 1849; "The War Eagle 
of the Democracy"; m. May 29, 1878, Belle E. Mower; she was 
b. June 17, 1854; res. at Boston, Mass. Child: Robert Norris^, 
b. April 17, 1882. 2, Alia Althea No^^is^ b. March 2, 1852; 
res. Exeter, N. H. 3, Sarah Abbie Norris", b. May 30, 1855 ; m. 
June 24, 1885, Walter Cartwri^ht, of Wakefield, Mass. He is a 
teacher. He is in the educational department at Washington, 
D. C. ; res. Haverhill, Mass., and Saxton's River, Vt., in 1890. 
Son, Kenneth Cartwright, b. West Epping, N. H , April 14, 1890. 
4, Mary Norris^ b. Nov. 6, 1866 ; teacher ; res. at home. 5, Irving 
Folsom Norris^, b. June 7, 1873 ; lives at home. 

292. Israel Norris* (104) [Israel*, John', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He 
was born in Epping, N. H., Friday, Jan. 10, 1783, lived at West 
Epping, on a farm near his father's homestead, and of that he 
owned a portion. Having sold his farm he located in the village. 
In the fall of 1866 he removed to Batavia, O., with his son. 
Shepherd Norris, and died there Nov. 24, 1867. On April 12, 
1812, he married Sarah, daughter of Benjamin and Abigail (Peaslee) 
Folsom, of West Epping. She was born there July 2, 1787, and 
died at Batavia, O., Jane 8, 1857. 



293. Shepherd Folsom Norris*, b. April 27, 1814; he m. a cousin of Mrs. 

President Lincoln ; he was a lawyer of high standing and became 
a judge ; he died in Ohio. Among his children were Shepherd 
and Herman Norris'. 

294. Caroline Folsom Norris*, b. June 9, 1816; m. James McMurphy and 

lived near Epping Villaffe ; he was an able lawyer ; was b. Nov. 
7, 1821 ; d. in Epping, Nov. 2, 1854. She moved to Batavia, 
O. ; was a teacher ; removed to Kentucky to educate her 
children, where she died. Children, bom in Eppinff, N. H. : 
1, Mahlon McMurphy^, b. Feb. 27, 1846 ; clerk in one of tne depart- 
ments in Washington, D. C. 2, Minot McMurphy"^, b. May 7, 
1848; d. 1850. 3, Emilie McMurphy% b. March 13, 1850; d. Feb. 
5, 1876, in Kentucky, after having completed a college course. 
4, Carrie McMurphy^ b. Sept. 11, 1852 ; d. March 3, 1858 ; 5, Mary 
McMurphy, b. Aug. 24, 1854 ; d. Sept. 19, 1854. 

295. Gulielma Maria Springate Folsom Norris®, b. March 3, 1822 ; d. Aug. 

22, 1859, in Batavia, O. ; single. 

296. Moses Norris* (HO) [James*, Moses, Jr.", Moses^, Nicholas^]. 
He married Anna Hannaford. 


297. Moses Norris, Jr.e (729) ; m. Sally Weymouth. Children, born in 

Vershire, Vt. : 1, Alfred Norris^ b. March 20, 1809; m. Cynthia 
Durgin. 2, Pollv Norris^ b. Oct. 11, 1807 ; never married. 

298. Lydia Norris«, m. Ephraim Ward. 

299. Nancy Norris^, m. Solomon Ward. 

300. Sarah Norris®, m. Paul Davis. 

301. Ruammah Norris®, m. Thomas Oilman. 

302. Betsey Norris®, never married. 

303. James Norris* (111) [James*, Moses, Jr.", Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
He married Abigail Dimond, in Epping, N. H., Nov. 23, 1786. 


304. Sarah Norris®, m. Eliakim Frizzell. 

305. Jacob Norris®, was killed by a falling tree. 

306. Gould Norris® (732), m. Hannah Heath; m. 2d, Polly Halsey ; m. 3d, 


307. Rhoda Norris®, m. John Thurber. 

308. Isaac Norris®, d. unmarried. 

309. Abigail Norris®, m. Lyman Berry. 

310. Polly Norris®, m. Ephraim Robinson. 

311. Theopbilus Norris, Ist* (112) [James*, Moses, Jr.«, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Epping, N. H., Jan. 20, 1758. Resided 
in Epping. Was a Revolutionary soldier. On Sept. 30, 1776, he 
was mustered into Capt. Mark Wiggin's company, Col. Pierce Long's 
Continental battalion, and served two months and seven days. He 
served in the same company from Dec. 8, 1776, to Jan. 7, 1777, and 
had other experiences in camp and field. He married, Feb. 9, 1783, 
Elizabeth Briar, who was born March 5, 1751. He married, 2d, 
Rhoda Dimond. His death occurred in Epping, July 29, 1833. 



312. Betsey Nom8«, b. Dec. 14, 1783 ; m. Dec. 26, 1803, Francis Norris, of 

West Epping. Their son, Israel Francis Norris^ in 1892 lives 
upon his homestead. (See his record, No, 291.) 

313. Rhoda Dimond Norris^, m. May 4, 1813, for his 2d wife, Samuel Mur- 

ray, and lived in Auburn, N. H. ; no children. He had children 
by his first marriage. 

314. Jacob Norris*^ (113) [James*, Moses, Jr.^ Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
He was born in Epping, K. H., March 9, 1762. He married, Oct. 28, 
1790, Ruth Blake, born Jan. 20, 1770, and who died Dec. 11, 1835. 
He died March 20, 1813. In 1788 he bought land in Chelsea, Vt., 
and, in 1792, was excused from paying taxes for the support of the 
church in that town, by showing a certificate that he supported the 
Baptist church in Corinth, Vt. 


315. Mercy Norris^, b. March 31, 1791 ; m. Jonas Huntingdon ; no children. 

She was his 2d wife. He had a large family by nis 1st wife, Mary 
Blodgett. They lived in Chelsea, Vt. He was b. April 25, 1782 ; 
d. Sept. 2, 1859. She d. May 11, 1864. 

316. Priscilla Norris^, b. Feb. 13, 1793 ; d. Nov. 8, 1863 ; m. Nathan Spear, 

who was b. Oct. 18, 1825. Children : Jacob Spear% Cyrena Spear^, 
Nathan Spear'', Elisha Spear% Emeline Spear', Freeman Spear^. 

317. James Norris«, b. April 28, 1795 ; d. Dec. 11, 1816, ae. 21 yrs. 

318. Nancy Norris« (737), b. April 28, 1797; m. Moses Heath, of Chelsea, 

Vt., March 18, 1819. She d. June 1, 1872. 

319. Elizabeth Norris^ (743), b. Nov. 15, 1801; m. Nov. 13, 1828, Josiah 

Shaw, of Chelsea, Vt. She d. July 19, 1885. 

320. Jacob Norriss (749), b. July 13, 1804; res. Chelsea, Vt. 

321. John Norris* (114) [James*, Moses, Jr.', Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
He was born in Epping, N. H., April, 1765, and lived there until of 
age, when he went to the new state of Vermont, appearing in 
Chelsea, and purchasing land there in 1788, and in 1792 certifies 
himself as a Baptist of the church of Vershire, Vt. For four 
years he was on the suite of Surveyor-general Whitlow, and aided 
in surveying all the northern towns of the state, which was then a 
wilderness. He purchased, with his brother, a farm in Chelsea, the 
present capitol of Orange county. On Jan. 1, 1792, he married 
Hannah Kelly, who was born in Epping, April 5, 1772. On the 
same day his sister, Prisclla Norris, married Abel Heath, and his 
sister, Leah Norris, married Joseph Heath ; they were brothers and 
with him they all went to Vermont. Three of his brothers became his 
neighbors in that state. He lived in Chelsea for thirty-five years, 
where his large family of eleven children were bom. Relatives were 
in Vershire and Corinth, Vt. Eventually his brothers died, his chil- 
dren went to Boston, Mass., and feeling lonesome in the old home, 
and as his cousins, Moses and Richard Smart, lived in Rumney, N. H., 
he was induced to purchase a farm near them. He removed to 
Groton, N. H., where he lived until his death, and nine of his 
children and his wife sui'vived him. 


Possessing much physical power and endurance, with great force 
and energy of character, he was well equipped for the labor in life 
which he performed. His health was generally good, his hearing 
and eyesight were perfect to the last. Through a long and busy 
life he manifested a spirit of devotion to, and a high trust in, God, 
and for more than half a century was a member of the church, and 
his labor was large in the introduction of God's work in Vermont, 
through the channel of the Methodist church. Mrs. Norris was also 
a devoted member of the church. He left forty-eight grandchildren 
and six great-grandchildren. He died in Groton, N. H., Sept. 9, 
1849; she died in Boston, Mass., July 18, 1858. 


322. Thomas Folsom Norris^ (757), b. Nov. 7, 1792; m. Sarah Smith Nor- 

cross, b. April 10, 1793 ; and he d. in Somerville, Mass. She was 
dau. of Nathaniel Norcross, of fieadfield, Me., but who was b. 
in that place, and was son of Nathaniel Norcross, of Watertown, 

323. John Norris^ (761), b. Sept. 23, 1794; m. Mira Holden; d. Rumnev, 

N. H., Nov. 17, 1870. 

324. James Norris^, b. Nov. 29, 1796; d. about 1824, in New Orleans, La. 

325. Theophilus Norris^ (775), b. June 17, 1799; m. Lydia Parsons; res. 

Boston and Sharon, Mass. ; d. at Sharon, Nov. 15, 1869. 

326. Hannah Norris^ (789), b. July 25, 1801; m. Oct., 1824, Nicholas Fol- 

som; res. Groton, N. H., and d. there Sept. 30, 1846. He was b. 
Sanbornton, N. H., June 11, 1795. 

327. Esther Norris^ b. June 19, 1803 ; d. in Chelsea, Vt., about 1816. 

328. Priscilla Norris^ (793), b. Aug. 13, 1805 ; m. Alexander Ferguson; res. 

Philadelphia, Pa., and Boston, Mass. ; she d. Taunton, Mass., in 

329. Elijah Heddin^ Norris^ (801), b. Sept. 8, 1807 ; m. Lucy Marchant, and 

2d, Cynthia Shea; d. in Boston Mass., 1848. 

330. Porter Wright Norris^, b. Aug. 23, 1809; m. Nancy Knight, who d. 

leaving him a son ; he m. 2d, Mrs. Mary Mooney ; res. Cambridge, 
Mass.; d. Vicksburg, Miss., of disease, in 1863 or '64. She d. 
Cambridge, Mass., about 1878. Children: 1, Peter Norris^, fate 
unknown. 2, Georgiana Norris^ res. Cambridge, Mass. 3, Fran- 
ces Norris^, res. Cambridge, Mass. 4, Charles Norris^, res. Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 5, Alice Norris^, m. Albert Warren ; res. Fram- 
ingham, Mass. 

331. Sabin Cyrus Norris^ (805), b. March 3, 1811; m. July 2, 1835, Sarah 

Fletcher. Farmer ; res. Rumney, N. H. ; d. there March 28, 1878. 

332. Jacob Norris«, b. Oct. 29, 1813 ; m. Oct. 9, 1839, Mrs. Lucinda (Gow- 

ing) Tulley, b. Oct. 23, 1817, who d. about 1875 ; he m. April 29, 
1877, Mrs. Maria Crawford Conant, b. in Meredith, N. H., Oct. 3, 
1826. Bridge superintendent ; res. 22 Akron St., Roxbury Dis- 
trict, Boston, Mass. Mr. Jacob Norris left Chelsea with his par- 
ents, when five years of age; went to Groton, N. H., and lived on 
a farm till 21, when he went to Boston. After a few years he 
went into the Olive Branch ofSce with his brother. Rev. T. F. 
Norris, and remained some ten years. Was an inspector in cus- 
tom house for seven years, and was then appointed superintendent 
draw tender, and was on Federal-street bridge for twenty-eight 
years, and is now on the Mt. Washington-avenue bridge. He has 
served the city faithfully, and no complaint has ever been entered 
against him, and he has the entire confidence of the city govern- 
ment. Democrat in politics. Universalist in church preference. 


and a deacon in the Shawmat-avenae Universalist church on 
Shawmat avenue, and has been an attendant there for the 
last fifty-two years. Children : 1, Lucy Maria Norris^, b. July 
28, 1840 ; m. John Wesley Jackson, of New York, where he d. 
about 1870. She m. 2d, Richard Kelley Styles, of New York, who 
d. in 1882, leaving one child. She m. 3d, Frederick DriscoU, of 
St. Paul, Minn., manager of the St. Paul Pioneer Press; res. 266 
Summit ave., St. Paul, Minn. Children : John Norris Jackson^, 
res. St. Paul, Minn. ; m. Alice Dean ; employed in the Pioneer 
Press; has charge of the advertising department; res. 136 Vina 
St., St. Paul, Minn. Edith Styles^ b. Sept. 21, 1880 ; res. St. Paul, 
Minn., with her mother. 2, Albert Henry Norris^, b. Boston, 
Mass., 1844; was killed by the cars in 1860. 

333. Moses Norris* (119) rSamuel*, Nicholas*, Moses*, Nicholas^]. 
He was bom in Portsmouth, N. H., Aug. 17, 1770, and always lived 
in Portsmouth. Was a rope-maker and farmer. Was first taxed in 
1792. He married, Dec. 5, 1799, Elizabeth Caverly, by Rev. Joseph 
Bnokminster, in Portsmouth; she died April 10, 1^7, aged 71 years. 
He married, 2d, in 1852, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Captain Samuel 
Tackerman, who survived her husband and died Nov. 10, 1861. He 
died in Portsmouth, July 28, 1856. 


334. Benjamin P. Norris®, b. Nov. 29, 1800. Shoemaker. Lived in Ports- 

mouth, N. H., and Portland, Me.; d. in Portsmouth, April 3, 

1855. He m. . Child : Thomas King Norris^, res. Biddef ord. 

Me. ; he m. ; is deceased ; and left one child. 

335. Catherine Norris^ b. March 6, 1803; d. Sepc. 4, 1833; she m. John 

Plumer; res. South Berwick, Me. He was a baker and farmer. 

He m. 2d, . He m. 3d, Lucy Bogers, b. April 27, 1809; 

d. May 25, 1874; he d. Sept. 25, 1873. Children, bom in South 
Berwick, Me. : 1, Alexander Roberts Plumer"^, b. June 25, 1827. 
2. John Henry Plumer^ b. April 19, 1829; res. South Berwick, 
Me. 3, Catherine Norris Plumer'^, b. June 6, 1831. 4, Nahum 
Yeaton Plumer"^, b. March 6, 1836; d. Sept. 23, 1839. 5, Eliza- 
beth Mehitable Plumer^, b. Aug. 14, 1838 ; d. June 9, 1839. 6, 
Ellen Maria Plumer% b. Jan. 22, 1841. 

336. Elizabeth Norris^, b. Portsmouth, Sept. 26, 1805; d. Jan. 18, 1842. 

337. Mary Norris*, b. Nov. 30, 1807; m. May 9, 1833, Henry Wentworth; 

res. Berwick, Me. She d. there Oct. 29, 1841. Children : 1, Hen- 
ry Wentworth"^, b. June 28, 1835 ; res. Berwick, Me. 2, Thomas 
Wentworth^, b. Aug. 25, 1837 ; res. Lynn, Mass. ; m. Aunie Up- 
ton, who is deceased. 

338. Moses Norris* (809), b. Feb. 5, 1810; res. Lynn, Mass. 

339. Adalfaie Norris% b. April 25, 1817 ; d. April 4, 1846. 

340. Samuel Norris, Jr.* (126) [Samuel*, Nicholas', Mo8e8^ Nich- 
olas^]. He was born in Portsmouth, N. H., about 1782; taxed first 
in 1803. He sold Samuel Langdon 3 acres, with house, '^ where I now 
live," which he bought of Moses Norris, and 21 acres, in two lots, 
that he bought of his father, April 7, 1806, and Jan. 17, 1810. Date 
of sale to Langdon Jan. 19, 1813; witnesses, Lydia Lanedon and 
James Marden. He lived on a small farm, which he sold, and in 


1833 went to Ossipee, N. H., and purchased a farm where he lived 
until his death, aged 77 years.* He married Jane Dennett, of Ports- 
mouth, N. H., where she was bom. She died Sept., 1842, in Os- 
sipee, aged 47 years. They are buried in a private cemetery on 
their farm in Ossipee, owned in 1892 by Daniel McKinney, who 
married a daughter of John Norris. When in Portsmouth he 
bought of Moses N orris, his brother, March 19, 1805, a piece of land 
which Moses had purchased of Ruth Novris, single woman, bounding 
on widow Ruth Norris. Mr. Norris, after the death of his wife, mar- 
ried, 2d, Esther Abbott, of Ossipee, in 1843, who died in Cambridge, 
Mass., and is there buried, aged about 80 years. 


341. John Norris^ (814), b. Oct. 2, 1812; res. Ossipee, N. H. 

342. Elizabeth Norris^ (816), b. Aug. 21, 1814 ; m. John Walker ; res. Ports- 

mouth, N. H. 

343. Samuel Norris^, b. Sept. 18, 1816 ; went to sea a-- a sailor in brig 

"Lucy," and was never heard from. 

344. Lucy M. Norris^, b. July 25, 1818 ; m. John G. Kenney, of Bath, Me., 

June 4, 1840, by Rev. Baron Stow, of Boston, Mass. ; he d. Oct. 
23, 1846, ae. 26 yrs. 10 mos. She m. 2d, Nov. 25, 1847, Luther 
Fernald, a tanner; res. Peabody, Mass.; she d. Feb. 6, 1881, se. 
63 yrs. 6 mos. 9 days. 

345. Lydia Norris^ (821), b. May 20, 1820; m. Columbus McClure; res. 

Minneapolis, Minn. He is a lumberman, and has four children. 

346. Joseph Norris^ (828), b. Oct. 11, 1821 ; m. Mary Elizabeth Chapman ; 

res. 205 West Newton st., Boston, Mass. 

347. William Henry Talton Norris^ (835), b. Sept. 8, 1824 ; m. Martjha Fen- 

ton; res. Cambridge, Mass., and d. there. 

348. Albert Norris^ (837), b. Aug. 21, 1827 ; m. Hannah Stevens ; res. Cam- 

bridge, Mass., and d. there. She was b. in Concord, Mass. ; dau.. 
Bertha Jane Norris^ ; res. Cambridge, Mass. 

349. Richard Norris^, b. Nov. 21, 1829; went to California about 1852, and 

d. in a few days after his arrival. 

350. Mary Norris^, b. April 8, 1832 ; d. of consumption in her youth. 

351. Adaline Norris^ b. in Ossipee, N. H., Feb. 28, 1835; d. of consump- 

tion when about 18 years of age. 

352. Benjamin Bailey Norris^ (126) [Samuel*, Nicholas", Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. Me was born in Portsmouth, N. H., in 1784. He was on 
a privateer in the war of 1812, was taken prisoner, and for two years 
was confined in Dartmoor prison in England. He was a rope-maker, 
and lived in Portsmouth, N. H., where he died, Oct. 24, 1834. His 
wife was Sally Ayers, who died Aug. 26, 1835, aged 48 years. Their 
children were twelve in number. 


353. Elizabeth Ayers l^orriso, d. Sept. 19, 1837. 

354. Mary Haven Norriso, d. Jan. 4, 1831. 

♦ A Samuel Norris married Sarah, daughter of James Holmes, as on Dec. 
15, 1809, he and his wife, Sarah, deeded land, conveyed to Sarah Norris, 
then Sarah Holmes, by her father, James Holmes, of Portsmouth, June 6, 
1804. Probably this was Samuel, Jr. 


355. BenJamiD N^orris^, died at sea, unknown date, having followed the 

sea for many years. He was awhile in the naw. 

356. James Shapley Norris^ (846), b. March 2, 1813 ; res .'Meredith, N. H. 

357. Lydia A. No^ri8^ b. Nov. 2, 1816; m. May 6, 1837, Charles Frost. 

He served his time at the government sail loft, in Charlestown, 
Mass. ; was then commissioned by the government, and ordered 
to report on board the sloop-of-war John Adams, and went with 
Commodore Perry to Japan. Afterwards sailed on the sloop-of- 
war Levant^ and w^^ lost with all on board. He was b. July 20, 
1816, at Charlestown, Mass, ; res. Charlestown, Mass. Chilcfren : 
1, Anna E. Frosty b. Feb. 17, 1838 ; m. William Reed, Nov. 21, 
1861 ; res. Hudson, Mass. 2, Lydia Frances Frost^, b. Aug. 28, 
1846; d. in Charlestown, Mass., Aug. 30, 1847. 3, Charles T. 
Frosty b. Jan. 12, 1849; m. in Portland, Me., Nov. 9, 1873, Ella 
M. Sanderson; is a gas engineer; res. Rockland, Me. Children: 
Annie M. Frosty b. Oct. 6, 1874. Charles T. Frosty b. April 6, 
1879. 4, William H. Frosty b. July 16, 1852 ; m. Ida M. Brigham, 
of Hudson, Mass., June 12, 1878 ; she died Jan. 25, 1889, in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. ; res. Fort Scott, Kan. ; is a gas engineer. Mrs. Frost 
m. 2d, March 6, 1873, George T. Lozier, of U. S. navy, b. New 
York city, May 12, 1811 ; d. in Hudson, Mass., Aug. 17, 1878 ; 
he was a sail maker, was thrown from his carriage and killed 
in Hudson, Mass. ; no children ; she res. in Hudson, Mass. 

358. Sarah Ayers Norri8« (855), b. about 1818; m. Aug. 1, 1836, John 

Colby; res. 168 Clinton St., New York city, N. Y. 

359. Isaiah Bailey Norris^ (864), b. March 18, 1820; res. 61 Buckman 

St., Everett, Mass. 

360. Edward John Norris^ (873), b. Aug. 28, 1822; res. 63 East Emerson 

St., Melrose, Mass. 

361. Martha Downing Norris^, d. Nov. 19, 1836. 

362. Joseph Perkins Norris**, was drowned at sea; he m. Margaret ; 

went to California about 1850 ; she is deceased. Children : (Jeorge 
Norms'^, res. at last accounts at San Francisco, Cal. Edward 
Norris'^, res. at last accounts at San Francisco, Cal. 

363. Charles B. Norris«, d. June 26, 1837. 

364. Mary Norris^, res. New York city, N. Y. ; she d. 1891. 

365. Moses Norris, Jr.^ (129) rjoseph, Jr.*, Joseph', Moses^, Nich- 
olas^]. He was born in Epping, N. H., about 1783. He resided in 
Fremont, when it was called Foplin, and was a farmer and tanner, 
and died in Fremont in 1819. He married Annie, daughter of 
Ezekiel and Annie (Robinson) Godfrey. She died in Fremont in 
1821, aged 32 years. 


366. Joseph Norris® (884), b. 1812 ; d. Aug. 19, 1867 ; res. Lawrence, Mass. 

367. Ezekiel Godfrey Norris^; he lived and died in Fremont, N. H. Far- 

mer. Hem. ; no children. Life was not a success. 

368. Charles Moses Norris^ (889), b. July 3, 1815; d. Dec. 2, 1863; res. - 

Epping, N. H. 

369. Joseph Norris^ (130) [Joseph, Jr.*, Joseph', Moses^, Nich- 
olas^]. He was bom March 17, 1786, in Epping, N. H., and lived on 
the home farm, and died comparatiyely a young man, not far from 30 
years of age. He married Mary, daughter of Benjamin True, of 
Chester, N. H., who survived her husband and maijied, as 3d wife. 


the widowed husband of her sister-in-law, Betsey Norris, Levi Blake, 
of Epping, N. H., and died in Epping, N. H. She was born Aug. 10, 
1791, and died Nov. 24, 1857. Will made April 21, 1828. He died 
April 27, 1823, aged 38 yrs. 1 mo. 10 days. Will probated June 12, 


370. Mary Rebecca Norri8«, b. May 2, 1819 ; d. April 9, 1838 ; single. 

371. Benjamin True Norris** (894), res. Lyiin, Mass.; m. He was born 

June 24, 1821 ; was a mechanic. 

372. John Perkins Norris^ (900), b. Nov. 26, 1822; d. Jan. 19, 1887; res. 

Lynn, Mass. Mechanic. Was m. and left a family. 

373. Josiah Norris*^ (131) [Joseph, Jr.*, Joseph^ Moses^, Nich- 
olas^]. He was born in Epping, N. H., lived on the home farm until 
he became a young man, removed to Fremont, and resided near the 
cemetery, in vicinity of railroad station. Was a farmer and tanner. 
Was a good citizen and fairly prosperous. He married Abigail 
Robinson, of Fremont, N. H. They both died in that town and were 
probably buried at the cemetery near their home. 


374. Betsey Norris^, m. Freeman Follett; he was a shoemaker and far- 

mer, and they lived on her father's home farm, where he died. 
She m. 2d, Mr. Floyd, and they live on the Josiah Norris home- 

375. Sophronia Norris^, m. Charles Follett, a brother of Freeman Follett ; 

shoemaker and farmer. 

376. Ezekiel Korris* (132) [Joseph, Jr.*, Joseph', Moses^ Nich- 
olas^]. He was bom in Epping, N. H., resided at "The Eocks" in 
Fremont and died there. Was in a foundry business, and died when 
a young man. He married Judith Poor, of Raymond, N. H., who 
survived him. She married, 2d, a Methodist clergyman. 


377. Alfred M. Norris^, b. in 1815 ; d. in 1885 ; rem. to Methuen, Mass. ; m. 

Mary Brown, of Fremont. She was b. 1818, and res. with her 
son, J. O. Norris, in Melrose, Mass. Children: 1, John Oscar 
Norri8^ b. Nov. 22, 1843; m. May, 1869, Katherine M., dau. of 
Jonathan S. and Sophronia A. Gordon, of Lancaster, Mass. She 
d. June 5, 1874. Three children. He m. 2d, Henrietta W., dau. 
of Rev. D. P. and Mrs. Mary A. Livermore, April 6, 1876. He is a 
teacher; res. Melrose, Mass. Children: Katherine Marion Nor- 
ris8, b. April 3, 1870. Alfred Edson Norris^, b. June 26, 1872. 
George Gordon Norris^, b. May 30, 1874. Mary Livermore Nor- 
ris^, b. June 30, 1877. Emma Ashton Norris^, b. Aug., 1882 ; d. 
April, 1884. Estell Louise Norris^, b. May 30, 1888. John Oscar 
Norriss, b. Aug. 15, 1889. 2, Alfred Edson Norris% b. Oct. 20, 
1847; d. Feb., 1870. 3, Mary Emma Norris* (twin), b. Oct. 20, 
1847; d. Jan.. 1878. 

378. Moses Norris^, b. 1817; m and lived in Cleveland, O.; res. 1890, in 

National City, Cal. 


379. Samuel SherrifE Norris*^ (140) [James*, Jonathan*, MosesS 
Nicholas^]. He was born Aug. 30, 1789; died May, 1861. He mar- 
ried Anna McKenzie Bean, a sister of the late Benning M. Bean, of 
Centre Harbor, N. H. Mr. Norris was a devoted Christian, aided 
in founding two churches in Canada, and one at Bloomington, 111., 
and one at Ottumwa, la. He labored with much success as an agent 
of the Bible Society, and as a colporteur of the American Tract So- 
ciety, on the frontier of Iowa, ana was an anti-slavery pioneer. 


380. James Wellington Norris^, b. Aug. 13, 1815 ; m. July 27, 1851, Martha 

Rebecca, dau. of Sampson and Susanna (Skinner) Spauldiog, b. 
Billerica, Mass., June 20, 1819. She res. cor. Second and Coflege 
sts., Ottumwa, la. He was a lawyer and editor, and after a 
long residence in the place, d. March 2, 1882, in Ottumwa, la. 

381. Ann Nichols Norris^ (905), b. Jan. 2, 1819; res. Independence, Kan. 

She m. Bev. Benjamin A. Spaulding. 

382. Sally Adams Norriss, b. Dec. 16, 1820. 

383. Sarah Adams Norris«, b. June 1, 1822. 

384. George Washington Norris«, b. July 14, 1823. 

385. Samuel S. Norris«, b. May 22, 1825. 

386. Julia Maria Norriss, b. July. 15, 1827. 

387. Wilson Wood ]^orris«, b. Jan. 25, 1829. 

388. George Punchard Norris^ (912), b. May 15, 1830; res. Ottumwa, la. 

889. Nicholas G. Norris* (142) [James*, Jonathan", Moses^ Nich- 
olas^]. He was born in Sandwich, N. H., Feb. 28, 1796, married 
Elizabeth Blanchard. She died May 10, 1876, at Sandusky, O. Mr. 
Norris was a manufacturer and dealer in shoes. He lived in Sand- 
wich and Great Falls, N. H., removed to Sandusky, O., about 1850, 
and died in Sandusky, May 12, 1855. His father was a Revolution- 
ary soldier. 


390. Sarah Fitch Norriss, b. Sept. 19, 1823 ; d. July 28, 1845. 

391. Charles Cotsworth Pinckney Norris«, b. Dec. 25, 1825 ; d. March 4, 1833. 

392. John Blanchard Norris^ (919), b. March 13, 1828; d. at Pensacola, 

Fla., March 24^ 1856. 

393. Mary Ann Norris^, b. March 20, 1830; res. Toledo, O. She m. Dr. 

Charles Cochrane, b. New Boston, N. H. 

394. Henrietta Stephenson Norris^, b. June 16, 1832; d. Springfield, O., 

Sept. 24, 1860. 

395. Grace Elizabeth Norris^, b. July 5, 1834 ; d. at Great Falls, N. H., Aug. 

28, 1850. 

396. Charles Pinckney Norris^, b. Sept. 6, 1837 ; d. at St. Paul, Minn., July 

20, 1869. 

397. Helen Maria Norris«, b. March 31, 1840 ; d. at Toledo, O., Oct. 4, 1868. 

398. Henry Clay Norris^ (921), b. May 1, 1842; res. 528 West Adams St., 

Chicago. 111., in 1892. 

399. Catherine Hoyt Norri8«, b. April 26, 1844; d. Sandwich, N. H., Dec. 

22, 1844. 

400. James Augustus Norris^, b. April 30, 1845 ; d. Sandwich, N. H., Auff . 

16, 1845. 


401. Maj. William Norris* (149) [Josiah*, James*, Moses^, Nich- 
olas^]. He was born iu Epping, N. H., June 4, 1762. He married 
Eleanor Blake, Sept. 27, 1785. She was bom Jan. 30, 1764, and died 
Aug. 28, 1797. He married, 2d, Betsey Butler, March 17, 1799. 
She was born July 30, 1777, and died July 12 1808. He married, 
3d, Nancy Hilton, Feb. 22, 1813. She was born Oct. 14, 1770; died 
and buried in South Newmarket, N. H. 

He lived on a farm in Nottingham, N..H., owned in 1890 by 
Alvin and Jesse Wheeler. He was a justice of the peace, and a 
major in the militia. He removed to Newmarket, N. H., and 
resided there many years, and died there June 11, 1839. 


402. Joseph Blake Norri8« (924), b. March 12, 1786; m. Betsey Tilton, 

March 26, 1810 ; res, Deerfleld, N. H. He d. May 14, 1858. 

403. Eleanor Norri8« (933), b. March 20, 1789 ; m. Daniel Tilton ; res. Deer- 

field, N. H. ; d. Aug. 1, 1822. 

404. Abigail Norris^ (940), b. June 2, 1793; m. Beuben Bartlett; res. Not- 

tingham, N. H., and Garland, Me. She d. May 13, 1825. 

405. Eunice Norris^ (945), b. Aug. 5, 1797; m. Lawrence Brown ; res. Ep- 

ping, N. H. ; d. Jan. 19, 1837. 

406. Joanna Norris® (952), b. Feb. 24, 1800; m. Joseph Blake; res. Ray- 

mond, N. H. 

407. Elizabeth (Betsey) Norris*, b. Aug. 23, 1802; res. Nottingham, and d. 

Feb. 17, 1882, in Hampton, N. H. Single. 

408. William Norris^ (956), b. Sept. 20, 1804; res. in Nottingham, and in 

1890 in Hampton, N. H. 

409. Eunice Norris* (152) [Josiah*, James^ Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
She was born in Epping, N. H., March 12, 1770 ; married Ebenezer 
Clark, of Epping, and removed to Sanbornton, N. H., in what is 
now Franklin. He was called "Master Clark," was a popular 
teacher for many years in Sanbornton, and possessed a good educa- 


410. Oata Olark^, b. Jan. 24, 1789; m. James Gibson; lived in Franklin, 

and d. in his 66th year. She d. in Indiana, with her son, Ben- 
jamin F. Gibson. Children: 1, Ebenezer Gibson"^; m. ; 

lived in Concord, N. H., and then settled in California. 2, Ben- 
jamin Franklin Gibson'^ ; lived in Indiana ; was a physician. 3, 
James Gibson^, d. in California. 

411 . Stephen Clark^, b. Feb. 4, 1791 ; m. Nancy Swain ( ?) , and was drowned 

while rafting logs at Franklin bridge, April 19, 1817, ae. 26 yrs. 
2 mos. She m. 2d, Jonathan Prescott, Dec, 1821, and d. Aug. 25, 

412. John Phillips Clark^, b. March 2, 1793. Farmer and stone cutter. 

Res. in Franklin, where he d. ; he m. Abigail Rundlett, of Upper 
Gilmanton. Children : 1, Rhoda Plumer Clark^ b. Nov. 28, 1822 ; 
m. Reuben P. Sanborn, and d. in Lowell, Mass., Feb. 11, 1842, 
and buried in Franklin Falls cemetery. 2, Jonathan Rundlett 
Clark^, b. Jan. 5, 1824, in Sanbornton ; he m. Miss Rundlett, of Bel- 
mont, N. H. ; blacksmith ; res. Maine and Massachusetts. 3, Nancy 
Swain Cla^k^ b. July 10, 1825; m. Theophilus Blake, machinist; 
res. Penacook, N. H. Children : Althea Gtertrude Blake^, b. July 


4, 1845 ; d. Nov. 22, 1865. George Frank Blake*, b. Feb. 23, 1849, 
in Boscawen, N. H. ; m. Ella Sabin, of Fenacook, July 18, 1874 ; 
bookkeeper. Child: Nellie Lucretia Blake^, b. April 21, 1875. 
John Clark Blake*, b. Fenacook, N. H., March 27, 1862. Alice 
Maria Blake*, b. Fenacook, N. H., Nov. 22, 1853. Ella Asenath 
Blake*, b. Fenacook, N. H., July 6, 1857. 4, Aroline French 
Clark% b. Sept. 22, 1827; m. Samuel G. Fike, June 30, 1850; she 
d. Franklin, N. H., west village, Jan. 21, 1877. Children : Dan- 
iel Webster Fike*, b. Franklin, N. H., Feb. 24, 1853 ; was a stu- 
dent at college, Waterville, M.e., class of 1878. €^eo^ge Albert 
Fike*, b. Holyoke, Mass., Sept. 21, 1859 ; d. Sept. 2, 1860. Charles 
Alfred Fike* (twin), b. Holyoke, Mass., Sept. 21, 1859; d. Jan. 20, 
1860. 5, Robert Green Clark^ b. Feb. 12, 1829. 6, Ebenezer 
Clark^, res. Holyoke, Mass. ; enlisted and killed in the Rebellion. 
7, Stephen Coffin Clark% res. Holyoke, Mass. 8, Betsey Alice 
Clark% m. Albert Fisher ; res. Bellows Falls, Vt. 

413. Ebenezer Clark**, b. April 13, 1795 ; m. Alice ; res. in Fortsmouth, 

N. H., and was a hotel-keeper; he d. leaving his wife and daugh- 
ter. Child: Alice Clark'', m. Langdon A. Jenness; res. Deer- 
field, N. H. 

414. Ella Clarke, b. Qct. 24, 1797 ; m. John Batchelder, of Belmont, N. H., 

and d. about 1863 ; had twelve children ; five sons. 

415. Eunice Clark*, b. Aug. 1, 1800; m. Augustus Ome, of Wolfborough, 

N. H. ; he d. there, and she res. with her dau. in Beverly, Mass. 
Children : 1, Caroline Orne'', m. John Sanborn, of Wolfborough ; 
res. in Wisconsin. 2, Alice Ome^, res. Beverly, Mass. 

416. Jane Cilley Clark*, b. Feb. 14, 1804 ; m. Ephraim Daniels, Jr., Nov. 

27, 1826, and d. Dec. 22, 1864, in her 61st year; hed. April 4, 1871. 
Children, born in Franklin, N. H. : 1, Sarah Ames Daniels'', b. Sept. 
9, 1827 ; m. David W. Kimball, of Rumney, N. H., then of Frank- 
lin ; she d. Aug. 10, 1867. Three deceased children. 2, Emily Jane 
Daniels^, b. Jan. 31, 1829; d. June 6, 1835. 3, Dearborn Sanborn Dan- 
iels% b. Nov. 14, 1831 ; m. Betsey A. Johnson, dau. of Joseph John- 
son ; res. East Tilton, N. H. Child : Ardina Laoda Daniels*, b. Aug. 
31, 1864, in Franklin, N. H. 4, Abigail Moody Daniels'^ (twin), b. 
Nov. 14, 1831 ; m. July 4, 1861, Burrage Cliffbrd ; res. Haverhill, N. 
H. Children: Eva Jane Cliffbrd*, b. Dec. 30, 1864. Nathan Sprague 
Cliffbrd*, b. May 11, 1870. 5, William Daniels^ d. ae. 4 yrs. 
6, George Whltefield Daniels^, b. about 1835; went to Canada, 
where he d. Sept., 1863. 7, Catherine Clark Daniels'^, b. March, 
1838 ; m. Charles Fletcher ; res. Boscawen, N. H. Child : Walter 
Irving Fletcher*, b. May, 1859. 8, William O. Daniels^, b. Sept. 
25, 1841; m. Jane S. Kennedy, of Stanbridge, Can., Oct. 8, 1867; 
b. there Oct. 12, 1840; res. Franklin, N. H. No children. 9, 
Emily Daniels^, d. 8B. 1 yr. 6 mos. 10, Jane Estelle Daniels^, b. 
March 15, 1847; res. Franklin, N. H. 

417. Betsey N. Clark*, b. ; m. Sargent C. Frescott, b. Sept. 28, 1811 ; 

res. Rumney, N. H., and d. in South Carolina, April 24, 1846. 
Children : 1, Caroline S. Frescott^ b. April 6, 1835 ; 2, Sarah N. 
Frescott^ b. June 6, 1836 : d. Dec. 13, 1838. 3, Sarah K. Fres- 
cott^, b. Sept. 16, 1838. 4, Josephine E. Frescott^ b. Nov. 16, 
1842. 5, Martha W. Frescott^ b. Sept. 19, 1844 ; d. Jan. 19, 1846 ; 
she m. 2d, Benjamin Woodbury, and rem. to Wisconsin. 

418. Moses Norris* (157) [Moises*, James", Moses*, Nicholas^l 
He was born in Nottingham, N. H., Sept. 3, 1762 ; died at Pittsfield, 
N. H., Aug. 9, 1848, aged 85 yrs. 5 mos. and 6 days. His life 
was such as to command the regard of the community. He married, 


May 3, 1787, Comfort, daughter of Benjamin and Esther (Towle) 
Leavett, who was born Jane 27, 1763, and died at Pittsfield, N. H., 
Dec. 27, 1835, aged 72 yrs. and 6 mos. 


419. r Mary Norris^, b. Feb. 8, 1788 ; d. Aug. 15, 1842, ae. 54 yrs. 6 mos. ; single. 

420. I Betsey Norris«, b. Feb. 8, 1788 ; d. June 21, 1822, sb. 34 yrs. 4 mos. 

13 days ; single. 

421. Lois Norris«, b. June 14, 1791 ; d. at Pittsfield, N. H., Feb. 6, 1843, sb. 

51 yrs. 7 mos. 22 days ; single. 

422. True Norri8« (962), b. Feb. 4, 1793 ; res. Pittsfield, N. H. 

423. Braekett Leavett Norris^ (970), b. Nov. 20, 1795 ; res. Pittsfield, N. H. 

424. Ruth Norris^, b. Aug. 19, 1797 ; d. Aug. 29, 1797. 

425. Moses Norris, Jr.« (973), b. Sept. 16, 1799; d. at Washington, D. C, 

Jan. 11, 1855; U. S. senator. 

426. Ruth Norris* (158) [Moses*, James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
She was born in Eaymond, In. H., April 4, 1764; married Reuben 
Towle Leavett, of Pittsfield, N. H. He was born at Hampton 
Falls, N. H., April 12, 1769; died at Pittsfield, Sept. 20, 1837. (He 
was son of Benjamin Leavett, and brother of Comfort, wife of 
Moses Norris.) He married, 1st, Molly Page, Jan. 5, 1782. She 
was born at Kensington, N. H., March, 2, 1763 ; died March 9, 1784. 
Mrs. Ruth (Norris) Leavett died Oct. 3, 1863, in Pittsfield, N. H. 
Mr. Leavett was a farmer. He moved from Hampton Falls to 
Pittsfield in March, 1782, and cleared up three tracts of wild land 
of 40 acres each. One of them is the present farm of Braekett W. 


427. Stephen Leavett«, b. March 4, 1784 ; d. Sept. 7, 1786. 

428. Stephen Leavett«, b. March 2, 1789; d. March 4, 1870; farmer; res. 

Pittsfield, N. H. ; sold bis farm and went to the villiage some 
time previous to his death; he m. Jan. 23, 1819, Sally Ik&rris (or 
Norris) , who d. Sept. 24, 1876. Children, born in Pittsfield, N. H. : 
1, Ruth Leavett^, b. Jan. 1, 1819; m. Dudley Lovejoy ; res. Pitts- 
field, N. H. ; no children. 2, Naomi Leavett^, b. Jan. 16, 1822 ; m. 
Rev. Moses A., son of Moses Quimby. He was b. in Lyndon, 
Vt., Oct. 6, 1821; res. Lower Gilmanton, N. H. Children: 
Deliah Quimbys, b. Epsom, N. H., Aug. 8, 1854; d. March 16, 
1861. Alida Quimbys, b. Aug. 31, 1855. 3, Plummer Leavett^ 
(twin brother of Naomi), b. Jan. 16, 1822; m. Lizzie M., dau. of 
Paul and Lydia (Caverley) Parshley, of Barnstead, N. H., b. 
Sept. 8, 1822; they res. in Pittsfield^^here he d. Sept. 19, 1857; 
was a farmer. She m. 2d, Andrew Walker, b. Stratford, N. H., 
Jan. 8, 1812; d. Oct. 8, 1874; she lives in Pittsfield Village. 
Children : Milton H. LeavettS b. Aug. 2, 1841 ; d. Sept. 8, 1852. 
Sarah E. LeavettS b. Aug. 15, 1852 ; m. April 8, 1874, Georee 
N., son of George L. and Elizabeth (Foss) Foss. of Stratford, 
N. H. ; b. there Jan. 19, 1841 ; merchant ; res. Pittsfield, N. H. 
Children : Milton George Foss^, b. Jan. 4, 1876. Wayland Plum- 
mer Foss^, b. April 24, 1878. Mary Leavett^, b. Oct. 21, 1854; d. 
Sept. 2, 1857. Mary Plummer Leavett^, b. April 14, 1857; m. 
Oct. 15, 1882, Frank Varney, of Pittsfield, N. H. 


429. Reuben T. Leavett®, b. Oct. 28, 1800; m. Nancy M. Brown, b. Nov. 
18, 1804 ; was lighthouse keeper at Whale's Back, Portsmouth, 
N. H., was register of deeds for Merrimack co., N. H., two years, 
and justice of the peace ; was a hotel-keeper at Suncook ; and in 
later years a. farmer ; res. Pittsfleld, N. H. ; he d. in 1890. Chil- 
dren, bom in Pittsfleld, N. H. : 1, Mary P. Leavett^, b. Jan. 3, 
1824; d. Sept. 9, 1824. 2, Mary P. Leavett% b. June 25, 1825 ; d. 
Oct. 8, 1846. 3, Joan Elvira Leavett^ b. June 11, 1827 ; m. Nathaniel 
Shaw ; res. Concord, N. H. No children. 4, Jennette Leavett^, 
b. June 16, 1829 ; d. April 24, 1847. 5, Charles B. Leavett^ b. 
May 14, 1835 ; has been twice married ; res. North wood, N. H. 
Three children. 6, Reuben T. Leavett^, b. Nov. 11, 1839 ; lives 
with his parents on the farm in Pittsfleld, N. H. ; he m. Sept. 4, 
1871, Eveljm, dau. of John and Betsey (Kenniston) Watson, of 
Pittsfleld, N. H. Child, born hi Pittsfleld, N. H. : Lila Maud 
LeavettS b. Sept. 26, 1872. 

430. Joseph Norris* (l^^) [Moses*, James', Moses^ Nicholasn. 
He was born Aug. 8, 1768, and located on the "Old Province" 
road in Barnstead, N. H. This highway leads from Barnstead 
Parade to Gilmanton. It was an excellent farm upon which he 
lived, and the story and a half house which was his home still stands 
in 1888, and occupied by Mr. Fred P. Fletcher. Mr. Norris was of 
unquestioned honesty, and held in general esteem. He married 
Hannah, sister of Nathaniel Giles, of Nottingham, N. H., who was 
born Aug. 6, 1766. She was intelligent; had a fine character, and 
a member of the Congregational church, and died May 10, 1852, 
aged 82 years. He died Dec. 28, 1848, aged 80 years, and they 
are buried in Barnstead, N. H. 


431. Nathan W. Norris^ (980), b. July 27, 1791; res. Barnstead, N. H. 

432. Emery Norris^, b. Wednesday, Nov. 7, 1792 ; was a business man ; res. 

Beverly, Mass. He m. Oct. 26, 1817, Abigail M. Jeffs, who is de- 
ceased. He d. in Beverly, Aug. 10, 1843. His children went west 
and only their names have been obtained. Children: Adaline 
Norri8% Emily Norris^ Harriet Norris^ William Norris^ 

433. Hannah Norris« (983), b. Aug. 11, 1794; m. William Nutter, of Barn- 

stead N. H. 

434. Mary Norris^ (997), b. July 15, 1796; m. Henry Blaisdell; res. Pitts- 

fleld, N. H. 

435. Martha G. Norris^ (1000), b. Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1798; m. Jan. 20, 

1825, Charles Grandison Sinclair; res. Barnstead, N. H. 

436. Abigail Norris^, b. Monday, Sept. 15, 1800; m. Aug. 22, 1826, Samuel 

TPevey, of Barnstead, N. H. ; b. Oct. 12, 1802 ; d. Oct. 7, 1857. He 
was a merchant, and a man of hi^h character, and d. in Bethle- 
hem, N. H. The last years of her life were passed by her in Cleve- 
land, O., where she d. Nov. 6, 1888, and was buried by the side 
of her husband, in Bethlehem, N. H. Child : Emily Fevey", b. 
May 5, 1827 ; m. May 9, 1852, Dr. Daniel C. Putnam, b. July 9, 
1822 ; res. Cleveland, O. 

437. Nancy Norris^ (1002), b. Sunday, April, 18, 1802; m. Nehemiah Kim- 

ball ; res. Alton, N. H. 

438. Mahala Norris* (1006), b. July 2, 1804 ; m. Josiah Edwards, of Gilman- 

ton, N. H. 

439. Joseph S. Norris« (1012), b. Dec. 26, 1806; res. Barnstead, N. H. 



440. Nathaniel Noma* (169) [Maj. James^ James', Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Epping, N. H., July 22, 1769. When a 
youth he went to Monmouth, Me., with his father. He removed to 
Wayne, Me., where he owned and operated saw- and gristmills, and 
an extensive farm, and was a capable and successful man. He mar- 
ried Allen, and he died in Wayne, Me. (See XJnassigned Rec- 
ords at end of this book.) 

441. James Frederick Norris* (171) [Maj. James^ James*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Epping, N. H., July 26, 1772, and with 
his father he went when youn^ to Monmouth, Me. He married 
Mary, daughter of Mai. Benjamin and Mary (Fales) White. She 
was born Sept. 14, 1785. They were said to oe the finest looking 
couple ever married in the town. He was a captain in the 1812-'15, 
war, and was afterwards pensioned. While at Philadelphia he 
sent some Itdxuries to his friends in Maine, by oz teams, in the shape 
of a barrel of flour, costing $20.00, a cheese, and other articles. He 
died in Monmouth, Me., Feb. 7, 1841. She died there Sept. 1, 1833. 


442. Hem-y Albion Norri8« (1014), b. Oct. 20, 1803 ; d. April 7, 1889. 

443. Charles Sullivan Norris^ (1023), b. Augusta, Me., Oct. 9, J806; m. 

Nov. 26, 1835, Almira Dearborn Blake, of Monmouth, Me. Child : 
James Henry Norris^; m. Louisa Fogg; res. East Monmouth, 
Me. He d. Aug. 20, 1872. 

444. James Rogers Norris** (1026), b. July 16, 1812; d. Saco. Me., Jan., 

1889 ; m. Sarah L., dau. of Dr. Samuel and Phebe (Mann) Temple. 

445. Hannibal Norris«, b. Feb. 2, 1810; d. April 1, 1814. 

446. Hiram Norris^, b. Nov. 4, 1808 ; d. May 8, 1824. 

447. Mary Ann Clapp Norris* (1032), b. Aug. 21, 1815; m. Arthur Spring, 

of Montville, Me. 

448. Benjamin White Norri8« (1231), b. Jan. 22, 1819; m. Abbie Miller, of 

Skowhegan, Me. Was land agent for the state of Maine, and sub- 
sequently a member of Congress from Alabama ; d. Montgomery, 
Ala., Jan. 26, 1873. 

449. Aurelia Fales Frances Norris*, b. June 13, 1821 ; m. Samuel Stevens, of 

Winchester, Mass. ; m. 2d, Artemus Barrett, of Melrose, Mass., 
where she now (1892) res. Her dau. Helen Josephine Barrett, b. 
June 11, 1860, is a successful teacher in that town. Mr. Barrett 
was a son of Jonathan and Frances (Lynde) Barrett ,of Maiden, 
now Melrose, Mass., where Mr. Barrett was b. May 25, 1818. He 
was a shoe manufacturer, then in real estate business, and is now 

460. Joseph Norris* (172) [Maj. James^ James', Moses^ Nich- 
olas^* He was born in Epping, N. H., July 15, 1774 ; went to Mon- 
moutn, Me.; was surveyor general of wild lands in that state, and 
made maps and charts of the wild country. He was of command- 
ing presence, intellectual, and witty, and was a noted man. He 
married Sally Fairbanks. He married, 2d, Sally Cram. He died 
July 14, 1831. 


451. Velina Norris^, b. Feb. 26, 1800; d. June 21, 1820. 

452. Joseph Chandler Norris^, b. March 5, 1802; d. Aug. 12, 1838, in Bos- 

ton, Mass. 


453. Rufus Greenleaf Norris* (1032b), b. May 10, 1806 ; d. Aug. 2, 1842. 

454. Keturah Fairbanks Norrise, b. Dec., 1807 ; d. Sept. 3, 1851, in Boston, 

Mass. She m. £benezer O. Milliken. 
466. Elisha Stillman Norris', b. July 6, 1810 ; d. July 6, 1868 ; res. Dubuque, 

la., and d. in Washins^n, D. C He was m. One dau. ; m. Mr. 

466. Sarah Lucretia Norris', b. Nov. 3, 1812; d. Aug. 7, 1861, in Boston, 

Mass. She m. William Oilman ; had two chudren ; both deceased. 

457. Velina Lee Norri8«, b. July 18, 1821 ; d. June 21, 1839. 

458. Ruel William Jay Norrise, b. July 30, 1824. 

459. Octavia Louisa Ann Norris^, b. /an. 16, 1828. 

460. Oeorge Washington Jackson Norris^, b. May 10, 1830. 

461. Polly H. Norris* (174) [Maj. James*, James', Moses*, Nich- 
olas^]. She was born in Epping, N. H., Deo. 26, 1778; died Jan. 2, 
1813. She married Jireh Swift; resided, Monmouth, Me. 


462. Wyatt R. Swift^, b. Monmouth, Me., Dec. 15, 1796 ; m. Aug. 20, 1850, 
Maria Olive, dau. of Jedidiah P. and Olive (Oongdon) Morris ; 
she was b. Thompson, Conn., Sept. 27, 1825. Mr. Swift lived in 
Schaghticoke, Rensselaer co., N. Y., after about 1822. Was a man- 
facturer; was president of the Schaghticoke Powder Co., an el- 
der in the Presbyterian church, and served as supervisor of his 
town. He d. in that town without issue, March 30, 1863 ; his 
widow still lives there. 

463. Daniel Norris* (179) rDaniel*, James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
He was born in Raymond, N. H., Sept. 30, 1767. He married Lucy 
Perkins, and lived in Centre Harbor, N. H. Farmer. She was 
daughter of Dea. Jonathan and Rhoda (Sanborn) Perkins, of Pitts- 
field, N. H., and was bom June 17, 1774. They were married Feb. 
27, 1794. They were members of the church. He died Oct. 2, 1852. 
She died Jan. 27, 1867. 


464. Sally Norris« (1039), b. Aug. 17, 1795 ; m. Samuel Bean : res. Meredith 

Village, N. H. 

465. Betsey Norris^, b. Oct. 20, 1797 ; d. Feb. 3, 1804. 

466. Rhoda Norrisc, b. May 27, 1800 ; d. AprU 12, 1817. 

467. Daniel Norris^ (1041), b. March 28, 1804 ; res. Meredith Village, N. H. 

468. Jonathan Perkins Norris^ (1044), b. Oct. 26, 1807 ; res. Centre Harbor, 

N. H. 

469. John Norris^ (1047), b. Aug. 23, 1809; res. Lancaster, N. H. 

470. Betsey N^orris^, b. June 20, 1812 ; d. Nov. 29, 1875 ; res. Centre Harbor, 

N. H. She was a member of the church. 

471. Rhoda L. Norriss, b. Dec. 23, 1816; res. Centre IJarbor, N. H. She 

m. Feb. 13, 1851, Nathaniel B. Beach, who was a farmer. They 
were members of the church, and res. Guildhall, Vt. He d. April 
20, 1880. Child : Daniel N. Beach^, b. April 14, 1856 : d. Sept. 7, 

472. Joshua Norris* (180) [Daniel*, James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
He was born in Raymond, N. H., Feb. 23, 1769. He was in New 
Hampton, N. H., and signed a petition for the incorporation of 
Centre Harbor, N. H., June 8, 1797. He married Abigail, daughter 


of Maj. Josiah Fogg. He married, 2d, Betsey GilmaD. He died in 
Centre Harbor Dec. 3, 1863, aged 86 years. 


473. Josiah Norris« (1049), b. July 29, 1792 ; res. Meredith, N. H. ; d. April 

16, 1872. He m. Mary Bean, March 23, 1823. 

474. Mary Norris^, b. April 5, 1795. 

476. James Norris* (181) [Daniel*, James^ Moses^, Nicholas^]. 
He was born in Raymond, Is. H., April 10, 1771, and lived in 
his native town. He was a mechanical genius, and was well known 
as a carpenter, mason, wheel-wright, and carriage builder. He was 
the architect and framer of the Congregational church in Ray- 
mond, built in 1834. He was a music teacher and superior vocalist. 
He married Martha Osgood, born in Raymond Nov. 13, 1776; died 
April 10, 1824. He married, 2d, March 1, 1826, Martha Guy, born 
Oct. 12, 1773. She died in Raymond July 2, 1843. Mr. Norris 
died in Raymond Jan. 17, 1866, aged 93 yrs. 9 mos. 7 days. 


476. Mary Norris^, b. March 6, 1796; m. March 16, 1842, Thomas Wason; 

res. in Exeter, Hampton, and Raymond, N. H. ; she d. Aug. 16, 
1869; he was a farmer; before marriage she was a school 
teacher ; he is deceased. No children. 

477. James Norris^ (1057), b. Jan. 7, 1798 ; m. Sherburne Gove, of N^otting- 

ham ; lived in Northwood and Raymond, N. H. ; d. Nov. 7, 1876. 

478. Hannah S. Norri8« (1061), b. June 10, 1801; d. Nov. 28, 1885; she m. 

Samuel Shepard, of Epping, N. H. 

479. Daniel L. Norris^ (1063), b. Aug. 7, 1805; m. Sophia Osgood; res. 

Dover, N. H. ; d. there Dec. 10, 1851. 

480. Timothy O. Norris** (1068), b. Aug. 14, 1812; m. June 1, 1856, Mrs. 

Mary D. Miller; res. Troy, Davis co., la. 

481. Mary Norris* (184) [Daniel*, James*, Moses^, Nicholas^]. 
She was born in Raymond, N. H., March 2, 1777; married Feb. 16, 
1797, David, son of David and Hannah (Morse) Lane. They lived 
in Raymond, where he was bom, July 16, 1769. He "was killed 
by a cart wheel" May 13,1807. She died in Eaymond, N. H., 
July 8, 1866. 


482. Mehitable Lane^, b. Dec. 13, 1797; d. March 31, 1798. 

483. Jonathan Ambrose Lane^, b. April 28, 1799 ; m. 1822, Betsey, dau. of 

"Cornet". Isaac and Abigail Garland Lane ; b. July 28, 1796 ; d. 
Dec. 22, 1832; he m. 2d, Annie, sister of his first wife, b. Aug. 
30, 1788 ; he was a major, and selectman of Raymond ; he d. July 
27, 1870; she d. June 28, 1871. Children, born in Raymond, N. 
H.: 1, Ruth Lane^ b. April 3, 1823; d. Nov., 1831. 2, Olive 
Lane^, b. June 5, 1824 ; m. Richard Clough, res. Raymond, N. H. 
3, Mary Jane Lane^, b. April 17, 1827 ; m. Isaiah G. Young, of 
Deerfield, N. H. 4, Abigail Lane', b. Feb; 2, 1829; ra. Mr. 
Lane. 5, David Lane% b. Jan. 7, 1831 ; d. about 1888 ; m. Sophia 
Norris. 6, Jonathan A. Lane, Jr."', b. Dec. 4, 1832 ; m. Helen 
M. Morse ; b. Wilton, N. H., May 26, 1844 ; he lived on the home- 


stead in RaymoDd. Child : Mary Lane^, b. Sept. 11, 1872. 7, Eliza- 
betli Lane^ (twin), b. Dec. 4, 1832 ; probably d. Feb. 22, 1833. 8, 
Julia Ann Lane^, b. July 3, 1834 ; m. Tracy Clough ; res. Ash- 
burnham, Mass. 

484. Daniel Norris Lane^, b. Dec 31, 1801 ; m. Dec. 22, 1825, Hannah Lane ; 

she was b. Feb. 1, 1805. Dea. Daniel Norris Lane d. in Ray- 
mond, N. H., about 1888; his wife d. previously. Children: 1, 
Flavilla Ann Lane", b. April 10, 1827; single; res. Brentwood, 
N. H. 2, Isaac Addison Lane% b. May 30, 1829 ; d. Sept. 30, 1831. 

3, Joanna Davis Lane% b. March 13, 1831 ; d. Oct. 4, 1831. 4, 
Seth Famsworth Lane^, b. Nov. 13, 1832 ; single ; res. Brentwood, 
N. H. 5, Daniel N. Lane^, b. Sept. 25, 1834 ; graduated at Dart- 
mouth college 1863; single; res. Brentwood, N. H. 6, Charles 
Freeman Lane^, b. Oct. ]5, 1836 ; d. March 11, 1860. 7, William 
Harrison Lane', b. Sept. 17, 1841 ; d. April 12, 1876. 

485. David LaneS b. July 22, 1807 ; d. Sept. 24, 1814. 

486. Stephen Norris* (186) [Daniel*, James', Moses^ Nicholas*]. 
He was born Feb. 20, 1781, m Raymond, N. H.; married April 8, 
1804, Sarah Libby, bom June 20, 1779. They were members of 
the church and consistent ChristiaDS. He was the superintendent 
of the first Sabbath school in Meredith and Centre Harbor, N. H. 
He died March 15, 1815. They resided at Meredith, N. H. 


487. Ruth S. NorrisS b. Feb. 9, 1807 ; m. David S. Emery, Oct. 23, 1827 ; 

was a blacksmith, and they res. at Centre Harbor, N. H. ; 

they were members of the church; he d. ; she d. April 5, 

1878. Children : 1, Stephen N. Emery", b. Sept. 1, 1828 ; d. Nov. 3, 
1831. 2, Sarah L. Emery% b. June 16, 1832 ; m. Dr. William A. 
Page; they are members of the church; entertain summer 
boarders; res. at Centre Harbor, N. H. 3, Smith F. Emery^, 
b. April 1, 1836; m. tTan. 1, 1864, Susan H. Moulton; members of 
the church ; res. Centre Harbor, N. H. ; keep a hotel and sum- 
mer boarding-house. 4, Caroline P. Emery^. 5, John H. Emery^. 
6, Alice H. Emery ^ 

488. Mary L. Norris*, b. March, 18, 1809; m. June 29, 1837, Hiram E. 

French; he is a farmer; res. North Sandwich, N. H. ; she is a 
member of the church. Children : 1, Emily French^, b. Sept. 15, 
1839 ; d. March 1, 1844. 2, George N. French^ b. June 27, 1841 ; 
m. Sept- 19, 1877, Isabella G. Hamblin; he is a physician; res. in 
Washington, D. C. 3, Martha French^, b. June 27, 1841 ; m. Wil- 
liam F. Quimby, a house builder ; res. North Sandwich, N. H. 
Child : William Quimby^, b. Oct. 28, 1860; res. Washington, D. O. 

4, Larkin French^, b. Feb. 15, 1844; res. North Sandwich, N. H. 

5, Emily French% b. Feb. 9, 1848 ; m. Oct. 7, 1868, Alfred Learens ; 
d. March 11, 1882. Children: George A. Learens*^, b. Aug. 8, 
1869. Mary A. Learens^, b. Dec, 1876. Robert F. Learens^, b. 
Dec, 1879. Alice E. Learens^, b. July, 1881. 6, Josiah F. 
French% b. Aug. 22, 1851 ; res. Philadelphia, Penn. 

489. George Libbey Norris*, b. July 8, 1811 ; m. Aug. 7, 1837, to Rebecca, 

dau. of Samuel and Mary (Taylor) Hosea ; she was b. in Boston, 
Mass., Dec. 25, 1814; they are members of the Warren-avenue 
Baptist church, of which he was a deacon ; went to Boston when 
21 years of age ; was in the carpet business, and a bookkeeper ; 
a republican in politics ; res. 24 West Canton St., Boston, Mass. ; 
he d. in Boston, May 16, 1888; his widow still lives, in 1890, at 
the old home in that city. 


490. Lydia Norris* (1^7) [Daniel*, James^ Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
She was born in Raymond, N. H., Aug. 23, 1823; married Jonathan 
Brown, Feb. 16, 1813. He was a farmer, and they lived in Meredith, 
N. H., and were members of the church. She died Jan. 22, 1858. 
He died Jan. 11, 1861. 


491. Sallie Brown^, b. Dec. 14, 1817 ; m. Nov. 21, 1838, Alphonso C. Emery ; 

were members of the church, and res. Centre Harbor, N. H. ; she 
d. Jan. 14, 1862. Child : George Emery% b. Oct. 30, 1840 ; res. 
Centre Harbor, N. H. 

492. Jonathan Brown, Jr.e, b. June 8, 1822 ; m. July 9, 1846, Elizabeth Ful- 

lenton; farmer; res. Meredith, H. H. ; he d. Nov. 14, 1870. Chil- 
dren: 1, Mary F. Brown^, b. Jan. 30, 1849; m. Frank Keazer. 
Child: Henry F. Keazer^, b. Dec. 13, 1875. 2, Sarah E. Brown% 
b. April 23, 1853 ; m. Charles Miller. Child : Earle W. Miller^, 
b. Aug. 6, 1885. 3, John N. Brown^, b. April 8, 1855 ; d. Nov. 13, 
1857. 4, Charles N. Brown% b. Sept. 15, 1857 ; m. Carrie Neal. 
Child : George N. Brown^, b. July 21, 1885. 5, George E. Brown% 
b. June 30, 1862. 6, Jennie H. Brown% b. Dec. 25, 1864. 

493. Lydia Ann Brown«, b. July 6, 1827 ; m. June 9, 1868, John K. Briggs ; 

they were members of the church, and lived in Keene, N. H. ; she 
d. Feb. 19, 1887. 

494. Sarah Norris* (188) [Daniel*, James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. 
She was born in Raymond, N. H., Jan. 19, 1786; married Samuel 
Gove, of Nottingham, N. H. He was born Feb. 18, 1780; died Feb. 
18, 1852. She died March 14, 1865. He resided in Nottingham, 
N. H. 


495. Jonathan €k)ve^, b. Oct. 3, 1809 ; d. Jan. 30, 1881 ; he m. his cousin, 

Lydia Norris, dau. of Joshua, and granddau. of Daniel Norris ; 
she was of Centre Harbor, N. H., and d. July 8, 1853, leaving one 
son, Samuel S. Gove ; he m. 2d, Cena Tucker, of Loudon, N. H. ; 
he m. 3d, Mrs. Mercey E. Holman, of Nottingham, N. H., by 
whom he had one son ; he m. 4th, Mrs. Abbie Osgood, who is 
now living. No children by last marriage. He was a farmer, 
and lived all his life in Nottingham, except a few years in which 
he was engaged in trade at West Epping, N. H. He lived upon 
the homestead of his father and his grandfather, Jonathan Gove, 
in Nottingham. He represented Nottingham two years in the 
legislature Children: 1, Samuel S. Gove^, b. Oct. 25, 1837; m. 
Sarah E. Fogg; res. on homestead, Nottingham, N. H. ; farmer. 
Two children: Carrie M. Gove^, b. Aug. 29, 1864; d. Dec. 30, 
1884. Fred L. Gove^, b. Dec. 14, 1870. 2, Frank Gove% b. April, 
1868 ; res. Raymond, N. H. 

496. Sally Ann Gove«, b. Feb. 7, 1826 ; d. Aug. 26, 1837. 

497. Lowell Norris* (190) [Simeon*, James", Mo8e8^ Nicholas^. 
He was born in Epping, N.H., Aug. 4, 1772. Lived on the road lead- 
ing from Raymond to Exeter, N. H., near Epping Village, and three- 
fourths of a mile from the railroad station, which is occupied in 1892 
by his son, Charles Lowell Norris. He owned a part of his father, 
Simeon Norris's, farm. He was a farmer, tanner, and carried on a 
custom-made shoe business. He was a good citizen. He married 


Sally Robinson, of Fremont, N. H., who was born July 6, 1777, and 
died Jan. 26, 1864. He died April 3, 1841. 


498. Greenleaf Rafus Norris* (1071), b. Nov. 3, 1796; res. Epping; d. 

April 15, 1840. 

499. Mary Norris*, b. Oct. 18, 1798 ; always lived at the homestead, in Ep- 

ping ; d. April 6, 1888, ae. 89 yrs. 5 mos. 19 days. A truly good 
woman ; her long and useful life was spent in the home of her 
youth. She won the i-espect and love of all by her sterling qual- 
ities and consistent Christian life. She was a constant reader of 
the sermons of the ablest preachers, and of the best books ; was 
most intelligent, and could entertain the most refined and cul- 
tured by her conversation. Her great study was the Bible, with 
which she was very familiar, and she made it the basis of her 
religious life. Her voice, influence, and substance were given to 
support the cause of religion, and when she left the earthly sanc- 
tuary for one above, she was greatly missed by all. 

500. Lowell Norris, Jr.«, b. July 13, 1800; d. June 10, 1801. 

501. Abigail Norris% b. Dec. 15, 1803 ; d. same day. 

502. Dudley Norris^ (1074), b. Feb. 16, 1804 ; res. Epping ; d. Sept. 5, 1888. 
.503. John Norris^, b. Aug. 9, 1806 ; he went to Charleston, S. C, about 

1832, and he probably died of yellow fever. No further record. 

504. Sally Norris^, b. Aug. 21, 1810; m. as 2d wife, Jan. 9, 1849, Jonathan 

Robinson, of Brentwood, N. H., where he was b. Feb. 4, 1798, 
and d. May 9, 1876 ; farmer and miller. No children. She res. 
with her niece, Mrs. Catherine S. Norris, in Epping, N. H. 

505. Nancy Norri8% b. April 4, 1813; m. Nov., 1830, John Brown, of Fre- 

mont, N. H. ; he was a gunsmith ; she d. Nov. 10, 1836 ; he res. 

in Fremont, N. H. 
606. Ezekiel Lyford Norris^, b. Oct. 1, 1815 ; a very bright, intelligent, and 

worthy young man ; he d. early, June 25, 1837. 
507. Charles Lowell Norris**, b. Jan. 11, 1820 ; farmer ; succeeded his father 

on the homestead, where he still lives, in 1892. Is a person of 

excellent judgment and character, and prosperous ; single. 

608. Benjamin Norris* (214) [Benjamin*, Benjamin', Jonathan^, 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Pembroke, N. H., Dec. 13, 1767, and 
there his life was passed till the outbreak of the Revolution, when 
he rallied to the support of the patriot cause. He enlisted May 
1, 1775, in Capt. Daniel Moore's company, Col. John Stark's regi- 
ment, and served three months and eight days. On July 22, 1776, 
he was mustered into service in Capt. William Barron's company, 
for service in Canada. He was a soldier in Capt. James Aiken's 
company. Col. Moses Kelley's regiment of volunteers, which 
marched from New Hampshire and joined the Continental army in 
Rhode Island, in August, 1778. He entered the service Aug. 7, 
1778, and served twenty-three days. He was with Stark at the 
battle of Bennington. After the Kevolution he settled in Dorches- 
ter, N. H. Selectman in 1786, and represented the petitioners of 
his town, Dec. 24, 1791, who wanted Dorchester represented 
in the legislature. Was member of the legislature, justice of the 
peace, and captain in the militia. He was a Methodist and a Jef- 
fersonian democrat^ was a farmer and miller, a jolly, intelligent man ; 


weighed about 160 pounds, and was about 5 feet 7 inches in height. 
He died in Dorchester, Nov. 9, 1836. His wife was Rebecca, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Hazelton. She was born in Hebron, N. H., Dec. 27, 
1765; died in Dorchester, N. H., Jan. 6, 1820. She was a sister to 
the wives of Nathaniel and Jacob Norris, his brothers. 


509. Sarah Norriss (1081), b. April 1, 1785; m. March 12, 1809, Calvin 

Hobart, and d- March, 31, 1874, in Redwing, Minn. 

510. Mary Norris®, b. June 27, 1787 ; m. Joseph Jewett in 1806, and d. in 

Dorchester, N. H., July 9, 1869. She had a son, Andrew Jewett^. 

511. Benjamin Norris«, b. May 27, 1789; d. July, 1843, in LaSalle, Monroe 

CO., Mich. He moved to Perry, O., in 1820. He was a farmer. 
He m. Rebecca Graham, but left no children. 

512. Samuel NorrisS b. Aug. 4, 1791 ; d. Aug. 26, 1797. 

513. Daniel Norriss, b. March 8, 1794 ; d. Jan. 18, 1814, in Connecticut. He 

was not m. and was in the employ of the U. S. government, in 
the 1812-'15 war, when he died. 

514. Joseph Norri8« (1087), b. July 4, 1796; res. Canaan, N. H. He m. 

Rachel Lawrence, and d. in Topeka, Kan., July 24, 1878. 

515. Samuel NorrisS b. Jan. 6, 1799 ; d. April 24, 1799. 

516. John I^orri8«, b. June 20, 1800 ; d. April, 1833, in Medf ord, Mass. Sin- 

gle qian ; was a stone mason, and was killed by a blast in a stone 

517. Ira Norri8« (1094), b. July 9, 1803 ; d. Feb. 23, 1885, in Topeka, Kan. 

He m. Jane Mclntire, lived in New York City until 1832; moved 
to Missouri, and was clerk of Platte co. for twenty years. 

518. Timothy Johnson I^orris^ (1095), b. April 9, 1806; d in Illinois, July 

1, 1852. 
619. Jewett Norris^ (1097), b. June 1, 1809 ; res. St. Paul, Mhin. 

620. Eliphalet Norris^ (215) [Benjamin*, Benjamin ', Jonathan^, 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Pembroke, N. H., Feb. 1, 1760. He 
went as a soldier from Pembroke, in Capt. William Barron's com- 
pany, raised out of Col. Daniel Moore's regiment, and designed 
for service in Canada. He was mustered into service, and paid July 
22, 1776. His account for "loss at Ticonderoga" was £18 He 
was a soldier in Capt. James Aiken's company, Col. Moses Kelly's 
regiment, which marched from New Hampshire and joined the Con- 
tinental army in Rhode Island. He entered the service Aug. 7, 
1778; discharged Aug. 27, 1778. 

621. Andrew Norris*^ (216) [Benjamin*, Benjamin', Jonathan^, 
Nicholas*]. He was born in Pembroke, N. H., March 17, 1762; 
died in 1852, at Mt. Healthy, O. He was a soldier in the Revo- 
lutionary war, and enlisted June 27, 1780; discharged Dec. 16,1780. 
In 1782 he was in Pembroke, and soon after, with his brothers, 
Thomas and Benjamin, in Dorchester, N. H. He afterward re- 
moved to Potton, Quebec, Can., where he remained until the 
breaking out of the last war with Great Britain, when, like many 
other American settlers, he found it for his peace and happiness to 
live within the boundary of the United States, and about 1813 he 
removed to Mt. Healthy, O., or its immediate vicinity, where he 
passed the remainder of nis life, and died in 1862. He was a demo- 


crat in politics, and »ember of the Methodist, and later of the Bap- 
tist, church. He married . 


522. Eliphalet Norrls^, m. Elizabeth, dau. at Grershom Norris, and lived in 

Missouri. Belationship between himself and wife not known. 

523. Wiggins Norris^, m. Elizabeth Marshall ; res. ei^ht miles from Frank- 

Tin, Tenn. 

524. Samuel Norris^, m. Lydia Robinson; res. eight mUm from Eaton, 

Darke co., O. 

525. Benjamin Norris^, m. Linah Labayteaux; res. Mt. Healthy, Hamilton 

CO., O. 

526. Rhoda Norris^, m. John Newman. She m. 2d, Isaac Robinson, and 

during his life they lived at New Burlington, Hamilton co, O. 

527. Mary Norris®, single. 

528. Elizabeth Norris®, m. David Francisco; res. Mt. Healthy, O. 

529. Sally Norris®, m. James Cochrane, and they res. at New Burlington, 

O., two miles from Mt. Healthy. She now res. at Mt. Healthy, 
O., 1890. 

630. Thomas Norris* (217) [Benjamin*, Benjamin', Jonathan^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Pembroke, N. H., March 20, 1764, and 
when a young man was living in Dorchester, N. H., as he signed a 
petition there about 1786. After a number of years he removed to 
Fotton, Quebec, Can., and joined his brother, Andrew Norris, who 
had preceded him. Farmer. He married Freedom Gillet, born 
Sept. 11, 1766, who died in Potton, March 23, 1823. He married, 2d, 
Mrs. Ruth (Miller) Barker, who died in Potton, Oct. 17, 1866, in 
her 77th year. He also died in Potton, Quebec, March 12, 1846. 
He and his family were members of the M. E. church. 


631. Freedom Norris^, b. Dorchester, N. H., April 23, 1790 ; m. Daniel Per- 
ham, farmer; res. Russelltown, Que., and d. there. Children: 
A dau.*^, m. Rewell Nash ; Mrs. !N^elson Manning^, Charles Per- 
ham'^, Daniel Perham^, Freeman Perham^. 

532. Hepzibah Norris^, b. Dorchester, N. H.. Feb. 1, 1792; m. Elder Peck. 

Children: Annie Peck^, Chauncey Peck^, Harriet Peck^, and 
William Peck'^. 

533. John Norris*, b. Dorchester, N. H., March 24, 1794; m. June 6, 1820, 

Jemima Fullington ; farmer; res. Potton, Que.; d. there Oct. 21, 

534. Mittie Norris« (1104), b. Dorchester, N. H., May 11, 1796; m. June 6, 

1820, William Davies, farmer; res. Stanbridge, Missisquoi co., 
Que. She d. Sept. 25, 1839. 

535. Thomas Norris* (1113), b. Dorchester, N. H., July 1, 1798; farmer, 

m. Feb. 28, 1822, Phoebe Gibbs; res. Milton, Que.; d. Feb. 21, 

536. Chauncey Norris*, b. Dorchester, N. H., Oct. 2, 1800; m. Nancy Milt- 

more, of Potton; res. Potton, Que. Farmer. He d. Apr 17, 
1870. No children ; she is deceased. 

537. Eliza Norris*, b. Dorchester, N. H., May 27, 1803 ; m. Charles Ghirland, 


588. Jacob Norris* (219) [Benjamin*, Benjamin', Jonathan^, Nich- 
olas^]. He was born in Pembroke, N. H., July 6, 1769 ; resided in Dor- 


Chester, N. H.; removed to Ohio late in life, about 1833, where he 
died in 1850. Was twice married. He married Sally Hazeltine and 
had four children. She died, and he married, 2d, Mercy Richardson, 
and had eight children. 


539. David Norriss (1123), b. Dec. 30, 1793; m. April 1, 1823, Sophia 

Wright, and d. in Orford, N. H., June 17, 1874. 

540. Hannah If orris^, d. when young. 

541 . Polly Norris^ (1130) , m. Benjamin Burley , and left a large family. He 

was b. Dec, 1787 ; d. 1868 ; res. Dorchester, N. HT 

542. Hannah Norris^, d. young. 

543. Thomas B. Norris® ; res. m 1836, in Carthage, O. ; d. in Iowa. 

544. Jacob B. Norris^ ; res. in 1845, in Parisville, St. Lawrence co., If. Y., 

and in 1849 res. in Washington, Lee co., la. 

545. Daniel Johnson Norris^; res. in 1846 in Rome, O. 

546. . Sally Norris^ ; rem. to Ohio. 

547. Fannie Norris® ; rem. to Ohio. 

548. Charlotte Norris^, d. Dorchester, If. H., when about 15 yrs. of age. 

549. MatUda Norris^ ; res. Ohio. 

550. Mercy Ann Norris^ ; res. Ohio. 

551. Nathaniel Norris^ (2^1) [Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Jonathan^, 
Nicholas^]. He was bom in Pembroke, N. H., May 2, 1771 ; mar- 
ried, Jane 1, 1794, Lucy Hazelton ; resided in Dorchester, N. H., 
where he died July 24, 1848. 


552. Zebulon Norris* (1142), b. April, 1795; m. ; he d. Oct. 16, 

1864. Children: 1, Samuel Norris^, res. Hyde Park, Mass. 2, 
Andrew Jackson I^orris'^, res. Dedham, Mass. 3, Sarah Norris^, 
is deceased. 

553. Nathaniel Norris^, b. March 23, 1797; m. Joanna Holbrook, of 

Portsmouth, N. H. ; m. 2d, in 1872, Mrs. Nancy Ferrin, of 
Groton, N. H. ; he was a minister of the East Maine Methodist 
conference ; he d. Nov. 10, 1884. Child : Wilbur Fisk Norris^, d. 
in the army. 

554. Farley Norris^ (1147), b. April 4, 1799; m. Abigail Lawrence, and d. 

at Lyme, N. H., Jan. 14, 1885. 

555. Samuel Norris« (1156), b. March 8, 1801 ; m. Aug. 30, 1823, Elizabeth 

Broadhead Norris, and d. June 23, 1880. His son, John B. Nor- 
ris% d. about 1877, in New York. 

556. Eliphalet Norris«, b. Dec. 28, 1802 ; m. Betsey Flanders, and d. April 

6, 1883. Children: 1, Laura Norris"', m. Mr. Forsyth, and is 
deceased. 2, Ruth Norris'^, m. Mr. Hood; res. Ljmn, Mass. 3, 

Lucy Norris'^, m. , and is deceased. 4, Stephen Norris"', 

res. Ohio (?). 

557. Rebecca Norris^, b. March 4, 1805 ; m. J. F. A. Peabody, and d. March, 

1885. Children : 1, Lucian Peabody^ res. Michigan. 2, Euri- 
dice PeabodyJ, m. Mr. Wilson ; res. Lowell, Mass. 3, Elmon Pea- 
body^, res. Kentucky. 4, Alvira Peabody^, res. Kentucky. 5, 
Fred A. Peabody'', res. . 6, Eliza Peabody"', res. New York. 

558. Almira Norris*, b. April 16, 1807; m. J. Fisk; she lives in Dedham, 

Mass. Children: 1, Lucy EmelineFiske^,b. about 1840; m.June, 
1861, James Swords, and d. 1870. Child : Harry Fiske Swords% 
b. Sept., 1862. 2, John Wesley Fiske% b. 1842 ; was killed Sept. 


39, 1864, in battle on Weldon railroad. 3, Samuel Norris Fieke", 
b. Au^., 1847. Has been twice married and has children. 
659. Jesse Norris^, b. Nov. 26, 1808; m. and lives in Michigan. 

560. Benjamin Norris<^ (1158), b. April 1, 1811; m. Zophira Ross; res. in 

Canaan, N. H. 

561. Daniel Hazelton Norris^, b. Nov. 11, 1813 ; m. June 3, 1837, Caroline 

Warner; m. 2d, Betsey Piper; m. 3d, Mrs. Delancy. He res. in 
East Westmoreland, N. H. Children : 1, John W. Norris"' ; res. 
Natick, Mass. 2, Sarah Norris^, m. Mr. Kenney; res. Dover, 
N. H. 3, Nathaniel Norris"', res. East Westmoreland, N. H., with 
his father 

562. Mark Norris«, b. April, 1816 ; d. May, 1816. 

563. Joanna Norris^ (223) [Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Jonathan*, 
Nicholas^]. She was born in Pembroke, N. H., June 20, 1777; 
married, Feb. 24, 1804, John Philbrook, and died Dec. 10, 1804, 
leaving an infant son. Her husband removed to Shipton, Quebec, 
was again, married to Sarah Robertson, of Bow, N. H., and had a 
family of nine children, and died in 1866. He was son of John 
Philbrook, of Epping, N. H., afterward of Deerfield, N. H. Mr. 
Philbrook was bom in Deerfield, May 23, 1779. 


564. Norris Philbrook^, b. Dec. 9, 1804. He was a stone cutter, and about 
1830 settled in New York city ; on Nov. 5, 1834, he m. Emeline, 
dau. of Abram and Margaret Brown, who had two children ; he 
m. 2d, Sept., 1849, Deliah C. Aldrich, of Woonsocket, R. I., who 
had one child. Children : 1, William N. Philbrook^ b. Feb. 13, 
1838; d. March 8, 1838. 2, Emelme B. Philbrook^ (twin), b. 
Feb. 13, 1838 ; d. March 8, 1838. 3, Mary D. PhDbrook% b. Aug., 
1850; m. Oct., 1876, Edgar W. Slocum, of Woonsocket, R. I.; 
he is a dealer in oils and paints. 

666. Benjamin Norris* (227) [David*, Benjamin*, Jonathan^ 
Nicholas^. He was born in Strathara, N. H., March 14, 1766; mar- 
ried, in Danville, Vt., April 2, 1789, Lucy Kittridge, who was bom 
in Andover, Mass., May 14, 1772, and died Jan. 6, 1846, in Ypsilanti, 
Mich. He died Nov. 30, 1829, in Peacham, Vt., aged 63 yrs. 8 mos. 
16 days. 


566. Moses Robinson Norris^, b. Dewey sburgh. Orange co., Vt., May 9, 

1790; m. in Covington, Wyoming co., N. Y., in 1818, Julia Day- 
mond ; she d., and he m. 2d, and d. in Canada. 

567. James Norris^ (1162), b. Deweysburgh, Vt., March 6, 1792; d. at 

Yankee Springs, Barry co., Mich. 

568. Lucy Norris^, b. Nov. 8, 1793, in Deweysburgh, Vt. ; she d. May 28, 

1807, SB. 13 yrs. 

569. Mark Norris* (1163), b. Deweysburgh, Vt., Feb. 16, 1796; d. at 

Ypsilanti, Mich., March 6, 1862. 

570. Curtis Elkins Norris* (1166), b. Deweysburgh, Vt., Feb. 7, 1798; d. 

probablv in Barnet, Vt. 

571. Dorcas Norris* (1167), b. Deweysburgh, Vt., May 1, 1800; m. Shaw 

Ladd, in Peacham, Vt., March 25, 1819. 

572. Justus Norris* (1176), b. Deweysburgh, Vt., March 25, 1802, d. in 

Ypsilanti, Mich., Feb. 11, 1845. 


57.^. BeDjamin N'orris®, d. in infancy. 

574. Esther Norris^, b. Deweysburgh, Vt , Marcb 17, 1805 ; m. Alfred 


575. Carlos Norris^ (1180), b. Dewevsburgh, Vt., Nov. 26, 1807; m. Eliza- 

beth B., dau. of Joseph Sinclair; res. Perry, O., and d. in Say- 
brook, O., Aug. 19, 1866. 

576. Benjamin Franklin Norris^, b. Peacham, Caledonia co., Vt., Nov. 5, 

1811 ; m. at Ypsilanti, Mich., Aug. 15, 1841, Margaret Gill. Had 
children ; he died. 

577. Lucy Kittridge Norris^, b. Peacham, Vt., Feb. 12, 1814; d. unm. at 

Ypsilanti, Mich., Jan. 10, 1832, and is buried by the side of her 

578. Hannah Ward Norris^, b. Peacham, Vt , Aug. 6, 1816; m. William 

Weeks. Had children ; she m. 2d, Alfred Stearns, her deceased 
sister's husband. 

579. Hiram Norris^, d. in infancy. 

680. Mark Norris* (228) [David*, Benjamin', Jonathan*, Nich- 
olas^]. He was born in Stratham, N, H., Feb. 6, 1768. Resided at 
Hardfwick, Vt. He wrote, "I drove the first sleigh through the 
woods from Deweysburgh to Greensborough that ever was drove 
through by man, to my knowing, which was on the 4th of January, 
1792. I moved into Hard wick, the first that ever moved in to settle 
the town, on the 13th day of March, 1792." He was soon joined by 
his cousin, Nathaniel Norris. He was a mason, and could do most 
kinds of work. He had good judgment, was intelligent and ener- 
getic, was often in public business. The first town meeting was held 
at his house. He served as treasurer, as representative, and as 
a preacher of the Gospel. He married Betsey , born Kensing- 
ton, N. H., July 14, 1771. 


581. Samuel Melcher NorrisS b. Gilmanton, N. H., Oct. 12, 1792. 

582. Joanna Felch Norris^, b. Danville, Vt., July 9, 1793. 

683. David Norris, Jr.^ (229) [David*, Benjamin", Jonathan^, 
Nicholas^]. He was born m Northfield, N. H., July 14, 1770. He 

married Hannah , born in Plymouth, N. H., Nov. 9, 1776. He 

resided in Hard wick, Vt., locating there in June, 1793. 


584. Abel NorrisS b. Hardwick, Vt., May 2, 1796. 

585. Ira I^orriss, b. Dec. 17, 1797, at Hardwick, Vt. 

586. Lewis Norris«, d. Dec. 18, 1797. 

587. r Hannah Norriso, b. Sept. 10, 1799. 

588. \ Mark Norris^, b. Sept. 10, 1799. 

589. Polly Norris^, b. March 26, 1801. 
690. r John Norris«, b. July 10, 1803. 
591. 1 Joanna I^orris^, b. July 10, 1803. 

592. Sophronia Norris^, b. AprU 19, 1805. 

593. Roxy Norris^, b. July 19, 1807. 

594. Harriet Norris^, b. Jan. 29, 1810; d. Aug. 16, 1810. 


696. Nathaniel Norris, 2d^ (232) [David*, Benjamin', Jonathan^ 
Nicholasn. He was born in Northfield, N. H., March 21, 1776; 

resided Hardwick, Vt. He married Lydia , who was born in 

Tewksbury, Mass., April 23, 1779. 


596. Amos Norris^, b. Kov. 3, 1798. 

597. Lvdia Norri8«, b. Sept. 21, 1809. 

598. Mittie Norris«, b. Dec. 18, 1811. 

699. Nathaniel Norris*^ (241) [Nathaniel*, Benjamin', Jonathan^, 
Nicholas^]. He was born m Stratham, N. H., Oct. 21, 1767. He 
was swept in with the tide of emigration, and located in Hard- 
wick, Vt., in March, 1792, and was one of its early settlers. His 
cousin, Mark Norris, had preceded him. He was a mason by trade, 
a deacon in the Freewill Baptist church, and received a license 
to exhort from the Methodist church in 1810. He and his cousin 
built a log house on the farm known as the Norris farm. They en- 
dured many privations, like all pioneers. He is called deacon upon 
the records. He married, Aug. 10, 1791, Nancy, daughter of Wil- 
liam Chase, of Sanbornton, N. H. She was born in Stratham, N. H., 
Oct. 4, 1773, and died May, 1846. He died Jan. 6, 1836. 


600. James Bundy Hardwick Norris^ (1186), b. Sept. 16, 1792; d. Jan., 

1861 ; clergyman. 

601. Nathaniel Norris, 3d6, b. April 29, 1794 ; d. Oct. 14, 1872. He lived in 

Jackson, Susquehanna cc, Penn. Children : 1, Samuel Norris^, 
m. and went west, where most of his family died. He returned to 
Pennsylvania and d., leaving one son, Henry Norris^. 2, Amasa 
C. Norris^, res. Jackson (P. O. Lakeview), Susquehanna co., 
Penn. Has had four children ; three are now living. His son, 
Myron Jay Norris^, res. Burlington, Vt. 3, Elias Norris^, res. in 
Missouri and has a family. 4, William Henry Norris^, res. in 
Missouri and has a family. 5, Eliza Norris^, m. Billings Burdiek 
and lives on the Norris homestead in Jackson, Penn. 

602. Sally Norrisi^, b. Dec. 8, 1795 ; m. James Hoyt, and d. Dec, 1833 ; they 

lived in Craftsbury, Vt. Son : Samuel Hoyt^ ; res. 60 Chestnut 
sfc ^^J^AfthiiJi. T'J" H 

603. Abigail Norris«,'b. Dec. 3, 1797 ; d. Jan. 28, 1801. 

604. Joseph Norris^, b. Sept. 29, 1799 ; d. Oct. 28, 1802. 

605. Abigail H. Norris^, b. June 20, 1801 ; m. Feb. 8, 1832, Joseph Dicker- 

son, of New Chester, N. H. ; d. Feb., 1847. 

606. Sabrina Norris^ (1197), b. March 27, 1803; m. June 17, 1828, Elijah 

Randall, of Craftsbury, Vt. Two children. 

607. John Ward Norris« (1203), b. Dec. 7, 1804 ; d. Jan. 12, 1880, in Crafts- 

bury, Vt. 

608. Nancy Norris^, b. Sept. 6, 1806; m. Caleb Rowell, of Walden, Vt. ; 

d. April, 1862. Her dau., Maude Bowell, m. Ransom Smith, of 
Nashua, N. H. 

609. Joseph Norris^, b. Jan. 26, 1809; d. May, 1839; settled in Penn., Sus- 

quehanna CO., town of Jackson. 

610. Comfort Norris^, b. Aug. 7, 1810 ; d. March 10, 1814. 

611. Louise K. Norris^, b. April 21, 1812 ; m. Mr. Knowlton ; she d. Jan., 

1843 ; settled in Penn., Susquehanna co. 


612. Samuel R. Norris*, b. Sept. 3, 1814 ; d. Auff . 12, 1878. His son, Wil- 

liam C. Norris, res. Zealand, Coos co., N. H. 

613. William C. NorrisS b. May 5, 1816; d. June, 1842; res. Hardwick, Vt. 

Left a son and daughter. 

614. Benjamin Norris* (246) [Joseph*, Benjamin', Jonathan^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Stratnam,-N. H., Aug. 31, 1781. His 
life was spent in his native town. He succeeded his father upon the 
homestead, but sold it after a few years. He married, Aug. 8, 1803, 
Mercy, daughter of Moses and Mehitable (French) Clark, of Stratham, 
who was born Feb. 27, 1778, and died April 27, 1862. Mr. Norris 
died Oct. 11, 1866. 


616. Mehitable Clark Norris^, b. Oct. 12, 1804; m. Nov., 1822, Ira, son of 
Walter and Nancy (Jewett) Weeks ; he was b. in Stratham, Jan. 
26, 1800; farmer; lived in Stratham, N. H.; she d. Jan. 3, 1886. 
Children: 1, Martha Ann Weeks% b. Stratham, N. H., Nov. 10, 
1823 ; d. June 24, 1871 ; single. 2, Rosilla Octavia Weeks^, b. 
Stratham, N. H., July 9, 1826; m. Napoleon B. Treadwell, of 
Newmarket, N. H. ; went to Cuba, where she d. in 1850. 3, Wal- 
ter S. Weeks^, m. Liucina A. Wiggin, of Stratham, N. H. ; res. 
Stratham, N. H. Children: William N. Weeks^, b. Oct., 1868. 

Jasper H. Weeks^, b. April, 1870. Octavius Weeks^, b. . Ola 

Weekss. Hiram W. Weeks^. Mary H. Weeks^. 

616. Joseph Norris^, b. Oct. 16, 1806 ; d. voung. 

617. William Norris* (1205), b. Dec. 31, 1807 ; a clergyman ; d. in Sanborn- ' 

ton, June 1, 1852. 

618. Benjamin Norris*, b. Aug. 17, 1809 ; d. 1810. 

619. Mary Norris*, b. Aug. 8, 1810 ; d. young. 

620. Mary Norris*, b. April 29, 1813; res. Methuen, Mass., in 1892; she 

has been greatly interested in this history of her family and has 
furnished much valuable information. 

621. Martha Norris*, b. Aug. 16, 1815 ; d. Nov. 17, 1822. 

622. Mary Norris* (247) [Joseph*, Benjamin', Jonathan^ Nich- 
olas^. She was born in Stratnam, N. H., Nov. 11, 1784; married, as 
his 2d wife, James Chase, son of William Chase, and born in Strat- 
ham, N. H., April 8, 1777. They removed to Wheelock, Vt. He 
was a farmer and died May 4, 1869, aged 92. She died Feb. 11, 1866. 


623. Betsey Chase«, b. Aug. 5, 1808; m. Joshua Elkins; d. at Wheelock, 

Vt., May 3, 1853, in her 45th yr. 

624. Joseph N. Chase®, b. March 19, 1810; m. Mary N. Snellen; res. 

Wheelock, Vt. ; d. Jan. 7, 1867, in his 57th yr. 

625. Martha Chase®, b. Dec. 4, 1811 ; m. Benjamin Eaton, of Stanstead, 

Can. ; d. Sept. 18, 1848, in her 37th yr. 

626. Mary Ann Chase®, b. July 4, 1813 ; m. Richard Waldo ; res. Patton, 

Can., and d. there. 

627. Charles Chase®, b. April 13, 1815 ; m. Mary Ann Bradley ; res. Whee- 

lock, Vt , then at Sutton, Vt. ; living in 1890. 

628. John Chase®, b. Jan. 19, 1817 ; m. Mary Miles ; res. Wheelock, Vt. ; d. 

March 8, 1851, se. 34 yrs. 2 mos. 


629. Comfort Chase<^, b. Jan. 19, 1819 ; m. Pelatiah Daniels ; res. Strafford, 

N. H. 

630. Emeline Chase«, b. Oct. 10, 1820 ; m. William McLaran, of Burke, Vt. ; 

d. there Aug. 17, 1847, in her 27th yr. 

631. Lucia Chase«, b. Feb. 13, 1828 ; d. Aug. 20, 1828, in Wheelock, Vt. 

632. Anna Norris* (249) [Joseph*, Benjamin', Jonathan^, Nich- 
olas^]. She was bom in Stratham, N. H., Jnly 30, 1788 ; married 
April 25, 1807, William, son of Lowell Lang, of Sanbornton, N. H. 
He was born Nov. 29, 1780. He resided in Portland, Me., until 
about 1830, or later, when he removed to Cumberland, Me., then to 
Durham, Me., where he died Nov. 9, 1863, aged 83 years. She 
died in Durham, Me., May 29, 1848, in her 60th year. 


633. Electa Lanff^, b. Sanbornton, N. H., Aug. 22, 1808; m. 1833, Christo- 

pher Wilson; res. Westbrook, Me.; he was a farmer. She d. 
there of consumption, Feb. 5, 1861. Children: Charles William 
Wilson% Eliza Ann Wilson^, Ellen Norris Wilson'. 

634. Comfort Lang\ b. Dec. 21, 1809 ; m. in 1830, Lewis B. Sawyer, a shoe- 

maker ; res. Westbrook, Me. Children : 1, Alonzo Willard Saw- 
yer^, a brave soldier in the 17th regt. Me. vols., and was killed 
in the battle of the Wilderness May 6, 1864. 2, Angelia Sawyer^. 
3, Louisa Sawyer^. 

635. William Lang% b. Nov. 22, 1811 ; m. 1844, Caroline Smith, of Cumber- 

land, Me. Farmer. 

636. Eliza Lang^ b. Feb. 21, 1813; m. 1835, Allen Greeley Sturdevant, of 

Cumberland, Me. He was a sea captain, and d. May, 1843 ; she 
d. Nov., 1852. No children. 

637. Mary Ann Lang*, b. Dec. 17, 1814 ; m. William Buxton in 1840 ; a farm- 

er, and res. Cumberland, Me. He d. 1848, leaving two children : 
Edwin Franklin Buxton-, Maria Gray Buxton^. 

638. Susanna Lang», b. Nov. 13, 1816 ; m. Thomas Wilcox ; res. Westbrook, 

Me. No children. 

639. Joseph Brackett Lang^ b. Dec. 13, 1818 ; m. Dec. 14, 1841, Betsey Lib- 

bey, of Danville, Me., who was b. Feb. 23, 1816 ; rem. to Portland, 
Me., in 1861. Children : 1, Helena Maria Lang^. 2, Caleb Norris 
Lang^, b. 1844 ; a successful and honorably discharged soldier of 
the 1st Me. Cavalry regt. 3, Charles Frederick Lang^, b. 1846; 
was a member of 1st Me. cavalry regt. vols., and was killed at 
Hatcher's Run, Oct. 27, 1864. 4, Frances Emma Lang^. 5, Joseph 
Buxton Lang^. 6, Irvilla Lesley Lan^^. 7, Mary Lizzie Lang^ 

640. Lowell Lang"^, b. Feb. 16, 1821; photographer; res. Boston, Mass. 

641. Nathaniel Norris Langs, b. April 27, 1822; m. 1849, Caroline Harmon 

Files, of Portland, Me. He was a trader and d. Jan. 27, 1861. 
No Children ; res. Portland, Me. 

642. Lovinia Ellen Lang^, b. Feb. 11, 1824 ; m. 1846, Jason Harmon Thoyts, 

of Pownall, Me., where she d. Oct. 24, 1858. Children: Allen 
Greeley Thoyts^, George Albert ThoytsVEmma Adelaide Thoyts^. 

643. Charles Lang«, b. Oct. 15, 1825 ; d. Dec. 13, 1826. 

644. George Washingon Lang^, b. June 26, 1827 ; m. 1849, Hannah E. War- 

ren, of Durham, ]Mfe., who d. May, 1850. He m. 2d, 1851, Sarah 
Davis, of Pownall, Me. No children. 

645. Martha Brackett Lang^, b. Sept. 30, 1829; m. 1852, James Hanson 

Eveleth, of Durham, Me. She d. June 1, 1861. Child: Moses 
Willard Eveleth^ 


646. Nathaniel Norris* (250) [Joseph*, Benjamin*, Jonathan^, 
Nicholas^]. He was bom April 14, 1791 ; was a cabinet maker at 
the Old Institution, and resided in New Hampton, N. H. He mar- 
ried, July 28, 1814, Polly, daughter of Jacob and Nancy Ann (Pres- 
cott) Thompson, of Sanbornton, N. H. She was granddaughter of 
Jacob, and great granddaughter of Matthew Thompson, of Strat- 
ham, N. H. She was born April 9, 1796 ; died at New Hampton 
July 10, 1843, aged 47 yrs. 3 mos. He married, 2d, Mrs. Nancy 
(Batchelder) Mason, daughter of William Batchelder. She was born 
July 10, 1790; died Oct. 27, 1857, aged 67 yrs. 3 mos. 


647. Eliza Norris«, b. June 24, 1815 ; m. Nov., 1842, Joseph Wiegin, son of 

John, of Sanbornton, N. H., and his wife, Hepzioah (Piper) 
Wiggin; he was b. March 17, 1818; res. in Sanbornton, on the 
home farm, until his father's death in 1866, then in Franklin, 
N. H. An overseer in the Walter Aiken screw factory. No 

648. Joseph Norris^, b. Jan. 28, 1817; d. April 25, 1819, aB. 2 yrs. 3 mos. 

649. Caleb Norris^, b. June 20, 1820; d. Feb. 5, 1821, ae. 8 mos. 

650. Charles Norris', b. Jan. 1, 1822, d. Nov. 15, 1844, in his 23d year. 
661. Nancy Prescott Norris^, b. May 9, 1825 ; d April 18, 1832, in her 7th 


652. Oliver Ward Norris^, b. Sept. 26, 1829; d. May 13, 1861, aB. 31 yrs. 8 


653. Benjamin P. Norris*^, b. Dec. 28, 1831 ; carpenter ; res. Roxbury, Mass. 

654. Julia Ann Norris«, b. June 29, 1836. 

655. Nancy Thompson Norris«, b. Oct. 6, 1838. 

656. Caleb Wiggin Norris* (251) [Joseph*, Benjamin*, Jonathan^, 
Nicholas^]. He was bom in Stratham, N. H., Nov. 8, 1792. He 
settled in Newburyport, Mass. He was a shipmaster and followed 
the seas for twenty years, and was engaged in the East India trade. 
He died of East India fever ofF Canton, China, Dec. 13, 1833, aged 
41 years, on board ship Golconda. He married Lucy, daughter of 
Andrew Hall, born in jPortsmouth, N. H., Sept. 22, 1799, who died 
March 18, 1875, at South Seekonk, Mass. 


667. Charles Norris^, b. May, 1823 ; d. 1824. 

668. Caleb Norris^, b. July 19, 1826 ; res. 667 Columbus ave., Boston, Mass. 

He m. 1860, Melinda Jane Orr, who d. Aug. 28, 1868, aB. 43 yrs. ; 
he m. 2d, Geraldine Gove, who lives in Boston. He was a mer- 
chant, and d. in Boston May, 1887. He was genial in manner, 
true in his friendships, of high character, and was greatly be- 
loved by his friends and acquaintances. Child : Wintnrop Gove 
Norris^, b. Aug. 12, 1874; res. 667 Columbus ave., Boston, Mass. 

669. Charles Carroll Norris« (1210), b. May 12, 1827. Is a jeweller at 433 

Washington St., Boston, Mass. ; res. 1 James ave.. South Boston, 

660. George Norris^, b. Sept., 1831 ; d. March, 1833. 

661. Lucy Kitson Norris®, b. Nov. 12, 1833 ; m. June 28, 1855, Charles Eben 

Lord ; res. Portsmouth, N. H. ; he was b. in Portsmouth, N. H., 
Feb. 17, 1827 ; son of Ebenezer and Susan (Hickey) Lord ; cab- 


inet maker; he d. Aug. 31, 1872. Mrs. Lord res. 3 Howard st., 
Portsmouth, N. H. Children, bom in Portsmouth, N. H. : 1, 
Caleb Norrls Lord^, b. Sept. 1, 1857; printer; res. 3 Howard st., 
Portsmouth, N. H. 2, Fannie Boardman Lord^, b. Feb. 18, 1861 ; 
d. March 9, 1861. 3, Charles Preston Lord% b. Aug. 23, 1869 ; d. 
Aug. 25, 1870. 

662. Chase Norria* (258) [Thomas*, James*, Jonathan^ Nich- 
olas^]. He was born in Eppmg, N. H., where he always lived. 
Farmer. His home was the farm owned in 1892 by Thomas Norris, 
one mile from Epping Village. He married Catherine Brown, of 
Fremont, N. H., born Jan. 21, 1779; died Dec. 2, 1865, in Vienna, 
Kennebec co.. Me., with her son. She was an excellent person. 


663. Catherine Brown Norris«, b. Jan. 5, 1802 ; she m. April 8, 1822, Green- 

leaf Rufus Norris, of Eppin^:, N. H., a distant connection. (See 
his family. No. 1071.) 

664. Thomas C. Norris« (1215), b. Oct. 28, 1808: d. Sept. 30, 1883. 

665. James Dutton Norris* (261) [Thomas*, James*, Jonathan*, 
Nicholas^]. He was bom in Epping, N. H., April 23, 1785; died 
Aug. 9, 1857, aged 72 years. He was deeply religions and was a 
devoted member of the Baptist church, as was also his wife. He 
lived in Epping ; was a farmer, lumber manufacturer, and was an 
able and successful business man. He was accidentally killed by be- 
ing run over by the wheel of a cart. He married Mary (Pike) N^or- 
ris, daughter of Israel and Sarah (Jenness) Norris, of Epping. She 
was born July 2, 1785; died Oct. 26, 1828; an excellent woman. 
He married, 2d, Sarah, daughter of Jacob Randlett, of Epping, N. H. 
She was bom Sept. 11, 1797; died Sept. 3, 1862. 


666. Maria Harriet Norris^, b. June 16, 1809; m. Nov. 28, 1843, Simon 

Rowe, of Epping. They rem. to Chester, then to Danville, 
N. H., where he d. Aug. 9, 1857; she d. in Concord, N. H., Feb. 
17, 1881, SB. 71 yrs. 8 mos. 1 day; she was Mr. Rowe's second 
wife. No children. 

667. James Shepard Norris^ (1220), b. Dec. 4, 1812; res. Concord, N. H. 


668. Mary Elizabeth Norris», b. Aug. 22, 1825 ; m. July 31, 1850, Daniel H. 

Williams ; res. Concord, N. H. Child : Elnora Butler Williams', 
b. in Concord, N. H., June 7, 1851 ; m. Aug. 17, 1876, Nathaniel 
Horatio Grant; res. Buffalo, N. Y. No children. 

669. Thomas J. Norris« (1223), b. Dec. 7, 1832; res. Epping, N. H. 

670. Sarah F. Norris^, b. Aug. 17, 1837 ; m. Moses B. Ellis ; she d. June 17, 

1873 ; res. Epping, N. H. 

671. Samuel Norris* (266) [Benjamin*, Samuel*, SamueP, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was bom in Epping, N. H. For a time he resided 
in Nottingham, N. H., and on June 11, 1787, he received a deed to 
20 acres^of land he then lived upon. He subsequently settled in 


Danbury, N. H., and died at the age, it is said, of 108 years. He 
married Sarah Frazer, of Salisbury, N. H., a sister to the wife of his 
brother, Lewis Norris. He had several daughters and two sons. 


672. Moses Norris"^, res. Piedmont, Mich. 

673. Hannah Norrls"', m. Mr. Fifield, of Salisbury, N. H., and had a son : 

Frank Fifields. 

674. Keziah Norris^, m. Mr. Barney. 

675. William C. Norris' (1234), b. Feb. 25, 1790 ; m. Sarah Elliot ; res. Dan- 

bury, N. H., and d. in Danbury, N. H., Jan. 29, 1879 ; she d. May 
29, 1877, ae. 79 yrs. 4 mos. 

676. Samuel Norris^, m. Sally ; res. Ogden, N. Y., and had a family. 

677. Philinda Norris", mi Harry Brigham; res. Ogden, N. Y. 

678. Lucy Norris', m. Sargent Johnson ; res. Danbury, N. H. Mr. Johnson 

was a prominent citizen, and filled most of the town positions of 
importance, and was a commissioner of his county, and postmas- 
ter. She d. in Concord, N. H. ; he d. in Danbury, N . H. Children, 
born in Danbury, N. H. : 1, David Johnson^, res. Danbury, and 
now res. Andover, N. H. ; carpenter ; he m. Sarah Bean, of Dan- 
bury, N. H. ; she d., and he m. 2d, Sarah Colby, of Andover, N. H. 
Several children. 2, Nathan Johnson^, carpenter ; res. near Pon- 
tiac, Mich., and d. in the army during the Rebellion. Had a wife, 
but no children. 3, Amanda Johnson^, d. when a young woman, 
in Danbury, N. H. 4, Charles Johnson^, was m. and d. of dis- 
ease in the army. 5, George Johnson^, res. Michigan. 

679. Dolly Norris^ m. David Murphy, who d. 1820. Children: 1, Diana 

Murphy^, b. 1814; m. Zelas Milstead. 2, Walter Murphy^, b. 
1816 ; m. Mary Bronlin. 3, Samuel Norris Murphy^, b. March 4, 
1818 ; m. April 25, 1842, Mary Fairbrother ; she d. Jan., 1880 ; he 
m. 2d, Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth Kirk, Nov. 11, 1882; res. Howard, 
Me. Children : Melvin Norris Murphy*, b. May, 1844 ; d. in war 
of the Rebellion, 1863. Charles Allen Murphy^, b. Feb. 1846 ; d. 
Dec. 25, 1863. Mary Abbie Murphy», b. Dec, 1848; m. William 
W. Piper ; res. Ulinois. Sumner Murphy*, b. April, 1850 ; d. July, 
1866. Josiah Norris Murphy*, b. Jan., 1852; res. Michigan. 
Frank Alton Murphy*, b. Sept., 1854; res. Michigan. Walter 
Murphy*, b. June, 1866; m. Eva Holmes; res. Parkman, Me. 
Charles Murphy*, b. Sept., 1858 ; d. Nov., 1860. Samuel Murphy*, 
b. Oct., 1860; d. Jan., 1862. 

680. Lewis Norris* (269) [Benjamin*, Samuel*, Samuel^ Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Epping, N. H.; died in Danbury, N. H., 
Jan. 15, 1837, aged 68 years. He married Polly, sister of Samuel 
Norris' s wife, and daughter of Benjamin Frazer, of Salisbury, N. H., 
who died at Monson, Me., Feb. 20, 1858, aged 84 years. Mr. Norris 
was a farmer. 


681. Mary Norris'', b. about 1799 ; she lived among the Shakers, in Enfield, 

until late in life, when she m. William Carter. He was a farmer. 
They res. in Burlington, Mass.; she d. at Wilmington, Mass., 
in 1879. No children. 

682. Josiah Norris' (1347), b. in Danbury, N. H., May 22, 1801 ; m. Nancy 

Flanders, and m. 2d, Mrs. Almira (Cole) Flanders, April, 1831 ; 
he d. in Monson, Me., Aug. 19, 1860. 


683. Keziah Noms^, b. about 1803; m. Orrin Allen; res. Portland, Me., 

where she d. about 1885. No children. 

684. Nancy Norris^, b. about 1805 ; m. Samuel Dean, of Burlington, Mass. ; 

she d. in 1884, in Woburn, Mass. No children. 

685. Lewis Norris^ (1359), b. Danbury, N. H., March 11, 1809 ; d. in Lynn- 

field, Mass., July 14, 1886 ; he m. Mary Thompson, of Andover, 
N. H. 

686. James Norris^, b. about 1811 ; m. Mrs. Lydia Shepard ; he was a bo- 

tanic physician. Date and place of death unknown. Was at one 
time in New York. He and his wife are supposed to have died of 
the cholera in that city. No children. 

687. Zebulon Norris* (279) [SamueP, Samuel*, SamueP, Moses*, 
Nicholas^]. He was born March 26, 1763 ; died Oct. 24, 1820. He 
lived in Lyndon, and died in Sutton, Vt., which was his home for 
several years. He was a farmer. He married, about 1798, Dorca8(?) 
Foster, of Canterbury, N. H., who died Feb 25, 1858. 


688. Cyrena Norris^ b. July 24, 1800 ; m. James Flint, who d. July 9, 1890 ; 

she d. March, 1842. Child: C. G. Flints. 

689. Cynthia Norris^, b. Feb. 15, 1803 ; m. April 24, 1821, Joseph Bryant, 

b. Dec. 25, 1798; he d. Aug. 6, 1858, aB. 60 yrs.; she d. Jan. 25, 
1880. Children : 1, Almon N. Bryant^, b. June 28, 1823 ; m. Jan. 
1, 1854, Mary Bloss, who d. Sept. 4, 1871 ; he m. 2d, Dec. 4, 1872, 
Helen L. Bri^ham ; stable-keeper ; res. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Chil- 
dren : Moses £. Bryant^, b. May 17, 1873 ; Seth L. Bryant^, b. Aug. 
3, 1875. 2, Adeline M. Bryant^, b. Oct. 8, 1826 ; m. April 3, 1848, 
Clark Bunker, a farmer, who d. in Anderson ville rebel prison ; 
she m. 2d, March 25, 1866, Freeman Hyde, and she d. Sept. 23, 
1882. Children : George F. Bunker^, b. Jan. 27, 1849. Cyrena F. 
Bunker^, b. March 14, 1851; m. May 18, 1868, Warren Gray; res. 

. Children : George E. Grayi\ b. Aug. 12, 1869. Fred W. 

Grayio, b. March 16, 1871. Mary Ellen BunkerS b. Jan. 15, 1853. 
Cynthia Bunker^, b. March 10, 1855. Lorette M. Bunker^, b. 
April 6, 1857 ; m. Nov. 15, 1873, Octave L. Degreeva ; by 2d mar- 
riage, Ella J. Hyde», b. Nov. 16, 1866. 3, Albert J. Bryant^, b. 
March 3, 1829; m. Nov. 22, 1857, Susan Badger Farmer; res. Sut- 
ton, Vt. ; he d. Jan 1, 1866. Children : Ezra J. Bryant^, b. Au^. 
20, 1858. Frank D. Bryant^, b. June 28, 1863 ; m. March 8, 1884, 
Lizzie Freeman. Children : Mabel H. Bryant^*^ and Burton Bry- 
anti^ b. Feb., 1885. 4, Ira S. Bryant^, b. Nov. 16, 1833 ; m. Aug. 
22, 1861, Diana O. Badger; he d. Aug. 8, 1875; he lived in St. 
Johnsbury, Vt. ; stable-keeper. No children. 5, Ellen Dorcas 
Bryant^, b. Oct. 16, 1836 ; m. Aug. 15, 1859, Jacob B. Angler, a 
farmer, who d. Feb. 1, 1871 ; she m. 2d, Richard Gage. Children : 
Cynthia H. Angler^, b. Sept. 1, 1861. Addie H. Angler^, b. July 
29, 1863 ; m. Jan. 8, 1881, Fred L. Burt. Child : Blanche C. Burt^^, 
b. Nov. 20, 1882. Albert H. Angier^ b. Sept. 17, 1866. 

690. Benjamin Bailey Norris^, b. March 14, 1806; m. Mary, dau. of Daniel 

and Sally Shaw ; she was b. in Sutton, Vt., May 24, 1815, and is 
living. He was a farmer and miller ; lived in Sutton forty years, 
then rem. to Barton, Vt. ; he d. Aug. 25, 1890. Child : Daniel G. 
Norriss, b. Aug. 13, 1834; m. Oct. 20, 1855, Hannah Brown An- 
gler, of Sutton, Vt. ; b. there March 24, 1863. He is a machinist 
and locomotive engineer in a manufactory. Has been in employ 
of Canadian Pacific and Boston & Maine railways. Has lived in 
Sutton, Lyndon, Newport, St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; res. LyndonviUe 


(or Sutton), Vt. Children : Frank B. Norris*, b. Dec. 29, 1859 ; is 
a locomotive fireman; res. Lyndonville, Vt. ; he m. Feb. 1, 1881, 
Adeline V. Stoddard, dau. of Almon Stoddard, b. March 10, 1860, 
in Newark, Vt. Children : Claude A. Norrisi^ b. Oct. 6, 1882. 
Maud >rorri8i% b. Sept. 26, 1885. Freddie Norris*, b. Dec. 7, 1863 ; 
d. Sept. 23, 1865. Mary A. Norri8% b. Aug. 5, 1876. 

691. Jonathan Norris* (280) [SamueP, Samuel*, Samuel', Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Epping, N. H., Dec. 12, 1765 ; resided 
in Craftsbury, Vt. He married Sobriety Drew, and died at Crafts- 
bury, Vt. She died at Crown Point, N. Y. Farmer. They were 
members of the Freewill Baptist church. 


691a. Clark Norris^. He settled in Potsdam, N. Y. ; m. and had a large 
family. Among his children were Lorentine Norris®, res. Pots- 
dam, 'N. Y., carpenter and builder; Eliza Norris*, m. ; 

settled in Kansas. 

691b. Samuel Norris^, d. in Michigan with one of his sons. 

691c. Dolly Norris*^, m. John Locke. They lived and d. in Crown Point, 
N. Y. No children. 

691d. Huldah Norris^, m. Mr. Kimball, and lived in Craftsbury; d. young 
and childless. 

691e. Manasseh Norris^, m. Christian , and res. Plattsburg, N. Y. ; 

carpenter. Children: Perry Norris^, and two sisters. 

691f. Joseph Norris^, m. D. Randall; res. Crown Point, N. Y. Children : 
1, Jasper Xorris^, d. aB. about 14 yrs. 2, Louise Norris^, d. in 
Crown Point when young. 

692. Jonathan Norris' (1367a), b. Washington, Vt., Feb. 6, 1795 ; d. Albany, 
Vt., Nov. 26, 1873 ; he m. Lucinda Cross. 

693. David Norris^ (282) [SamueP, Samuel^ SamueP, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born May 17, 1768, in Sandwich, N. H.; resided 
in North Danville, Vt., the last of his life. Farmer. He married 
Margaret Hamilton, and died Oct. 21, 1839. She died at North 
Danville April 20, 1853. Mr. Norris was one of the first settlers of 
Sutton, Vt., living there until 1807, when he removed to North Dan- 
ville. He was besides a farmer a Freewill Baptist preacher. 


694. Sophia Norris' (1368), b. Sandwich, N. H., Dec. 6, 1791; m. 1811, 

Dr. Samuel Hill ; res. at North Danville, Vt. She d. 1839. 

695. David Norriss b. Sandwich, N. H., Sept. 11, 1793 ; d. young in Sutton, 


696. Sarah Norris^, b. Sandwich, N. H., July 3, 1795; d. young in Sutton, 


697. Mercy B. Norris" (1380), b. Lyndon, Vt.,May 19, 1797; m. Moses Ea- 

ton; she m. 2d, in 1835, Rev. Jonathan Woodman; res. Sutton, 
* Vt ; she d. Nov. 26, 1876. 

698. Lucy Norris^ b. Lyndon, Vt., Dec. 25, 1798 ; d. at North Danville, Vt., 


699. Warren Norris^ b. Sutton, Vt., May 8, 1800; d. at North Danville, 

Aug., 1816. 

700. David Norris", b. Aug. 20, 1803, in Sutton, Vt. ; d. young at North 

DanvUle, Vt. 


701. Ward B. Norris^ (1385), b. Sutton, Vt.. Aug. 3, 1805 ; m. Feb. 2, 1832, 

Louisa Ho8mer ; res. North Danville, Vt. ; d. Feb. 2, 1883. 

702. Fanny S. Norris^ b North Danville, Vt., Aug. 30, 1807 ; m. Tobias 

Stevens, of Danville, Vt. ; she m. 2d, in 1842, Moses Clark, farmer ; 
res. Cabot, Vt. ; she d. at Barton, Vt., Oct., 1857 ; no children. 

703. Eliza Norris^ (1390), b. North Danville, Vt., Jan. 10, 1810; m. 1839, 

Theophilus Drew, farmer ; res. North Danville, Vt., where she 
d. March 28, 1880. 

704. Eleazer Wells Norris^ (1397), b. North Danville, Vt., July 25, 1813; 

m. Nov. 4, 1839, Sally Bean ; res. Burke, Vt. 

705. John Norris* (283) [Samuel*, SamuelS SamueP, MoaesS 
Nicholasn. He was bom in Deerfield, N. H., July 29, 1770. He 
married Sally Currier, who was born April 4, 1770 ; died Feb. 23, 
1860. He died Sept. 16, 1865. They lived in Deerfield, N. H., and 
Corinth, Yt. He was a farmer and a Free Baptist. He died in 
Vf^ashington, Vt., Sept. 16, 1865. She died Feb. 23, 1860. 


706. John Norris^, was a Free Baptist preacher and d., perhaps in Bethle- 

hem, N. H. 

707. David Norris^, had sons in Corinth, Vt., recently; he was a ship car- 


708. March Norris^ (1402), b. Corinth, Vt., Aug. 15, 1800; m. Polly Mar- 

shall ; he d. Colebrook, N. H., Aug. 20, 1879. 

709. Sabrina Norris^, m. Penngander Beede ; res. Corinth, Vt. ; he was a 


710. Taylor Norris* (284) [Samuel*, SamueP, Samuel', Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was bom in Sandwich, N. H., April 1, 1774; re- 
sided in Sutton, Vt. He married, in that town, March 7, 1801, 
Susannah Orcutt, who was born in New Hampshire June 12, 1784; 
died February, 1869. Mr. Norris was a soldier in the last war with 
Great Britain, and died of dropsy at his home in Sutton, Vt., April 
5, 1827. 


711. Welcome Norris^ (1409), b. Sutton, Vt.,Dec. 4, 1801 ; m. July 10, 1828, 

Mary Welch Harris ; res. Glens Falls, N. Y. 
711a. David Norris^, b. Sutton, Vt., Sept. 14, 1805; res. Boston, Mass.; he 
was a seaman. During a fearful storm on a tempestuous coast 
the sloop upon which he shipped was driven ashore ; for three 
hours he clung to the mast, but was finally drowned, March 11, 
1840. His body was recovered three days later. 

712. Josiah Norris' (1414), b. Burke, Vt., Jan. 15, 1807; m. Hannah Rust, 

of Wolfborough, N. H. ; res. Ft. Ann, Washington co., N. Y. 

713. Susannah Norris^ b. Sutton, Vt., March 17, 1809; m. at Bamet, Vt., 

Dec. 25, 1838, Otis G. Harvey ; she lived and d. in Passumpsic, 
Vt. Children : 1, Lydia L. HarveyS b. April 27, 1843, and is de- 
ceased. 2, Mary F. Harvey^, b. July 13, 1845 ; m. Mr. Hallett ; 
res. Kansas City, Mo. 3, Ira Taylor Harvey^, b. June 22, 1847 ; 
res. St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

714. Daniel G. Norris% b. Sutton, Vt., Oct. 31, 1811 ; m. Charlotte Clapp 

in 1843. For fifteen years he was engaged in dairying and min- 
ing in Montana, and is now a lime manufacturer; res. Glens 
Falls, N. Y. ; no children. 


715. WUlard B. Norris^ (1420), b. Sutton, Vt., Dec. 11, 1814 ; res. Henry, HI. 

716. Mary Norris"^, b. Sutton, Vt., July 3, 1817 ; m. Jan. 23, 1842, Simon Arm- 

ington, and is deceased ; they res. in Passumpsic, Vt. Children : 
1, Susan Ellen Armington^, is deceased. 2, Henry Armington^, 
res. in Florida. 3, Taylor Norris Armington^, is deceased. 4, 
Willard Armington^, res. in Florida. 

717. Lydia Nor^is^ b. Sutton, Vt., May 26, 1820; m. June 5, 1846, Charles 

Sargent Bolton, b. Sept. 4, 1822 ; res. Boltonville, Newbury, Vt. 
Children : 1, Julia Abigail Bolton^, b. April 23, 1847 ; m. April 
12, 1876, Ira W. Cunningham ; res. Lyndonville, Vt. 2, Lucy L. 
Bolton^, m. Aug. 6, 1874, Bina L. Hastings; res. St. Johnsbury, 
Vt. 3, Martha T. Bolton^, m. April 5, 1876, Edwin Sly. 4, Frank 
C. Bolton, m. Nov. 16, 1881, Kate B. Bullock; res. Lyndonville, 

718. Willam Taylor Norris^ (1425), b. Sutton, Vt., July 29, 1823 ; m. June 

20, 1850, Elizabeth Rugg, and lived at Glens Palls, N. Y. 

719. Martha Ann Norris^ (1429), b. Sutton, Vt., Jan. 11, 1827; m. George 

J. Tillotson ; res. Muskegon, Mich. 

720. Josiah Norris* (286) [Samuel*, SamuelS SamueP, Mosea^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Corinth, Vt., July 29, 1779. He lived 
in Corinth till after his marriage. He commenced preaching when 
young and followed it all his life. He was a Freewill Baptist and 
labored in many towns in Vermont and New Hampshire. He re- 
moved to Hanover, N. H., about 1812, and owned a farm on the 
road from West Canaan to Lyme, N. H., not now occupied. Na- 
than Stark was a near neighbor. He went from there to Dorches- 
ter, and from Dorchester to Wentworth; he died Jan. 12, 1862, with 
his son, Josiah Norris. He married, Aug. 25, 1801, Polly Adams, 
who was born in Moultonboro', N. H., Jan. 5, 1787. Her mother's 
maiden name was Randall, a connection of Benjamin Randall, promi- 
nent in Freewill Baptist denomination. She died May 23, 1877, 
aged 88 yrs. 4 mos. 19 days. She was one of the noble women of 
our country, having early in life espoused the cause of Christ, she 
was ever contending for the right in all walks of life, and one of 
the most consistent Christians in the world. She was buried by the 
side of her husband at the beautiful cemetery at Wentworth Village. 
Mr. Norris was a devoted Christian and a strong man in the church.. 


721. Benjamin Randall Norris^ (1434), b. Corinth, Vt., Jan. 5, 1810; d. in 

Dorchester, N. H., Nov. 2, 1882 ; he m. Pamelia Stark, of Hanover, 
N. H., Feb. 2, 1831, 

722. David Preston Norris^ b. Hanover, N. H., Feb. 7, 1812 ; he was a far- 

mer, and d. in Thetlord, Vt., of consumption, when a young man. 
May 4, 1836 ; he m. and had one child : Harriet Maria Norris^ ; 
she d. young. 

723. Nancy Folsom Norris^, b. July 14, 1814, in Hanover, N. H. ; m. John 

T. Sawyer, of Thetf ord, Vt. He was a wheelwright by trade ; she 
d. Nov. 13, 1876 ; he lives in North Thetf ord, Vt., in 1889. Chil- 
dren, bom in Thetf ord, Vt. : 1, Ellen Sawyer®, d. in youth of brain 
fever. 2, Freeman Sawyer®, res. in Mansfield, Mass. ; is m. and 
has a family; stonecutter. 3, Charles Sawyer®, res. Canton, 
Mass. ; is m. and has a family. 4, Alma Sawyer®, d. sb. 17 yrs. 
5, Myra Sawyer®, m. ; res. Mansfield, Mass. 


724. Polly Norris^, b. Hanover, N. H., Oct. 18, 1816; d. March 10, 1876, in 

Dorchester, N. H. She m. Rev. George W. Jesseman. She early 
became a Christian, and was a consistent follower of the Master, 
for fifty-one years. She was a member of the Freewill Baptist 
church, of Wentworth, N. H. She was sick for twenty-tJiree 
years, with consumption. Her husband was a Freewill Baptist 
preacher for many years in New Hampshire towns, especially in 
Dorchester. He lives, at 78 years of age, with his son, George C. 
Jesseman, in Campton, N. H. Children, born in Dorchester, N, H. : 
1, Hannah M. Jesseman^, m. Dennis Kimball, of Wentworth, 
where they lived. He d. about 1869 ; she lives in Laconia, N. H. 
Children l>om in Wentworth, N. H. : Charles KimbalP, m. ; lives 
in Laconia N. H. Elmer Kimball*, res. in Laconia N. H. 2, 
Greorge C. Jesseman^, lives in Campton, N. H. ; farmer. He m. 
Frances Wells, of Wentworth, N. H. Children, born in Dorches- 
ter, N. H. : Adella Jesseman*, aB. about 18 yrs. ; at home. Alli- 
son Jesseman*, lives at home. Leon Jesseman*, was kiUed by 
being thrown under a loaded sled, and his neck broken ; sb- 13 yrs. 
3, MSLvy Jesseman^, m. Alvah Whitcher, of Wentworth, N. H. 
He keeps the Wentworth House, at Wentworth Village, N. H. 
Child, born in Wentworth, N. H. : Abbie Whitcher*, m. and lives 
with her parents. 4, Alvah Jesseman^, res. Wentworth, N. H. ; 
he m. Bessie Powers, b. in Wentworth, N. H. Two children. 

725. Josiah Norris^, b. Hanover, N. H., Nov. 14, 1818 ; lived in Dorchester, 

several years, then in Wentworth, and in 1889 in Lake Village, 
N. H. ; has been a farmer; democrat in politics. He m. Rhoda 
Abbott, of Dorchester N. H. ; she d. Jan. 18, 1854, was b. 1826. 
He m. 2d, about 1855, Miriam Carr, of Newport, N. H. Children : 
1, Emma Norris^, b. Dorchester, N. H. ; m. Albert Bickford, of 
Dorchester. Farmer ; lives in North Dorchester. Children : Ella 
Bickford*, Henry Bickford*, Charles Bickford*, Arthur Bickford*, 
Fred Bickford*, Nathan Bickford*. 2, Mary Norris^, b. Dorches- 
ter, N. H ; m. Charles Hall, of Wentworth, N. H. ; farmer. No 
children. 3, Rachel Norris^, b. Dorchester, N. H. ; m. and lives 
in Lake Village, N. H. 4, Preston Norris^, b. Dorchester, N. H. ; 
m. and lives m Ashland, N. H. No children. 5, Nellie Norris^, 
b. Wentworth, N. H. ; single, lives in Lake Village, N. H. 

726. Huldah Bartlett Norris^ b. April 22, 1826, in Hanover, N. H. ; she m. 

Lyman Walker, of Hebron, N. H. They lived there. Three chil- 
dren. She m. 2d, Samuel H. Rollins, of Bristol, N. H., and lives 
there. Children, bom in Hebron, N. H. ; 1, Nathaniel Walker^ ; 
m. lives in Manchester, N. H. 2, Alcina Walker®, m. H. Piper; 
res. Concord, N. H. Child : Maud Piper*. 3, Walter Walker® ; 
m. Minnie Hopkins, and lives in Bristol ; she was of Bristol, N. H. 

727. Theophilus Norris, 2d« (290) [Francis*, Israel*, John*, MosesS 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Epping, N. H., Sept. 7, 1809. He mar- 
ried, May 29, 1834, Abigail B., daughter of Mead and Delia (Dow) 
Folsom, of Epping, who was bom Nov. 15, 1813, and died in Ep- 
ping Nov. 9, 1847. He married, 2d, April 29, 1849, Catherine Ste- 
vens, daughter of Greenleaf Rufus Norris, of Epping. (See family 
record, No. 1071.) She was born in Epping April 2, 1823, and resides 
on the farm where she was born, a few rods from the railroad sta- 
tion, near the village in Epping, N. H. Mr. Norris was a farmer 
and wheelwright; was station agent for some years. Served his 
town as selectman. He died in Epping, Feb. 28, 1869. 



728. Francis Folsom Norris^ b. Oct. 3, 1850 ; m. Feb. 13, 1873, Addie M. 
Follensbee, of Francestown, N. H. ; she d. Feb. 17, 1878. Mr. 
Norris is a conductor on the Nashua & Rochester railroad, and 
res. in Epping, N. H. Child : Lillian NorrisS b. June 2, 1878 ; d. 
Jan. 17, 1879. 

729. Mpsea Norris, Jr.* (297) [Moses*, James^ Moses, Jr.*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^J. He was bom in Northwood, N. H., July 10, 1780 (or 
'86) ; resided in Vershire, Vt. Farmer. He married Sally Wey- 
mouth, and died September, 1848, in Vershire. 


730. Polly Norris^, b. Oct. 11, 1807. Single. 

731. Alfred Norris^ b. March 20, 1809; m. Cynthia Durgin, b. Vershire, 

Vt., Feb. 17, 1811 ; she was dau. of Samuel and Annie (Giles) 
Durgin, once of Northwood, N. H. Mr. Norris is a farmer, and 
res. in Vershire, Vt. Children, bom in Vershire, Vt. : 1, Henry 

A. Norris*, b. March 27, ; m. Emeline McAllister. Farmer ; 

res. Vershire, Vt. 2, Carrie D. Norris*, b. May 30, ; m. Val- 
entine S. Fish, March 25, 1866, of Washington, Vt. He is a far- 
mer. They res. in Vershire, Vt. 

732. Gould Norris« (306) [James*, James*, Moses', Moses^ Nich- 
olas^]. He married Hannah Heath; married, 2d, Polly Halsey; mar- 
ried, 3d, Brooks. 


733. James Norris, Jr"^. 

734. Leah Norris". 

735. Almah J. Norris"^. 

736. Joseph Heath Norris^ (1442), b. Washington, Vt., June, 1816 ; d. Cor- 

inth, Vt., Sept. 19, 1882; m. March 10, 1850, Julia Elma GuUd, 
who res. in Corinth, Vt. 

737. Nancy Norris* (318) [Jacob*, James^ Moses, Jr.', Moses^. 
Nicholas^]. She was bom in Chelsea, Vt., April 28, 1797 ; married, 
March 18, 1819, Moses Heath, born in Bristol, N. H., Sept. 19, 1791, 
Besided in Bristol thirW-nine years; in Chelsea, Vt., twelve years; 
and twenty years in Haverhill, N. H., where he died July 31, 
1862. He was a farmer. Mrs. Heath died in East Eandolph, Vt., 
June 1, 1872. 


738. Diana Heath% b. Bristol, N. H., July 23, 1822; d. Haverhill, N. H., 

April 18, 1842. 

739. Gustavus Norris Heath% b. Bristol, N. H., Sept. 19, 1825 ; m. June 1, 

1851 ; res. Claremont, N. H. ; farmer. Children : 1, George Heath*, 
b. Haverhill, N. H. ; res. Fitchburg, Mass. ; is a railroad man. 
2, Edwin Heath*, d. Bellows Falls, Vt., 86. 9 years. 

740. Seth Adolphus Heath% b. Bristol, N. H., July 14, 1828 ; m. Dec. 23, 

1851; res. East Randolph, Vt. Children, born in Haverhill, 
N. H., except the youngest, born in Tunbridge, Vt. : 1, Abbie 
Heath*, b. May 7,1856; m. 1878, James Buck; printer; res. Cam- 
bridgeport, Mass. 2, Webster Heath*, b. April 5, 1858 ; d. Hav- 


erhill, N. H., April 5, 1863. 3, Josie J. Heath^, b. Nov. 27, 1860. 
4, Webster Heath^, b. Dec. 17, 1863 ; m. 1888, Jessie Gould ; res. 
Wilmington, Mass. ; trader, 5, Irvin Heath^, b. Feb. 7, 1867 ; res. 
Randolph, Vt. 

741. Lucia Ladonia Heath% b. Chelsea, Vt., Dec. 14, 1831 ; m. April 8, 1857, 

Asahel Leland Warren, b. Haverhill, N. H., June 4, 1835 ; far- 
mer; lived in Benton, N. H., twenty-two years; in. Haverhill, 
N. H., eleven years; res. East Haverhill, N. H. Children: 1, 
Justin Jasper Warren*, b. Haverhill, N. H., May 9, 1858 ; d. Ben- 
ton, N. H., March 23, 1865. 2, Ora Heath Warren*, b. Benton, 
N. H., Oct. 15, 1861 ; d. there March 31, 1865. 3, Octavia Marion 
Warren*, b. Benton, N. H., Jan. 17, 1867; m. Aug:. 4, 1886, Ern- 
est Wilbur Jeflfers; farmer; res. Haverhill, N. H. Child: War- 
ren Dudley Jeflfers^, b. Haverhill, N. H., Sept. 12, 1889. 4, Wes- 
ton Asahel Warren*, b. Benton, N. H., May 11, 1869 ; d. Haver- 
hill, N. H., June 30, 1886. 5, Easton Asahel Warren*, b. Benton, 
N. H., Oct. 31, 1875 ; d. there Sept. 4, 1876. 

742. Henry Heath% b. Chelsea, Vt., July 25, 1836 ; m. July 24, 1857 ; res. 

Marion, O. ; salesman. Children: 1, Ursula L.' Heath*, is de- 
ceased. 2, Luna Heath*, m. and res. Urbana, O. 3, Myra Heath*, 
m. and res. Urbana, O. 4, Kate Heath*, is deceased. 5, Allen 
F. Heath*, res. Marion, O. 

743. Elizabeth Norris* (319) [Jacob*, James*, Moses, Jr.', Moses^, 
Nicholas^]. She was born in Chelsea, Vt., Nov. 15, 1801; married, 
Nov. 13, 1828, Josiah Shaw, of Chelsea, Vt., removed to Fairlee, 
Vt. He was a farmer and carpenter, a Methodist, and a repablican, 
and still lives at Durand, Pepin co.. Wis. Mrs. Shaw died at Eau 
Claire, Wis., July 19, 1886. 


744. Eliza Jane Shaw^ b. April 10, 1830; m. Henry Huntington, Jan. 20, 

1850, at Fairlee, Vt. ; res. Eau Claire, Wis. Children : 1, Elfrena 
Huntinfftons, b. Oct. 15, 1852 ; m. Nov. 24, 1873, Richard Kalan- 
quain ; farmer ; res. Washington, Eau Claire co.. Wis. ; he did res. 
in Eau Claire, Wis. Children : Ella Kalanquain», b. Washington, 
Wis., July 31, 1874; teacher. Frank Kalanquain^, b. Washing- 
ton, Wis., June 23, 1876; d. Aug. 26, 1877. Dean Kalanquain^, b. 
Washington, Wis., Jan. 14, 1878. Arthur Kalanquain«, b. Eau 
Claire, Wis., Dec. 17, 1881. Earl Kalanquain^, b. Eau Claire, Wis., 
March 25, 1883. Ernest Kalanquain^, b. Eau Claire, Wis., April 
14, 1884. Delia Kalanquain^, b. Washington, Wis., Oct. 6, 1886. 
Amy Kalanquain^, b. Washington, Wis., Aug. 24, 1888. 2, George 
Huntington^, b. Sept., 1857; mail carrier; res. Eau Claire, Wis. 
He m. Sept. 7, 1878, Mabel Stocking. Children : Newton Hun- 
tinffton», b. Eau Claire, Wis., Aug. 24, 1879. Hobart Huntington®, 
b. Washington, Wis., Oct. 3, 1880. Washington Myron Hunting- 
ton®, b. Eau Claire, Wis., March 27, 1885. 3, Clarence Hunting- 
ton% b. Feb. 6, 1866; farmer; m. March 20, 1883, Martha Green; 
res. Washington, Eau Claire co., Wis. Children: Edith Hun- 
tmgton®, b. Eau Claire, Wis., May 3, 1885. Stella Huntington®, 
b. Washington, Wis., Feb. 14, 1887. 4, Gilbert Huntingtons, b. 
Dec. 30, 1863; farmer; res. Eau Claire, Wis. 

745. George Shaw"^, b. Jan. 12, 1832; m. April 29, 1860, Margaret Farrar; 

res. Eagle Point, Wis., P. O. Chippewa Falls, Wis. Children : 1, 
Albion B. Shaw% b. Feb. 4, 1861. 2, Perley Shaw», b. May 27, 
1863. 3, Henry Shaw^, b. Aug. 13, 1867. 


746. Myron Shaw^, b. March 11, 1837; m. Nov. 29, 1866, Blanche Dyer. 

He was a soldier in the 16th reet. (Co. C.) Wis. vols., and 
was wounded in the service; he is a physician; res. Durand, 
Pepin CO., Wis. Children: 1, Paul Shaw*, b. Sept. 1, 1867, in 
Lima, Wis. ; is a jeweler; res. Durand, Wis. 2, Herbert Shaw^, 
b. Oct. 17, 1869, in Fall River, Columbia co., Wis. ; salesman. 3, 
Edgar Shaw^, b. April 18, 1877, in Cambria, Wis. 4, Harold 
Shaws, b. June 9, 1889, in Durand, Wis. 

747. Henry Shaw% b. Jan. 6, 1840; m. July 14, 1862, Harriet Stanley. He 

d. in Los Angeles, Cal., April 11, 1887. They lost several chil- 
dren in their infancy. Children living: 1, Blanche Shaw^, b. 
Nov., 1869; m. William Dean; res. Portland, Ore. 2, Nerie 
Shaw^, b. Aug., 1876 ; res. with her mother in Los Angeles, Cal. 

748. Harvey Shaw^ b. Sept. 10, 1842 ; m. Martha Farnsworth. No chil- 


749. Jacob Norris* (320) [Jacob^ Jame8^ Moses, Jr.*, Mose8^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Chelsea, Vt., July 13, 1804, and resided 
all his life in the town of his nativity. Farmer, and from early youth 
was a member of the M. E. church, and was held in much esteem. He 
was captain in the militia in 1835, and was often selectman of the 
town. He married, Feb. 4, 1829, Mary Brown, born in Corinth, 
Vt., March 24, 1809; died in Chelsea, Vt., May 27, 1849, leaving six 
children. He married, 2d, Aug. 21, 1849, Susan Gifford, daughter 
of Samuel and Nabbie (Child) Gifford. She was bom in Pomfret, 
Vt., Sept. 9, 1823; died in Chelsea, Vt., May 19, 1889, leaving one 
child. He died Aug. 3, 1884. 


750. Ruth Blake Norris^, b. Nov. 18, 1829; m. in 1848, David Holden Nor- 

ris, her second cousin; res. Boston, Mass., and d. in Vermont 
July 5, 1875. (See his record, No. 763.) 

751. Edwin Jerome Norris% b. April 26, 1832; m. Marcia Corwin, of 

Charlestown, Mass. He went to California in 1855, and in 1892 
is engaged in mining ; res. Helena, Mont. Child : Frank Norris^, 
dentist; res. Helena, Mont. 

752. James Dennis Norris^, b. Jan. 9, 1838 ; m. April 14, 1861, Martha Jane, 

dau. of Edmund and Eliza (Sands) Haynes, of Kennebunk, Me. 
She was b. June 13, 1837 ; d. June 7, 1871. He m. 2d, Mellissa A. 
Irving, dau. of Jonathan W. Irving, of Canterbury, N. H. ; she 
was b. March 7, 1842. Mr. Norris left his early home on Christ- 
mas day, 1850, to seek his fortune and win his way in life. He 
was engaged in the ice business in Watertown, Mass., for three 
years. Later he entered the employ of Wood & Hall, a mercan- 
tile house at Harvard sq., Cambridge, Mass., where he was em- 
ployed for thirty-two years ; he became one of their successors. 
He is now, 1892, engaged in the grocery business at 10 Brattle st. 
Cambridge. He is a republican in politics, and a member of the 
Orthodox Con^egational church; res. 18 Mason st., Cambridge, 
Mass. Child : JSdmond Haynes Norris^, b. Dec. 2, 1866 ; educated 
in the public schools of his native city, and is employed in the 
Charles River National Bank ; res. 18 Mason st. 

753. Jacob Elvin Norris^, b. Sept. 1, 1840 ; d. in the Union army at Seneca 

Landing, Md., Oct. 29, 1862, of typhoid fever, having been only 
six weeks in the service. 


754. Mary Elizabeth Noni8^ b. June 27, 1843 ; m. April 27, 1868, George 

C. Sherburne; res. Jamaica Plain, Mass. Child: Mary Norris 
Sherburne^, b. Feb. 10, 1869; school teacher; res. Jamaica Plain, 

755. George Brown Norri8^ b. Feb. 27, 1849; d. at Chelsea, Vt., April 10, 


756. Emilv Lauretta Norris"', b. Nov. 12, 1851 ; she is a nurse at McLean 

Asylum; res. Someryille, Mass. 

757. Thomas Folsom Norris* (632) [John^ James*, Moses, Jr.', 
Moses^, Nioholas^^. He was bom in Chelsea, Vt., Nov. 7, 1793, 
where he spent his youth. He was several years at Kent's Hill 
Seminary, Maine, receiving his education, and where he graduated. 
He became a Methodist clergyman and was stationed at Hallowell, 
Me. In 1818 he became a citizen of Boston, Mass., and while a resi- 
dent of that place preached 9^ years in the adjacent town of Mai- 
den, Mass. Meanwhile he founded, edited, and owned The Boston 
Olive Branchy a strong periodical "Devoted to Christianity, Mutual 
Rights, Polite Literature, Liberal Intelligence, Agriculture, and the 
Arts." This paper was the first to publish continued stories. He 
evinced so much tact and ability in the management of the paper 
that it achieved a national reputation. He was a popular and bril- 
liant editor, had a keen intellect, and was a sharp, incisive writer. 
He was a£Pable and courteous in manner, of imposing presence, and 
possessed great kindness of heart. His integrity was unquestioned, 
his character was unblemished; he was a fearless fighter against 
all iniquity, and he held an exalted position in the public estima- 
tion. He married Sally Smith Norcross, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Eunice (Hodgkins) Norcross, of Eeadfield, Me., in 1815. She was 
born April 10, 1794, and died in Boston, Mass., Aug. 15, 1859. She 
was a finely educated and accomplished lady. 


758. Eunice Norcross Norris"^, b. Dec. 14, 1817 ; was highly educated, and 

m. Rev. Samuel Chapman, who died. She res., in 1892, in Bos- 
ton, Mass. Children : 1, Samuel Chapman, Jr.^, single ; he served 
in the late war and d. of consumption. 2, Sarah Chapman^, m. 
John Dee, and has children. 3, Arthur Chapman®, is deceased. 

759. Thomas Azro Buck Norris^, b. 1819 ; he was a publisher, and was en- 

?:affed with his father in newspaper work for some years. In 
849 he left for California, where he made and lost several for- 
tunes, being gone fourteen years. He settled in Chicago, 111., 
and d. there. He m. Elizabeth Kaulbach, who still lives. Chil- 
dren : 1, Thomas Folsom Norris^. 2, Charles Kaulbach Norris®. 
3, Henry Goodwin Norris®. 

760. Erasmus Addison Norris"' (1448a), b. in Boston, Mass., 1821 ; m. Car- 

oline E. Bird, of Natick, Mass. 
760a.* Lucinda Sargent Norris'^, m. Peter R. Dunham, of New York city. 
He was a contractor and builder. He d. Feb. 12, 1892. Children : 

♦ The following records marked 760a, b, and c were (like others similarly 
marked in this book) received after the MS. had been fully prepared and 
ready for the printer, and could not be numbered in the regular order. 



■ i 


1, Oscar Mortimer Dunham^. He represents the American branch 
of the publishing house of Oassell & Co. He m. and has five 
children. 2, Thomas Folsom Norris Dunham^; he was a per- 
son of much promise ; an editor, and d. at the early age of 23 
yrs. 3, Julia Dunham^, m. Mr. Wallace, and has three sons. 4, 
Effie Dunham^, m. Stephen Sutton. He is in the post-office in 
New York city. They have four children. 

760b. John Norris"^, d. se. 2 yrs. ; was buried in Fort Hill cemetery. 

760c. Sarah Frances Norris"', m. in 1853, John P. Dale. He is a publisher 
in Boston, Mass. She d. in Boston in 1884. Two children. 

760d. Priscilla Norris^, b. in Boston, Mass. ; d. se. 4 yrs., and was buried 
in the old Copps Hill cemetery, near the North church, in Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

760e. Juliette^ Springer Norris^, b. 1829; m. Ezra Goldsmith, of Phillips, 
Me. ; they res. in Phillips, Me. One son. Mr. Goldsmith d. by 
being drowned. 

760f. Caroline Train Norris", b. Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 18, 1830; she m. 
her cousin, George W. Norris. (See his record, No. 1449.) 

760g. John Winslow Norris^, b. Cambridge, Mass., March 14, 1833 ; m. 

Carroll, of Baltimore, Md. He is a banker ; res. Chicago, 111. ; 
P. O. box 290. No children. 

760h. Emma Yates Norris^, b. Cambridge, Mass. ; d. se. 50 yrs. Single. 

761. John Norris* (323) [Jobn^ James*, Moses, Jr.», Moses^ Nich- 
olas^]. He was bom in Chelsea, Vt., Sept. 22, 1794. He married, 
1822, Mira Holden, born in Groton, N. H., Nov. 28, 1800, daughter 
of David and Bridget (At well) Holden, born in Hollis, N. H., in 
1769, who was son of David and Sarah (Hemmenway) Holden. 
Mrs. Norris died in Boston, Mass., April, 1867. 

Mr. Norris and his wife were Methodists in their religious faith. 
He lived in Chelsea, Vt., twenty-one years ; in Boston, Mass., fifteen 
years; in Plymouth, N. H., five years; in Groton, N. H., thirty-five 
years; and he died in Rumney, N. H., November, 1870, after a resi- 
dence of two years. He was a teacher, an architect, a builder, and 
a farmer. Of his large family of thirteen children, twelve grew to 
adult age. 


762. Charles Holden Norris^, b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 14, 1823 ; m. 1847, 

Fanny Stetson, of Plymouth, N. H. ; he was a carpenter ; res. in 
Groton and Plymouth, N". H., and d. in Nov., 1855, in Water- 
town, Mass. Children: Mary Frances Norris® and Fanny 
Jane Norris®. 

763. David Holden Norris", b. Townsend, Mass., March 29, 1824 ; m. his sec- 

ond cousin, Ruth Blake Norris (No. 750), b. Nov. 18, 1829 ; d. July 
5, 1875 ; he m. 2d, Nov. 25, 1875, Mary A. Warren, of Braintree, 
Mass., who d. Oct. 20, 1879. He lived in Groton and Plymouth, 
N. H., and in 1892 res. Boston, Mass ; insurance. Children : 1, 
Edwin Somerby Norris®, b. East Boston, Mass., June 7, 1848. 
He was educated in the public schools of Watertown and Rox- 
bury, Mass. ; moved to Chelsea, Mass., on Oct. 16, 1866, and res. 
there for twenty-one years, and then rem. to Hyde Park, Mass., 
where he res. in 1892. On Jan. 15, 1866, he entered the employ ol 
the Boston Belting Co., of Boston, Mass., the oldest and largest 
manufactory of mechanical rubber goods in the United States, 
where he has been a bookkeeper from that time till the present. 
At the age of 20 he became one of the officials of the Methodist 



Episcopal church of which he is a member, and most of the 
time since that time he has been an officer, and active, always, in 
church work. He cast his first vote for General Grant, and is a 
republican in politics. He m. Jan. 27, 1875, Lois F. Clement, 
dan. of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Swancot) Clement, of Chelsea, 
Mass. She was b. at Algiers, La., June 7, 1847. Children, born 
in Chelsea, Mass.: Henry Clement Norris*, b. Dec. 3, 1876; d. 
Dec. 6, 1876. Walter Blake Norris*, b. Sept. 4, 1879 ; at home. 
Herbert Brown Norris^, b. Sept. 4, 1879; at home. 2, Greorge 
Henry ^orris^, b. East Boston, Mass., June 15, 1851 ; educated 
in the public schools of Roxbury, Mass. ; engaged in the woolen 
business. In 1892, salesman with MaccuQar Parker & Co., 
400 Washington St., Boston, Mass., having been there since March 
27, 1867 ; res. Hyde Park, Mass. He is a republican, a member 
of the Methodist Episcopal church. He m. Mary Susie Lewis, 
dau. of Henry P. and Mary A. (Hopkins) Lewis. She was b. 
North Eastham, Mass., Oct. 10, 1852. Children : Clarence Irving 
N"orris% b. Newton Highlands, Mass., Dec. 7, 1875; d. Feb. 6, 
1876. Arthur Henry Norris*, b. Newton Highlands, Mass., April 
22, 1878; at home. Alice Florence Norris*, b. Newton, Mass., 
Sept. 12, 1886 ; at home. 3, Charles Sunmer Norris^, b. Watertown, 
Mass., Dec, 1856 ; educated in the public schools of Boxbury and 
Chelsea, Mass., and privately educated in the languages ; and in 
music at the Conservatory of Music, and by private instructors. 
He was in the furnishing goods business from July 1, 1872, to 
Jan. 1, 1876. In the latter year he entered the employ of his 
uncle, Greorge W. Norris, in his finely established piano rooms, 
known as the " Palace of Music," No. 1 Pemberton sq., Boston, 
Mass., where he remained till Feb., 1879, when he entered the 
employ of Mr. Norris' successor, Greorge H. Champlin, with 
whom he continued till Jan. 1, 1888, when he became partner 
under the firm name of C. S. Norris & Co., at 181 Tremont St., 
Boston, Mass. It is considered one of the handsomest and best 
located piano rooms in Boston, Mass. Mr. Norris is a republican, 
a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and organist at 
the M. E. church at Hyde Park, Mass., since June 1, 1877. He 
is a trustee of the public library at Hyde Park. He m. March 
10, 1881, Mary Lizzie, dau. of Elisha Brown, of Apponang, R. I. 
She was b. Sept. 1, 1856, in Uniontown, Cal. Child : Ethel Nor- 
ris*, b. Hyde Park, Mass., Dec. 25, 1881 ; at home. 4, Ella Flor- 
ence Norriss, b. Dee. 24, 1858; d. July 6, 1887. 5, Mary Frances 
Norris^, b. May 4, 1862 ; d. Sept. 13, 1862. 6, Alice May Norris^, 
b. June 1, 1870; d. Feb. 15, 1881. 7, Eva Ruth Norris^, b. Oct. 
7, 1876; res. Boston, Mass. 
764. Mira Ann Cornelia Norris*^, b. March 8, 1826, in Boston, Mass. ; m. 
March 23, 1847, Edwin Stearns Perkins, b. Princeton, Mass., 
April 4, 1822; res. Boston, Mass., and in 1892 in San Francisco, 
Cal. Children: 1, Mary Ella Perkins®, b. Charlestown, Mass., 
Nov. 4, 1848 ; she d. in San Francisco, Cal., April 30, 1887. On 
June 4, 1868, she m. in San Francisco, Charles L. Parent, b. in 
New York city in 1841. Children, bom in San Francisco, Cal. : 
Charles E. Parent^, b. June 14, 1869. Frank William Parent^, 
b. May 10, 1873 ; d. July, 1876. Hippolayte D. Parent^, b. Jan. 23, 
1876. Norris Parent*, b. Jan. 26, 1881. 2, Edwina Cornelia Per- 
kins®, b. Princeton, Mass., July 16, 1849; m. at Walla Walla, 
Wash., Sept. 1, 1881, William W. Davies, b. Wales, Aug. 9, 1833. 
Children : Josephine S. Davies», b. June 20, 1882. Flora Davies®, 
b. Nov. 15, 1884. Arthur Davies», b. Aug. 17, 1888. 3, Henri- 
etta Norris Perkins^, b. Sacramento, Cal., May 30, 1853 ; m. in 


San Francisco, Cal., Jane 8, 1876, John Kimball Carlton Hobbs. 
b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 4, 1846 ; res. South Liberty st., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. Children, born in San Francisco, Cal. : Carleton 
Secomb V. Hobbs?, b. Nov. 11, 1878 ; d. Oct. 20, 1890. Elvira 
Wormwood HobbsS b. Feb. 25, 1882. Clarence Wall Hobbs», b. 
Jan. 24, 1888. 4, Charles Norris Perkins^, b. San Francisco, Cal., 
Jan. 22, 1855; single. 5, Florik Perkins^, b. San Francisco, Cal., 
Jan 25, 1860; d. Nov. 15, 1861. 6, Frank Perkins^ (twin), b. San 
Francisco, Cal., Jan 25, 1860; d. Feb. 22, 1861. 

765. John Milton Norris^, b. Cambridge, Mass., Sept., 1828 ; d. Plymouth, 

N. H., 1832. 

766. George Washington Norris^ (1449), b. Plymouth, N. H., Sept. 18, 

1830; m. Caroline T. Norris; d. Brookline, Mass., Aug. 18, 1887. 

767. Ann Maria Norris^ b. Plymouth, N. H., Feb. 8, 1832; m. April 2^, 

1870, in Rumney, N. H., Edwin Nathaniel Tufts, of Danvers, 
Mass. ; res. Stockton, Cal. No children. 

768. Sarah Frances Norri8% b. Plymouth, N. H., Dec. 8, 1833. Dr. Sarah 

F. Norris graduated from a three years' course as a student of 
medicine, m 1872, spent a year in hospitals, and, in 1873, went 
to Bombay, India, as a physician for the American Board of 
Commissioners of Foreign Missions, and remained eight years, 
and treated about ten thousand women and children each year. 
The women were Hindoos, Mohammedans, Parsees, Jains, Por- 
tuguese, and native Christians. She visited the high and low, in 
palace and hovel, and kept open a free dispensary for those who 
were able to come to it for medicine and treatment. At one time 
a Hindoo princess and her household, including her body guard 
of two hundred Arabs, temporarily sojourned in an unhealthy 
portion of Bombay, and were down with the fever, and were Dr. 
Norris' patients. She was invited by Sir Salar Jung, prime min- 
ister of Hyderabad, and acting ruler, to take charge of a disj^n- 
sary in the city of Hyderabad, and to visit the Mohammedan 
women in the Zenanas also, at a large salary. Other flattering 
offers were made to her, but to have accepted them would have 
closed the dispensarv in Bombay, and left thousands of persons 
without medical relief. To this day, messages come yearly to 
the ^^ Doctor Madam Sahib," from those women in India, entreat- 
ing her to come back and heal their diseases. Dr. Norris is now 
a resident of Boston, Mass. 

769. Henrietta Priscilla Norris^ b. Groton, N. H., June 16, 1836; d. in 

Rumney, N. H., April, 1870. 

770. William Henry Norris^ (1455a), b. Rumney, N. H., Sept. 24, 1838 ; m. 

Oct., 1861, Calista M., dau. of Ebenezer W. Jeffers, of Rumney, 
N^ H * res ^Ivde Park ^iCass. 

771. Marietta Louise Norris^ b. Groton, N. H., Feb. 20, 1841 ; m. Oct. 30, 

1861, Edgar Alonzo Adams, who d. 1886 ; res. Plymouth, N. H. 
Edgar AJonzo Adams was b. Plymouth, N. H., April 27, 1840; 
enlisted in the 6th regt., N. H. vols., in 1861, and served three 
years. He d. in N. H., Nov. 9, 1885. Children : 1, William Fred- 
eric Adams^, b. Hampton, Va., Nov. 27, 1864. 2, Flora May 
Adams^, b. Rumney, N. H., April 19, 1866. 3, Edgar Vernon 
AdamsS b. Rumney, N. H., June 25, 1868; d. Sept. 12, 1871. 4, 
Lillian Maud Adams^, b. Rumnev, N. H., Feb. 24, 1872; m. Oct. 
22, 1891, Frank Eugene Wadleigh^ b. Concord, Vt. 5, Myra Hol- 
den Adams^, b. Rumney, N. H., July 20, 1873. 6, Almon Edgar 
Adams*, b. Plymouth, N. H., Oct. 15, 1879. 

772. Harriet Jane Norris^ b. Groton, N. H., Sept. 3, 1843 ; m. Oct., 1863, 

Pulaski W. Tennant; res. Haverhill, Mass., in 1892; photog- 
rapher. Child : Herbert Wendell Tennant* ; res. Haverhill, Mass. 


773. John Adams Norris^, b. Groton, N. H., Aug. 20, 1846. He was a 

member of the 32d regt., Mass. vols.; one year in the war; m. 
1871, Harriet Milliken ; m. 2d, Eliza Brown ; res. Chicago, HI. 

774. Caroline Almena Norris^, b. Groton, N. H., Aug. 22, 1849 ; d. at Hyde 

Park, Mass., Oct., 1875. 

775. Theophilus Norris* (326) [John^ James*, Moses, Jr.», Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Chelsea, Vt., June 16, 1799; married, 
Oct. 20, 1822, Lydia, daughter of Moses and Lydia (Grover) Par- 
sons, bom in Gloucester, Mass., Sept. 28, 1803, and died in Boston, 
May 17, 1877, aged 73 yrs. 8 mos. He died in Sharon, Mass., Nov. 
11, 1869. He and his wife and nine children, and his mother lie 
side by side in the cemetery in Sharon, Mass. Mr. Norris went to 
Boston, Mass., when he was eighteen, and was employed in the 
Crown Glass House for several years. Went into business as a wharf- 
inger, which he followed the most of his life. He was in California 
in 1849, '50, and '51. He built vessels in Boston, shipped them in 
pieces around the Horn, and they were amongst the first to ply up 
and down the Sacramento river in California, where he made his 
fortune, but afterward lost heavily. He bought a farm in Sharon, 
Mass., thinking to improve his health, as he suffered greatly from 
asthma, but it was too late, and he died as stated previously. They 
had thirteen children ; several died when young. 


77a.., Theophilus Norris^ b. July 30, 1823 ; d. 1825. 

777. ' Lydia Norris'^, b. Feb. 13, 1825 ; m. Warren Morse Holmes, of Sharon, 
Mass. ; d. Oct. 8, 1870; no children. 

778. Joshua Norris^, b. Aug 6, 1826 ; went to California in 1849, and was 

never heard from ; supposed to be dead. 

779. Mary Norris^ b. May 23, 1828 ; d. when a child. 

780. Maria Norris^, b. Sept. 1, 1829 ; d. in infancy. 

781. Esther Norris^ (1456), b. July 1, 1831 ; m. Jan. 1, 1851, Andrew Jack- 

son Vaughan ; res. Providence, R. I. 

782. A son7, b. June 1, 1833 ; d. June, 1833. 

783. Harriet Norris^, b. July 20, 1834; d. ad, 8 yrs. 10 mos. 

784. Sarah Norris^ b. Sept 9. 1836 ; d. of lung fever. 

785. Elizabeth Norris^ b. Aug. 19, 1838; m. April 18, 1865, George Emer- 

son Packard, b. Easton, Mass., March 24, 1846 ; he was a provision 
dealer and d. April 6, 1892; she d. Jan. 16, 1892; res. Taunton, 
Mass. Children: 1, Harriet Elizabeth Packard^, b. Sharon, 
Mass., July 22, 1866. 2, George Theophilus Packard^ b. Sharon 
Mass., Aug. 26, 1867; is a carpenter; res. Taunton, Mass. 

786. Emeline Norris^ b. Nov. 10, 1840 ; d. Jan. 12, 1889 ; single. 

787. Jacob Norris^ b. Sept. 11, 1842; d. Feb. 27, 1844. 

788. Helen Norris^ (1459), b. Dec. 20, 1845; m. April 17, 1865, Albert Os- 

born Packard ; res. Taunton, Mass 

789. Hannah Norris* (326) [John^ JamesS Moses, Jr.*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. She was bom in Cnelsea, Vt., July 25, 1801 ; married, 
October, 1824, Nicholas Folsom; farmer. Resided in Groton, N. 
H., and died there Sept. 30, 1846. He died Feb. 28, 1880, in Calar 
veras county, Cal. 



790. Priscilla E. Fol8om% b. 1831; d. Oct. 20, 1886; she m. William Web- 

ster in 1861, who d. April, 1868 ; res. Mokelumne Hill, Cal. No 

791. Sarah J. Folsom^, b. 1833; single; went to California in 1853, and 

has res. in San Francisco most of the time ever since. 

792. George W. Folsom^, b. May 10, 1837 ; m. Dec. 30, 1873, Ellen Malley, 

b. Jan. 10, 1856, in Morristown, N. J. They res. Molselumne 
Hill, Calaveras co., Cal. ChUdren, bom in Mokelumne Hill, Cal- 
averas CO., Cal.: 1, Samuel George Folsom^, b. June 27, 1875. 
2, Mary Ellen FolsomS b. Sept. 3, 1876. 3, Alba Robert PolsomS, 
b. Sept. 11, 1877. 4, Blanchie Eliza Folsom^, b. Aug. 28, 1878. 
5, Garfield Emery Folsom8,b. July 27, 1881. 6, Birdie Catherine 
FolsomS b. Nov. 3, 1884. 7, Mary Alice FolsomS b. Feb. 23, 
1887. 8, Edwin Folsom^, b. Jan. 16, 1889. 

793. Priscilla Norris* (828) [JohnS James*, Moses, Jr.«, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. She was born in Oheliea, Vt., in 1808. She married 
Alexander Ferguson, born 1813 in Guysboro', Nova Scotia, and was 
son of Alexander Ferguson, born in Perth, Scotland. He removed 
to the United States when 16 years of age. He was a shoemaker, 
lived in Philadelphia, bat the greater part of his life after marriage 
was spent in Boston, Mass. He died July 4, 1875, in Hyde Park, 
Mass. She died in Boston, April 23, 1876. 


794. Maria Lonisa Ferguson'^, b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 15, 1839 ; single ; res* 

Dedham, Mass. ; P. O. Beadville, Mass. 

795. Alexander Fergusoh"^, b. 1840 ; d. ae. about 2 yrs. 

796. John Ferguson"', b. Oct. 11, 1841; soldier; was in one of the New 

York regiments, and d. in the battle of the Wilderness. 

797. Alexander Ferguson'^, d. ae. 4 yrs. 6 mos. 

798. Thomas Norris Ferguson^, b. Dec. 12, 1844; shoe manufacturer, 113 

Pearl st., Boston, Mass. He m. Aug. 22, 1871, Eliza Alberta, 
dau. of William and BAchel (Knight) Anderson, of North St. 
Peter's Bay, Prince Edward's Island ; she was b. May 16, 1848. 
He res. Dedham, Mass.; P. O. Beadville, Mass. Children: 1, 
Rachel Maria Ferguson^, b. Jamaica Plain, Mass., July 20, 1872; 
at home. 2, Priscilla Ferguson^, b. Boston, Mass., Sept. 3, 1873 ; 
d. Jan. 29, 1877. 3, Thomas Alexander Ferguson^, b. Boston, 
Mass., Dec. 13, 1874; at home. 4, Frank Anderson Ferguson^, 
b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 5, 1878; at home. 5, Winthrop Ernest 
Ferguson^, b. Dedham, Mass., June 25, 1886; at home. 

799. George Ignatius Ferguson^, b. 1846 ; d. ae. 10 moa. 

800. Frank Theophilus Ferguson"^, b. Oct. 24, 1848; res. South Boston, 

Mass. ; was a traveling salesman and bookkeeper. He m. Aug. 
6, 1871, Mary E., dau. of James and Eleanor A. (MacMillan) 
Hewitt, of East Boston, Mass. She was b. in Green Harbor, 
Shelbume co., Nova Scotia, June 4, 1847; res. South Boston, 
Mass. He d. Oct. 12, 1877. Children: 1, Valerie Eleanor Fer- 
guson^, b. Vienna, Austria, Dec. 6, 1873 ; res. at Hotel Gumming, 
South Boston, Mass., with her mother. 2, Edith Maria Fergu- 
sons, b. South Boston, Mass., Feb. 28, 1875 ; d. Aug., 1875. 3, 
Franklin Archie Ferguson^, b. South Boston, Mass., April 2, 
1876, at home. 


801. Elijah Hedding Norris* (329) [John*, JamesS Moses, Jr.«, 
Moses^, Nicholas*]. He was born in Chelsea, Vt., in 1807; mar- 
ried Lucy Merchant, who died aboat 1840, leaving two daaghters; 
married, 2d, Cyrena Speare, daughter of Nathan Speare, of Yershire, 
Yt. He died in East Boston, Mass., in 1848, leaving two sons by 
his second wife. Mrs. Norris died in Boston about 1864. 


802. Lucy Ann Norris^, b. about 1837 ; m. Benjamhi Lothrop, who soon d. ; 

he was b. in Warren, N. H., and d. in Dorchester, Mass. ; she d.- 
about 1875 or '76, in Boston, Mass. Child : Edward Lothrop^. 

803. Susan Jane :N^orris% b. 1838 or '39 ; d. unmarried in 1884 in Boston, 



804. Freeman Norris'^, the army in 1864. 

804a. Nathan Norris^, d. when a child, in Boston, Mass. 

805. Sabin Cyrus Norris* (331) [ John^ James^ Moses, Jr.*, Moses*, 
Nicholas^]. He was born March 3, 1811, in Chelsea, Vt.; married, 
July 2, 1835, Sarah, daughter of Jesse and Patience (Hobart) 
Fletcher and granddaughter of Dea. Amos Fletcher, of Westford, 
Mass., who married Bebecca Prescott, and who was son of Capt. 
Amos Fletcher. Mrs. Norris was bom in Brookline, N. H., June 13, 
1814; resided in Boston, Mass., in 1892. Farmer and manufac- 
turer. Resided in Chelsea, Vt., four years; in Boston, Mass., for 
six years ; in Groton, N. H., for fourteen years ; and Bumney, N. H., 
for twenty-five years. He died in Rumney, N. H., March 28, 1878. 
He was a republican and a Methodist. He, with his son, is buried 
in the Mount Hope cemetery in Boston, and a granite shaft cut 
from the quarry in Rumney, N. H., rises above them, marking their 
resting places. 


806. Lorinda Norri8% b. May 6, 1837 ; d. Groton, N. H., Oct. 3, 1840. 

807. Albert Francis Norris^, b. Aug 3, 1841 ; m. July 30, 1868, Georgianna, 

dau. of Edward N. and Eliza (Eustis) Bisbee ; res. Boston, Mass. 
Piano manufacturer, 2257 Washington st. ; in early life a teacher, 
then a machinist in Trenton, N. tT, and during the war was in a 
lar^e armory, manufacturing muskets, in Philadelphia, PeuD., 
and for nineteen years has been in his present business. He is a 
Methodist and a republican. One child : Clifton Henry Norris^, 
b. Boston, Mass., Ivov. 24, 1875. 

808. Clifton Sabin Norris^, b. May 24, 1845 ; was a salesman ; res. in Bos- 

ton, Mass., and d. Sept. 23, 1873, of consumption. He took a veiy 
active interest in the Youns Men's Christian association, and in 
the Bromfield M. E. church. He was a republican in politics ; 

809. Moses Norris* (338) [Moses*, Samuel*, Nicholas', Moses", 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 5, 1810; mar- 
ried, Nov. 5, 1835, Ann Rand, daughter of Jonathan Woodman, of 
Rye, N. H., where she was bom Aug. 19, 1813; she died March 8, 
1872, and is buried in Lynn, Mass. Mr. Norris learned the trade 


of a Morocco dresser Id his native city, and in Kensington, N. H., 
and in this business, either as an active workman or as a business 
manager, he has spent his life. He left Portsmouth when a youth, 
resided in Charlestown, Mass., for many years, and removed to 
Lynn, Mass., about 1853, which is still his home. After carrying 
on the business for himself for many years he retired in 1874. He 
resides at 274 Summer street, Lynn, Mass. 


810. Greorge Moses Norris^ (1466), b. Sept. 4, 1841 ; res. Lynn, Mass. 

811. Albert Norris^, b. Sept. 4, 1844; was a shoe cutter; single; d. in 

Lynn, Mass., March, 1874. 

812. Charles William Norris^ (1469), b. Jan. 21, 1847; res. Lynn, Mass. 

813. Emma Elizabeth Norris?, b. April 20, 1851 ; m. Sept. 14, 1876, Thomas 

Freeman, son ol Theron and Elizabeth (Freeman) Porter; she 
d. April 30, 1891. He was b. in Paradise, Nova Scotia, Oct. 30, 
1847, and is in the insurance and real estate business, 411 Union 
St., Lynn, Mass. ; res. 274 Summer St., of that city. Child, bom 
in Lynn, Mass. : Chester Harden Porter*, b. April 28, 1880. 

814. John Norris* (341) [SamueP, Samuel*, Nicholas*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was bom in Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 2, 1812. He 
was a blacksmith ; resided in Ossipee, N. H., on the Norris farm, 
and was frozen to death while returning from Lowell, Mass. He 
married Mary Dorr, of Ossipee, N. H. She died. 


815. Lucy Norris^, b. May 19, 1838 ; m. Daniel McKenney, who was b. 
Jan. 9, 1832, and lives on the Norris homestead, in Ossipee, N. H. 
Children: 1, Albert McKenney^, b. March 27, 1857; m. July 7, 
1886, his relative, Aleda Adelaide, dau. of William Norris ; she 
was b. June 11, 1859 ; res. Ossipee. N. H., on the Norris homestead. 
Child: NorrisFenton McKenney®, b. Cambridge, Mass., June 17, 
1889. 2, Cynthia Maria McKenney*, b. Oct. 3, 1860. 3, Amelia 
Angelina McKenney*, b. Nov. 13, 1863 ; m. March 8, 1890, Jacob 
Stokes, of Freedom. 4, Otis M. McKenneyS b. April 20, 1868. 

816. Elizabeth Norris* (842) [SamueP, Samuel*, Nicholas*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. She was born in Portsmouth, N. H., Aug. 21, 1814; mar- 
ried, in 1838, Capt. John Walker, and resided in Portsmouth, N. H. 
He was a sea captain, and died in California, August, 1856, and is 
buried there, aged 41 years. She died June 7, 1878, in Cambridge, 
Mass., and is buried there. 


817. John William Walker^, b. May 18, 1841 ; m. Sept. 26, 1867, Anna 

Maria Adams, of Provincetown, Mass. ; he is a mail agent ; res. 
Cambridge, Mass. Child : William Adams Walker*, b. Feb. 23, 

818. Frank Walke^^ b. June 17, 1845 ; clerk ; d. Sept. 12, 1875. 

819. Henry Wallter^ b. May 2, 1847 ; d. Feb. 12, 1865, se. 17 yrs. 9 mos. 

820. George Walker^, b. Oct. 30, 1849 ; m, May 1, 1875, Angle York, of 

Portland, Me. He d. June 9, 1885. Child: Harry Walker*, b. 
May 15, 1881. 


821. Lydia Norris* (845) [SamueP, Samuel*, Nicholas', Mo8e8^ 
Nicholas^]. She was born in Fortsmoath, N. H., May 20, 1820 ; mar- 
ried, Nov. 11, 1850, Columbus MoClure, of Thorndike, Me. He is a 
lumberman; resides in Minneapolis, Minn. 


822. Frank Albert McGlure^ b. Boston, Mass., May 6, 1853 ; d. there Sept. 

3, 1854. 

823. Greorge Melvin McGlore^ b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 15, 1854; m. April 

14, 1881, Mary Roselma Beaty, ol St. Francis, Minn. ; she d. there 
Jan., 1884. He is a farmer; res. Nimrod, Wadena co., Minn. 
Child : Ethel McClure*, b. St. Francis, Minn. ; d. there Jan., 1884. 

824. Willie Herbert McClure^ b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 7, 1856 ; d. Dec. 7, 


825. Fred Herbert McClure^ b. Ossipee, N. H., Dec. 15, 1858 ; res. Wash- 

ington in 1889. 

826. Willie McClure^ b. Ossipee, N. H., May 31, 1860; d. there June 28, 


827. Oscar Ansel McClure% b. Tuftonborough, N. H., April 1, 1862; m. 

July 6, 1884, Isadore F., dau. of Dr. S. Marshall, of St. Francis, 
Minn. Children: 1, LutherFernaldMcClure^, b.Nimrod, Minn., 
Aug. 17, 1885. 2, Lydia Archina McClure^, b. Mmrod, Minn., 
Oct. 27, 1887. 3, Columbus Samuel McClure^, b. Nimrod, Minn., 
Feb. 8, 1889. 

828. Joseph Norris* (846) [Samuel*, Samuel*, Nicholas*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 11, 1821 ; mar-' 
ried, June 1, 1845, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Mary 
Elizabeth (Hodgdon) Chapman, of Portsmouth, N. H., where she 
was bom, April 28, 1823. He lived in Ossipee, then in Portsmouth, 
N. H., where he learned the cabinet-makers trade. Went to Bos- 
ton, Mass., in 1843, where he has since lived. Has been in cabinet 
and furniture business for forty-nine years, and has been successful. 
Is a republican in politics, and attends the Orthodox Congregational 
church. Resides at 205 West Newton street, Boston, Mass. Bus- 
iness, 108 West Canton street. 


829. Emma Augusta Norris^ b. July 27, 1846; d. Aug. 14, 1846. 

830. Ella Augusta Norris^ b. May 13, 1849; m. April 27, 1871, James 

Leonard Parker; bookkeeper; res. 58 Middle St., Portsmouth, 
N. H. He was b. in North Tewksbury, Mass., May 10, 1845. 
Children: 1, Mary Lizzie Parker*, b. April 12, 1872; res. Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 2, Joseph Norris Parker^, b. Aug. 27, 1875 ; res. 
Boston, Mass. 3, Harold Parker*, b. Dec. 27, 1884; res. Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 4, Florence Parker* (twin), b. Dec. 27, 1884; res. 
Portsmouth, N. H. 

831. Josie May Norris^, b. June 15, 1862 ; res. 205 West Newton St., Boston, 

Mass. ; at home ; artist. 

832. William Henry Talton Norris* (347) [SamueP, Samuel*, 
Nicholas', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom m Portsmouth, N. H., 
Sept. 8, 1824; married, Jan. 15, 1857, Martha Ann, daughter of Oren 
ana Mehitable (White) Fenton. She was of Mansfield, Conn., and 


was born in Mansfield, Jan. 26, 1832, and later of Dixfield, Me. Mr. 
Norris was a carpenter, a republican in politics, and an attendant of 
the Methodist church. Resided in Cambridge, Mass., where he died, 
Feb. 17, 1855. Mrs, Norris resides at 31 Pleasant street, Cambridge, 



833. William Henry Norris^ b. Oct. 15, 1857; m. Oct. 30, 1879, Matilda, 

dau. of William and Mary (Wilson) Thomas, of Halifax, Nova 
Scotia. Child: Chester Samuel Norris^, b. Cambridge, Mass., 
May 26, 1880. Mr. Norris is a carpenter ; res. Cambridge, Mass. 

834. Aleda Adelaide Norris", b. June 11, 1859 ; m. July 7, 1886, Albert Mc- 

Kenney, of Ossipee, N. H., and res. there. Child: Norris Fen- 
ton McKenney®, b. Cambridge, Mass., June 7, 1889. (See No. 815.) 

835. Alfred Fenton Norris% b. Dec 31, 1862 ; d. April 14, 1869. 

836. Samuel Fenton Norris^, b. Sept. 25, 1864 ; single ; res. 31 Pleasant St., 

Cambridge, Mass. 

837. Albert Norris* (348) [SamueP, Samuel*, Nicholas*, Moses^, 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Portsmouth, N. H., Aug. 21, 1827; mar- 
ried, July 13, 1851, Hannah Elizabeth Stevens, of Concord, daughter 
of Elijah and Charlotte (Kittredge) Stevens. Mr. Norris was a car- 
penter and builder. Resided in Cambridge, Mass., where he died, 
Dec. 30, 1888. Mrs. Norris resides at 34 Western avenue, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 


838. Frank Albert Norris^ b. Dec, 1854; d. March 17, 1855, ae. 4 mos. 

839. Charles Fremont No^^is^ b. July, 1856 ; d. Sept. 21, 1856, ae. 9 weeks. 

840. Ida Albertina Norris'', b.- Cambridge, Mass., July 15, 1857 ; m. July 15, 

1886, William A. Sampson, of Kingston, Mass., b. July 2, 1857. 
She d. in Cambridge, Mass., June 26, 1889. 

841. Albert Sumner Nor^is^ b. Sept., 1860; d. March 25, 1862, ae. 1 yr. 6 


842. Bertha Jane Norris'^, b. Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 22, 1868 ; connected 

with the New England Magazine, 86 Federal St., Boston, Mass. 

843. Mabel Augusta Norris^ b. May 5, 1871 ; d. Feb. 1, 1885. 

844. Howard Norris^, b. Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 28, 1874; at home. 

845. James Shapley Norris** (366) [Benjamin Bailey^ Samuel*, 
Nicholas', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Portsmouth, N. H., 
March 2, 1813. He resided m Portsmouth sixteen years ; was eleven 
years in Boston, Mass.; in Cuba, West Indies, for three years; spent 
two years in Alton, N. H., and has been a resident of Meredith, N . H., 
for fortynseven years, and by trade is a cooper. He married, July 5, 
1836, Maria Tufton, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Spinney) Teth- 
erly, and granddaughter of Diamond Tetherly, of South Eliot, Me. 
She was born in that town Sept. 13, 1816, and died in Meredith, N. H., 
May 15, 1883. 


846. fMary Elizabeth Norris^, b. Feb. 19, 1842; in Dover, N. H. ; d. March 
i 5, 1842. 

847. I Martha Jane Norris^ b. Feb. 19, 1842, in Dover, N. H.; m. Oct. 13, 


1873, Oscar Perkins, b. Meredith, N. H., April 29, 1838. They 
res. in Meredith, N. H., where he d. Oct. 16, 1881. No children. 

848. James Henry Norris^, b. Alton, N". H., Dec. 24, 1843 ; d. at Meredith, 

N. H., Oct. 24, 1849. 

849. Charles Edwin Norris^ b. Alton, N. H., Nov. 13, 1845; m. Sept. 27, 

1866, Lucy Gerald, of Warren, N. H. No children. Machinist; 
res. Lowell, Mass. * 

850. Proctor Norris% b. Meredith Village, N. H., Dec. 16, 1847; res. in his 

native town for sixteen years, and in Lowell, Mass., for twenty- 
six years. He m. May 13, 1868, Addie Frances Currier, b. East 
Topsham, Vt., Sept. 24, 1848, dau. of Abner and Mary Ann (Gar- 
land) Currier, of East Topsham. (Her father was son of Eben- 
ezer Currier, and grandson of Ebenezer Currier, the latter a na- 
tive of England, and both of whom d. in East Topsham, Vt.) 
Child: Mildred Estelle Norris^, b. East Topsham, Vt., March 7, 
1869 ; he res. at 69 South Hastings St., Lowell, Mass. 

851. James Henry Norris"'. b. Meredith, N. H., April 19, 1850; d. Nov. 1, 


852. Emma Isabel Norris^ b. Sept. 28, 1851, in Meredith, N. H. ; m. April 

11, 1871, Allen I. Sanborn ; machinist ; res. laike Village, N. H. 
Child : Charles H. Sanborns, b. Sept. 16, 1874. 

853. Maria Louisa Norris'^, b. Meredith, N. H., April 6, 1854; m. Aug. 5, 

1872, Henry I. Ma^uire; weaver; res. Lowell, Mass. Child: 
James Henry Maguire^, b. June 29, 1878. 

854. Ada Rogena Broclsman Norris^, b. Meredith, N. H., April 23, 1857 ; m. 

May 27, 1875, Frank: Clough; jeweller; res. Boston, Mass. 

865. Sarah Ayers NTorris* (358) [Benjamin Bailey*, Samuel*, Nich- 
olas', Moses^, Nicholas^]. She was bom in Portsmouth, N, H.; mar- 
ried, Aug. 1, 1836, John Colby, and resided at 168 Clinton street. 
New York city. A woman of great merit and large executive abil- 
ity. She died December, 1883. He died 1880. 


856. Alpheus Edward Colby% b. June 29, 1837 ; m. June 1, 1858, Clara A. 

Sinclair; machinist; Episcopalian; republican; res. Fortieth 
St., between Sixth and Seventh avs., Brooklyn, N. Y. Children : 
1, Frances E. Colbys, b. April 24, 1861. 2, George E. Colbys, b. 
Jan. 15, 1863. 3, Sarah Ella ColbyS, b. Feb. 4, 1865. 4, John 
Henry Colby^, b. March 29, 1869; died. 5, Benjamin Holmes 
Colbys, I), i^eb. 26, 1872. 6, Martha Louisa Colbys, b. June 19, 
1875. 7, Mary Colbys, b. May 28, 1882 ; deceased. 

857. Mary Louise Colby^, b. June 9, 1839; m. Roswell Henry Johnson, 

May 11, 1859. He is a Methodist, republican, lumber merchant ; 
was b. Shenevus, Oswego co., IST. Y., Nov. 22, 1829; res. 199 
Hart St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Children : 1, Edgar Roswell Johnson^, 
b. Nov. 16, 1860; d. Sept. 6, 1862. 2, Ida Louise Johnson^, b; 
Feb. 21, 1863 ; m. Nov. 15, 1887, Burton H. Eames. Children : Les- 
ter Burton Eames®, b. Nov. 22, 1889. Florence Elizabeth Eames». 
3, Walter Davis Johnson^, b. Aug. 13, 1865; m. March 19, 1887, 
Lillian A. Wilson. Children-: Walter Henry Johnson®, b. Dec. 3, 
1887. William Merrill Johnson®, b. Sept. 27, 1889. 4, Sadie 
Agnes Johnson®, b. May 20, 1872. 

858. John Henry Colby^, b. July 1, 1841; res. 228 Duffleld St., Brooklyn, 

N. Y. He m. Georgina Sherwood. Child: Daisy Colby®, b. 
March 12, 1870 ; at home. 

859. Frances Augusta Colby^ b. June 27, 1843 ; m. Dec. 26, 1865, Charles 

W. Courtright, b. March 27, 1832. He is an auditor of Western 


railroads ; res. Boston, Mass., 155 West Chester Park. Children, 
bom in Scranton, Penn. : 1, Edward William Courtright*, b. 
March 11, 1870; res. Grand Rapids, Mich. 2, Helen Imogene 
Courtrights, b. Aug. 17, 1877. 

860. Jane Colby'', b. March 8, 1845; single; res. 199 Hart st., Brooklsm, 


861. Imogene Colby% b. Jan. 4, 1847; m. Martin B. Hill, and d. Oct. 27, 

1877. Two children : 1, Ralph HUP, b. Julv 3, 1871. 2, Jennie 
Hill8, b. April 13, 1874; res. Jersey City, N. J. 

862. Lydia Frost Colby% b. May 8, 1849 ; m. Wesley Morris ; res. Milwau- 

kee, Wis.; bookkeeper at Ellis' foundry. Children: 1, Harvey 
Morris*, b. New York city July, 1871. 2, Clarence M:orris®, b. 
Milwaukee, Wis., and is deceased. 

863. Charles Frost Colby^, b. June 22, 1851 ; d. March 17, 1889. 

864. Isaiah Bailey Norris* (869) [Benjamin Bailey*, Samuel^ 
Nicholas*, Moses*, Nicholas^]. He was born in Portsmouth, N. H., 
March 18, 1820; married, Oct. 30, 1845, Katherine Maloney, of Rox- 
bury, Mass., who died in Boston, Mass., Aug. 10, 1847. He married, 
2d, Dec. 31, 1849, Hannah Langdon, daughter of Gapt. Samuel and 
Comfort Marshall (Langdon) Drown, and granddaughter of Joseph 
Drown. She was born in Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 24, 1848. He 
resided in Portsmouth, N. H., fourteen years ; in Boston, Mass., thir- 
teen years; in Charlestown, thirteen years; in Maiden, twenty-nine 
years. Resides at 61 Buckman street, Everett, Mass. Is a wheel- 
wright. Is a member of the American Legion of Honor. He and 
his wife are members of the First Congregational church in Mai- 
den, Mass. 


865. Charles Albert Norri8% b. Oct. 29, 1849 ; m. Dec. 31, 1870, Josephine L., 
dau. of Benjamin Colberg, of Maiden, Mass. He m. 2d, Nov. 
28, 1875, Christine E. Johnson, of Maiden, Mass., and a native of 
Sweden; res. Maiden, Mass. ; mechanic. Children, bom in Mai- 
den, Mass. : 1, Charles Frederick Norris^, b. Oct. 8, 1871. 2, Wil- 
liam Grooch Norris^, b. Oct 6, 1876. 3, Grace Langdon Norris^, 
b. March 14, 1885. 4, Alfred Dutton Norris», b. Aug. 21, 1886; 
d. Jan. 7, 1888. 

566. Fred Alfonso Nor^i8^ b. March 11, 1851 ; m. May 26, 1870, Ruth Au- 

fusta Merrill ; is in a hardware store ; res. Maiden, Mass. Chil- 
ren, born in Maiden, Mass. : 1, Elmer Oilman Norris^, b. Feb. 
15, 1872; at home. 2, Arthur Merrill Norris^, b. Dec. 13, 1884; 
at home. 3, Frederick Alfonso Norris®, b. March 5, 1887; at 

867. Frank Benjamin Norris^, b. April 21, 1853 ; m. July 30, 1874, Wini- 

fred Carey. He res. in Maiden, Mass., and d. July 19, 1879 ; was 
a merchant in Boston, Mass. Children, bom in Maiden, Mass. : 
1, Bessie Winifred Norris^, b. March 18, 1875. 2, Mabel Alice 
NorrisS b. March 3, 1878. 

868. r Edwin Drown Norris", b. June 3, 1855; m. Aug. 27, 1881, Cora Bell 
Louer; clerk; res. Maiden, Mass. Children: 1, Elsie Smith 
Norris^, b. Maiden, Mass., Oct. 1, 1883. 2, Edna Frances Norris*, 
b. Chelsea, Mass., Jan. 6, 1890. 

869. [Emma Josephine Norris^, b. June 3, 1855 ; d. Aug. 5, 1856. 

870. Herbert Warren Norris^, b. Feb. 16, 1858 ; res. Maiden, Mass. ; single. 


871. Anna Louise Nor^is^ b. Feb. 20, 1861 ; m. Oct. 21, 1882, Charles Aug- 

ustus Watkins, b. Portsmouth, N. H., July 1, 1858 ; res. Maiden, 
Mass.; carpenter. They are members of the First Congrega- 
tional church in Maiden, Mass. 

872. Carrie Etta Norris^ b. March 14, 1869 ; m. Sept. 30, 1889, John Ed- 

ward Higgins, b. Peabody, Mass., May 29, 1866. They are mem- 
bers of the First Congregational church in Maiden, Mass. He 
is a salesman ; res. Maiden, Mass., 32 Tufts st. Child : Florence 
Emily Higgins^, b. Maiden, Mass., June 30, 1890. 

873. Edward John Norris* (360) [Benjamin Bailey^ Samuel*, 
Nicholas*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Portsmouth, N". H., 
Aug. 28, 1822; m. May 2, 1843, Mary Ann, daughter of Franklin 
and Mary (Wiley) Weston, who was born in Reading, Mass., Aug. 
14, 1822, and died in East Boston, Mass., Feb. 4, 1848, leaving two 
children. He married, 2d, July 4, 1849, Mary Augusta, daughter of 
Asa and Miranda (Furbush) Sherwin, of Reading, Vt., where she 
was born Jan. 15, 1823, and died at Charlestown, Mass., May 30, 
1856, leaving two children. He married, 3d, July 2, 1857, Clarissa 
Ann, daughter of Daniel and May (Carr) Norton, who was born in 
Newburyport, Mass., Feb. 12, 1829, and is still living, and is the 
mother of six children. Mr. Norris lived in Portsmouth thirteen 
years; in Charlestown, Mass., for forty-eight years; and in Melrose, 
Mass., for seven years. He is a carpenter; a republican. Was a 
soldier during the Rebellion, in Co. E, 47th regt., Mass. vols. Is a 
member of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics' Association. 
Residence, 63 East Emerson street, Melrose, Mass. 


874. Margetta Angeline Norris"^, b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 12, 1844 ; d. Aug. 

26, 1844. 

875. Charles Edward Norris^, b. East Boston, Mass., March 28, 1846 ; he 

m. July 7, 1867, Almira P., dau. of Ambrose and Lucinda (Hawes) 
Gardner, of Chelsea, Me., b. there July 1, 1847. He is a car- 
penter, located in Lynn, Mass., about 1867 ; res. 98 Neptune St., 
Lynn, Mass. Children: 1, Eva May Norris^, b. Sept. 28, 1868; 
bookkeeper; res. Lynn, Mass. 2, Gracie Frances Norris^, b. 
Sept. 19, 1872; bookkeeper; res. Lynn, Mass. 

876. Duane Chilson Norris'', b. Charlestown, Mass., Aug. 13, 1851; car- 

penter. He d. in Missoula, Mont., Dec. 10, 1880. 

877. Herbert Augustus Norris^ b. Charlestown, Mass., March 17, 1855 ; d. 

Oct. 19, 1855. 

878. Walter Elliott Norris", b. Charlestown, Mass., June 27, 1858 ; d. Oct. 

12, 1858. 

879. Webster Norris^, b. Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 20, 1859; graduated at 

the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at Boston, in 1881 ; 
is a chemist associated with the Boston Rubber Shoe Co., at 
Edgeworth, Maiden, Mass. He m. Sept. 26, 1888, Margaret Chap- 
ney Stetson; she was b. Thomaston, Me., Dec. 6, 1865, dau. of 
William and Sarah (Bugbee) Stetson. He is a member of the 
Society of Arts, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ; 
res. Bellevue ave., cor. Porter st., Melrose, Mass. 

880. Clara Augusta Norriss b. Charlestown, Mass., Nov. 21, 1861 ; m. Oct. 

23, 1889, Arthur Everett Roberts, b. Charlestown, Mass., June 



22, 1861 ; bookkeeper ; res. Reading, Mass. Child : Maijorie Nor- 
ris Roberts*, b. Dec. 27, 1890. 

881. Greorge Lincoln Norris'^, b. Charlestown, Mass., Jan. 11, 1866 ; he grad- 

uated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Boston, 
in 1887. Is a chemist of the Pencoyd Iron Co. Is a member of 
the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia, Penn. ; res. 1067 Green 
St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

882. Walter Henry Norris^ b. Charlestown, Mass., March 6, 1870; is a 

student in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at Boston ; 
res. 63 East Emerson st., Melrose, Mass. 

883. Emma Josephine Norris^, b. Charlestown, Mass., Feb. 5, 1874; res. 

63 East Emerson st., Melrose, Mass. 

884. Joseph Norris* (365) [Moses^ Joseph, Jr.*, Joseph*, Moses*, 
Nicholas^]. He was bom in Fremont, N. H., in 1812. As his par- 
ents died when he was young he was brought up by his aunt, Mrs. 
Mehitable Godfrey. He went to Lowell, Mass., and became a car- 
penter; lived in Syracuse, N. T., for several years; then located 
permanently in Lawrence, Mass., at its very commencement, and 
soon after went into the lumber business and was a member of the 
successful firm of Norris & Plummer. In that business he contin- 
ued until his death, Aug. 25, 1867. For four years he was select- 
man of Lawrence, Mass., and overseer of the poor after that place 
became a city. He was president of the common council, and served 
as alderman. He married Eliza Sinclair Wilson, of Lowell, Mass. 
She was a daughter of John Wilson, and was bom in Dalton, Mass., 
Aug. 2, 1814. She died April 20, 1885. 


885. Eliza Ann Norris^, b. Jan. 1, 1834 (?), in Lowell, Mass. ; m. June 30, 

1851, David Franklin Kobinson ; he was b. Dec. 4, 1830 ; is a card 
clothing manufacturer ; res. Haverhill st . , Lawrence, Mass . Chil- 
dren : 1, Frank M. Robinson^, h. April 27, ; was drowned. 2, 

Fred N. Robinson^, b. April 4, 1861 ; graduated at Harvard Col- 
lege 1891. 

886. Sarah Frances Norris^, b. Sept. 3. 1837, at Lowell, Mass. ; m. Wilbur 

Fisk Gile ; he was an attorney, and became associate judge of 
the Lawrence police court, and was a successful and able lawyer ; 
he d. Feb. 5, 1888. Mrs. Gile res. with her sister, Mrs. Robinson, 
on Haverhill St., Lawrence, Mass. No children. 

887. Charles Henry Norris^ b. Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1839; was a 

woollen manufacturer ; res. Epping, N. H. He sold out his busi- 
ness in 1887, and is retired. He m. Mrs. Abbie Maria (Sanborn) 
Norris, widow of Charles Moses Norris, of Epping, and dau. of 
Zebulon Sanborn, of Epping, N. H., Feb. 2, 1875 ; she was b. in 
Epping, Dec. 24, 1836. No children. 

888. Helen Augusta Norris"^, b. Syracuse, N. Y., June 13, 1841 ; m. June 

11, 1872, George H. Marston, of Lawrence, Mass. ; he was b. in 
Sandwich, N. H., July 25, 1841. They res. in Lowell, Mass. ; he 
is retired from business ; has large real-estate interests in Law- 
rence and Lowell, and is prominent in business and political cir- 
cles. Child : Joseph Norris Marston^, b. Lowell, Mass., Aug. 27, 


889. Charles Moses Norris* (368) ^Moses^ Joseph, Jr.*, Joseph', 
Mo8es^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Fremont, N. H., July 3, 1815. 
His parents dying when he was young he was brought up by his 
aunt, Mrs. Mehitable Godfrey. He became a woollen manufacturer, 
carrying on the business at Epping Village, N. H. Was county 
treasurer for three years. He married, Dec. 2, 1851, Abbie Maria, 
dadghter of Zebulon and Betsey (Hills) Sanborn, of Epping, N. H. 
She was bom Dec. 24, 1836, in that town. Mr. Norris died Dec. 2, 
1863, and she married, 2d, Charles Henry Norris, and resides in Epp- 
ing, N. H. 


890. Haven Norris'^, b. March 2, 1853 ; is a shoe manufacturer ; res. Epp- 

ing Comer, N. H. ; he m. June, 1874, Ida, dau. of John Taylor, of 
Brentwood, N. H. Children : 1, Alice Evelyn Norris^, b. Aug. 
26, 1875 ; res. Epping, N. H. 2, John Haven NorrisS b. June, 
1877 ; res. Epping, N. H. 

891. Annie Godfrey Norrr8% b. Aug. 17, 1855; m. June 29, 1881, Edward 

Everett Miles, of Epping, N. H. ; he was b. there and is a son of 
Charles Miles; he is a shoe manufacturer; res. Epping, N. H. 
No children. 

892. Charles Edward Norris"^, b. March 17, 1857 ; is a shoe manufacturer, 

of the firm of Norris & Miles ; res. Epping, N. H. ; he m. Jan. 2, 
1881, Bessie Plummer, dau. of James Piersons, of Epping, N. H. 
Child, bom in Epping, N. H. : Edward Plummer Norris^, b. 
April 9, 1886. 

893. William Henry Norri8^ b. Feb. 2, 1860; is in the shoe business; res. 

Epping, N. H. He m. Sept. 30, 1866, Cora Merrill, dau. of Moses 
A. and Sarah M. (Allen) Tyler, of Wobum, Mass. ; she was b. in 
Wobura, Mass., May 14, 1859. Child, bom in Epping, N. H. : El- 
ton Tyler Norrlss, b. Aug. 10, 1888. 

894. Benjamin True Norris* (371) [Joseph^ Joseph, Jr.*, Joseph', 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born Epping, N. H., June 24, 1821 ; 
married, Jnne 24, 1851, Harriet Augusta, daughter of James and 
Elizabeth (Florence, of Marblehead, Mass.) Fall, of Lynn, Mass. 
She was bom in Lynn Aug. 8, 1828. He was a carpenter, residence 
21 Neptune street, Lynn, Mass. They are members of the M. E. 
church, and he is a prohibition republican in politics. Daring the 
war he was for six months a member of the construction corps of 
the Army of the Potomac, and was there at the close of the war and 
attended the obsequies of the martyred President Lincoln, in Wash- 


895. Frank Howe Norris^ b. Jan. 5, 1852 ; m. June 4, 1883, Ella Florence, 

dau. of David and Mary Fullerton, of Lyin; box maker. No 
children; res. Lynn, Mass. 

896. Mary Elizabeth Norris^ b. March 17, 1854; m. Oct. 1, 1873, John 

Henry, son of Samuel Parker, of Saugus, Mass.; expressman; 
res. Charlestown, Mass. Children: 1, Florence Elizabeth Par- 
ker^, b. Saugus, Mass., April 25, 1874. 2, George Cushman Par- 
ker^, b. Lynn, Mass., Jan. 8, 1876. 3, Nellie Frances Parker^, b. 
Lynn, Mass., Nov. 30, 1879. 4, Oscar Norris Parker^, b. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Feb. 25, 1882; d. Dec. 12, 1883. 5, Addle Maver 


Parker^, b. Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 12, 1885. 6, Bertha May 
Parker^, b. Charlestown, Mass., Jan. 10, 1890. 

897. Hattie True Norris^ b. June 18, 1856; m. July 11, 1877, Edward 

Frank Riche, of L3mn, Mass. ; res. Lynn, Mass., where she d. 
July 21, 1883. Children, born in Lynn, Mass. : 1, Harry True 
Kiche8, b. Oct. 9, 1878. 2, Alice Norris RicheS, b. July 1, 1883. 

898. James Pall Norris^ b. June 18, 1861 ; m. Jan. 19, 1887, Harriet Ey dau. * 

of Joseph Dearborn, of Lynn, Mass. ; res. Woodlawn St., Lynn, 
Mass. He is foreman in a leather store. Children : 1, Gertrude 
Fall Norris8, b. Lynn, Mass., Dec. 1, 1887. 2, Joseph Ralph 
Carlton NorrisS b. Dec. 3, 1890. 

899. Benjamin Bertram Norris^, b. June 4, 1869; carpenter, and res. 21 

Neptune St., L3mn, Mass. ; single. 

900. John Perkins Norris* (372) [Joseph^ Joseph, Jr.*, Joseph*, 
Moses^ Nicholas*]. He was born in Epping, N. H., Nov. 26, 1822; 
married Caroline, daughter of Jeremiah and Lucretia Bartlett, of 
Pittsfield, N. H., who died. He was a carpenter, and resided Low- 
ell street, Ljmn, Mass., where he died, Jan. 19, 1887. Dariilg the 
war he was in the construction corps for eighteen months, of the 
Army of the Potomac, with headquarters at Alexandria, Va. Re- 
publican in politics. 


901. John Granville Norris^, b. Nov. 12, 1851 ; res. Lowell St., Lynn, Mass. 

Carpenter ; he m. Dec. 26, 1877, Lina M. Bichie, dau. of Daniel 
and Mary Richie, of Swampscott, Mass.; she was b. March 7, 
1859. Child : Granville A. NorrisS b. Feb. 27, 1879, hi Brookline, 

902. Fred Bartlett Norris% res. Pittsfleld, N. H. 

903. Joseph Norris^, d. in infancy. 

904. Ella Norris^ d. in hifancy. 

905. Ann Nichols Norris* (381) [Samuel SherrifE*, James^ Jona- 
than', Moses^ Nicholas^]. She was born in Holdemess, N. H., Jan. 
2, 1819 ; married, April 5, 1847, Rev. Benjamin A. Spaulding, bom 
in Billerica, Mass., Jan. 20, 1815, and died March 31, 1867. She re- 
sides at Independence, Kan. Children all deceased except the 


906. Maria Susan Spaulding^ b. Jan. 25. 1848 ; d. May 6, 1850. 

907. Walter Norris Spaulding^, b. Dec. 31, 1850 ; d. June 21, 1852. 

908. George Albert Spaulding% b. Nov. 30, 1854; d. April 10, 1855. 

909. Anna Morrill Spaulding% b. Jan. 25, 185- ; d. July 6, 1857. 

910. Mary Faulkner Spaulding^, b, Nov. 20, 1856 ; d. Sept. 21, 1867. 

911. Julia Spaulding^, b. July 27, 1859; single; res. Independence, Kan. 

912. George Punchard Norris« (388) [Samuel She^i£E^ James*, 
Jonathan', Moses^ Nicholas*]. He was Tborn in Compton, Can., 
May 15, 1830; married, June 18, 1861, Roxey, daughter of George 
Washington and Wealthy (Landon) Murray. She was bom at 
Toungstown, O., Aug. 30, 1840. Mr. Norris has resided in Canada, 
Illinois, California, Minnesota, and Iowa. He was lieutenant of 


Co. E, 7th regt. of Iowa cavalry, in the late war, from June 3, 
1863, until May 17, 1866. He crossed the plains in 1852 to Cali- 
fornia, where he lived several years, and was in Minnesota from July, 
1866, until April, 1876. Resided 124 North Wapello, street, Ot- 
tumwa, la. 


913. James Wellington Norris^, b. Ottumwa, la., April 6, 1862 ; res. Ottum- 

wa, la. 

914. Mary Forrest Norris^ b. Ottumwa, la., Feb. 6, 1864; m. May 3, 1885, 

Edward Loomis; farmer; res. Ord, Neb. Child: JEdward CotRn. 
Loomiss, b. Aug. 1, 1890. 

915. Frederick Landon iNorris"', b. in Minnesota, June 17, 1867. Telegraph 

operator; res. Ottumwa, la. 

916. Nettie Wealthy Norrls^, b. in Minnesota, June 3, 1870. She is a sten- 

ographer ; res. Ottumwa, la. 

917. Anna Helen Norris^, b. Ottumwa, la., Oct. 6, 1876 ; res. Ottumwa, la. 

918. Julia Roxey Norris% b. Ottumwa, la., July 30, 1880. 

919. John Blanchard Norris« (392) [Nicholas G.^ James*, Jon- 
athan', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Sandwich, N. H., March 
13, 1828; resided then at Bangor, Me.; married Sophia Clark, and 
died at Pensacola, Fla., March 24, 1856. 


920. Charles Henry Norris^ b. July 18, 1850, in Sandusky, O. ; m. April 13, 
1875, Ellen Mitchell Bement, of Palmyra, Lenawee co., Mich. ; b. 
there Aug. 11, 1851 ; dau. of Samuel and Laura Mitchell (War- 
ner) Bement. Her father was b. Ascot, C. E., March 24, 1810; 
lived in Toledo, O. ; son of John and Sylvia (Thomas) Bement, 
of Middletown, Ct. ; b. Nov. 17, 1783 ; lived in Woodstock, Vt. ; 
d. there March 28, 1876 ; son of Samuel Bement, of Middletown, 
Ct. He was educated at Sandusky, O., Pittsfield, Mass., and at a 
military academy at Stamford, Ct. Has been intimately and 
prominently connected with ^reat western railways. In the sum- 
mer of 1869 he went on the °' Total Eclipse Expedition" to Beh- 
ring straits and to the Siberian side, and later went to Sandwich 
Islands. Has been connected with several railroads, and is now, 
1890, general superintendent and traffic manager of California 
fruit trains. Res. 846 West Munroe St., Chicago, 111. Children: 
1, Charles Bement Norris^, b. Toledo, 0., Feb. 23, 1877. 2, Bes- 
sie NorrisS b. Toledo, O., Feb. 2, 1879. 

921. Henry Clay Norris* (398) [Nicholas G.^ James*, Jonathan', 
Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Sandwich, N. H., May 1, 1842, 
and the first eight years of his life were passed in Sandwich and 
Great Falls, N. H., when his father's family removed to Sandusky, 
O., where he was educated. Left home at sixteen ; was two years 
in a bank at Springfield, O., and one year as express messenger. In 
August, 1861, he enlisted in the 2d regt. Ohio vols, and saw more 
than two years* service in the armies of the Ohio and of the Cum- 
berland, and was discharged on account of ill health. He was sub- 
sequently a clerk in the disbursing office of the quartermaster's 
department at Nashville, Tenn., was promoted to cashier, and held 



the position over two years, paying oat more than fifteen millions 
of government money. After the war he was in the manufacturing 
business in Chicago, and for six years in California. Has been a 
resident of Chicago for the last ten years; resides at 468 Congress 
street. Is a republican in politics and an attendant of the Presby- 
terian church. He married, April 22, 1873, in Chicago, Felicia M., 
daughter of John M. and Mary Ann (Tozier) Packard, of Denmark, 
N. Y., Galena, and Chicago, 111. She was born in Galena, 111., June 
20, 1848, and is granddaughter of Jared, son of John Packard, of 
Bridgewater, Mass. 


922. John Packard Norris^, b. Chicago, 111., April 26, 1874. 

923. Henry Cochran Norris^ b. Stockton, Cal., Feb. 22, 1879. 

924. Joseph Blake Norris* (402J [Maj. William^ JosiahS James', 
Moses^, Nicholas^. He was bom m [N'ottingham, N. H., March 12, 
1786; married Betsey Tilton, daughter of Daniel and Isabella 
Thompson Tilton, of Deerfield, N. H., March 26, 1810. She waa 
born in Deerfield, June 20, 1788, and died April 12, 1869, in Deer- 
field, aged 80 yrs. 10 mos. Mr. Norris resided in Deerfield, near the 
Nottingham line ; was an attendant of the Baptist church. He died 
in Deemeld, N. H., May 14, 1858, aged 72 yrs. 2 mos. 


925. Eleanor B. Norris^ (1472), b. Sept. 14, 1810; m. Feb. 1, 1831, William 

H. H. Enowlton ; res. North wood, N. H. 

926. Daniel Tilton Norris^ (1476), b. Dec. 27, 1811 ; m. Oct. 6, 1835, Maria 

Sleeper; res. Richmond, Va. 

927. William Norris^ (1483), b. Sept. 20, 1813; m. Nov. 10, 1835, Sally 

Steams Freese, dau. of Judge Dudley Freese, of Deerfield, N. H. ; 
res. Lowell, Mass. 

928. Joseph Blake Norris^ b. June 26, 1815 ; m. June 9, 1842, Caroline Eliz- 

abeth Yiles, of Boston, Mass. She d. Boston, Mass., Sept. 9, 
1868, SB. 51 yrs. 10 mos. He is a merchant, and lives in Boston, 
Mass. Business, No. 3 Chatham st. No Children. 

929. Sherburne B. Norris^ b. May 31, 1817 ; went to California in the great 

gold excitement, in 1849, and was engaged in the mining business, 
and d. in California, Oct. 14, 1866, ae. 49 yrs. Single. 

930. George Washington Norris^ (1487), b. Aug. 9, 1819; m. Mrs. Sally 

Stearns (Freese) Norris, Aug. 3, 1843; res. Lowell, Mass. 

931. Lawrence Brown Norris^ (1494), b. Aug. 18, 1821 ; res. Wobum, Mass. 

932. Benjamin Franklin Norris', b. Aug. 13, 1825 ; d. Lowell, Mass., of ty- 

phoid fever, Aug. 25, 1847. His home was with his father, in 
Deerfield, N. H. 

933. Eleanor Norris* (403) [Maj. William*, Josiah*, James*, 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. She was bom in Nottingham, N. H., March 20, 
1789; married Daniel Tilton. He was a farmer and resided in 
Deerfield, N. H. She died Aug. 1, 1822. 


934. William Tilton^. He d. in Exeter, N. H. ; m. Miss Robinson, of Exe- 
ter, N. H. 



935. Joseph Tilton'^, res. Deerfield, N. H. ; m. Judith, dau. of Eben French, 

of Canterbury. Two daughters ; probably Josephine E. Tilton®, 
m. Charles White; had children. Emma F. Tilton^, m. Martin 
V. B. Hill. 

936. Lucy Ann Tilton^, res. on the home farm in Deerfield, N. H. 

937. Eleanor Tilton^, m. Hiram Sargent, of Raymond, N. H. Had a son : 

Edwin Sargent^. 

938. Arvilla Tilton% m. Mr. Clark; res. Deerfield, N. H. 

939. Mary Tilton^, m. ; res. Cambridgeport, Mass. 

940. Abigail Norris' (404) [Maj. William^ Josiah*, James*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. She was bom in ifottingham, N. H., June 2, 1793; 
married Reuben Bartlett, of Nottingham. They moved to Gar- 
land, Me. He was a farmer. She died May 13, 1825. 


941. Eleanor Bartletf^, m. Mr. Murdoch; lived and d. in Garland, Me. 

942. Nehemiah Bartlett^, m. ; lived in Garland, Me. 

943. William Bartlett^, m. and went west. 

944. Joseph Bartletf^, lived and d. in Bangor, Me. 

945. Eunice Norris* (405) [Maj. William^ Josiah*, James', 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. She was bom in Nottingham, N. H., Aug 5, 
1797; married, Oct. 17, 1816, Lawrence Brown, of Epping, N. H., 
and died there Jan. 19, 1837. 


946. Mary Blake Brown^, m. John Norris, of Exeter (son of Josiah, of 

Exeter, Josiah, Jr., Josiah, James). He lived on his father's 
homestead in Epping, some three miles south-west of Exeter, 
on the main road between the towns. She is deceased. Child- 
ren : 1, Josiah Norris^, m. Lizzie Smith ; res. Exeter, N. H. 2, 
Carrie Norris^, m. Moses Perkins ; res. Epping, N. H. 3, John 
Norris^, d. in California. 4, Mary Norris®, m. Mr. Harmon; res. 
Boston, Mass. 

947. Shubah Burley Brown"^, m. Josiah Chase, of Epping, and lives in 

Chicago, 111. 

948. Lawrence Monroe Brown^, d. unmarried. 

949. Ezekiel Norris Brown"^, m. Sarah Emerson. Both deceased. 

950. Sarah Ann Graves Brown"', m. Mr. Blake, of Concord, N. H. Both 

are deceased. 

951. Eunice Norris Brown"', m. Mr. Thayer, of Boston, Mass. 

952. Joanna Norris® (406) [Maj. William^ Josiah^ James', 
Moses^ Nicholas*]. She was born in Nottingham, N. H., Feb. 24, 
1800; married Joseph Blake; resided in Raymond, N. H. He was 
a storekeeper and farmer. They died in Raymond. 


953. Joseph Blake^, m. Abbie Edes ; res. Grand Haven, Mich. 

954. George Blake^, m. Margaret Harrington. Is a physician ; res. Wal- 

pole, N. H. 

955. William F. Blake^ m. Harriet Cilley, who d. 1873 ; he m. 2d, Ellen 

Norris, dau. of Daniel T. Norris. She res. Washington, D. C. 


956. William Norris* (408) [Maj. William*, JosiahS James*, 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Nottinsham, N. H., Sept. 20, 
1804; was always a farmer. Resided on the home farm antil 1874, 
when he removed to Hampton, N. H., where he lived in 1890. Is a 
Baptist, and in politics a repablican. He married, May 11, 1880, 
Abigail, daughter of Asa and Sally (Lawrence) Cartland, and 
granddaughter of Elijah and Abigail (Scales) Cartland. Elijah was 
son of Joseph and Lydia (Allen) Cartland, of Lee, N. H. Mrs. 
Norris was born in Exeter June 7, 1811; died in Hampton, N. H., 
Sept. 1, 1885. 


957. Laura A. Norris^, b. March 11, 1831 ; teacher ; res. Hampton, N. H. 

958. Sias L. Norris^ b. April 1, 1833; home, the world. No farther 


959. Abbott Norris^ (1496), b. Sept. 8, 1835; res. Hampton, N. H. 

960. William B. Norris^, b. Feb. 14, 1838; merchant; res. Westlake, La.; 

he m. Annie E. Jones, Nov. 16, 1865. 

961. James W. Norri8^ b. Sept. 10, 1840 ; m. Feb. 18, 1873, Sally M. Slade ; 

was a merchant ; res. Rice, Tex., where he d. Feb. 20, 1882. 

962. True Norris* (422) [Moses^ Moses*, James^ Moses^ Nich- 
olas^. He was bom in Pittsfield, N. H., Sept. 4, 1793. Farmer. 
Resided in Pittsfield, N. H., died in Lynn, Mass., Dec. 13, 
1870, aged 77 yrs. 3 mos. 9 days. He was a member of the legis- 
lature of New Hampshire two years. He married Olive, daughter 
of Samuel Prescott, of his native town, Nov. 18, 1817. 


963. Trueworthy Norris^ (1499), b. Jan. 12, 1819 ; d. in the army April 27, 

1862 ; he m. Mary J. Brown. 

964. Arthur Fitzroy Livingston Norris^ (1507), b. March 17, 1821; d. 

Nov. 1, 1889. 

965. Olive Norris^ b. May 9, 1824; m. May 6, 1843, Abraham French, 2d, 

of Pittsfield, N. H., and d. May 21, 1846, leaving two sons. 

966. Elizabeth Norris^, b. July 11, 1831 ; m. Nov^ 1853, B. P. Sanderson, 

of Pittsfield, N. H. Child: Edward P. Sanderson®, once res. 
in Pittsfield, N. H. 

967. Eleanor J. Norris^ b. 1835 ; m. Nov. 23, 1859, Charles T. B. Knowl- 

ton; res. Pittsfield, N. H. Child: Eleanor Knowlton®. 

968. Adaline Marilla Norris^ b. March 2, 1837 ; m. Capt. Lewis W. Osgood, 

and d. Jan. 16, 1885. 

969. Alvah Colby Norris'^, b. March 11, 1840 ; was a soldier in a Massachu- 

setts regiment during the war ; res. Nebraska. 

970. Brackett Leavett Norris* (423) [Moses*, Moses*, James*, 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Pittsfield, N. H., Nov. 20, 1795, 
and resided in the town of his nativity, where he died, Dec. 11, 
1842, aged 47 yrs. 21 days. He married Betsey Lane, who was born 
June 12, 1789. 


971. Moses L. Norris', b. April 19, 1837; m. Sept. 21, 1861, Anna L., dau. 
Lewis and Annie (Parshley) Joy, of Pittsfield, N. H., b. Oct. 29, 


1841. He is a hardware merchant and has lived for nineteen years 
at his present home, Grinnell, la. Children : 1, Harry W. Nor- 
risS b. Pittsfield, N. H., Sept., 1862. ; is professor of natural his- 
tory at Ithaca, N. Y. ; res. Ithaca, N. Y. 2, Charles B. Norris^, 
b. rittsfield, li, H., Aug. 22, 1866 ; is a hardware merchant ; res. 
Grinnell, la. 3, Arthur C. Norriss, b. Pittsfield, N. H., May 27, 
•1868; hardware merchant; res. Grinnell, la. 4, Moses L. Nor- 
ris, Jr.% b. Grinnell, la., June 2, 1874; res. Grinnell, la. 5, Ger- 
tie E. Korris^, b. Grinnell, la., Nov. 22, 1876. 6, Ernest C. Nor- 
risS b. Grinnell, la., June 6, 1879. 
972. Brackett Woodbury Norris^, farmer; res. Pittsfield, N. H. He m. 
Helen Y. Carr, dau. of Isaac Smith and Lucinda J. (Osgood) 
Carr, of Pittsfield, N. H., and granddau. of John Carr; she was 
b. Loudon, N. H., March 28, 1839; Pittsfield, N. H., Jan. 31, 
1875. Children, born in Pittsfield, N. H. : 1, Lucinda J. NorrisS 
b. March 11, 1862; d. May 26, 1883. 2, Ella May Norris^, b. 
June 17, 1867. 3, Brackett Woodbury Norris^ b. June 10, 1870. 

973. Moses Norris, Jr.* (425) [Moses^ Moses*, James*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. Hon. Moses Norris was born in Pittsfield, N. H., Sept. 
16, 1799, and was fifty-five years of age at the time of his decease. 
He graduated at Dartmouth College in 1828, with a high reputa- 
tion for scholarship. He studied law and was admitted to the bar 
in 1882, and commenced the practice of his profession in Barnstead, 
N. H. In the course of two or three years he changed his residence 
to his native town of Pittsfield, which was his home till 1849, when 
he removed to the active and stirring young city of Manchester, 
which was his home at the time of his decease. 

His political career commenced in 1837, when he was chosen to 
represent Pittsfield in the legislature. From that time until his 
death he was almost continually in the public service. He repre- 
sented Pittsfield in the House in 1837, '38, '39, '40, and was elected 
speaker in the latter year. He was a member of the governor's 
council in 1841, was again a representative from Pittsfield in 1842, 
and was elected to congress by the democracy in 1843, re-elected in 
1845, again represented Pittsfield in the legislature in 1847, and was 
elected speaker, was re-elected representative in 1848, and in that 
year was chosen United States senator, to serve for six years from 
the 4th of March, 1849. He took a strong part and an active in- 
terest in the legislation of his native state, and in the national con- 
gress. He was a strong partisan. His native vigor of intellect, 
improved by study and reflection, never failed to show his conserv- 
ative action. On life' he looked with careful eyes, and his judgment 
was ripened by large and varied experience. He possessed much 
firmness of purpose, and his speeches in congress upon the great 
and exciting questions which then agitated the public mind at- 
tracted much attention. 

In his personal bearing he was genial, and he quickly won the 
hearts of his acquaintances. While a member of the United States 
senate, he died of disease of the heart, at Washington, D. C, Jan. 
11, 1855, and the funeral was from his home in Manchester, K. IL 


His age was 55 yrs. 3 mos. 25 days. He married Abigail Brown 
Todd, of Portsmoath, N. H., who died with her daughter in Meri- 
den, N. H. She was daughter of Atkins and Rhoda (Choate) Todd. 


974. Walter Atkins Todd Norris'. He received an appointment in the post- 

office department at Washington, D. C, at about the time of his 
father's death, and became chief clerk in one of the divisions. At 
the outbreak of the Rebellion in 1861, he went south, united his 
fortunes with the Confederacy, and was on the staff of Gen. Al- 
bert Pike, and later on the staff of Gen. Robert E. Lee, and oc- 
cupied that place at the time of the surrender at Appomattox. 
After the war he returned to Manchester, N. H. Fortune did not 
smile upon him, and after many years of vicissitudes and disap- 
pointments, he d. of dropsy in the city hospital in Boston, Mass., 
about 1884 or 1885. He had been m. but his wife was dead and 
he left no children. 

975. Fannie Ellen Norris'^, d. in autumn of 1871, when a young woman at 

Manchester, N. H. ; single. 

976. James Buchanan Norrfs^. He served in the Union army, and after 

the war he d. at Savannah, Gki., about 1868 or 1869. 

977. Henry Clay Norris% res. in Manchester, N. H. He m. Feb., 1873, 

ilary Elvira, dan. of John and Betsey (Merrill) Lakin, of San- 
bomton, N. H., granddau. of Samuel and Hannah (Howe) Lakin, 
of Hooksett. She was b. Sept. 6, 1848. Mr. Norris d. of dropsy 
Nov. 15, 1875, at Hill, N. H. She m. 2d, Osman S. Wilbur, of 
Hill, N. H. 

978. Caroline Norris^, m. Lrving Austin Hurd, of Meriden, N. H. ; he was b. 

in Claremont, N. H., July 9, 1840 ; res. Claremont, N. H. Mrs. 
Hurd d. at Meriden, N. H., which was their home for several 
years, Oct. 11, 1873. Child : Henry Norris Hurd% b. March 6, 
1871; printer; res. Claremont, N. H. 

979. Mary A. Norris^, res. Cornish Flats, N. H. ; single. 

980. Nathan W. Norris* (431) [Jo8eph^ Moses*, James*, 
Moses*, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Bamstead, N. H., July 27, 
1791, and resided in his native town. Farmer. He married Folly, 
daughter of Maj. John Place, of Barnstead, and died Aug. 14, 1852, 
aged 67 years. 


981. Hannah Norris', m. Erl Sanders ; res. Worcester, Mass., and are de- 


982. Sylvester Norris'; he res. in Barnstead, N. H., then rem. to Alton, 

N. H., where he died. He m. Elizabeth Dorr, of Alton. Children : 
1, Almie Norris^, m. Mr. Yeaton, of Alton Corner, N. H. 2, Lu- 
ciDda C. NorrisS b. Gilmanton, N. H., Jan. 17, 1846; m. Oct. 25, 
1866, Charles A., son of Daniel S. and Amy (Newton) Harrington, 
of Worcester, Mass. He was b. in Millbnry, Mass., Feb. 12, 1841 ; 
res. Danversport, Mass. Child: Charles W. Harrington®, b. 
March 18, 1873 ; d. March 3, 1874. 3, Mary Norris% m. ifi. Stowe, 
of Worcester, Mass., and is deceased. 4, Ann Norris^, m. Mr. 
Peavey ; res. Alton Corner, N. H. 

983. Hannah Norris* (483) [Joseph^ Moses*, James*, Moses*, 
Nicholas^]. She was bom in Barnstead, N. H., Ang. 11, 1794; 


died March 18, 1869. She married, Aagost, 1817, William Natter, 
bom in Barnstead, N. H., Feb. 1, 1790. Farmer. He died June 
28, 1867. 


984. Harriet Newell Nutter% b. Barnstead, N. H., March 18, 1818 ; d. May, 

1882 ; she m. Acanthus Young, of Portsmouth. N. H. ; machinist ; 
he rem. to Barnstead, N. H., and d. there; sne d. in Pittsfleld, 
N. H. They adopted the younger dan. of her brother, William 
Nutter, namely, Hattie Y. Nutter^, b. Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 
30, 1861 ; m. May 15, 1881, George Bogoin Seldon, b. June 16, 
1864 ; res. Pittsfleld, N. H. Children : Newman Henry Seldon®, 
b. May 8, 1883. Frank William Seldon®, b. Aug. 22, 1887. 

985. William Nutter^ b. Barnstead, N. H., May 31, 1819 ; res. Portsmouth, 

N. H. ; was a riffger of vessels, and at one time mate of a steam- 
er at Mobile, Ala. He d. of consumption June 19, 1861; he m. 
Aug. 5, 1849, Annjenette Wear Gtotharn, of Portsmouth, b. Jan. 
29, 1830. (She m. 2d, John Lear, and had four children.) Res. 
Portsmouth, N. H. Children: 1, Ellen Augusta Nutter^, b. 
Barnstead, N. H., May 17, 1850 ; d. May 14, 1853. 2, William Au- 

fustus Nutter*, b. Portsmouth, N. H., March 18, 1853 ; m. Mav 
7, 1873, Judith Bartlett Eaton, b. Groveland, Mass., Nov. 20, 
1852; res. Chelsea, Mass. Child: William Herbert Nutter®, b. 
Groveland, Mass., June 21, 1874. 3, Hannah Elizabeth Nutter*, b. 
Portsmouth, N. H., Jan. 27, 1855 ; d. July 21, 1884. 4, Eva Jen- 
nette Nutter*, b. Portsmouth, N. H., Feb 29, 1856; m. Nov. 15, 
1877, Albert Lunt, b. Beverly, Mass., May 16, 1853 : hardware 
merchant; res. Beverly, Mass. 5, Annie Gertrude Nutter*, b. 
Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. 23, 1859 ; d. Oct. 10, 1860. 6, Hattie Y. 
Nutter*, adopted by her aunt, Mrs. Harriet Newell Nutter Young. 
(See her record. No. 984.) 

986. Augustus Granville Nutter'^, b. Barnstead, N. H., Dec. 13^820 ; far- 

mer; res. Barnstead, N. H. He m. May, 1867, Mrs. Eliza Jane 
Littlefleld. No children. 

987. Elizabeth Dame Nutter^ b. Barnstead, N. H., July 19, 1822 ; m. 

George Washington Watkins, b. Portsmouth, N. H., June 2, 1821, 
and who d. March 18, 1883- She res. Portsmouth, N. H., where 
were born her children : 1, Gteorge Washington Watkins*, b. Nov. 
29, 1842; printer in the Herald office; res. New York city. 2, 
Elizabeth Gate Watkins*. b. April 30, 1844; d. April 30, 1847. 3, 
Frances Abbie Watkins*, b. April 5, 1846; m. Gfeorge Day; res. 
Salem, Mass. 4, Edward Watkins*, b. Oct. 25, 1847 ; m. March 
14, 1869, Mary Ellen Smith, b. Dec. 16, 1848 ; res. Portsmouth, 
N. H. 5, Emma Cate Watkins*, b. Feb. 4, 1849 ; m. Dec. 27, 1872, 
James Edward Tucker, b. Oct. 1, 1846 : res. Portsmouth, N. H. 
Child : Ida May Tucker^, b. Sept. 21, 1873. 

988. Hannah Nutter"^, b. Barnstead, N. H., Jan. 5, 1824; m. 1844, Joseph 

Whittem, of Portsmouth, N. H. He was b. Plymouth, Eng., 
March 18, 1819 ; d. Mobile, Ala., Nov. 9, 1875 ; she d. May 21, 
1885. Children: 1, Joseph Jarvis Whittem*, b. Newburyport, 
Mass., March 13, 1846; d. April 13, 1846. 2, Mary Elizabeth 
Whittem*, b. Portsmouth, N. H., April 3, 1848; res. Concord, 
N. H. Single. 8, Thomas Jarvis Whittem*, b. Mobile, Ala., 
March 20, 1850; res. Jamaica Plain, Mass. He m. Oct. 24, 1878, 
* Annabel D. Fisher, of Nova Scotia. Child : Arthur Fisher Whit- 

tem*, b. Boston, Mass., July 21, 1879. 4, Sarah Ann Whittem*, b. 
Mobile, Ala., Dec. 5, 1851 ; d. of yellow fever in Baldwin co., 
Ala., Sept. 24, 1853. 5, Emily Ann Whittem*, b. Mobile, Ala., 
May 17, 1854; m. in Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. 18, 1884, Horace 


M. Wiggin. ChOd : Joseph Alfred Wiggln», b. Jan. 24, 1888. 6, 
John Nutter Whittem^, b. Portsmouth, Su H., April 6, 1858 ; print- 
er ; res. Boston, Mass. 7, Joseph William Whittem^, b. Forts- 
mouth, N. H., Aug. 25, 1861. His name has been changed to Wil- 
liam Whittem Jenness. (See No. 996.) 

989. James Nutter^, b. Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 5, 1825; m. May 16, 1852, 

Ruth Chesley, b. Bamscead, N. H., Jan. 27, 1827; res. several 
years in Bound Grove, Minn., where his wife d. Feb. 24, 1883. He 
now res. in Pittsfield, N. H., on a farm one mile from the village. 
Children: 1, George Washington Nutter®, b. Bamstead, N. H., 
Oct. 28, 1852; m. Jan. 1, 1882, at Round Grove, Minn., Olive 
Bams. His P. O. address is Brownton, McLeod co., Minn. 
Two children. 2, James Edgar Nutter®, b. Bamstead, N. H., Aug. 
26, 1853 ; m. in 1881, at Oxford, Kan., Elizabeth Hoflftnan. Three 
children. 3, Mary Augusta Nutter®, b. Barnstead, N. H., Aug. 
17, 1856; m. at Round Grove, Minn., Aug., 1876, Frederick 
Moore. Three children. 4, Frank Herbert Nutter®, b. Barn- 
stead, N. H., April 10, 1860. 5, Annie Adelaide Nutter®, b. Barn- 
stead, N. H., Aug. 17, 1862. 6, Charlotte Emeline Nutter®, b. 
Round Grove, Minn., Sept. 11, 1871. 

990. Mary Abbie Nutter% b. Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. 14, 1827 ; m. Jan. 9, 

1848, Samuel Jefferson Pitman, b. Bamstead, N. H., Nov. 28, 1823, 
and res. in his native town ; farmer. Children, born in Bamstead, 
N. H. : 1, Alvin Augustus Pitman®, b. Nov. 19, 1848 ; shoe man- 
ufacturer; res. Lynn, Mass. He m. May 16, 1872, Rosetta D. 
Clark, b. Bamstead, N H., March 17, 1848. Child : Etta May 
Pitman», b. Bamstead, N. H., Aug. 10, 1873. 2, Arthur William 
Pitman®, b. Oct. 25, 1851 ; d. April 3, 1852. 3, Almena Frances 
Pitman®, b. July 17, 1854; m. May 5, 1874, Charles Clement Cur- 
rier, of Belmont, N. H., b. Gilmanton, N. H., Feb. 9. 1845. Chil- 
dren: Addie May Currier®, b. Bamstead, N. H., Aug. 5, 1875. 
Alice Gertrude Currier®, b. Maplewood, Mass., Nov. 8, 1880, 4, 
Charles William Pitman®, b. Aug. 17, 1859 ; shoe manufacturer ; 
res. Barnstead, N. H. He m. Nettie Stevens of that town. 

991. Frances Caroline Nutter% b. Bamstead, N. H., March 22, 1829; m. 

Aug. 3, 1854, Jeremiah Orto, son of Asa and Hannah (Wingate) 
Winkley, of Barrington, N. H., b. Feb. 5, 1830; res. Boston, 
Mass. Children: 1, Josephine Augusta Winkley®, b. Boston, 
Mass., Aug. 1, 1855; m. Sept. 8, 1875, John Connor of Limerick, 
Me., b. Parsonfield, Me., Aug. 9, 1843 ; res. Chelsea, Mass. Child- 
ren : Mildred McCollum Connor®, b. Boston, Mass., Nov. 11, 1877. 
Ralph Winkley Connor®, b. Chelsea, Mass., Jan. 19, 1885. Mar- 
ion Foye Connor®, b. Chelsea, Mass., Dec. 21, 1886. 2, Lizzie 
Wingate Winkley®, b. Parsonfield, Me., Sept. 1, 1860 ; is employed 
in the office of the Touth*9 Companion; res. Boston, Mass. 3, 
Lura Frances Winkley®, b. Parsonfield, Me., May 17, 1863 ; res. 
Boston, Mass. 

992. John Franklin Nutter'', b. Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 21, 1830; d. Jan. 

3, 1835. 

993. Sophia Jane Nutter^, b. Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 4, 1832 ; d. Sept. 29, 

1882 ; she m. Sept. 12, 1863, G^eorge Franklin Clough, of Belmont, 
N. H., b. in Upper Gilmanton, now Belmont, Oct. 13, 1833 ; far- 
mer ; res. Belmont, N. H. Children, born in Upper Gilmanton, 
N. H.: 1, Josephine May Clough®, b. Nov. 5, 1866; m. May 12, 
1883, Albion Nutter Foss, North Bamstead, N. H., b. Aug. 5, 
1860. Child : Jennie May Foss®, b. Aug. 13, 1884. 2, Nellie Fran- 
ces Clough®, b. March 18, 1868 ; res. Barnstead, N. H. 

994. Ellen Augusta Nutter^ (a twin sister of Sophia Jane), b. Portsmouth, 

N. H., Nov. 4, 1832 ; d. Jan. 20, 1835. 


995. Ann Kebecca Nntter'',b. Portsmouth, N. H., March 27, 1834 ; m. Oct. 

2, 1853, Joseph F., son of Henry Langley, of Bamstead, N. H. 
He was b. Auf?. 18, 1831 ; farmer ; res. Pittsfield, N. H. No chil- 

996. Josephhie Augusta Nutter"^, b. Portsmouth, N. H., April 6, 1838; m. 

May 12, 1860, John M. Jenness, of Alton, N. H., b. there Dec. 3, 
1833; d. Oct. 21, 1886, at Bamstead Parade, N. H. She lives 
with her sister, Mrs. langley, at Pittsfield, N. H. No children. 
She took her nephew, Joseph William Whittem, when he was 
two years of age, and cared for him as she would have cared for 
her own son. His name has been changed to William Whittem 
Jenness. (See family of Hannah (Nutter) Whittem. No. 988.) 
He graduated at Bates College, Lewiston, Me., in 1885, and was 
a law student in 1890. 

997. Mary Norris* (434) [Joseph*, Moses*, James', Moses^ Nich- 
olas^]. She was bom in Barnstead, N. H., July 15, 1796; married 
Henry Blaisdell, of Pittsfield, N. H. He was a farmer and stone- 
cutter, and resided in Bamstead. He was born in 1803; died in 
Alton, K. H., in 1848. His widow was a person of great energy, 
returned to Pittsfield, N. H., and resided in the village until her 
death, about 1888. 


998. Lucy White BlaisdelF, b. July 10, 1823 ; she lived with her mother, 

and was a most faithful and devoted daughter. Her mother was 
tenderly cared for by her when the infirmities of age pressed 
heavily upon her, and her mental and physical power gave way. 
She lives in Pittsfield, N. H. 

999. Eliza Ann BlaisdelF, b. about 1825 ; d. se. 3 yrs. 

1000. Martha 6. Norris* (435) [Joseph*, Moses^ James^ Mo8e8^ 
Nicholas^]. She was bom in Barnstead, N. H., Sept. 12, 1798; 
married, Jan. 20, 1825, Charles Grandison Sinclair^ of her native 
town. He was born in Bamstead, May 4, 1793, was a son of Lieut. 
Richard Sinclair*, and grandson of Col. Richard Sinclair^ of that 
town. The latter was son of Samuel Sinclair', of Newmarket, N. H., 
who was son of John^ and grandson of John Sinclair^, of Exeter, 
N. H., the emigrant ancestor of the family. Charles G. Sinclair in- 
herited a military spirit and took a deep interest in the success of 
the second war with Great Britain, 1812-^15^ and participated in 
its stirring scenes. He enlisted at Portsmouth, N. H., July 5, 1815, 
in Capt. r. Lovering's company, 21st regt. regular infantry of the 
United States, as a corporal, and later was a sergeant in Capt. Mor- 
rill Marston's company. He was with a detachment of troops un- 
der Lieut. James Pratt, which crossed from Buffalo to Fort Erie, 
Upper Canada, and joined the American army under General Brown. 
On the 17th of September, 1815, he participated in the desperate 
fight with the English, called " the Sortie," where he was severely 
wounded by a musket ball in the right shoulder. He served until 
the close of the war, and subsequently was pensioned by the govern- 
ment. He was of fine personal appearance, was an expert account- 


ant. He resided in Barnstead, and from the wound received in the 
service of his country he never recovered, and died of consumption 
July 18, 1834. 

Mrs. Norris was of the best type of American womanhood. At 
the age of thirty-six years she was left a widow in destitute circum- 
stances. The long illness of her husband, and two unfortunate 
suits at law which were undecided at his death, used up their slen- 
der income, so that she was left with but seventy dollars in money 
and a small amount of household furniture, as the worldly sub- 
stance for the maintenance of herself and her son, John G. Sinclair, 
then eight years of age. To that boy and the service of her God 
she devoted the remainder of her life. With her needle she earned 
their daily bread, and kept her son at school. A devoted Christian, 
with an unblemished life, she became a member of the Congregar 
tional church at Barnstead, N. H. On her removal to Bethlehem, 
N. H., she united with the Methodist Episcopal church, of which she 
was a member at her death, February, 1880. She was 81 years of 
age at the time of her death. 


1001. John G. Sinclair^ (1516), b. March 25, 1826; res. Orlando, Fla. 

1002. Nancy Norris* (437) [Joseph^ Moses^ James', Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. She was bom April 18, 1802 ; married Nehemiah Kim- 
ball, of Rochester, N. H. He was a farmer and lumberman; was 
prominent among his fellows, and held in high esteem by all. He 
was a republican in politics and resided in Alton, N. H., at the time 
of his death, October, 1847. Mrs Kimball was in all respects worthy 
of her husband. After his death she removed to Pittsfield, N. H., 
and resided until her death with her sister, Mrs. Blaisdell. 


1003. Sarah E. KimbalF, b. Rochester, N. H., Oct. 11, 1829; m. Dec. 24, 

1851, Amos L. KoUins, of Alton, N. H., who was b. Dec. 11, 1826, 
and son of Ichabod and Sarah (Walker) Kollins, of Alton. He 
was town clerk of Alton in 1852, treasurer of the Lake Insurance 
Co. in 1858, and in 1870 and 1889, was a member of the legisla- 
ture. In 1873 he was a commissioner of Belknap co. Mrs. Rol- 
lins d. March, 1871, leaving five children. 

1004. Joseph Paul KimbalF, m. Lucy Freeman, of Alton Comer, N. H. 

He was a merchant ; res. Alton, then rem. to Marlborough, Mass , 
where he and his wife d. of typhoid fever, and are buried in Al- 
ton, N. H. Children: 1, Charles KimbalP, deceased. 2, John 
Sinclair KimbalP, res. Rochester, N. H. 3, Arthur KimbalP, is 

1005. Martha Kimball'', m. Dudley P. Evans, of Alton Corner, N. H. He 

is deputy sherriff and undertaker. Children: Mabel Evans^, 
Harry Evans^. 

1006. Mahala Norris* (438) [Jo8eph^ Moses\ James', Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. She was born in Barnstead, N. H., July 2, 1804 ; mar- 


ried Josiah Edwards, of Gilmanton, N. H.; farmer. He died, and 
she married, 2d, Jonathan Folsom, of Laoonia, N. H., a farmer. 
They are deceased. 


1007. Adaline Edwards"^, m. Frank Sanders, of Worcester, Mass., then rem. 

to North Hampton, Mass. They are deceased. No children. 

1008. Emery Edwards'^, went west and is deceased. 

1009. Eliza Edwards^, was deaf and dumb and supported herself at the 

trade of a printer. 

1010. Hannah Edwards^, m. her deceased sister's husband, Frank Sanders, 

of North Hampton, Mass. 

1011. Sarah Edwards^, m. Mr. Aldrich; res. Worcester, Mass. 

1012. Joseph S. Norris* (439) [Joseph*, Moses^ James*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Barnstead, N. H., on Friday, Dec. 26, 
1806, and succeeded his father upon the homestead in that town, 
where his life was spent and where he died, Feb. 2, 1850, aged 43 
years He married Kosella Smith, of Gilmanton, N. H., and she is 


1013. Joseph S. Norris^, b. May 22, 1850; res. Rochester, N. H.: was con- 
nected with the police force. He m. Aug., 1870, Isabel M. Ricker, 
of Farmin^ton, N. H., where she was born, May 15, 1853. Chil- 
dren: 1, Martha A.Norris^, b. Farmington, N. H., Dec. 26, 1871. 
2, Minnie E. Norriss, b. Rochester, N. H., April 27, 1874. 3, 
Josie F. Norris^, b. Rochester, N. H., Sept. 18, 1876. 4, J. Sher- 
man Norris®, b. Rochester, N. H., Jan. 3, 1890. 

1014. Henry Albion Norris* (442) [James Frederick*, Major 
James^ James*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Monmouth, 
Me., Oct. 20, 1803 ; married, Aug. 29, 1827, Eliza Temple, born in 
Dorchester, Mass., April .14, 1802, daughter of Dr. Samuel and 
Phebe (Mann) Temple, of Orange, Mass., and granddaughter of 
Hananiah Temple. She died in Melrose, Mass., June 12, 1888. 

He resided in Monmouth, Me., for twenty years ; in Boston, Mass., 
for twenty-three years ; and in Melrose, Mass., for forty-two years. 
He was in the real estate business. He died in Melrose, Mass., 
April 7, 1889. He was a large owner of real estate and aided 
greatly in developing the town. By his generosity was placed the 
fountain on Avon street. He was prominent in local affairs ; served 
on the citizens' committee to procure soldiers during the war, was 
a member of the school board and board of assessors. In personal 
appearance he was attractive, was a great reader, a close student of 
men and afEairs, and was very intelligent. 


1015. John Chandler Norris^, b. Dorchester, Mass., Aug. 3, 1829 ; d. Mon- 

mouth, Me., Feb. 12, 1831. 

1016. Mary Elizabeth Norris^ (1521), b. Monmouth, Me., Oct. 24, 1830, m. 

Dec. 28, 1853, Ome Upham ; farmer ; res. Melrose, Mass. 

1017. Phebe Ann Norris^ (1528), b. M.onmouth, Me., April 2, 1832 ; m. Oct. 

30, 1884, Bobert Smith Benneson ; res. Quincy, 111. 



1018. Sarah Frances Norris', b. Dorchester, Mass., Nov. 21, 1833 : m. June 

11, 1856, Edward F. Howe; res. Melrose, Mass. Children: 1, 
Frank Albion Howe®, b. Melrose, Mass.; m. Jennie Kay; res. 
Melrose, Mass. 2, Sidney Howe®, b. Nov. 8, 1864; m. Oct. 2, 
1884, Lizzie Hinckley, of Blue Hill, Me. ; res. Melrose, Mass. 

1019. Esther Maria Norris^ (1529), b. Dorchester, Mass., March 18, 1835; 

m. April 30, 1857, J. Mason Everett, Canton, Mass. 

1020. Charles Henry Norris^, b. Dorchester, Mass., July 9, 1838 ; d. Aug. 

9, 1838. 

1021. Louisa Amelia Norris"^, b. Dorchester, Mass., Aug. 29, 1840 ; m. June 4, 

1863, Dr. Joseph Robbins ; res. Quincy, 111. She d. March 16, 1876. 

1022. Helen Augusta Norris^ (1534), b. Dorchester, Mass., May 5, 1842; 

m. Oct., 1864, John H. Crocker; res. San Francisco, Cal. 

1023. Charles Sullivan Norris* (443) [James Frederick^ Maj. 
James*, James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Augusta, Me., 
Oct. 9, 1806; married, Nov. 26, 1835, Almira Dearborn Blake. 
Farmer. Resided in Monmouth, Me., and died Aug. 20, 1872. He 
was a member of the legislature, and was postmaster for many years. 


1024. James Henry Norris^, h. Monmonth, Me., Nov. 24, 1850; m. Jan. 12, 
1875, M. Louisa, dau. of John Cushing and Mary F. (Small) Fogg, 
and granddau of William Fogg. She was b. in Wales, Me., Jan. 
9, 1854. Mr. Norris is a farmer and lives in Monmouth, Me. ; is a 
republican in politics ; has filled town offices and was a member 
of the legislature of Maine in 1881. Children : 1« Almira Louise 
Norris^, b. Monmouth, Me., Aug. 18, 1876. 2, Berton Henry Nor- 
ris^, b. Monmouth, Me., Oct. 7, 1880. 3, Mary Emma Norris^, b. 
Monmouth, Me., March 29, 1883. 

1025. James Rogers Norris* (444) [James Frederick^ Maj. 
James^ James^ Moses^ Nicholas^. He was born July 16, 1812. 
He married Sarah Learned, daughter of Dr. Samuel and Pbebe 
(Mann) Temple, of Dorchester, Mass. He died at Saco, Me., Jan- 
uary, 1889. 


1026. James F. Norris^, d. in infancy. 

1027. James Hiram Norris^, b. Dorchester, Mass.; m. Emma Turner; she 

d. 1869; he res. San Francisco, Cal. Son: James Frederick Nor- 
ris% b. 1868 (?) ; res. San Francisco, Cal. 

1028. Charles Hannibal Norris', b. Monmouth, Me., 1840 ; m. Sept. 30, 1870, 

Sadie R. Howes, and d. at Atchison, Kan., Aug. 12, 1886. Chil- 
dren: 1, Alice F. Norriss, b. Feb. 13, 1879. 2, Charles Clifton 
Norriss, b. June 27, 1884. 

1029. Ella F. Norris^, res. Saco, Me. 

1030. Louise A. Norris^, d. at Monmouth, Me. 

1031. Franklui Norris*^, m. Sarah Brown; res. Saco, Me. 

1032. Mary Ann Clapp Norris* (447) [James Frederick*, Maj. 
James^ James^, Moses^, mcholas^]. She was born Aug. 21, 1815; 
married Arthur Spring, of Montville, Me. She died at vVorcester, 
Mass., Aug. 18, 1873. Two daughters and one son died young. 


1032a. William A. Spring^, m. and res. Worcester, Mass. Four children. 


1032b. Rufus Greenleaf Norris* (463) [Jo8eph^ Maj. JamesS 
James*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Monmouth, Me., May 
10, 1805; married, June 7, 1830, Julia Ann Lovejoy. She waa 
born May 1, 1807 and died May 5, 1881. He died Aug. 2, 1842. 
He went to Boston, Mass., when a young man, and was engaged in 
the leather business, later in the oil business under the name of R. 
6. Norris & Co., and was in trade at the time of his death. 


1033. Julia Ann Norri8% b. March 23, 1831 ; d. Sept. 27, 1839. 

1034. r Rufus Greenleaf Norris^ (1540), b. Dec. 18, 1832; m. Jan 1, 1862, 
-j Marcia Ayer Avery, and d. Jan. 1, 1887 : res. Boston, Mass. 

1035. 1 Joseph Lovejoy Norris', b. Dec. 18, 1832; d. April 23, 1833. 

1036. Frances Elizabeth Norris^, b. March 18, 1837 ; d. Jan. 16, 1838. 

1037. Edward Lovejoy Norrls^ (1543), b. Dec. 4, 1838; res. Gloucester, 

Mass. ; m. Sarah Elizabeth Hoyt, Sept. 29, 1870. 

1038. Joseph Milliken Norris', b. Dec. 2, 1842; m. 1869, Margarite May- 

bury. Is freight agent of C R. I. & P. R. R., at Chicago ; res. 
7140 Yale ave., Englewood, Chicago, 111. No children. 

1039. Sally Norris* (464) [DanieP, Daniel^ James', Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. She was bom Aug. 17, 1795; married, Feb. 1, 1820, 
Samuel Bean. He was a merchant in Meredith, Village, N. H., 
and died Oct. 19, 1865. She died Jan. 28, 1844. They were mem- 
bers of the church. 


1040. Mary L. Bean% b. June 21, 1821 ; m. July 1, 1840, Enoch W. Jfojes. 
He was a merchant in Meredith Village, N. H., and d. Sept. 30, 
1853 ; she d. June 1, 1863. They were members of the church. 
Children: 1, Samuel B. Noyes«, b. Dec. 10, 1842; m. Annette 
Curry; was a merchant in Chicago, 111., and d. Jan. 15, 1870. 
Children : Harry L. Noyes^, b. Aug., 1868 ; res. Boone, la. Mary 
Josephine NoyesS b. Feb. 14, 1870 ; d March 14, 1871. 2, William 
Henry Noye8«, b. Oct. 16, 1846 ; d. April 14, 1848. 3, Sarah M. 
Noyess, b. July 26, 1849. 4, Ella M. Noyes^, b. July 17, 1851 ; d. 
Sept. 20, 1883. 

1041. Daniel Norris* (467) [DanieP, Daniel*, James^ Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was born March 28, 1804; married, Feb. 4, 1833, 
Emily Eames, born Feb. 6, 1808, and who died Oct. 30, 1860. He 
married, 2d, Mrs. Sarah Bartlett, Aug. 25, 1863. She was bom 
Sept. 23, 1810. He is an undertaker and mechanic. He and his 
wives were members of the church. Resides in Meredith Village, 
N. H. 


1042. Edward Norris^, b. Nov. 15, 1835 ; d. Aug. 13, 1836. 

1043. Charles E Norris^ b. Oct. 10, 1839; m. June 14, 1870, Rose Wad- 

leigh ; be is a marble worker ; res. Manchester, N. H. Children : 
1, Emily Alma Norris^, b. July 25, 1871. 2, Eunice Mabel Nor- 
ris8, b. March 13, 1873. 3, Daniel Norrls«, b. March 17, 1876 ; d. 
Sept. 5, 1876. 4, Sarah Nellie Norris» (twin), b. March 17, 1876. 
5, Daniel Thomas Norris®, b. June 4, 1878. 6, Carrie Norris®, b. 
May 18, 1881. 


1044. Jonathan Perkins Norris* (468) [Daniel*, Daniel^ James*, 
Moses^ Nicholas^. He was born Oct. 21, 1807; married, Dee. 12, 
1837, Catherine Neal. Farmer. Resided in Centre Harbor, N. H., 
and died May 7, 1835. She is a member of the church. 


1045. Julia A. Norris% b. March 7, 1843 ; m. Oct. 12, 1862, David M. Whitcher ; 

farmer ; she d. in winter of 1889-90 ; res. Centre Harbor, N. H. 
Child : Ellen A. Whitcher^, b. Sept. 13, 1863 ; m. Jan. 1, 1884, Frank 
A. Bartlett. They are members of the church ; he is a farmer ; 
res. Centre Harbor, N. H. Child: Perkins Norris Bartlett®, b. 
March 21, 1885. 

1046. Lucy E. Norris^, b. Aug. 4, 1846 ; d. Jan. 9, 1847. 
1046a. Ellen Norris% b. July 4, 1852; d. Oct. 1, 1855. 

1047. John Norris* (469) [Daniel*^, Daniel*, James', Moses^ Nich- 
olas^l He was bom Aug. 23, 1809; married, June 28, 1843, Ade- 
line Eames. He was a merchant, and resided in Lancaster, N. H. 
They were members of the church. He died July 6, 1844. 


1048. Sarah B. Norris^ b. May 14, 1844; m. George W. Hayden. He is a 
railroad man and res. at Ottawa, HI. Children : 1, John William 
Haydens, b. May 17, 1863. 2, Lola A. HaydenS b. Dec. 27, 1874. 

1049. Joseph Norris* (473) [Joshua*, Daniel^ James*, Moses^, 
Nicholas^]. He was born in Centre Harbor, N. H., July 29, 1792. 
He married, March 23, 1823, Mary Bean in Centre Harbor. He 
died in Meredith, N. H., April 16, 1872. 


1050. William Bean Norris^, b. May 29, 1825; m. Aug. 2, 1847, Lucinda M. 

Blood ; res. Washington, N. H. ; he d. at Crown Point, HI., Nov., 
1883; He was an engineer. Children: 1, Sarah Frances Norris^, 
b. Dec. 19, 1847; d. Oct. 5, 1848. 2, Ella Jane NorrisS m. Mr. 
Bucklin. 3, Abby Frances Norris^. 4, Willie F. NorrisS d. Nov. 
24, 1857. 

1051. Dudley Fogg Norris^, b. April 10, 1827 ; m. Feb. 28, 1854, Eliza S. 

Jay. Machinist, Congregationalist ; res. at Scranton, Penn. He 
Was a soldier of the Union, and was wounded at Chancellors ville. 
He d. at Concord, N. H., Sept., 1874. Children : 1, Walter Jay 
Norriss, b. Northfleld, Vt., March 28, 1858 ; machinist. 2, Adona 
Bell Norris^, b. Meredith, N. H., Feb. 10, 1861. 3, Lottie Fran- 
ces Norris^, b. June 22, 1865 ; res. Scranton, Penn. 

1052. Abby Marceline Norris^ b. Dec. 18, 1828; m. March 4, 1852, John 

True Bean ; he is a farmer ; res. Moultonborough, N. H. Children : 
1, Mary Lizzie Bean^, b. March 29, 1853; m. John Q. Hatch, of 
Tamworth, N. H. 2, Abby Frances Bean^, b. April 14, 1856; 
res. Moultonborough, N. H. 3, William Frederick Bean^, b. Nov. 
3, 1860; res. Moultonborough, N. H. 4, Josiah Nelson Bean^, b. 
Aug. 3, 1866 ; res. Moultonborough, N. H. 

1053. Mary Drake Norris^ b. May 15, 1831 ; d. Meredith, N. H., Jan. 9, 

1064. George Henry Norris', b. March 28, 1833 ; m. March 1, 1855, Martha 
A^, dan. of Benjamin and Mary Ann (Whitcher) Mudgett, she 

no JASE Moma»; sixth ^OnOtATIOK. 

was b. Xew HmmpCoiLy X. H., Av- 3, 1836; she wms i^middmii. of 
BetqfOBm and Ljdia (Hiickiii«; Drake, of New Hampton, X. H. 
Mr. Xorrifl tea carpenter; has Ihred in Meredith forty-eight years ; 
fai Concord, X. H., Ihre years; in Xew Hampton for four years. 
He is a Congncationalist in his religioos faith ; res. Meredith, 
X. H. ChOd : Mary Ida Xorris', b. Aug. 17, 1S66. 

1055. Mary Jane Xorris^, b. Aog. 28, 1835 ; m. Henry A. Tnttle. She was 

a Congr^ationalist; res. Xewnuirket, X. H. He is a machinist. 
She d. Aog. 1, 1872. Children, bom in Xewmark^ X. H. : 1, 
Mary Louise TnttleB,b. Oct. 16, 1864; d« Oct. 9, 1869. 2,£dgarA. 
Tnttle*, b. June 25, 1866 ; d. 1877. 3, Emma BeU Tattle^, b. April 
17, 1868. 4. Alice Jane Tnttle*, b. July, 1870. 5, Henry Xorris 
Tattle*, b. March 29, 1872 ; d. Sept. 9, 1872. 

1056. Sally Ann Xorris?, b. Sept. 5, 1840 ; d. Ang. 7, 18U. 

1057. Jane Korru* (477) [James*, Daniel^ James*, Moses*, Nich- 
olas^]. She was bom in I^ymond, N. H., Jan. 17, 1798; married, 
March 24, 1819, Sberbame Glove, of Nottingham, N. H. They lived 
in Northwood, N. H., for thirteen years, and then removed to the 
old Norris homestead in Raymond, N. H. He was a farmer, and 
captain in the militia. He died Oct. 25, 1874. She died Nov. 7, 


1058. f Julia Ann Oove^ b. Northwood, N. H., May 9, 1822; d. there Nov. 

i5, 1824, 

1859. i Samuel B. Gove^, b. at Northwood, N. H., May 9, 1822. Rem. with 
his parents to Baymond in 1831, onto the Norris homestead. 
He was educated at Hampton, N. H., Academy, and for about 
thirty vears taught from one to three terms per year in different 
towns In Rockingham co., N. H. ; has be^n a land surveyor ; has 
done considerable business in making wills, deeds, and other doc- 
uments usually drafted by a justice of the peace. For thirty 
vears he has owned and carried on a farm in Raymond, N. H.'; 
he m. Sept. 16, 1847, Abby M. Tllton, of Raymond ; she d. Oct. 
14, 1860; he m. 2d, June 27, 1861; res. Raymond, N. H. Chil- 
dren: 1, Edwin F. Gove^, b. Raymond, Feb. 1, 1849; d. in Guth- 
rie, Ind. Ter.. March 17, 1890. 2, Burt E. GoveS b. July 4, 1852 ; 
is a stair builder; res. Boston, Mass. 3, Sarah Jane Grove^, b. 
Jan. 19, 1855 ; m. Nov. 29, 1877, John D. Marston, of Rye, N. H. 
He is a lawyer and farmer ; has children. 4, Luna Abbie Grove^, 
b. Dec. 26, 1857; m. Jan. 26, 1881, Alden F. Sanborn, of Fremont, 
N. H.: he is a farmer; has children. 5, Sherburne Gove^, b. 
July 23, 1868 ; he is a stair builder ; res. Boston, Mass. 6, John 
F. Gove^, b. March 3, 1872 ; is a student in the seminary at King- 
ston, N. H. 

1060. Julia A. Gove^, b. in Northwood, N. H., April 13, 1829 ; teacher ; she m. 
Feb. 23, 1854, Dr. Warren Parsons ; res. Rye, N. H. ; she and her 
husband and children are members of the Congregational church. 
He was b. in Rye, May 28, 1818 ; in March, 1842, he graduated 
from Columbia Medical College, Washington, D. C. Children, 
born in Rye, N. H. : 1, Frederick D. Parsons^, b. April 13, 1858; 
m. Dec. 4, 1889, Abby P., dau. of C. J. Brown, of Rye, where 
she was b. Au^. 17, 1864. 2, Ella Maria Parsons^, b. June 20, 
1860 ; m. Sept. 29, 1880, John T. Fraser ; he is a telegraph engi- 
neer; res. Rye, N. H. Children: Julia Warren Fraser®, b. Jan. 
21, 1882. Frederick John Fraser®, b. March 25, 1883. Susan 


Parsons Fraser<», b. Oct. 4, 1885; d. March 27, 1888. 3, Anna 
Decatur Parsons^, b. June 22, 1864; res. Kye Centre, N. H. 

1060a. James F. Gove^ b. Kaymond, N. H., Nov. 23, 1832; he m. Aug. 6, 
1860, Eliza Ann Page ; they res. on the old Norris homestead in 
Rayinond ; he is a farmer and cattle dealer, and is well known in 
political circles as a strong and ardent republican. Children, 
born in Kaymond, N. H. : 1, George W. GoveS b. Feb. 17, 1862; 
d. May 6, 1885. 2, Abbie A. Gove% b. Dec. 25, 1867. 3, Lew- 
ellyn J. Gove*, b. Dec. 9, 1873. 

1060b. Greorge S. €k)ve^, b. in Raymond, N. H., Jan. 11, 1841 ; was a mem- 
ber of Co. K, 5th regt. N. H. vols. ; was promoted to be a lieu- 
tenant, and served during the war, being several times severely 
wounded. After the war he went to Allegheny, Penn. ; is now a 
locomotive engineer; res. Boone, Boone co., la. He m. Aug. 21, 
1872, Edna O. Combs. Two children. 

1061. Hannah S. Norris* (478) [James*, Daniel*, James*, Moses*, 
Nicholas^. She was bom in Raymond, N. H., June 10, 1801. She 
married Samuel Shepard April 18, 1824. He was a trader and 
farmer, and he possessed large natural ability. They had several 
children, and all bat two died while young. She married, 2d, 
Lawrence Brown. She married, 3d, Gardiner Tilton, of Epping. 
She lived in Epping, N. H., and died Nov. 28, 1885. 


1062. George N. Shepard% trader ; res. West Epping, N. H. 

1063. Daniel Lane Norris* (479) [James^ Daniel^ James*, Moses^ 
Nicholas^]. He was bom in Raymond, N. H., Aug. 7, 1805, and 
resided in his native town until about 1832, when he settled in 
Dover and kept an auction and commission store from 1832 to 1840. 
He compiled and published the Dover city directory for 1837, '38, 
and '46 and '48. In 1846 and '48 he was proprietor of a periodical 
store, and published the city directory in 1848. He married, Oc- 
tober, 1830, Sophia Ann, daughter of Stephen and Polly (Morrill) 
Osgood, and granddaughter of John and Susannah (Prescott) Os- 
good. She was born in Raymond, Nov. 19, 1806; died in her na- 
tive town June 3, 1873. She was a member of the church in Ray- 
mond, and was transferred to the First Congregational church in 
Dover, by letter, of which she was a member some 20 years, and on 
her removal to Raymond, after the death of her husband, she was 
transferred to the Raymond church, in 1854. Mr. Norris died in 
Dover Dec. 10, 1851. 


1064. Abbie Osgood Norris'', b. Dec. 7, 1831 ; d. Dover, N. H., March 3, 

1066. Sophia Ann Norris^ b. May 8, 1835. On Nov. 2, 1851, she united 
with the First Congregational church in Dover, and in 1856 was 
transferred to the church in Raymond, N. H. She m. Feb. 23, 
1860, David Lane, and res. Kaymond, N. H. He was a farmer; 
b. Jan. 7, 1831 ; d. Feb. 14, 1888. Children, bom in Raymond, 
N. H. : 1, Samuel Martin Lane^, b. Jan. 14, 1861 ; res. Ashbum- 


ham, Mass. 2, Alice Gertrude Lane^, b. March 16, 1865 ; res. Ash- 
burnham, Mass. 3, Sarah Mabel Lane^, b. July 6, 1872 ; res. Ash- 
bumham, Mass. 4, Annie Sophia Lane*^, b. April 29, 1874; res. 
A-Shburnham .^[ass 

1066. Charles Henry Norris^, b. March 17, 1839; m. April, 1859, Emma 

Dean; res. Keokuk, la., where he d. April 6, 1861. No children. 

1067. Sarah Gertrude Norris% b. Nov. 17, 1841 ; m. Jan. 1, 1867, Hon. War- 

ren Brown, res. Hampton Falls, N. H. Mr. Brown is one of the 
progressive farmers of the state ; has been prominent in politics, 
having served in both branches of the legislature and in the gov- 
ernor's council. Children, bom in Hampton Falls, N. H. : 1, 
Harry Benson Brown^, b. June 8, 1870. 2, Arthur Warren 
BrownS, b. July 20, 1873. 3, Gertrude Norris Brown^, b. May 17, 
1878. 4, Mildred Leavitt Brown^, b. April 3, 1880. 

1068. Timothy Osgood Norris* (480) [James*, DanielS James', 
Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Eaymond, N. H., Aug. 14, 
1812; graduated at Dartmouth College in 1840, and became a 
teacher in Massachusetts and Hampton, N. H., for twelve years, 
and was successful and popular. The degrees of A. B. and A. M., 
were conferred upon him. About 1855, through the influence of 
Governor Grimes, of Iowa, who was a classmate, he removed to Troy, 
la., and for fourteen years was principal of the Troy Academy. On 
account of ill health, he relinquished his chosen profession and en- 
gaged in trade, and at the time of his death was the senior member 
of the firm of Norris & Ross, Troy, la. At one time he was a mem- 
ber of the legislature of Iowa. He died in Troy April 18, 1891, aged 
74 yrs. 7 mos. 29 days. 


1069. Mary O. Norris^ b. July 4, 1859. 

1070. Elma J. Norris^, b. Aug. 16, 1862. 

1071. Greenleaf Rufus Norris* (498) [Lowell^ Simeon*, James', 
Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Epping, N. H., Nov. 3, 1796, 
and resided on a farm in close proximity to the railroad station, 
near Epping Village. The farm is owned in 1892 and lived upon 
by his daughter, Mrs. Catherine Stevens Norris. He was a farmer, 
tanner, and shoemaker; was a whig in politics, and strong in his 
political convictions. He was a great reader, and was very intelli- 
gent, and a person of strict integrity. He died of consumption, 
April 15, 1840. He married, April 8, 1822, by Rev. David Harri- 
man, a Baptist clergyman, Catherine Brown, daughter of Chase 
Norris, of Epping. (See her family). She was born Jan. 5. 1802; 
died Oct. 18, 1831. He married, 2d, Abigail, daughter of John and 
Huldah (Bachelder) Soribner, of Fremont, N. H. She was bom 
Oct. 13, 1800; died Aug. 15, 1835. He married, 3d, Dec. 31, 1835, 
Lucinda, daughter of John Lane. She was born in Epping Aug. 
20, 1811. She suffered from (puerperal mania) a mental derange- 
ment, and resides at Concord, N. H. 


MUR E. NOkklH. 



1071a. Catherine Stevens Norris^, b. April 2, 1823 ; m. April 29, 1849, Theo- 
philus Norris, 2d, of Epping, N. H. (See his family, No. 727.) 

1072. fRufus G. Norris^, b. March 4, 1839. He was a Union soldier, and d. 

April 8, 1873, at New Orleans, La. He was in Co. B, 11th regt.. 
Conn. vols. 

1073. [Albert Lane Norris'^ (1547a), b. March 4, 1839; physician; res. Cam- 

bridge, Mass. 

1074. Capt. Dudley Norris, Jr.* (602) [Lowell*, Simeon*, James*, 
Moses^ Nicholas^] . He was bom in Epping, N. H., Feb. 1 6, 1 804. He 
was a captain in the state militia. He possessed a tenacious mem- 
ory, and his mind was well disciplined by extensive reading. His 
natural powers were of more than ordinary strength. He was a 
farmer, tanner, and shoe manufacturer. At one period he resided 
in Epping Village, but the last of his life was spent on a farm, three- 
fourths of a mile from the village, near the homestead of bis father. 
He married, in 1827, Eliza Martin, daughter of Nathaniel Martin, of 
Loudon, N. H., where she was born, and who died in Epping, aged 
79 years. He married, 2d, Anna Fogg, of Epping. She died May 
17, 1887, and was daughter of Jonathan Fogg. She was an esti- 
mable woman, and a consistent member of the Methodist church. 
He died Sept. 5, 1888. 


1075. Rufus Martin Norris^, deceased. 

1076. Rufus Martin Norris^, deceased. 

1077. George Rufus Norris"^, deceased. 

1078. Elizabeth Martin Norris^, b. 1836; m. William Walker; she m. 2d, 

John Batison, and res. in Holyoke, Mass. She had two children 
by 1st husband, both deceased. 


1079. Charles Edwin Norris"', deceased. 

1080. Sarah Ellen Norri8% deceased. 

1081. Sarah Norris* (519) [Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Benjamin', 
Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. She was born in Dorchester, N. H., April 
1, 1785; married, March 12, 1809, Calvin Hobart', born in Groton, 
N. H., May 28, 1781. (He was son of Calvin^ Jonas*, ShubueP, 
Shubuel^ Gersham', Peter^, Edmond Hobart\ who came from Eng- 
land in 1632, living in Hingham, Mass.) Farmer and carpenter. 
Resided in St. Albans, Vt., until 1821, in Schuyler county, Illinois, 
near Beardstown, until 1831, where he died Aug. 27, 1831. Thejr 
were members of the M. E. church, and were devotedly and practi- 
cally religious. They had been teachers, were intelligent, good 
singers, and much esteemed. She married, 2d, December, 1833, 
Joshua Ticknor, and died in Red Wing, Minn., March 13, 1874. 


1082. Norris Hobart% b. St. Albans, Vt., June 9, 1811; m. Sept., 1834, 
Mary, dau. of his stepfather, Joshua Ticknor. He m. 2d, 



Sarah Berry. He was a clergyman, and d. at Mankato, Minn., 
June 25, 1887. Children (three by Ist wife) : 1, John Scripps 
Hobarts. 2, Nicholas Bastion Hobart^. 3, Emeline Hobart^, m. 
George Smith. Children: Maria Smith^, m. and res. California. 
John Smith®, student in Hamlin University, in Minnesota. Julia 
Smith®, teacher: res. Topeka, Kan. Elizabeth Smith®, teacher; 
res. Minneiska, Minn. William Smith®, Catharine Smith®, Frank- 
lin Smith®, Ruble Smith®; the four last mentioned res. with their 
parents in Spokane Falls, Wash. 4, Alice Hobart^, m. L. Gregg ; 
four children. 5, Maria Hobart^, d. 6, Daniel Calvin Hobart^, 

m. Phelps. 7, Mary Elizabeth Hobart^, m. Mr. Phelps; 

two children. 8, Norris Hobart^, d. 9, Catherine Hobart^, d. 
10, Minnie Hobart^, d. 11, Mattie Hobart^, m. Mr. Cross ; two 
children. 12, Minnie Hobart^, m. Mr. Strait ; one child. 

1083. Chauncey Hobart% b. St. Albans, Vt., June 9, 1811 (a twin) ; m. 

April 12, 1834, Betsey T. Ticknor, dau. of his stepfather, Joshua 
Ticknor. He m. 2d, Harriet A. Duncan. Rev. Chauncey Hobart 
D. D., is a cle^yman of high standing in the M. E. church, and 
res. at Red Wmg, Minn., in 1891. (Siildren of Rev. Chauncey 
Hobart. 1, Saran Emeline Hobart*, died. 2, Calvin Hobart**. 
3, Rebecca Hobart*, died. 4, Joseph C. F. Hobart*, m. and res. 
Chicago, HI. Children: Albert A. Hobart®, res. Chicago, HI. 
Greorge C. Hobart®, res. Chicago, HI. Harriet A. Hobart®, res. 

Chicago, m. 5, Mary Eliza Hobart*, m. ; one child. 6, 

William Thomas Hobart*, m. . Children: Louie Ho- 
bart®, Marcus H. Hobart®, Chauncey G. Hobart®. 

1084. Emma Hobart^, b. St. Albans, Vt., July, 1813 ; d. in Essex, Vt., July, 


1085. Truman Hobart% b. St. Albans, Vt., Oct. 2, 1815; m. Sept., 1839, 

Mary E. Dorsey ; farmer, and d. in Blue Earth co., Minn., in 1873. 
Children : 1, Mary Elizabeth Hobart*, m. Mr. Hoyt ; three chil- 
dren. 2, Frances Hobart*, m. Mr. Ralls. 3, Helen Hobart*, m. 
Mr. Hazelton ; two children. 4, Matilda Hobart*. 5, John Ho- 
bart*, m. Latimer; two children. 6, Benjamin F. Hobart*, 

m. Latimer ; three children. 7, William B. Hobart*, died. 

8, Charles Hobart*. 9, Edward Hobart*. 10, Ralph W. Hobart*. 

1086. Elizabeth Kemp Hobart^ b. St. Albans, Vt., Nov. 11, 1817 ; m. Sept., 

1839, Gumberry G. Dorsey ; he was a farmer. She d. July, 1849, 
in Schuyler co., HI. Children : 1, Norris H. Dorsey*, m. and res. 
Delano, Cal. 2, Chauncey Hobart Dorsey*, m. and has two chil- 
dren; res. Tulare, Cal. 3, Sarah E. Dorsey*. 4, Catherine Dor- 
sey*, m. Samuel Heath in 1856 ; d. 1864. Child : Russell Heath® ; 
res. Morris, Minn. 5, Calvin H. Dorsey*. 6, John W. Dorsey*. 

1087. Joseph Norris® (514) [Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Benjamin*, 
Jonathan^, Nicholas^. He was born in Dorchester, N. H., July 4, 
1796. " He married Rachel Lawrence, daughter of Moses, and grand- 
daughter of Edward Lawrence, who was bom in Epping, N. H., May, 
1743, who was son of Jonathan Lawrence, born 1695, on board of ship 
High Flyer; came to America in 1713 ; married in 1736. He was 
son of Mrs. Mary (Townley) Lawrence, the legal descendant of 
the Lawrence Townley estate." (From letter of Moses L. Norris, of 
Topeka, Kan., received March 3, 1890.) They resided in Dorchester, 
removed to Perry, O., about 1830, where he owned a fifty-acre lot. 
The railroad station there now stands upon it. He sold in 1836, 
and moved to Wheeling Top, on old Will's creek, Guernsey 


CO., O., where he lived for twenty years and raised his family. 
He was a slim, spare, raw-boned man, of great strength, and fond of 
athletic sports, and had a voice so strong that it could be heard a 
great distance. He and his wife were Methodists, as the most of 
his race were. He was a successful farmer, and died in Topeka, 
Kan., July 24, 1878. Mrs. Norris died in Topeka June 15, 1879, 
and they are buried in the cemetery in Topeka, Kan. 


1088. Moses Lawrence Xorris^ b. Sept. 29, 1821 ; m. Dec. 22, 1846, Han- 

nah McEennen ; carpenter and speculator ; res. Topeka, Kan. 

1089. Benjamin Norris^ 0548), b. June 9, 1824; m. Melissa L. Wheeler; 

farmer; res. Tallmadge, O. 

1090. Samuel No^^i8^ b. Sept. 21, 1827 ; d. in eastern Ohio April 13, 1845. 

1091. Ira Norris"^, b. Feb. 15, 1833 ; m. Margaret Davis ; res. Topeka, Kan. 

1092. John Adams Norris^ (1564), b. Perry, O., Aug. 10, 1835; d. Colum- 

bus, O., Jan. 19, 1877. 

1093. Jewett Norris^ (1559), b. June 14, 1840; m. Sarah L. Jeflfers; res. 

North Topeka, Kan. 

1094. Ira Norris* (517) [Benjamin*, Benjamin^ Benjamin', Jona- 
than^ Nicholas*]. He was Dorn in Dorchester, N. H., JTuly 9, 1803 ; 
was in business in New York city with his brothers in the stonecutting 
trade. On the breaking out of the cholera in 1832, he left the city 
and went to Perry, O. Soon after his wife joined him at Cincinnati, 
and they bought a pair of ponies and a small wagon, and started 
over the wilds of the almost unexplored West, and were lost for 
two years to their relatives. They settled near what is now Galla- 
tin, Mo., seven miles west of the most western settlement. He did 
important work in founding the towns of Gallatin, Trenton, Platte 
City, and Atchison ; was clerk of Platte county for twenty years. 
Resided in Platte (Sty, Mo. His home was the rallying place of 
David Atchison and Thomas H. Benton, and other leading polit- 
ical men of the state. He married Jane Mclntire, a lovely lady, of 
Brunswick, N. J., who was a true wife and friend to her husband, 
and greatly loved by others. She died some thirty years ago, or 
about 1865, in Atchison, Kan. He died at the home of his nephew, 
Moses Lawrence Norris, at the Fifth-av. hotel, Topeka, Kan., Feb. 
23, 1885, and is buried in the cemetery at Topeka. No children. 

1095. Timothy Johnson Norris* (518) [Benjamin^ Benjamin*, 
Benjamin', Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Dorchester, 
N. H., April 9, 1806. He married, March 19, 1832, in Painesville, 
O., Emeline Tumey, bom in Connecticut Aug. 4, 1806, and they 
settled in Canton, Fulton co., 111. He was small in stature, agreeable 
in manners, and popular with his acquaintances. He died in Canton 
July 1, 1852. Mrs. Norris died in Dakota Feb. 1, 1881. 


1096. Henry Jewett Norris^ b. April 9, 1833 ; d. Sept. 14, 1860, in Canton, 


1096a. Chauncey Hobart Norris"^, b. Canton, 111., Jan. 17, 1835 : m. Anna 
C. Giddings, and has eight children ; be res. in Table Rock, Neb. 


1096b. Anna Maria Norrls"^, b. Canton, 111., Jan. 17, 1836; d. June, 1839. 

1096c. Sarah Jane Norris"^, b. July 7, 1838; m. Joseph H. Burbant; res. 

1096d. Albert Turney Norris^, b. Canton, 111., Nov. 2, 1840; m. May 28, 
1865, Mary Elizabeth Messier, dau. of Reuben and Mary (McFar- 
land) Messier ; she was b. in Dayton, O., May 12, 1845. Mr. Nor- 
ris is a mason, and lives in Falls City, Richardson co.. Neb. Chil- 
dren: 1, Emeline T. Norris^, b. Canton, 111., March 6, 1866; 
m. Jan. 1, 1889, William Wilson ; foreman in an iron foundry ; 
res. Falls City, Neb. 2, Sarah Frances Norris^, b. Falls City, Neb., 
Jan. 9, 1870; m. Jan. 1, 1889, George Atwater ; music dealer; res. 
Falls City, Neb. 3, Anna Maud Norris^, b. July 13, 1875; res. 
Falls City, Neb. 4, Mary Kitty Norris^, b. Dec. 14, 1878 ; res. 
Falls City, Neb. 5, Adda Maud Norris^, b. Dec. 29, 1880; res. 
Falls City, Neb. 6, Ralph Albert Tumey Norriss, b July 17, 
1883 ; res. Falls City Neb. 7, John Wilton George NorrisS b. 
Feb. 28, 1887; res. Falls City, Neb. 

1096e. Mary Emeline Norris% b. Aug. 4, 1842 ; d. Sept. 6, 1846. . 

1096f . Benjamin Franklin Norris^ b. Morris, 111., Feb. 12, 1846 ; res. FaUs 
City, Neb. Five children. He m. Mary L.. Whitmore, dau. of Jere- 
miah, of Bedford, Penn., and Morris, 111. ; she was b. Canton, HI., 
Oct. 19, 1849. Children: 1, Joseph Henry Norris^ b. Oct. 18, 
1869; in R. R. employ; res. Falls City, Neb. 2, Sarah Blanche 
Norris^, b. Falls City, Neb., Jan. 27, 1871 ; teacher in the public 
schools ; res. Falls City, Neb. 3, Frank Walter Norris*, b. Falls 
City, Neb., April 20, 1876 ; res. Falls City, Neb. 4, Daisy Grace 
NorrisS b. Falls City, Neb., April 8, 1879 ; res. Falls City, Neb. 
5, Paul Albert Norris% b. Falls City, Neb., May 13, 1881; res. 
Falls City, Neb. 6, Chauncey Jacob Norris^, b. Falls City, Neb., 
March 6, 1883 ; res. Falls City, Neb. 7, Harry Ivanhoe Norris^, 
b. Falls City, Neb. ; res. Falls City, Neb. 

1097. Jewett Norris* (519) [Benjamin*, Benjamin*, Benjamin', 
Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. Hon. Jewett Norris was born in Dorches- 
ter, Grafton cc, N. il., June 1, 1809. The first fifteen years of 
bis life were spent upon the rough, uneven acres of the homestead 
farm. His advantages for education were meagre, being only such 
as the district school afforded, and which he attended some three 
months in the year until his fourteenth year. 

After a year or two spent in a country store he went forth into 
the world to win bis way and make his fortune. Three years were 
spent in Boston, Mass., and vicinity, then he removed to the city of 
New York, where seven years were spent in a small retail business, 
when failing health compelled him to seek employment in the open 
air. Another New Hampshire boy had said "Go West, young 
man." Young Norris heeded the admonition, crossed the Missis- 
sippi river in 1835, and, before the land was surveyed, secured land 
under the pre-emption laws then existing, and located near where 
the city of Trenton, Grundy co.. Mo., now stands. There be 
built a log cabin, opened up a farm, and for thirty-five years was ac- 
tively engaged in farming, in stock raising, and a few years as a 
country merchant. 

He participated in the organization of his new county, acting as 
county judge and magistrate. For eight years he served as senator 


in the senate of Missouri. He was a strong Unionist, and intro- 
duced some war resolutions, in support of which he made a bold, 
vigorous, and able speech in the senate in March 19, 1863, taking ad- 
vanced ground for the prosecution of the war, the punishment of 
traitors, and abolition of slavery. 

He took an active part in the organizing and arming of the loyal- 
ists in Missouri, to protect their property and lives from the infest- 
ing bands of guerillas who troubled them during the entire war. 
He served as captain, as post quartermaster at Chillicothe, Mo., 
where troops were organized and fitted out for the Union army, and 
afterwards as lieutenant-colonel of enrolled Missouri militia for 
service at home. It was valuable service he rendered the Union 

His family had suffered greatly by sickness, and in 1870, he 
sought a more healthy locality, and removed to St. Paul, Minn., 
which is now (1891) his home. He has retired from active business 
or political life, but he has some farming interests of which he is es- 
pecially fond. 

He cannot forget his old home and old friends in Missouri, where 
thirty-five years of his active life were passed. It was there he won 
his successes ; it was there his children were bom, and there five 
of them lie buried by the side of the grave of their mother. In the 
winter of 1890, as a testimonial of his high regard, he left fifty 
thousand dollars to the city of Trenton, Grundy co., Mo., to estab- 
lish a free public library and reading room. He married, Novem- 
ber, 1837, Sarah Evans, daughter of George and Jane Campbell 
(Thompson) Peery, who was bom in Tazewell co., Va., July 20, 1813. 
She died June 17, 1858. 


1098. Rebecca Jane Norris% b. Aug. 14, 1838; d. June 13, 1854. 

1099. George P. Norris^ b. Jan. 31, 1840; d. March 9, 1849. 

1100. Mary Louise Norri8% b. Oct. 4, 1841 ; d. June 26, 1882. 

1101. Elizabeth Ann Norris^ b. March 24, 1843 ; m. in Trenton, Mo., Rob- 

ert P. Games, b. in Trenton, Grundy co., Mo., March 26, 1844. He 
d. in Trenton, Mo., Sept. 18, 1874 ; was a soldier through the whole 
war for the tjnion ; was clerk of the county court, and cashier 
of the First National Bank of Trenton., Children: 1, Jewett 
Korris Carnes^, b. Oct. 9, 1868 ; merchant ; res. Royalton, Minn. 
2, James F. Cames^, b. July 7, 1870; res. St. Paul, Minn. 3, 
Robert K. Carnes^, b. June 20, 1872 ; res. St. Paul, Minn. 4, Re- 
becca Jane Carnes^, b. Kov. 14, 1874; res. St. Paul, Minn. 

1102. Benjamin F. Norris^, b. March 23, 1844; d. Oct. 10, 1847. 

1103. Sarah E. Norris^ b. Dec. 6, 1846 ; d. Sept. 20, 1847. 

1104. Mitty Norris* (534) [Thomas^ Benjamin*, Benjamin', Jon- 
athan^, Nicholas^]. She was born in Dorchester, N. H., May 11, 
1796; «narried, June 6, 1820, William Davies, born May 27, 1791, 
and died July 27, 1885. She died Sept. 25, 1839. He was a far- 
mer. They resided at Stanbridge, Missisquoi co., Quebec. 



1105. Louisa Jane Davies^ b. May 15, 1821. 

1106. William Augustus Davies^, b. July 17, 1823. 

1107. David Nelson Davies^ b. March 20, 1825 ; d. Nov. 9, 1864. 

1108. Chauncey Norris Bavies^ b. Nov. 17, 1826. 

1109. Emily Davies^, b. July 28, 1828. 

1110. Charlotte H. Davies% b. June 13, 1830 ; d. Aug. 27, 1860. 

1111. George Edmund Davies^ b. Dec. 13, 1832. 

1112. James Davies^ b. July 10, 1835 ; d. June 23, 1836. 

1113. Thomas Norris, Jr.* (535) [Thomas^ Benjamin*, Benja- 
min', Jonathan^, Nicholas*]. He was bom in Dorchester, N. H^ 
July 1, 1798, and in 1805 removed with his parents to Potton, 
Quebec, Can. He lived in Russelltown, St. Armand, Dunham, and 
then in Milton, where he lived till life's close. He built a stone 
house and planted chestnut trees in his garden. The latter are now 
large in size, and both exist as memorials of him. He married, 
Feb. 28, 1822, Phebe Gibbs, who was born Dec. 22, 1804; died at 
Milton, Quebec, June 10, 1860. She was a woman of rare merit, 
and died greatly lamented by friends and acquaintances. Mr. Nor- 
ris was a farmer, and died at Milton, Quebec, Feb. 21, 1867. He 
and Mrs. Norris were members of the Wesleyan Methodist church, 
to which their children mostly belong. 


1114. Samuel Norris^ (1565), b. March 3, 1823; res. Milton, Que., Can., on 

his father's homestead. 

1115. Lucretla Norris^ (1574), b. Feb. 4, 1824; m. Samuel Sumner Bangs, 

and d. at Milton, Que., June 20, 1862. 

1116. Seth Norris^ (1581), b. April 8, 1825; d. at Ely, Que., Oct. 23, 1889. 

1117. Jeremiah Norris^ (1591), b. at Potton, Que., Sept. 20, 1826; res. 

West Berkshire Vt. 

1118. Benjamin Thomas Norris"' (1600), b. April 21, 1828; res. East Bol- 

ton, Que. 

1119. Sally Norris^, b. July 25, 1830 ; d. at Potton, Que., May 1, 1832. 

1120. Jane Norris^ (1605), b. June 29, 1833; m. Freeman David Chandler; 

res. Friendship, Allegany co., N. Y. 

1121. John Norris^ (1607), b. Russelltown, Que., June 24, 1835; d. Dec. 

20, 1887, at East Famham, Que. 

1122. Levi Norris^ (1617), b. St. Armand, Que., May 25, 1837; res. Milton, 


1123. David Norris* (539) [Jacob^ Benjamin*, Benjamin', Jona- 
than^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Dorchester, N. H., Dec. 30, 
1793; married, April 1, 1823, Sophia Wright, daughter of Wincol 
P. and Lydia (Pollard) Wright, of Plymouth, N. H. She was born 
in Plymouth, N. H., Nov. 12, 1799. He was a farmer; was a sol- 
dier in the war of 1812-15; resided in Wentworth, N. H., and re- 
moved to Orford, N. H., about 1840, to the old homestead, where 
he passed the remainder of his life, and died June 17, 1874. He 
was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and Mrs. Norris 
belonged to the Congregational church. She died in Orford, N. H., 
Dec. 20, 1881. 




1124. Elizabeth Ann Norris^, b. Jan. 12, 1825, in Orf ord, N. H. ; single : res. 

Orford, N. H. 

1125. John Langdon Norris^, b. Sept. 7, 1828, in Orford, N. H. : d. March 

18, 1833. 

1126. James Farnsworth D. Norris^ b. Feb. 9, 1833, in Orford, N. H. ; res. 

Orford, N. H. ; farmer ; single ; d. Sept. 7, 1882. 

1127. George Smith Norris^ (1626), b. Orford, N. H., June 24, 1837; res. 

Lexington, Mass. 

1128. Mary Worcester Norris^ (1628), b. Nov. 12, 1838, in Wentworth, 

N. H.; m. March 28, 1861, Caleb Freeman Whitman; res. Or- 
ford, N. H. 

1129. John Langdon Norris^ (1129), b. Wentworth, N. H., June 1, 1839; 

res. Lexington, Mass. ; office, 44 Kilby St., Boston, Mass. 

1130. Polly Norris^ (^^1) [Jacob^ Benjamin*, Benjamin', Jon- 
athan^, Nicholas^]. She was bom probably in Dorchester, N. H., 
about 1797 ; married Benjamin Burley, son of Gordon and Elizabeth 
(Dow, of Epping, N. H.) Burley, of Dorchester N". H. Mr. Burley 
was born December, 1787; died in 1868; resided in Dorchester, 
N. H. 


1131. Sarah Burley", b. March, 1822 ; m. Charles Flanders ; no children ; 

she m. 2d, Bela B. Whitney, of Canaan, N. H. Child : Fred Whit- 
neys, res. Burlington, Vt. 

1132. Mary Burley"', b. Sept.^824 ; m. JohnWilcox ; both deceased. Child : 

Mary Wilcox^, m. Edwin Robinson, who is in Faneuil Hall mar- 
ket, Boston, Mass. 

1133. Benjamin Burley^ b. March, 1827 ; d. Feb., 1889 ; m. Mary Durrell, 

of Dorchester, Mass. They are deceased. No children. 

1134. Joseph Burley", b. Sept., 1829; d. single in the west. 

1135. Jacob Norris Burley"', b. March, 1832 ; m. Jennie Smiley, of Boston, 

Mass. Children : Alice Burley^, Harry Burley^, Edith Burley^. 

1136. Gk)rdon Burley"', b. Sept., 1834; m. Mrs. Mary Dolly; res. Laconia, 

N. H. Children : Julia BurleyS Alice Burley^. 

1137. Charlotte Burley^, b. March, 1836; m. Edwin Chandler; res. in Leb- 

anon, N. H. Children : Etta Chandler^, Arthur Chandler^ (now 
deceased^ Allen Chandler^. 

1138. Lucy Burley^, b. Sept. 21, 1837; m. March 24, 1866, Henry Martin; 

res. Canaan, N. H. Children : 1, Helen Martin^, b. July, 1867 ; 
res. Canaan, N. H. 2, Mary Martin^, b. Dec, 1870; res. Canaan, 
N. H. 3, George Martin^ b. April 29, 1874; res. Canaan, N. H. 

1139. Elizabeth Burley^ b. Dec. 20, 1839; m. James Carley ; d. Cambridge, 

Mass. Children : Ernest Carley^, Benjamin Carley^, Mabel Car- 
leys (deceased), Mabel Carley^, Ethel Carley^. 

1140. Emma Burley"', b. March, 1842; d. ae. 19 years. 

1141. Alice Burley"', b. Dec, 1845; m. Sidney Chase; res. Laconia, N. H. 

Children : 1, Lena Chase^, ae. 18 years. 2, Emma Chase^, sb. 16 
years. 3, Walter Chase^, as. 14 years. 

1142. Zebulon Norris* (552) [NathanieP, Benjamin*, Benjamin', 
Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He was born April, 1795, in Dorchester, 
N. H. He married Martha Everett, born in 1799, in Chesterfield, 
N. H. She died in Dedham, Mass., Oct. 4, 1869. He resided in 
Fairlee, Vt., where he was selectman several years; was a mem- 


ber of the Vermont legislature for two years; was a demo- 
crat, then a republican in politics, and a Methodist in his religious 
faith. Removed to Dedham, Mass., where he was steward and 
trustee of the Methodist Episcopal church. He died Oct. 6, 1864. 


1143. Sarah Metcalf Norris^, b. 1825. She lived in Ck)rinth, Vt., where she 

m. George Warren Heath, of Fairlee, Vt. ; she d. 1844; they lived 
in Boston, Mass. He m. 2d, Mary Blake. Child : Martha Beth- 
iah Heath^, m. Rev. Henry A. Hazen ; res. Auburndale, Mass. 

1144. Andrew Jackson Norrls"^, b. Feb. 2, 1828 ; res. Dedham, Mass. ; he m. 

Feb., 1849, Harriet E. Boyden, of Dedham, Mass. Children : 1, 
Albert Boyden Norris^, b. April 30, 1851 ; m. March 12, 1872, 
Annie, dau. of John and Eleanor (Cuthbert) Ingalls. Mr. Tn- 
galls was a native of Quebec, Can. Mrs. Norris was b. in Milton, 
Mass., Jan. 11, 1851. Mr. Norris is a bookkeeper at 55 Summer 
sfc., Boston, Mass., with Chatman, Kendall & Daniell. Chil- 
dren : Albert Boyden Norris®, b. Sept. 26, 1874 ; he is at 36 Broad 
St., Boston, Mass. Warren Thomas Norris®, b. Feb. 7, 1877. 
Martha Isabel Norris®, b. Feb. 20, 1883. 2, Clara Josephine Nor- 
ris^, b. Nov. 11, 1855 ; res. Dedham, Mass. 3, Edward Everett 
Norris^, b. Aug., 1860; he was killed in a railroad accident at 
Roslindale, Mass., March 14, 1887. 4, Elizabeth Everett Norris^, 
m. Dec. 15, 1887, Oscar Hammond ; res. Dedham, Mass. Child : 
Marjorie Hammond®, b. May 24, 1889. 5, Frank A. Norris^, b. 
April 1, 1865 ; m. Aug., 1891, Ada Mosher, of Keene, N. H. ; res. 
Boston Highlands, Mass. 6, Annie Heath Norris^, b. March 12, 
1867; res. Dedham, Mass. 7, Ferdinand Favor Norris*, b. Jan. 
28, 1872 ; res. Dedham, Mass. 

1145. Samuel Myrick Norris^, b. Oct. 25, 1829. He res. in Dorchester, 

N. H., Corinth and Fairlee, Vt., till 18 jrears of age; since then 
in Boston, Mass., and its vicinity. He is in the iron business in 
Boston. He is a republican, a Methodist, and when liviDg in Ded- 
ham, Mass., was a trustee of the Methodist Episcopal church, 
and a member of the school board. He m. May 16, 1854, Isabella, 
dau. of John and Mary Watson Swords, b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 
10, 1832; res. Hyde Park, Mass. Children: 1, Sarah Lizzie 
Norris^, b. Boston, Mass., April 29, 1855; m. July 14, 1891, Ran- 
dall Spalding; res. Montclair, N. J. 2, Frank Everett Nor- 
ris^, b. Dedham, Mass., Sept. 2, 1860; d. Sept. 24, 1860. 3, 
Fred Thayer Norris^, b. Dedham, Mass., July 14, 1862; d. Nov. 
22, 1871. 4, Mary Edith No^^i8^ b. Dedham, Mass., March 1, 
1866 ; d. March 3, 1881. 5, William Everett Norris^, b. Dedham, 
Mass., Jan. 12, 1868; res. Hyde Park, Mass. 

1146. Mary Blake Nor^is^ b. 1840; d. Fairlee, Vt., 1841. 

1147. Farley Norris* (554) [NathanieP, Benjamin*, Benjamin*, 
Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Dorchester, N". H.. April 4, 
1799. He married, March 14, 1825, Abigail Lawrence, born Aug. 3, 
1801, and who died Sept. 6, 1872. He died Jan. 14, 1885, at Lyme, 
N. H., but was a resident of Dorchester the greater part of his life ; 
was a miller and farmer. Mr. Norris was a democrat in politics, 
served as selectman and as representative from Dorchester. A 
Methodist in his religion from his youth. 



1148. Charles Gordon Norri8% b. March 19, 1826 ; d. March 22, 1862, in West- 

moreland, N. H. ; single. 

1149. Lucy A. Norris^ (1637), b. Dec. 1, 1828 ; m. David M. Ross ; res. Han- 

over, N. H. P. O., Etna, N. H. 

1150. Hannah Emeline Norris% b. Canaan Aug. 12, 1832; m Aug. 30, 1853, 

Eben Burr; res. Keene, N. H. ; he is a farmer; children: 1, 
Frank Willis Burr^, b. Nov. 17, 1855 ; merchant ; res. Keene, N. H. 
2, Farley Norris Burr^, b. Aug. 19, 1857; d. Dec. 2, 1885. 3, 
Edith Evelyn Burr^, b. Dec. 31, 1864; d. July 8, 1881. 

1151. Rachel Norri8% b. Sept. 11, 1834; m. April 3, 1860, Henry K White; 

res. Westmoreland, N.H. ; children: 1, Irwin Clayton White^, b. 
Feb. 26, 1863 ; res. Keene, N. H. ; trader. 2, Ida May White^, b. 
Oct. 11, 1868 ; at home. 3, Infant dau., b. June 13, 1870 : d. June 
26, 1870. 

1152. John Lawrence Norris^ (1641), b. June 3, 1837; res. Lyme, N. H. 

1153. Almira Norris^ b. May 1, 1842 ; d. Aug. 29, 1845. 

1154. Martha Ann Norris% b. Oct. 20, 1844 ; m. Edward B. Butterfield, son 

of Charles and grandson of William Butterfield, Nov. 3, 1873 ; he 
was b. Westmoreland, N. H., Sept. 19, 1845; farmer; res. West- 
moreland, N. H. ; children : 1, Richard Cole Butterfield^, b. Feb. 
14, 1876. 2, Alice Butterfield^, b. June 5, 1879. 3, Daisy Marion 
Butterfield^, b. April 24, 1884. 

1155. Abbie Almira Norris", b. Sept. 23, 1847; d. Sept. 25, 1851, in Dor- 

chester, N. H. 

1156. Samuel Norris* (555) [Nathaniel^ Benjamin*, Benjamin', 
Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. Rev. Samuel Norris was born in Dorchester, 
N. H., March 8, 1801, and died in South Newmarket, N. H., June 
23, 1880. He married, Aug. 30, 1823, Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. 
John Broadhead. He was converted Aug. 19, 1817, and soon joined 
the Methodist Episcopal church. In June, 1818, when 17 years old, 
he was received into the New England conference, and soon became 
a regular minister of the denomination, and filled appointments at 
Landaff, N. H., Stanstead, Can., Rochester, N. H., Craftsbury, Vt., 
Danville and Barre and Maiden, Mass., Boston and Weymouth, 
Mass., Great Falls, N. H., Salisbury, Haverhill, and Methuen, Mass. 
He was financial agent of the seminary at South Newmarket, N. H., 
and remained until 1839, and was then sent to Pembroke, N. H., 
and was superannuated in 1840 by reason of deafness and general 
debility, and never after did effective work. During his forty years 
of retirement he preached whenever an opportunity presented it- 
self. For several years he lived in Brooklyn, N. Y., near his son, 
after whose death he returned to South Newmarket, where the re- 
mainder of his life was passed, and where his widow resides in 
1890. Mr. Norris had a clear head, a warm heart, and was clear 
and convincing as a preacher. He was dignified and fearless, and 
commanded the esteem of friends and respect of opponents, and as 
a Christian he stood unchallenged in the church and the world. 


1157. John Broadhead Norris"', was an able business man in New York city, 
and d. Feb., 1878. 


1158. Benjamin Norris* (560) [Nathaniel*, Benjamin^ Benja- 
min', Jonathan^ Nicholas*]. He was born in Dorchester, N. H., 
April 10, 1811; married, Oct. 4, 1835, Zaphira, daughter of Nathan 
and Sally (Kingsbury) Ross. She was bom in Hanover, N. H., 
Jan. 10, 1813. She resided in Hanover, Natick, and Canaan, N. H., 
where she died, Jan. 3, 1890. Mr. Norris has been a lumberman, 
carpenter, stonecutter, shoemaker, and farmer. He resided in Dor- 
chester forty years; in Natick, Mass., ten years; and resides in 
Canaan, N. H., where he has lived for twenty-nine years, in 1890. 


1159. Georee Wasbmgton Norris^ (1648), b. July 7, 1837 ; m. Sept. 26, 1856, 

Martha French Sanders ; clergvnaan ; res. Concord, N. H. 

1160. Horace Ross Norris^ (1650), b. April 26, 1840; m. Nov. 22, 1868, 

Jennie Smith ; superintendent of Grafton co. farm ; res. Woods- 
ville, N. H. 

1161. Elizabeth Broadhead Norris^, b. March 30, 1846 ; m. Jan. 8, 1870, 

Harris J. Goes ; lumber dealer ; res. Canaan Centre, N. H. ; chil- 
dren : 1, Bennie Albiirne Goss^, b. June 27, 1871. 2, Ruby Isa- 
belle Go88% b. June 13, 1886. 

1162. James Norris* (567) [Benjamin^, David*, Benjamin*, Jon- 
athan^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Deweysburg, Vt., March 6, 
1792 ; married Esther Chickering in Danville, Vt. She had children 
and died. He married, 2d, in Ypsilanti, Mich., Catherine Doty, 
who had children. He, with his last wife, lived on a farm at Yankee 
Springs, Barry co., Mich., where they died, and some of their chil- 
dren live there yet. 

1163. Mark Norris* (569) [Benjamin^ David*, Benjamin*, Jona- 
than^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Deweysburg, Orange co., Vt^ 
afterwards called Peacham, Feb. 16, 1796. His father was a resi- 
dent of Peacham, Vt. 

He early left the parental roof, going to the Genesee country 
as a land surveyor, and was located in Covington, Wyoming co., 
N. Y., sometime previous to 1819, where he engaged m business. 
He was in trade, and owned an ashery, for making pot- and pearlash, 
and ran a country store. In 1824 he was appointed postmaster. 
He married, Jan. 13, 1820, Eoccena B., daughter of James and 
Helena (Compton) Vail, of Southold, Long Island, N. Y. She was 
bom in Moscow, Genesee co., N. Y., Dec. 15, 1798. Her great- 
grandfather came from Wales in 1700, and lived on Long Island. 
They commenced their married life in a log house, with two win- 
dows, an open fireplace, and a crane with hooks for hanging kettles. 
A ladder in one corner ascended to the loft, containing a bed and 
stores. In 1827 he went to Michigan, selected his home, and se- 
cured a water power at Ypsilanti; moved his family there June 
16, 1828. He was thus a pioneer in New York and Michigan. 
He built a dam across the Huron river, and erected a building for 
a carding machine, which was soon ready to use. Mrs. Norris 
opened a school in December, 1828, thus commencing her long life 
of usefulness in the new community. 


In 1829 he was appointed postmaster there, holding his commis- 
sion until 1837. He was at this time a trader. On the 22d of Feb- 
ruary, 1834, he was elected vice-president of the Territorial Temper- 
ance Society, which met at Ann Arbor, Mich. In 1844 he owned 
and carried on an extensive flour- and sawmill, and was largely en- 
gaged in general business, until 1854 and later. He died, after 
months of feebleness and great suffering, at Ypsilanti, Mich., March 
6, 1862, aged 66 vrs. 18 days. 

Mrs. Norris bore this and all sufferings and bereavements 
with a woman's fortitude, and the faith of a Christian. She was a 
person of rare strength, faculty, and purity of character; was fond 
of reading from her youth, and was actively interested in founding 
a ladies' library association in her city; was connected for over 
twenty years as a worker with the Ladies' Home Association, of which 
she was president for sixteen years. This record of service for the 
unfortunate and the poor, is remembered of her. She passed to her 
rest on Oct. 27, 1876, and was buried in the beautiful Highland 
cemetery, from one of whose hills she had obtained her first glimpse 
of Ypsilanti, nearly fifty years before.* 

To such as her — 

^' There is no death : what seems so is transition. 
This life of mortal breath 
Is but the suburb of a life Elysian, 
Whose portal we call death." 


1164. Elvira Norris"^ (1651), b. Jan. 22, 1821; m. Sept. 23, 1841, Benjamin 

FoUett, and d. at YpsUanti, Mich., Sept. 10, 1884. 

1165. Lyman Decatur Norris^ (1659), b. May 4, 1823; ra. Nov. 22, 1854, 

Lucy Alsop Whittelsey, and res. Grand Rapids, Mich. ; lawyer. 

1166 Curtis Elkins Norris* (570) [Benjamin^ David*, Benja- 
min', Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Deweysburg, v t., 
Feb. 7, 1798. Died in Barnet, Vt. He married, in Peacham, Vt., 
Betsey Blan chard, April 17, 1820. Had one son, Amos B. Norris', 
who married and had children. The son died in Barnet, Vt. 

1167. Dorcas Norris* (^71) [Benjamin*, David*, Benjamin', Jona- 
than^, Nicholas^]. She was born in Deweysburg, Vt., May 1, 1800; 
married, March 25, 1819, Shaw, son of Thing Ladd, in Peacham, Vt. 
He died in Ypsilanti, Mich. 


1168. Mark Ladd^ b. Aug. 13, 1821 ; res. Salina, Kan. He m. May 28, 1849, 
Caroline E. Farrar, b. Dec. 5, 1823, and of Monroe co., N. Y. He 
m. 2d, Mary Ann, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Neal) Miller, 

♦This sketch of Mark Norris and his wife is prepared from "Biograph- 
ical notes and incidents in the pioneer life of Mrs. R. B. Norris," by her 
granddaughter, Miss Maria W. Norris, and read before the Michigan pio- 
neer society, at an annual meeting Feb. 7, 1878. 


and granddaa. of Jonathan Miller ; she was h. in Derry, Penn., 
Jan. 20, 1842. Children : 1, Samuel Ladd^, b. Hamsburg, Kan., 
Dec. 31, 1865 ; res. Salina, Kan. 2, Alvin E. Ladd^, b. Harrisburg, 
Feb. 22, 1868. 3, Elizabeth H. Ladd^, b. Harrisburg Nov. 7, 1869 ; 
m. Nov. 7, 1885, William Cox; res. Salina, Kan. 4, Lucy L. 
Ladds, b. Salina, Kan., Aug. 14, 1872. 5, Warren Wallace Ladd^, 
b. Sept. 9, 1878, in Pleasant Valley, Kan. 6, Willie Willis Ladd^ 
(twin), b. Sept. 9, 1878, in Pleasant Valley, Kan. 

1169. Zenas Ladd% b. Oct. 1, 1823; m. Mary Ellen McArthur; res. Phila- 

delphia, Penn. ; d. in Chili, S. A., leaving daughters but no sons. 

1170. Hannah Eliza Ladd^, b. Dec. 9, 1831 ; m. Dec. 15, 1852, James F. 

Ward, who is deceased; they res. Lowell, Mass. ; she res. Ypsi- 
lanti, Mich. ; no children. 

1171. Albin Townsend Ladd^, b. June 9, 1834; m. May 19, 1861 ; he was a 

painter; res. Ottawa, 111., where he d. Oct., 1873. 

1172. Lucy Jane Ladd% b. July 11, 1836 ; she d. at Wheatland, N. Y ., Jan. 

18 1839. 

1173. Perlina Ladd^, b. Oct. 23, 1838 ; d. Wheatland, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1842. 

1174. Carlos Norris Ladd^, b. Dec. 11, 1843 ; res. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

1175. Roccena Norris Ladd"^, b. Aug. 3, 1825 ; m. Sept. 12, 1845, Ephraim 

B. Andrews ; he is a physician; they res. Bergen, N. Y. 

1176. Justus Norris* (^72) [Benjamin^ David*, Benjamin', Jona- 
than^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Deweysburg, Vt. (since changed 
to Peacham, Vt.), March 25, 1802; married, Oct. 12, 1829, Mary 
Ann, daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth Holland (Torrington) 
Kinne, of Pomfret, Conn., and Waterford, Vt. She was born in 
Waterford, Vt., May 28, 1810. After the death of his father, Mr. 
Norris, having been a resident of Peacham, Vt., for many years, re- 
moved in 1831 to Ypsilanti, Mich., and went into trade. He was a 
merchant, hotel keeper, and farmer. He was a strong anti-slavery 
man, a firm advocate of temperance, a warm-hearted, devoted Chris- 
tian, a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. He was killed 
at Ypsilanti, Mich., Feb. 11, 1845, by the bursting of the cylinder of 
a threshing machine. Mrs. Norris married, 2d, May 29, 1856, Lib- 
erty P. Beach; resided in Medina and Ann Arbor, Mich., and died 
Oct. 18, 1888. 


1177. Helen Cassandra Norris^, b. Ypsilanti, Mich., Aug. 26, 1831; m. 

Feb. 28, 1865, John S. Estabrook, of East Saginaw, Mich., where 
she d. April 17, 1887 ; she is buried at Ypsilanti, Mich. Children : 
1, Justus Norris Estabrook^, b. Saginaw, Mich., Nov. 28, 1866 ; 
he is assistant secretary of the Agricultural College ; res. Lan- 
sing, Mich. 2, Mary Elizabeth Norris®, b. East Saginaw, Mich., 
July 12, 1869 ; m. Oct. 8, 1891, Thomas A. Jacobs ; res. Youngs- 
town, O. 

1178. Roccena Belinda Norris"^, b. July 4, 1835 ; artist ; res. Ypsilanti, Mich. 

1179. Willard Kinne Norris^ b. April 11, 1841 ; m. Aug. 31, 1864, Augusta 

Stone; res. Vermontville, Mich.; farmer. Children: 1, Justus 
Norri8^ b. Nov. 25, 1865; farmer; res. Vermontville, Mich. 2, 
Elmer Norris®, b. March 25, 1867 ; is a hardware dealer ; res. East 
Saginaw, Mich. 3, May Norris®, b. June 9, 1871 ; teacher ; res. 
Vermontville, Mich. 


1180. Carlos Norris* (575) [Benjamin^ DavidS Benjamin*, Jona- 
than^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Deweysburg, Vt., Nov. 26, 1807; 
was a wagon maker, mill wright, and farmer. He married, in 1831, 
Elizabeth B., daughter of Joseph Sinclair* (Colonel Richard*, Sam- 
nel*, John^, John^). She was bom in Danville, Vt., March 19, 1811. 
They lived in Michigan, in Saybrook, and Perry, O., where she 
was in 1889. He died in Saybrook, Aug. 19, 18«6. 


1181. Olive S. NorrisT, b. April 7, 1833 ; res. Perry, O. ; si^le. 

1182. Ann Norrls^ b. Jan. 29, 1840; m. Horatio Storrs of Fainesville, O. ; 

he was a union soldier, and d. in the rebel prison at Salisbury, 
N. C. ; one child. She m. 2d, Dr. Edgar Arthur Von Rapp ; res. 
Painesville, O. Children : 1, Carrie StorrsS b. May 28, 1863 ; res. 
Caneaught, Ashtabula co., O. 2, Arabella Cecilia Yon Rapp^, b. 
July 19, 1867 ; d. July 27, 1877. 3, Lvdia Winonia Von Rapp% b. 
July 17, 1870; res. Painesville, O. 4, Louis Norris Von Rapp^, 
b. Aug. 17, 1872; student at U. S. Naval Academy. 5, Anne 
Augusta Von Rapp^, b. June 19, 1875. 6, Arthur Edgar Von 
Rapps, b. July 28, 1880. 7, Ralph Garfield Von Rapp^, b. Jan. 
13, 1882. 

1183. Mark Norri8% b. Perry, O., Feb. 5, 1842 ; d. June 11, 1863, at Sagi- 

naw, Mich. ; single. 

1184. Jane B. Norris% b. Perry, O., Feb. 18, 1846 ; m. Milo Taft ; res. Ash- 

tabula, O. ; no children. 

1185. Theresa Norris', b. Perry, O., Sept. 4, 1848 ; m. Andrew Jackson ; res. 

Jefferson, Ashtabula co., O. Children : 1, May Jackson^, b. Aug. 
19, 1869. 2, Carlos Jackson% b. 1875. 3, Jesse Jack8on^ b. 
March, 1887. 

1186. James Bundy Hardwick Norris* (600) [NathanieP, Na- 
thaniel*, Benjamin', Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Hard- 
wick, Vt., Sept. 16, 1792; married, Dec. 1, 1816, Thirza Cate, bom 
in Wheelock, Vt., Jan. 25, 1794. He died at Woodbury, Vt., Jan. 
21, 1861. She died at Calais, Vt., May 31, 1875. Mr. Norris was 
a Methodist clergyman " on the circuit," two years in a place, for 
over forty years. 


1187. James Cate Norris^ b. Hardwick, Vt., Aug. 20, 1817 ; m. Mary Black- 

wood Blair ; was a tailor ; res in Troy, Vt., where he died. 

1188. Melissa Abigail Norris^, b. Hardwick, Vt., Sept. 19, 1819 ; m. Paul 

Bickf ord ; res. Ada, Minn. 

1189. Nathaniel Bangs Norris^ b. Hardwick, Vt., Feb. 15, 1821 ; m. Clar- 

inda Gibson ; was a tailor. He lived and d. in Troy, Vt. 

1190. Wilbur Pisk Norris% b. Sandwich, N. H., Feb. 17, 1827; single; d. 

June 15, 1848, at Eden, Vt. 

1191. Enoch George Norris% b. Orford, N. H., April 1, 1829; m. Mary 


1192. Lucy Ann i^orris^ b. Bristol, N. H., March 5, 1831 ; m. Jan. 4, 1855, 

William White; farmer; res. Calais, Vt. 

1193. Sylvester WilUams Norris^ b. Gilmanton, N. H., Oct. 17, 1832. No 

farther record. 


1194. Harriet Louisa Norri8% b. Lisbon, N. H., May 17, 1837 ; m. Nov. 14, 

1860, Marshall K. Parsons ; she m. 2d, Aug. 16, 1874, Julius Rob- 
inson; farmer; res. Calais, Vt.; she d. in Jfebraska, May, 1876. 

1195. John Ward Norris^, b. Hardwick, Vt., March 24, 1839; m. Nov. 19, 

1859, Eva Lucy Town; farmer; res. Waveland, la. 

1196. Samuel Oilman Norris% b. Pembroke, N. H., Feb. 17, 1827 ; m. Jan. 

15, 1859, Lucy Wheeler ; he m. 2d, Bee. 14, 1869, Melissa Lane ; 
he was a mechanic and res. in St. Johnsbury, Vt., where he d. 
Jan. 18, 1875. 

1197. Sabrina Norris* (606) [Nathaniel^ Nathaniel*, Benjamin', 
Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. She was bom in Hardwick, Vt., March 27, 
1803; married, June 27, 1828, Elijah Randall, who was born in 
Greensboro', Vt., November, 1806, and son of Peter Randall, and re- 
sided in Craftsbury, Vt., and later removed to Hardwick. He was 
a farmer, and died at South Albany, Vt., Nov. 9, 1880. Mrs. Ran- 
dall died in Hardwick, Vt., March, 1837. He married, 2d, Mrs. 
Charlotte (Merrill) Batchelder, and had two children. 


1198. Peter RandalF, b. Jan. 16, 1831 ; m. Lucy Ann, dan. of Henry and 

Delight (Spaulding) Babcock, July 8, 1855, and they live in North 
Craftsbury, Vt. Children : 1, Laura Delight Baudall^. b. Dec. 
11, 1«56; d. Oct. 2, 1863. 2, Hattie Elizabeth Randall^, b. Oct. 
12y 1858. 3, Mary Elmira RandalP, b. June 16, 1865 ; m. March 
22, 1889, Edwin Titus Wheeler; res. North Craftsbury, Vt. 4, 
Frank P. RandalP, b. July 29, 1869 ; d. April 28, 1892. 

1199. Mary Abigail RandalF, b. June 22, 1833 ; m. Nov. 7, 1853, George P. 

Buckman, b. Warner, N. H., July 24, 1827; res. 56 Third St., 
Lowell, Mass. Children: 1, Abbie Jane Buckman^, b. Albany, 
Vt., Oct. 14, 1854 ; m. Jan. 4, 1888, George Alfred Frost ; res. Low- 
ell, Mass. Child : Harold Ames Frost^, b. Milford, Mass., Jan. 
23, 1889. 2, Isabel Mary Buckmans, b. Craftsbury, Vt., June 10, 
1856 ; m. Aug. 2, 1883, Amos F. Berry ; res. Rockvale, Col. 3, 
Helen Augusta Buckman^, b. Craftsbury, Vt., May 7, 1858 ; m. 
Jan. 1, 1879, Harry G. Crosby, who is deceased; she res. Lowell, 
Mass. Child : Ruby Isabel Crosby®, b. Lowell, Mass., June 14, 
1880. 4, George Hiram Buckman^, b. Hardwick, Vt., Feb. 17, 
1860 ; m. Minnie Munn ; res. Lowell, Mass. 

1200. Joseph Norris RandalF, b. April 8, 1835; d. Lowell, Mass., Feb. 4, 

1870; he m. Melinda Bowen; he m. 2d, Nov. 9, 1867, Helen Had- 
ley, of St. Johnsbury, Vt., b. 1846; res. Lowell, Mass. Child: 
Eddie RandalP, d. in Lyndon ville, Vt., ae. about 8 years. 


1201. Christina Merrill Randall, who d. March 11, 1860, ae. 19 yrs. 16 


1202. Charlotte Ann Randall, m. Willis Bliss ; res. South Albany, Vt. 

1203. John Ward Norris* (607) [NathanieP, Nathaniel*, Ben- 
jamin^ Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Hardwick, Vt., 
Dec. 7, 1804; married Harriet Hibbard, and died at Craftsbury, 
Vt. At the age of 19 years, in 1823, he was appointed class leader; 
was a lieutenant in the Vermont militia. 



1204. Emory Hamline Norris^, b. Hardwick, Vt., Oct. 11, 1849 ; is a paint- 
er and ice-dealer ; res. Newport, Vt. He m. Dec. 5, 1873, Harriet 
Elizabeth, granddau. of George Smith, of Paisley, Scotland, and 
dau. of Thomas and Lydia (Knight) Smith, of Greensboro', Vt. ; 
she was b. in Greensboro', May 21, 1854. Children : 1, Thomas 
Ward Norris», b. Hardwick, Vt., Oct. 5, 1874. 2, Lydia Harriet 
NorrisS b. Hardwick, Vt., Aug. 21, 1876. 3, Ernest Emory Nor- 
ris8, b. Lyndonville, Vt., Jan. 19, 1883 ; d. Newport, Vt., Aug. 18, 

1205. William Norris® (^17) [Benjamin^ Joseph*, Benjamin^ 
Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. Rev. William Norris was born in Stratham, 
K. H., Dec. 31, 1807, and was a clergyman in the Baptist denom- 
ination. He married, Ji^ 27, 1842, at Townsend, Mass., Eliza, 
daughter of Bailey and Hannah (Swan) Davis, who was born in 
Methuen, Mass., May 23, 1817. She married, 2d, Hiram Eicbmond ; 
she married, 3d, Benjamin Maxwell, and lives at Shelbume Falls, 
Mass. He was educated at the Academy at New Hampton, N. H.; 
was a teacher for several years ; was ordained to the ministry at 
Newton, N. H., where he preached for a year or two, then preached 
in Ashfield, Mass., for some four years, and in Northwood, N. H. 
He was pastor of the Baptist church in Sanbomton, N. H., from 
March, 1851, till June 1, 1852, when he died in office, of consump- 
tion, aged 44 years. He was a member of the school committee m 

He is buried in the Bay meeting house cemetery in that town. 
There is an inscription there as follows : ^' These stones are a token 
of kind remembrance from the sisters of their deceased pastor, who 
passed peacefully from earth June 1, 1852, aged 44. ^Tby brother 
shall rise again.' " 


1206. Lora Eliza Norris^, b. Ashfleld, Mass., May 30, 1844 ; d. May 28, 1845. 

1207. Lorin Orville Norris^ (1661a), b. Ashfleld, Mass., March 14, 1846; 

res. Methnen, Mass. 

1208. William Othniel Norris^, b. Northwood, N. H., May 26, 1848 ; he m. 

March 25, 1885, Sarah C. Carleton ; res. Methnen, Mass. ; is a car- 
penter. Children : 1, Carl Norrigs, b. Jan. 4, 1886. 2, Ruth Nor- 
riss, b. April 30, 1887. 3, Rolf Norris^, b. Dec, 1888, 

1209. Caleb Davis Norri8% b. Sanbomton, N. H., July 11, 1850; res. Bat- 

tle Creek, Mich. ; single. 

1210. Charles Carroll Norris« (659) [Caleb Wiggin«, Joseph*, 
Benjamin^ Jonathan^, Nicholas]^. He was born in Newburjrport, 
Mass., May 12, 1828, and lived in his native city for seventeen years. 
Bemoved to Boston, Mass., November, 1845, which has been his 
home for the last forty-seven years ; is a jeweller ; place of business, 
433 Washington street. Besides at No. 1 James avenue, South 
Boston, Mass. 

He married, Oct. 23, 1859, Abigail Nichols Lincoln; bom in 
Boston, Nov. 26, 1837 ; died there July 8, 1865. He married, 2d, 



June 25, 1868, her sister, Georgianna Lincoln, born in Boston, Mass., 
Oct. 2, 1846. They were daaghters of Mitchell and Mary (Nichols) 
Lincoln of Boston. Mr. Lincoln was son of Israel Lincoln of Hing- 
ham, and he was born there Oct. 12, 1803; died in Boston, Nov. 19, 


1211. Herbert Lincoln No^ri8^ b. Aug. 28, 1863; is a clerk in the Boston 

post office; res. No. 1 James ave.. South Boston, Mass. 

1212. Frank Hall No^^is^ b. May 9, 1874; at home. 

1213. George Frederic Norris^ b. Oct. 9, 1879 ; at home. 

1214. Cora Evelyn Norrl8% b. Oct. 16, 1882 ; at home. 

1215. Thomas C. Norris* (664) [Chase^ Thomas\ James», Jona- 
thans Nicholas*]. He was born in Epping, N. H., Oct. 28, 1808 ; 
married, June 26, 1832, Aurelia Pay son Colcord, of Epping. He 
removed to Fremont, N. H., then to Vienna, Me., and represented 
that town in the legislatare several times, and, in 1869, to Perry, 
Dallas CO., la., and served in the legislatare of that state. He died 
Sept. 30, 1883. Mrs. Norris was born in Epping, N. H., June 2, 
1811, and was living recently in Perry, la. 


1216. Elizabeth Payson Norris^, b. Fremont, N. H., Aug. 8, 1834 ; m. Rev. 

Jacob Garretson Little, of Vienna, Me., b. Nov. 21, 1831 ; he has 
been presiding elder of the Methodist conference ; they have lived 
in many places, and res. recently in Perry, la. Five children : 1 
Henry Pearson Torsey Little^, b. March 6, 1858. 2, Lizzie Ara- 
bella Littles, b. June 3, 1860. 3, Cora Gertrude Little^, b. Jan. 4, 
1863. TThe three preceding have been matriculated at the Illinois 
Industrial University.) 4, Bertha Aurelia Little^, b. May 3, 1866. 
5, Albert Griggs Little^, b. Aug. 10, 1871. 

1217. ( Clarissa Preston Norris^, b. Danvers, Mass., June 17, 1843 ; d. Sept. 
\ 20, 1843. 

1218. ( Clarissa Bradley Norris'^, b. June 17, 1843 ; she was first called Au- 

relia, then changed to Clarissa ; she d. Sept. 1, 1854. 

1219. George L. Norris"', b. Vienna, Me.; he m. Payson, dau. of 

John Payson, of Chelsea, Mass., and lived recently in Iowa. 

1220. James Shepard Norris® (667) [Jonathan^ Thomas*, 
James^, Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Epping, N. H., 
Dec. 4, 1812, and resided in his native town, and was engaged in 
farming or manufacturing shoes till 1846. In that year he re- 
moved to Concord, N. H., which has ever since been his home. He 
was for a time a commercial traveler. In 1850 he commenced busi- 
ness as a baker and confectioner, and followed this closely and suc- 
cessfully till 1878, when old age and feeble health compelled him to 
relinquish it to his son. He has been successful in business, has ac- 
quired a competency, and is passing the evening of life surrounded 
by conveniences and comforts, which are the legitimate fruit of his 
careful and prudent business habits. On Feb. 10, 1863, he became a 
director in the State Capital Bank, and on Jan. 2, 1865, of the 


' ^' \: -' >:^ :t*--'; >' ^'' '^ t ' V!'KA ll^'X. 

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-- . ■ . .. • ;«''"^':t' Ti 'if !ii.t --tjtle. !'< liw-f. 

."■•i . ^ -. • I'lp'i ip ^-1 i' ^ ,^% ^'^ II, June J 

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f, ..i' \ ). i-nM ^^ •., b. Nt-v. M. iS.n : ;. h;i 

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vs :i> f'-i* :i »);• . a t'« !jr n*r :m; t.ruv('iv\-. In l^oO K- ^Nj;ui!Ui».,'t ] ; 

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!»v cnnvcMi* ; ■ i' -i I'ornforts, M bu"h -irp tho kT^nrititf^ f.-.t , 
< ;l'-o,':!] -.: ; ' -^ l>nhitu\-H i..)''it,s. (*n Feb, 10, l^^o. hi * ■ 

.c .-;, 't' l-'ijat-ii li'Uik, and on tJau, 2< ls*»^, *: 

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'^^tyynA) iz7. aZ/'inyitJ) 


National State Capital Bank, which position he holds at the 
present time. He was chosen a trustee and vice president of the 
lioan and Trust Savings Bank of Concord, and in 1892 was its 
president, and had been for several years. Of the public library of 
Concord, and of the Home for the Aged, he was a trustee. Mr. 
Norris is a democrat in politics ; in religion is a Baptist and a mem- 
ber and deacon of the First Baptist church of Concord. This 
church with that of Suncook, and of his native town, have been the 
recipients of his benefactions. His home has been a happy one. 
He married, Nov. 27, 1840, Caroline Matilda, daughter of Dr. 
Timothy and Sarah Hilliard of Northwood, N. H. She was born 
April 29, 1816; died June 24, 1847. She was a most excellent per- 
son, untiring in her devotion to her child, her husband, and her 

He married, 2d, Sept. 24, 1850, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of 
Wesley and Harriet Hall (Abbot) Palmer, who was born in Hop- 
kinton, N. H., Jan. 23, 1829. She has aided and encouraged her 
husband in the great struggle of life, and shares with him the 
esteem, confidence, and love of the community. She is a member 
of the First Baptist church of Concord, N. H. 


1221. Ellen Goodenow Norris^ b. Epping, N. H., May 1, 1844; m. Jan. 31, 

1866, Greorge W. Crockett ; he was in business with Mr. Norris 
till 1875, and after that with James C. Norris ; he was b. in San- 
bornton, N. H., Jan. 28, 1841; res. in Concord, N. H., where he 
d. Jan. 9, 1888, ae. 46 jrrs. 11 mos. 21 days; she res. Concord, 
N. H. Children: 1, George Norris CrockettS b. April 4, 1867; 
res. Concord, N. H. 2, Harry Hilliard Crockett^, b. April 7, 1869. 
3, Eugene Thompson Crockett% b. Dec. 31, 1871 ; d. Nov. 26, 
1873. 4, Carrie Elizabeth CrockettS b. Feb. 18, 1875 ; res. Con- 
cord, N. H. 5, Frank Shepard Crockett^, b. Sept. 30, 1880 ; res. 
Concord, N. H. 

1222. James Clayton Norris^, b. Concord, N. H., April 3, 1854 ; he succeed- 

ed his father in business ; res. Concord, N. H. ; he m. July 5, 1876, 
Mary Parker, dau. of Augustus Wiggin, of Concord, N. H., where 
she was b. May 13, 1856. Children, born in Concord, N. H. : 1, 
Mabel Parker Norris^, b. Feb. 9, 1877; res. Concord, N. H. 2, 
Orah Norriss, b. Nov. 24, 1878; res. Concord, N. H. 3, Ethel 
Norris^, b. Feb. 13, 1881 ; res. Concord, N. H. 4, James Shepard 
NorrisS b. Nov. 20, 1884; res. Concord, N. H. 

1223. Thomas J. Norris* (669) [James DuttonS Thomas*, 
James^ Jonathan', Nicholas*]. He was born in Epping, N. H., Dec. 
7, 1832 ; married Clarissa J. True, March 26, 1855. She was bom at 
Epping, N. H., July 31, 1836; died Dec. 20, 1860. He married, 2d, 
Abbie S. Furnald, Dec. 12, 1862. She was born at Barrington, 
N. H., May 16, 1842. He resides in the house of his father on a 
portion of the homestead. 


1224. Carrie E. Norris^, b. Jan. 3, 1856; m. Greorge H. Demerritt; res. 
Nottingham, N. H. 



1225. Thomas E. ^. Norris% b. June 29, 1858; res. Epping, N. H.; at 


1226. Mary A. Norris^ b. April 18, 1863; m. June 18, 1881, William 

Jenkins ; d. April 26, 1883. Child : Alice A. JenkinsS b. April 8, 

1227. Jennie S. Norris^, b. Jan. 2, 1865 ; m. Edwin McMorphy ; res. Epp- 

ine, N. H. 

1228. Fred P. Norris% b. Oct. 25, 1866; res. Epping, N. H. 

1229. James D. Norris", b. March 27, 1867 ; res. Epping, N. H. 

1230. Daniel L. IN^orris^, b. March 31, 1875 ; res. Epping, :N. H. 

1231. Benjamin White Norris* (448) [James Frederick*, Maj. 
Jaines^ JamesS Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Monmoath, 
Me., Jan. 22, 1819; married, Jan. 21, 1851, Abby Seaver Miller, 
born in South Berwick, Me., Feb. 21, 1822, and in 1890 she resides 
in Skowbegan, Me. She was daughter of Rev. Charles Miller, born 
in Auchenbowie, Scotland, Oct. 1, 1794, and of his wife, Susan Drew 
(Thompson) Miller. Mr. Norris prepared for college at Monmoath, 
Me., and graduated at WaterviUe, Me., Aug. 9, 1843. In 1846 he 
went into trade at Skowhegan, Me., and in 1849 went to California, 
and remained one year. On his return he studied law, was admit- 
ted to the bar, and practiced his profession. He was land agent for 
the state of Maine &om 1860 to 1863. In March, 1866, he took ap 
his residence in Montgomery, Ala. Receiving a commission as 
major, he served in the Freedmen's Bureau, under Gen. O. O. How- 
ard, as long as it continued its operations in Alabama. He was 
elected a member of the 40th congress, from the 3d Alabama dis- 
trict, and served from 1867-69. He died at Montgomery, Ala., 
Jan. 26, 1873, aged 54 yrs. 4 days. 


1232. Helen Amelia Norris^ b. Nov. 1, 1851 ; m. Jan. 1, 1882, Edwin For- 

est Fairbrother; res. Skowhegan, Me., where she d. Dec. 1, 1888. 

1233. Mary Abbie Norris^, b. March 26, 1854; res. Skowhegan, Me. 

1234. William Cheney Norris'' (675) [Samuel*, Benjamin^ Sam- 
uel*, SamueP, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Salisbury, N. H., 
Feb. 25, 1790. He always lived in Danbury, N. H.; was a farmer, 
and lived in the center of the town near the station. He was a Jef- 
fersonian democrat, and attended the XJniversalist church. His 
wife was a member of the Calvinist Baptist church. He was mod- 
erator of annual meetings, selectman, and collector of taxes. He 
married Sally C, daughter of Ephraim Elliot, of Concord, N. H. 
She was bom in Concord, Jan. 26, 1798. She died in Danbury, Jan. 
29, 1877 ; he died in Danbury, Jan. 29, 1879, aged 88 yrs. 11 mos. 


1235. Augustus Wellington Norris^, b. Feb. 4, 1817 ; he located in Monson, 
Me., and was a stage manager and proprietor for many years, 
until this business was superseded by railroads; then rem. to 
Lawrence, Mass., where he spent some ten years ; then to An- 
dover, N. H. ; then Grafton, N. H., and from there to Canaan, 


N. H., where he res. hi 1892. He m. Sarah Barber, of Grafton, 
N. H., who d. in Monson, Me., leaving one child ; he m. 2d, Ann 
Farnham, of or near Waterville, Me. ; she d. in Lawrence, Mass., 
and left two children ; he m. dd, Mrs. McOann, of Lawrence, Mass. 
Children : 1, Helen Norris^, b. in Monson, Me. ; m. Charles Bur- 
rill, of Newport, Me., and lived in Marlboro', Mass., where she 
d. some years ago, and left several children. 2, Franklin Norris^, 
b. Newport, Me. ; m. ; res. Boston, Mass. 3, Nettle Norris®, b. 
Newport, Me.; m. Mr. Thomas, of Waltham, Mass. ; res. in that 
town where he d. ; she m. 2d, Dr. Mason, and res. Bangor, Me. 

1236. William Taylor Norris^ (1699), b. April 1, 1820 ; res. Danbury, N. H., 

and d. there April, 1889. 

1237. Sarah Fifield Norris®, b. Jan. 28, 1822; m. Daniel Cliflford, of Lou- 

don, N. H. ; he was a carpenter ; res. Concord, N. H., and d. there 
about 1876 ; she lives in Concord, N. H., and her brother, Charles 
L. Norris, lives with her. Child: Helen F. Cliflford^, m. Joseph 
Nichols ; lived in Concord, N. H., and is deceased ; he was a bag- 
gage master on the railroad. 

1338. Ephraim H. Norris^, b. Oct. 6, 1824, and was drowned July 3, 1826, 

8B. 1 yr. 9 mos. 

1339. Ichabod Johnson Norris^ (1700), b. Nov. 26, 1826; res. Merrimack, 

Wis. ; he m. Hattie Leeds, of Danbury, N. H. 

1340. Ephraim Elliot Norris^, b. Nov. 28, 1828 ; was connected with a manu« 

facturin^ establishment in Manchester, N. H., and d. in Danbury, 
N. H., after a few days' illness, of throat trouble resemblinsf diph- 
theria, Oct. 10, 1848. 

1341 . Charles Little Norris*, b. Jan. 20, 1831 ; went to California in 1852, and 

was in the mines in Grass Valley, Cal., for some three years ; was 
connected as an employe of the Concord & Montreal R. R., and 
lived at Lake Village, N. H. ; went to Long Island, N. Y. ; then 
went to Janesville, Wis., but has been a res. of Concord, N. H., 
for some fifteen years ; is now a brick mason ; res. 101 N. State 
St., Concord, N. H. 

1342. George Franklin Norris*, b. April 4, 1833 ; he was in railroad em- 

ploy for some years ; his home was in Danbury for many years. 
He rem. to Salem, N. H., in 1860 ; is a farmer and shoemaker ; he 
m. July 14, 1866, Sarah, dau. of David and Sarah (Hale) Wood- 
bury, of Salem, b. May 4, 1839 ; they res. Salem Depot, N. H. 
Child: Charles Clifton Norris®, b. Salem, N.H., Feb. 14, 1873. 

1343. Hiram Currier Norris^, b. Sept. 29, 1835 ; was in railroad emplojr for 

about three years ; he is a farmer and lived in Danbury, N. H., 
until 1884, and res. Salem Depot, N. H., in 1892. He m. Oct. 24, 
1866, Susan C. Chase, of Salem, N. H. ; she was b. Sept., 1842 ; 
they attend the Baptist church. Children, bom in Danbury, 
N. H., and all res. at Salem Depot, N. H. : 1, Ida Bell Norris^ b. 
Dec. 22, 1869 ; m. Oct., 1889, George Connor, of Salem ; he is a 
shoe cutter. 2, Helen Grace Noms*, b. Aug. 17, 1872. 3, Henry 
Weston Norris®, b. May 10, 1875. 4, Sarah Gertrude Norris®, b. 
May 17, 1877. 5, Frank Warren Norris®, b. May 3, 1881. 

1344. David S. Norris^, b. March 21, 1838 ; d. Feb. 12, 1843. 

1345. Warren Gustavus Norris^, b. May 14, 1840 ; he lived in Concord, 

N. H., most of the time since he was eighteen years of age ; was 
yard master for the Concord railroad for a long time; rem. to 
Montpelier, Vt., where he now res. ; he m. NelSe Ash, of Con- 
cord, N. H. ; one child, d. young. 

1346. Wayland D. NorrisS b. Aug. 6, 1842 ; d. Jan. 24, 1843. 

1347. Josiah Norris'' (682) [Lewis', Benjamin^ Samuel*, SamueP, 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Danbury, NT. H., May 28, 1801 ; 


married, in 1824, Nancy, daaghter of Levi Flanders. She was bom 
in 1808 ; died in Danbury in 1881. He married, 2d, an aant of his 
first wife, Mrs. Almira (Cole) Flanders, widow of Enos Flanders, 
and daaghter of John and Janet (Gregg) Cole, who still lives in 
Draoat, Mass. Her mother was daughter of Samuel Gregg of An- 
trim, and afterwards of Hill, N. H. Mrs. Norris was born in An- 
trim, N. H., Sept. 24, 1801. Mr. Norris was a farmer; lived in 
Danbury, N. H.; then in Alton, 111.; and later in Monson, Me., where 
he died, Aug. 19, 1860. While digging a well, he fell from the lad- 
der into it, and died the next day from his injuries. Five children 
by his first marriage died in infancy, and one is living. There were 
seven children by second marriage, and one died in infancy. All 
the living members of this family are members of the Baptist church. 


1348. Joslah Norris^, d. in infancy. 

1349. Frank Webster Norris^, d. in infancy. 
1360. Lewis Norris^, d. young. 

1351. Edward Norris^, d. young. 

1352. Mary Ann Norris^, b. Danbury, N. H., Dec. 19, 1827 ; m. Oct. 5, 

1856, Samuel Alden Macomber, of Monson, Me.; res. Dracut, 

Mass. Children: 1, Macomber^ d. in infancy. 2, Annie G. 

Macomber^, b. Monson, Me., Oct. 27, 1859; m. June 17, 1880, 
Charles H. Cutter ; res. Dracut, Mass. Children : Victor Macom- 
ber Cutte^l^ b. Dracut, Mass., Sept. 2, 1881. Edna Cutter^^ b. 
Dracut, Mass., Aug. 17, 1885. 


1353. Alonzo Sidney Norris^, b. Danbury, N. H., Feb. 26, 1833; he was a 

musician in the Union army, and later was a teacher, farmer, 
and mechanic ; res. Monson, Me., where he d. April 16, 1876 ; he 
m. Ruth A. Vandos ; he m. 2d, Ellen Morse, of Calais, Vt. Chil- 
dren: 1, Jennie Annette Norris®, b. Sept., 1872. 2, Lewis 
Norris®, b. Oct., 1874. They res. in Montpelier, Vt., with their 
mother, Mrs. Frank P. Rideout. 

1354. Nancy Maria Norris^ (1662), b. Danbury, N. H., Sept. 11, 1834; m. 

Oct. 5, 1856, Frank Hart ; res. Howard, Me. 

1355. Lewis Edwin Norris% b. Danbury, N. H., July 19, 1836; m. July, 

1865, Lizzie Kidder Stetson; physician; was a surgeon in the 
Union army ; res. Hampden, Me. Children : 1, Bessie Norris®, b. 
Nov. 19,1865 ; res. Manchester, N. H. 2, Annie Norris®, b. Jan. 
20, 1867 ; at home. 3, Carrie Norris®, b. Aug. 15, 1872 ; at home. 

1356. James Frederick Norriss (1673), b. Danbury, N. H., March 10, 1838 ; 

m. July, 1865, Samantha V. Johnson; clergyman; res. Foxcroft, 

1357. Almira Jane NorrisS b. Oct. 4, 1843 ; d. Nov. 5, 1844. 

1358. Jennie Almira Norris^, b. Monson, Me., Sept. 11, 1847 ; m. Aug. 8, 

1883, William Alfred Hughes, of Auburn, Placer co., Cal.; she 
is a teacher of botany and history in the state normal school at 
San Jose, Cal. ; res. San Jose, Cal. 

1359. Lewis Norris' (685) [Lewis', Benjamin^ Samuel*, Samuel^ 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Danbury, N". H., March 11, 
1809 ; was a stone mason ; resided in Reading, Mass., many years, 
and died in Lynnfield, Mass., July 14, 1886. He married Mary, 


daughter of Ezra Thompson, of Wilmot, N. H., vho resides in Bead- 
ing, Mass. 


1360. James Thompson Norris*, b. May 11, 1838, in Wobum, Mass. ; is a 

travelinff salesman; res. Heading, Mass. ; he m. Oct. 22, 1865, 
in Reading, Mass., Catherine Yauffban, dau. of William Yaughan 
and Ellzabetb (Rowe) Judkins, of Portsmouth, N. H. ; she was 
b. in Reading, Mass., Nov. 20, 1840. Children : 1, Charles Hen- 
ry Norris®, b. May 30, 1867; merchant; res. Melrose, Mass.; he 
m. 1890, Nellie Leighton Weston, of Reading, dau. of Clifford 
Weston. 2, Frank Lewis Norris», b. July 28, 1868 ; portrait 
artist; res. Portland, Me.; m. Sarah Lillian Stanley, 1891; 
she was of Lancaster, N. H. 3, Arthur James Norris®, b. May 
14, 1872 ; d. Reading, Mass., Aug. 11, 1873. 4, Ethel May Thomp- 
son Norris', b. Jan. 24, 1875 ; d. Newton, Mass., Aug. 23, 1876. 

1361. Henry Lewis Norris^, b. Nov. 20, 1839, at Wobum, Mass.; was a 

Union soldier, contracted consumption, and d. Nov. 6, 1873 ; res. 
Reading, Mass. ; single. 

1362. Mary Abbie NorrisS b. July 27, 1842, in Burlington, Mass., and d. 

in Reading, Mass., when young. 

1363. Charles Warren Norris^, b. June 9, 1844, in Burlington, Mass. ; m. July 

6, 1874, Hattie Orissa^au. of Cyrus and Orissa (Sleeper) Jacquith, 
of Francestown, N. H. ; she was b. in Milford, N. H., Sept. 6, 
1842 ; he is a piano manufacturer ; res. 30 Hurd St., Lowell, Mass. 
Child: Merrick Lewis Norris«, b. Feb. 26, 1885; d. young. 

1364. Leighton Josiah Norriss, b. April 30, 1848, in Wilmington, Mass. ; 

single; res. Reading, Mass. 

1365. Eliza Jane Norris^, b. Nov. 25, 1850, in Wilmington, Mass. ; she was 

educated in the high school in Reading, Mass., and was a teacher 
in the public schools of Maiden and Wobum, Mass., for several 
years. She m. Sept. 16, 1882, Charles Clarence, son of Josiah 
Harris and Eliza (Foster) Talbot, b. Sept. 1, 1842, in East Ma- 
chias. Me. ; he is a lumber dealer ; res. 43 Walnut st.. Maiden, 
Mass. ; no children. 

1366. Caroline Augusta Norris^, b. Nov. 20, 1852, in Reading, Mass. ; m. 

Greorge Yaughan Jones, of Boston, Mass. ; he is a bookseller ; 
they res. in Auburndale, Mass. ; no children. 

1367. Mary Elmira NorrisS b. Aug. 9, 1856; m. Aug. 9, 1877, Edward 

Plerson Ceilings, of Jamaica Plain, and res. Wakefield, Mass. ; 
they have had three children : 1, Ethel Thompson Ceilings®, b. 
Jamaica Plain, Mass., May 9, 1878; d. at Reading, Mass., May, 
1885. 2, Louis Edward CoUings®, b. Melrose, Mass., May 12, 
1880. 3, Edna Elizabeth Collings«, b. Melrose, Mass., Feb. 6, 

1367a. Jonathan Norris'' (692) [Jonathan*, SamaeP, Samuel*, 
Samuel', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Washington, Vt., 
Feb. 6, 1795. At different periods he resided in Craftsbury, Eden, 
Newport, and Jay, Vt., but the greater part of his active life was 
spent in Albany, Vt. Farmer. He had a strong mind and will, 
and was resolute in carrjring out his plans and purposes. He was 
charitable to the poor ; his word was unquestioned, and he won the 
confidence of his fellowmen. Having met with financial reverses, 
he gave up his excellent and well stocked farm, and with his wife 
and six children, went into an unbroken forest in Albany, Vt., built 
a log house and bam, and commenced life anew. Not a tree had 


been felled, nor a rod of ground cleared. Mr. Norris cleared the 
forests and burned them, and those hilly acres he converted into 
prodactive |tnd smiling fields, so that before his death they were 
as smooth as a prairie, and free from protrading stamps and stones. 
He married Lacinda, daaghter of Thomas Cross, of Craftsbary, Yt., 
and they both died in -flbany, Vt. He died Nov. 26, 1873. She 
died September, 1870. 


1367h. Caroline E. Norris^, b. Eden, Vt., and d. ae. 27 yrs. 

1367c. Myron Kimball NorrlsS b. Craftsbury, Vt., March 13, 1823; m. 
Dec. 5jl849, A^usta Smith George, of Strafford, Vt. ; she was 
b. in Walden, vt.. May 31, 1827; he is a farmer; res. Albany, 
Vt. Children, bom in Albany. Vt. : 1, Lewis Duston Nor- 
rls®, b. Jmie 27, 1856; d. April 25, 1862. 2, George Albeit 
Norris*, b. Nov. 16, 1859; farmer; res. Albany, Vt., and d*. 
Dec, 1890. 3, John Winslow Norris», b. Aug. 26, 1862 ; unaided 
he has forced his way from the farm to the pulpit, paying his ex- 
penses for an education by labor on a farm, by labor as a carpen- 
ter, by teaching, and latterly, by labor in the ministry. When 
twenty years of age he entered the academy at Craftsbury, Vt., 
graduating in 1887, and entered the University of Vermont, and 
graduated in 1891, receiving the degree of A. B. He was one of 
the six speakers appointed for the commencement exercises. 
During his collegiate course he had supplied some of the neigh- 
boring vacant pmpits, and during his senior year he preached at 
Westford, Vt. In 1891 he entered the theological department of 
Yale CoUeee, at New Haven, Conn., where he is preparing for 
more extended labor as a minister of the Orthodox Congregational 
church. 4, Cora Bell Norris®, b. June 17, 1865 ; m. 1885, Edward 
Lester White ; res. Hardwick, Vt. 

1367d. Sobriety Norris^, b. Craftsbury, Vt ; d. in Albany, Vt., May 15, 1858. 

1367e. Maria Sally Norris^, b. Craftsbury, Vt. ; single ; res. Albany, Vt. 

1367f . Salome Norris^, b. Craftsbury, Vt. ; m. Charles Mossman ; res. West- 
minster, Mass. Child : Fred W. Mossman^ ; he graduated at the 
agricultural college, Amherst, Mass., and is a civil engineer. 

1367g. Bradley Jonathan iforris*, b. Craftsbury ,Vt. ; m. Cleora Gary ; res . 
Marshfield, Vt. ; he was a soldier in the Union army, and belonged 
to a Rhode Island battery ; he d. in the hospital near Nashville, 
Tenn., June 3, 1864. Children: 1, Marietta Norris*; m. William 
Marsh, of Cabot, Vt. ; three children. 2, Effie Maria Norris*, m. 
Mr. Marsh, brother of William; res. New Haven, Conn.; two 
children. 3, Samuel Jonathan Norris®, res. Lyndonville, Vt. 

1367h. Almon Ellsworth NorrisS b. Albany, Vt., May 6, 1836 ; m. Dec. 12, 
1872, Clara George, of Plymouth, N. H. He enlisted in Co. 1, 15th 
regt., Vt. vols., Sept. 3, 1862 ; discharged Aug. 5, 1863 ; he is now, 
1892, a farmer and res. Albany, Vt. ; he possesses the same strong 
mental characteristics as were possessed by his father. From a 
sense of duty, he remained upon the home farm, and cared for 
his a^ed parents. His inclinations would have led him into a 
broader field of activity. In his town he has filled various posi- 
tions, having served as selectman and member of the school 
board. Being a soldier he is intensely patriotic, and is a strong 
lover of his country and its institutions. Children : 1, Elmer M. 
Norri8^ b. Dec. 1, 1873 ; d. March 9, 1876. 2, Samuel E. Norris^, 
b. June 27, 1878. 

13671. Kachel Ormanda Norris^, b. Albany, Vt., Feb. 5, 1840; m. May 12, 
1863, Hosea, son of Truman Hill, of Lee, N. H. ; he was b. May 


9, 1840; carriage manufacturer; res. 27 Church st., Lowell, 
Mass. Mrs. Hill is a member of the Uniyersalist church, and is 
actively engaged in church work and benevolent enterprises, and 
has held the highest positions in the latter organizations. She is 
a person of much strength of mind and character, and is highly 
esteemed. Children, bom in Lowell, Mass.: 1, Almon Ward 
HilP, b. June 27, 1864; graduated at the scientific department 
of Brown Universltv, Providence, R. I., In 1884, and commenced 
the practice of medicine in Aug., 1887. and is a practicing physi- 
cian, in 1892; res. Lowell, Mass. ; he is serving his third term as 
member of the school committee of that city in 1892 ; he m. Oct. 
30, 1890, Grace Wright Gerrish, dau. of Thomas Gerrish, of Low- 
ell, Mass. ; she was d. in Lowell, Sept. 5, 1865. 2, Henry Chester 
HilP, b. Sept. 4, 1869; was educated in the public schools of 
Lowell ; he is a clerk in the post office of that city in 1892. 

1367J. Lucinda Diantha NorrisS b. Albany, Vt., June, 1842 ; m. Daniel B. 
Gteorge, who served through the late war; they lived in Fall 
River, Mass., where she d. May 7, 1876 ; he d. in Albany, Vt., in 
1877. Children: 1, Ernest George®, d. in 1890, in Albany, Vt. 
2, Roy Gteorge®, res. Albany, Vt. 

Id67k. Ward Jonathan Norris^, b. Jan. 21, 1845 ; he was a soldier in the late 
war for the Union; farmer; res. Albany, Vt., where he d. April 
2, 1866. 

1868. Sophia Norris' (694^ [David«, SamueP, Samuel*, SamueP, 
Moses^, Nicholas^]. She was Dom in Sandwich, N. H., Dec. 6, 1791, 
and removed to Danville, Vt., with her parents in 1807; married 
Dr. Samuel Hill, and resided in North Danville, where she died in 
1839. He was bom March 5, 1792. 


1369. Susan A. Hilis, b. F€ib. 1, 1813 ; m. 1846, William Hutchinson, of Sut- 

ton, Vt., and had children: 1, Sophia Hutchinson^, b. 1848; d. in 
her beautiful youth, Julv 15, 1863. 2, William A. Hutchinson*, 
b. 1850 ; is an active business man and is managing editor of the 
Chicago Uvening Journal^ in 1892 ; res. Chicago, 111. 3, Charles 
Carroll Hutchinson*, b. Julv 15, 1852 ; graduated at Dartmouth 
College ; is a civil engineer in the west. 

1370. Lucy Ann Hills, b. 1815 ; m. Michel Shonyo and is dead. Children : 

1, Samuel Shonyo*, graduated at Burlington, Vt. ; is a teacher in 
Canada. 2, Frank Shonyo*, went west. 3, Oramal Shonyo*, 
went west. 4, Merrill Shonyo*, went west. 5, Diana Shonyo*, 
went west. 6, Martin Shonyo*, went west. 

1371. Thomas Hill^, b. 1817 ; m. Sally Kimball and lived in Cabot, Vt. ; de- 

ceased. Child : Orson K. Hill*, d. when 19 years of age ; his par- 
ents soon followed him. 

1372. Mary Hilis, b. March 9, 1818 ; m. April 19, 1837, James Smith Por- 

ter, of Wheelock, Vt. ; she d. March, 1847 ; he m. 2d, Orphia 
Hill, her sister, March 8, 1848, and had four children. Children : 

1, Sarah Ann Porter*, b. April 17, 1838 ; d. April 17, 1868 ; m. 
Sept. 15, 1859, Myron Bean, of Lyndon, Vt. Children: Orson 
Beanio, b. April 7, 1861 ; d. May 17, 1862. Lilla May Bean^o, b. 
April 6, 1864 ; m. in 1885, Elias Pierce ; res. Los Aiigeles, Cal. 
Alton Earle Bean^o, b. April 20, 1866; res. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Fannie Emma Bean^^^, b. April 13, 1867; res. Manchester, N. H. 

2, Sophia Hill Porter*, b. Sept. 21, 1839 ; m. Sept., 1863, Nathan 
Lincoln Parker, of Lyndon, Vt. ; he is a republican and a Metho- 
dist. Children : Edwin Joseph Parker^o, b. April 26, 1865 ; m. 


Ang., 1886, Clara Parker. Clarence Nathan Parker^o, b. March 
12, 1867. Herbert Lester Parker^o, b. Dec. 5, 1870; d. March 5, 
1871. Ralph Thomas Parker^o, b. Dec, 1873. 3, Marietta Por- 
ter9, b. Sept. 14, 1841 ; d. 1842. 4, Frances Edith Porter*, b. June 
29, 1842 ; d. Aug. 27, 1865. 5, Esther Malone Porter®, b. April 
17, 1844 ; m. Julv 27, 1864, Capt. Sanf ord Gradcum Gray, who is dec- 
eased ; she res. Lyndon, Vt. Children : Isadore Florence Grayi^, b. 
Oct. 9, 1866, in South Wheelock, Vt. ; d. in Moosup, Conn., Feb. 3, 
1883. Jennie Edith Gray^, b. Danville, Vt., Oct. 15, 1870. Har- 
land James Grayi% b. Wheelock, Vt., Nov. 7, 1872. 6, Mary Em- 
ma Porter®, b. March 14, 1849, in Lyndon, Vt. ; m. Dec. 24, 1870, 
Albion Lorenzo Weed; res. Stannard, Vt. Child: Clvde San- 
ford Weedio, b. Nov. 22, 1888. 7, Agnes Althea Porter®", b. Aug. 
24, 1852; m. Sept. 14, 1877, George Mitcham; she d. Oct. 21, 
1863. Children: Willie Carroll Mitchamio, b. Aug. 14, 1878. 
Etta Mitchamio, b. Oct. 16, 1880. 8, Loraine Susan Porter®, b. 
Aug. 19, 1855; m. Sept. 27, 1873, Clement Daniel Gray; res- 
Wheelock, Vt. 9, Lillie Jane Porter®, b. Aug. 8, 1863; m. Dec. 
1, 1882, Kobert Esdon; res. Bamet, Vt. Child: Leslie Earl Es- 
doni% b. March 9, 1886. 

1373. Sarah Hills, b. igig ; d. young. 

1374. David HilP, (now dec.) D. 1821 ; m. Sophronia Batchelder ; his son, 

Charles Hill®, is a physician ; res. at Witchita, Kan. 

1375. Orpha Stevens Hills, b. 1823 ; m. March 8, 1848, as the 2d wife, James 

Smith Porter ; four children. (See his record. No. 1372.) 

1376. Merrill S. HilP, b. 1825; graduated at the University of Vermont, 

at Burlington ; he m. Jane ; she d. and he m. 2d, Mary Band ; 

is a lawyer ; res. St. Albans, Vt. Children : 1, Margaret HilP, 
graduated at Wellesley college and is principal of the high school 
at St. Albans, Vt. 2, Ida Hill®, is a musician. 

1377. Asenath HilP, b. April 30, 1827 ; m. Dec. 28, 1846, Enoch T. Smith, 

of Sutton, Vt. Children : 1, Sarah Smith®, b. Dec. 15, 1847 ; m. 
Edward Brockway : no children. 2, Sophia Hill Smith®, b. Feb. 
15, 1861 ; graduated at normal school at Randolph, Vt., and is a 
successful teacher 

1378. Edwin M. HilP, b. Aug. 30, 1830 ; single ; res. in New York state. 

1380. Mercy B. Norris' (697) [David*, SamueP, Samuel*, Sam- 
uel', Moses^ Nicholas*]. She was born in Lyndon, Vt., May 19, 
1797; married Moses, son of Freeman Eaton, who lived in Marsh- 
field, Vt., and who died February, 1827, leaving three daughters. 
She married, 2d, in 1885, Rev. Jonathan Woodman; resided m Sut- 
ton, Vt. She died at SheflSeld, Vt., Nov. 26, 1876. Mr. Woodman 
died at the home of his son-in-law, Hoyt W. Hilton (P. O. Lowell, 
Mass.) in Tewksbury, January, 1888. He and his wife are buried in 
Sutton, Vt. 


1381. Freedom Eaton^, b. Jan. 19, 1816, in Marshfleld, Vt. ; m. 1839, Irena 
Prince, of Calais, Yt. ; res. Minneapolis, Minn. Children; 1, 
Ann Eaton®, ni. Hezekiah Carpenter; res. Lyndon, Vt. ; he d. in 
Arizona, and she now res. in Minneapolis, Minn. 2, Sarah M. 
Eaton*, m. Lorenzo Quimby, of Lyndon, Vt. Children : William 
Quimbyi^*, graduated at Dartmouth college ; lawyer ; res. Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn. Nellie Quimby^'^, res. Lyndon, Vt. 3, Albanus Ea- 
ton*, res. Minnesota. 4, Julius Eaton*, is a successful business 
man; m. Addie Hoyt; res. Lyndon, Vt. Children: Carrie Et- 


ton^o, Lorenzo Eaton^o. 5, Carrie Eaton^, res. Minnesota. 6, 
Fida Eaton«. 

1382. Caroline Hamilton Eaton^, b. Danville, Vt., July 12, 1820; m. Feb. 

1, 1837, Dr. Arza L. Witt, who d. in Lowell, Mass. ; she m. 2d, 
June 2, 1849, Dr. Jerome Harris ; res. Lawrence, Mass. ; he d. in 
Middleboro', Mass., April 6, 1882 ; no children ; she d. in Pelham, 
N. H., Dec. 18, 1882. 

1383. Sally Maria EatonS b. Danville, Vt., Oct. 29, 1821 ; m. Nov. 6, 1839, 

David F. Thompson who lived in Danville, Vt., and d. Dec. 30, 
1869; she m. 2d, May 9, 1874, William Jarvis Stanton, a mer- 
chant and farmer; res. Danville, Vt. ; he was b. in Danville, 
Sept. 6, 1808. 

1384. Jonathan Nelson Woodman^, b. Sutton, Vt., Aug., 1834; m. Mrs. 

Helena Hunt, of Sidney, Australia; he res. Pelnam, N. H. Chil- 
dren : one son and three daughters. 1, Sarah Woodman®, teach- 
er in Salem, N. H. 2, Fanny Woodman®, teacher in Salem, N. H. 
3, Mary Woodman®, res. Lawrence, Mass. 

1385. Ward B. Norris' (701) [David«, SamueP, Samuel*, Sam- 
uel*, Moses^ Nioholasn* He was bom in Sutton, Vt., Oct. 3, 1805; 
was a farmer, and resided in North Danville, Vt. He often filled 
public positions of trust in his town ; was a strong advocate of tem- 
perance, and his convictions of the right were of the highest order, 
and he maintained them zealously. In politics, a republican, and 
was one of the early abolitionists. He married, Feb. 2, 1832, Louisa 
Hosmer, of Gilsum, N. H.; born there March 11, 1805; died at 
North Danville, April 6, 1888. She and 'her husband were mem- 
bers of the Freewill Baptist church. He died at North Danville, 
Feb. 2, 1 883. 


1386. Harriet S. Norris^, b. Dec. 4, 1832 ; m. July 30, 1873, Fowler W. Pope ; 

res. Santa Cruz, Cal. ; he is a locomotive engineer. One son: 
Norris F. Pope^, b. March 27, 1876. 

1387. Julia A. Norris^, b. Nov. 11, 1834; single; res. North Danville, Vt. ; 


1388. Martha H. Norris^, b. May 27, 1837 ; smgle ; res. North Danville, Vt. ; 


1389. Orville Norris^, b. May 1, 1839 ; farmer ; republican in politics, and 

res. North Danville, Vt. ; single. 

1390. Eliza Norris' (703) [David«, Samuel*, Samuel*, Samuel', 
Moses^, Nicholas^]. She was born in North Danville, Vt., Jan. 10, 
1810; married, in 1839, Theophilus Drew, of Danville, Vt. He was 
a farmer. They resided there and she died March 28, 1880. 


1391. Augusta Drew^, b. 1840; m. Nov. 6, 1861, King H. Goodwin; res. 

Manchester, la. Two children: 1, Lyle Goodwin®, a law stu- 
dent. 2, Avis Goodwin^, at home. 

1392. Martin Van Buren Drew^, b. Feb. 4, 1842; lawyer; res. Marshall, 

Minn. ; he m. Sept. 14, 1867, Sarah M. Chamberlain, of Mont- 
pelier, Vt. Children: 1, Agnes M. Drew®, b. Jan. 2, 1869. 2, 
Arthur Drew®, b. Nov. 27, 1870. 


1393. Ora Drew>, res. Danville, Vt. ; farmer ; m. Clara Stanton. Children ; 

Mildred Drew», Charles Drew», Vera* Drew. 

1394. Maria T. Drew% m. Henry W. Stanton, of DanvUle, Vt. One child : 

Ina Stanton®. 

1395. Warren H. Drew", m. and res. Marshall, Minn. 

1396. Helen Drew', m. Ceylon Forsyth ; res. Barre, Vt. ChCdren : Blanche 

Forsyth®, Clyde Forsyth*. 

1397. Eleazer Wells Norris' (704) [David«, Samuel*, Samuel*, 
Samuel', Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in North Danville, Vt., 
July 25, 1813; married', Nov. 4, 1839, Sally Richardson Bean, daugh- 
ter of Stephen F., and granddaughter of David and Hannah (Fay) 
Bean, of Sandwich, N. H., of Sutton, Vt. Resides in Burke, Yt., 
formerly in Barton, Yt. He is a farmer, a republican. He and his 
wife are members of the Freewill Baptist church. 


1398. Emily Norris*, b. Danville, Vt., April 5, 1841 ; d. June 16, 1866. 

1399. Warren Norris*, b. Danville, Vt., June 12, 1843 ; was a soldier of the 

Union in Co. D, in the 1st Vermont cavalry ; served four years ; 
was in fifty engagements, and was not wounded ; he was a lo- 
comotive engineer, and is, in 1892, an ice manufacturer; res. 
Cedar Key, Fla. ; he m. Olivia Druse, in 1878, of Ohio. Children ; 
1, Myrtle Norris®, b. Wardsworth, Nev. 2, Leona Norris®, b. 
Wardsworth, Nev. 3, Norris^, (a son) b. Cedar Key, Fla. 

1400. Greorge E. Norris^, b. Danville, Vt., 1846 ; enlisted in the army, and 

d. at Washington, D. C, Sept. 7, 1865. 

1401. Frank Norris^, b. Burke, Vt., Dec. 27, 1854; dru&^gist and jeweler at 

52 Market St., Lynn, Mass., and a successful business man ; he 
m. June 21, 1878, Annie M., dau. of Lorenzo and Amanda (Colby) 
Warren, of West Burke, Vt., b. March 24, 1858 ; res. Lvnn, Mass. 
Children : 1, Carl Norris®, b. Sept. 6, 1878, in Burke, Vt. 2, Ger- 
tie May Norri8», b. Springfield, Vt., Feb. 3, 1885 ; d. Aug. 6, 1885. 

1402. March Norris' (708) [John«, Samuel*, Samuel*, Samuel", 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Corinth, Vt., Aug. 15, 1800; 
married Polly, daughter of Moses and Dolly (Maloon) Marshall. 
A democrat in politics ; a Freewill Baptist in religion. Resided in 
Coriuth, Orange co., Vt., and died in Colebrook, N. H., Aug. 20, 


1403. Lucina Serepta Norris^, m. John D. French : hotel-keeper. 

1404. Clark Currier Norris^, is a physician ; res. Colebrook, N. H. 

1405. Heman Russell Norris* (1680) , b. Aug. 21, 1829 ; m. May 1, 1852, Eliza 

Morrill ; res. Guildhall, Vt. 

1406. George Sleeper Norris^, carriage manufacturer ; res . Colebrook, N. H ; 

he m. Eliza A. Piblow. Child: George H. Norris®, b. June 13, 

1407. Mary Lovllla Norris*, m. Dr. Hurd, who d. ; one child; she m. M, 

tfames Sawyer ; he is a clerk ; res. Colebrook, N. H. Child : Eva 
H. Hurd<>. m. Walter Drew ; res. Colebrook, N. H. 

1408. Sabrina Lodina Norris^, m. Nelson J. Haines ; he is a dentist ; they 

res. in San Francisco, Cal. 



1409. Welcome Norris^ (711) [Taylor^, SamueP, Samuel*, Sam- 
uel*, Moses^, Nicholasn. He was born in Sutton, Vt., Dec. 4, 1801 ; 
married, in Boston, Mass., July 10, 1828, Mary Walsh, daugh- 
ter of Ephraim Harris. She was born in Boston, Mass., Feb. 23, 
1809; died in Glens Falls, N. Y., in the autumn of 1877. Mr. Nor- 
ris was a blacksmith, resided in Sutton, Vt., about twenty-five years, 
then in Boston, Mass. some nine years, where he carried on the gro- 
cery business. Then he returned to Sutton, Yt., and lived, and car- 
ried on farming, and was a mechanic. In 1850 he removed to Glens 
Falls, N. Y., and resided there till his death at that place, May 13, 
1871. At the latter place he was a carriage manufacturer. He was 
a Methodist and republican. 


1409a. Nancy H. Norris^, b. Boston, Mass., Sept. 7, 1829; d. at Glens 

Falls, N. Y. 
1409b. Josiah Henry iTorriss (1684a), b. Boston, Mass., May 27, 1831 ; res. 

Glens Falls, N. Y. 

1410. Daniel George Norriss, b. Sutton, Vt., May 24, 1835; m. Nov. 28, 

1855, Juliet, dau. of William and Eveline A. Wood, and grand- 
dau. of Elisna Briggs, of Brattleboro', Vt., where she was b. July 
16, 1834. Mr. Koms res. in Sutton for fifteen years, and has res. 
in Glens Falls, N. Y., for forty years. No children. 

1411. Eliza Ellen Norris^, b. Sutton, Vt., March 9, 1837; m. David, son of 

Elijah E. and Sally (Martin) Norton, and grandson of Capt. Jo- 
seph, of Freetown, Mass. He was b. at Fort Ann, N. Y., Nov. 20, 
1829 ; is a carriage manufacturer, and they res. Glens Falls, N. Y. 
Children: 1, Charles Henry Norton^, b. Glens Falls, N. Y.. July 
29, 1856; d. Aug. 30, 1856. 2, Mary Emma Norton^, b. Glens 
Falls, N. Y., March 16, 1861 ; m. May 29, 1878, Edward Reed ; 
res. Glens Falls, N. Y. 3, Mila Cary Norton®, b. Glens Falls, 
N. Y., Feb. 12, 1865 ; m. April 14, 1886, Robert Menjies ; res. Brad- 
ford, N. Y. 4, Nellie Gertrude Norton®, b. Glens Falls, N. Y., 
March 1, 1871 ; d. March 3, 1871. 

1412. Willard Harris Norris^ (16841), b. Sutton, Vt., March 5, 1839; res. 

Glens Palls, N. Y. 
1412a. George Eastman Norris^, b. Sutton, Vt., April 20, 1842; m. Feb. 
25, 1863, Anna M., dau. of Henry and Harriet Ann (Wells) Havi- 
land; her father was son of Roger and grandson of Roger 
Haviland. Mrs. Norris was b. in Queensburg, N. Y. Mr. Norris 
enlisted May 6, 1861, for two years, in the late war, and was hon- 
orably discharged at Albany, N. Y., June 6, 1863. He served in 
Co. E, 22d regt., N. Y. vols. He is, in 1892, a manufacturer, and 
res. Berlin, Ontario, Can. Child : Fred Henry Norris^, b. Glens 
Falls, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1864; m. July 15, 1889, Laura P. Jacobs ; he 
is a collar manufacturer ; res. Troy, N. Y. 

1413. Mary Elizabeth Norris^, b. Sutton, Vt., May 20, 1844; m. June 24, 

1863, Aaron Ford, son of David and Emeline (Williams) Pike, 
and grandson of Samuel Pike. Mr. Pike was b. at Glens FaHs, 
N. 1 ., July 15, 1843. He was a printer, and d. at Glens Falls, 
Oct. 10, 1879. Children, bom in Glens Falls, N. Y.: 1, Frank 
Adelbert Pike^, b. Oct. 24, 1866 ; m. Aug. 1, 1888, Rosella Martin ; 
is a printer and res. at Glens Falls, N. Y. 2, Gertrude Belle 
Pike», b. April 21, 1872 ; res. Glens Falls, N. Y. 3, Walter David 
Pike«, b. June 4, 1874; res. Glens Falls, N. Y. 
1413a. Hiram Welcome Norriss, b. Glens Falls, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1851; m. 
Oct. 29, 1874, Flora Maria Day, b. Glens Falls, Aug. 20, 1855 ; she 


was dau. of Hosea and Julia Maria (Sejmour) Day, and ^rand- 
dau. of Hosea Day, b. at Eillingly, Conn., April 2, 1780, and 
who d. in South Granville, N. Y., April 6, 1851 ; Mr. Norris is a 
mechanic; res. Bradford, Penn. Children: 1, Nellie May Nor- 
ris^, b. Glens Falls, N. Y., July 1, 1875. 2. Welcome Hosea Nor- 
ms®, b. Bradford, Penn., May 10, 1878; d. m Liona, Penn., April 
2, 1888. 3, Hiram Ernest Norris^ b. Liona, Penn., March 5, 1888. 
4, Jennie Estella Norris®, b. Bradford, Penn., July 23, 1890. 

1414. Josiah Norris^ (712) [Taylor*, Samuel*, Samuel*, SamueP, 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Sutton, Vt., Jan. 15, 1807. He 
married, in Boston, Mass., Sept. 10, 1837, Hannah Rust, of Wolf- 
borough, N. H., born there July 1, 1817, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Lydia (Folsom) Rust. They removed to Glens Falls, N. Y., upon 
their marriage, where he became a lime manufacturer, and they un- 
ited with the Methodist Episcopal church. He was an advocate of 
temperance, and in politics a republican. He died in Fort Ann, 
N. Y., in 1881. Mrs. Norris lives in that town. Two sons died in 
infancy. At different times Mr. Norris lived in Boston, Mass., Cuba, 
W. I., Adirondack mountains, Fairfax Court House, Ya., and Swan- 
ton, Vt. 


1415. William Rust Norri8», b. Glens Falls, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1839; m. Jan. 

12, 1870, Frances Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Edward Tozier, pastor 
of the Baptist church in Fort Ann, N. Y. She was b. in Naples, 
N. Y., and d. Feb. 19, 1873. He m. 2d, Dec. 29, 1883, Margaret 
Josephine, dau. of John Doughty, of Washington, D. C. ; she was 
b. in 1850, at Knightstown, Ind., and d. Feb. 11, 1892. Mr. Nor- 
ris has lived in Glens Falls, N. Y., fourteen years ; in the Adiron- 
dack mountains one year ; at Fort Ann, N.Y., ten years ; for twelve 
years in New York city ; and has lived in Schenectady and Buff- 
alo, N. Y., and for a time in Michigan. He has been a farmer, a 
cooper, a manufacturer of lime, and a manufacturer of machinery ; 
res. Kansas City, Mo., in 1892, and is engaged in manufacturing 
school supplies. Children : 1, Edward Josiah Norris^, b. Fort 
Ann, N. Y., July 1, 1871 ; d. there April 18, 1880. 2, Infant son^, 
d. March 1, 1873. 

1416. Susan Ellen Norris^, b. March 22, 1841 ; m. July 24, 1863, Rogers A. 

Haviland; res. Fort Ann, N. Y. Child : Walter A. Haviland», b. 
Glens Falls, N. Y., April 24, 1864: is a manufacturer; res. Fort 
Ann, N. Y. 

1417. Hannah Maria Norris^, b. June 3, 1843 ; m. Nov. 27, 1871, Isaac I. 

Finch; merchant; res. Fort Ann, N. Y. Children: 1, Catherine 
Finch*, b. Sept. 14, 1872. 2, Herbert Finch*, b. Sept. 12, 1875. 
3, Jennie Finch*, b. Feb. 27, 1880. 

1418. Charles J. Norris^, b. July 29, 1845 ; d. Aug. 11, 1845. 

1419. Martha Luella NorrisS b. Aug. 5, 1850; d. May 2, 1854. 

1420. Willard B. Norris^ (716) [Taylor«, SamueP, Samuel*, Sam- 
ueP, Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was a resident of Henry, 111. He mar- 
ried Louisa, daughter of Abraham Lyons, and died in Hennepin, 111., 
Sept. 17, 1888. She died Aug. 20, 1856. 




1421. Charles Norris*, b. Hennepin, IlL, Aug. 27, 1846; m. Jan. 14, 1869, 

Mary, dau. of Colmanand Ann Jane (Lambert) Hailey, and grand- 
dau. of Hartwell Hailey ; she was b. in Ox Bow, Putnam co.. 111., 
Oct. 23, 1849 : Mr. Koiris is a farmer and lives in Hennepin, Dl. 
ChUdren: 1, Orie Norris9,b. Feb. 17, 1870; m. Sept. 15, 1886, Wil- 
liam Mathis ; a farmer and res. in Magnolia, HI. 2, Willard Nor- 
ri8«, b. March 27, 1872 : res. Ox Bow, 111. 3, Naomi Norris», b. 
July 8, 1874 ; res. Ox Bow, HI. 4, George Norris^, b. June 11, 
1877; d. June 19, 1885. 5, Isabel Norris», b. March 14, 1880; res. 
Ox Bow, 111. 6, Evalme Norris^, b. May 26, 1883 ; d. March 19, 

1422. Silas W. Norris^, b. 1848 ; res. Shawneetown, Dl. ; m. in Blooming- 

ton, HI., Mary Olga Bertha ; he enlisted as a drummer-boy 

when 14 years of age, and served three years in Co. B, 77th regt., 
HI. vols. Children (in 1891) : 1, Walter S. Norris®, 8B. 10 years. 
2, Charles Willard Norris®, 2B. 6 years. 3, Mary Alice Norris®, 
SB. 4 years. 4, William John Henry Norris®, ae. 2 years. 

1423. Isabella Norris*, m. Lewis Keen; res. North McGregor, la. Chil- 

dren: 1, Mary Isabel Keen^, b. North McGregor, la., Aug. 14, 
1864. 2, Willard Lewis Keen», b. March 4, 1866. 3, Louise Keen», 
b. May 23, 1868. 4, Edward Keen^, b. Sept. 10, 1870. 5, Robert 
Peter Eeen^, b. Jan. 15, 1872. 6, Jay Mason Keen^, b. Jan. 23, 

1424. Alice J. Norris^, b. in Hennepin, HI., in 1852 ; m. William Samuel 

Bell, June 27, 1843 ; he is an engineer ; res. 2600 Fifth ave., Rock 
Island, HI. Children: 1, Ida May BelP, b. Sept. 18, 1873; res. 
Rock Island, 111. 2, Achsah Bernice Bell^, b. Nov. 14, 1875 ; res. 
Rock Island, HI. 3, Charles William BelP, b. July 21, 1878 ; 
res. Rock Island, HI. 4, Rose Mary Bell®, b. Nov. 4, 1880; res. 
Rock Island, 111. 5, George Barth BelP, b. Dec. 13, 1882; res. 
Rock Island, 111. 6, Bessie Ola BelP, b. Aug. 16, 1885 ; res. Rock 
Island, HI. 

1425. William Taylor Norris' (718) [Taylor*, SamuelS Samuel*, 
Samuel', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Sutton, Vt., July 29, 
1823. He married, June 20, 1850, Elizabeth Folsom, daughter of Dr. 
Levi and Catherine (Folsom) Rugg, of Glens Falls, N. Y., bom there 
in 1820. He was a manufacturer. He enlisted September, 1861 ; was 
a lieutenant in Co. £, 22d reet., N. Y. vols., and was killed Aug. 80, 
1862, in the second battle of %ull Run. His residence was at Glens 
Falls, N. Y. 


1426. Alexander Folsom Norris^, b. Jan. 26, 1851 ; sea captain ; res. Mobile, 


1427. Helena Elizabeth NorrisS b. 1858 ; m. Jan., 1881, Stowell B. Whit- 

ney ; res. 41 Maple st.. Glens Falls, N. Y. 

1428. Frederick Taylor Norris^, b. 1860 ; lumber and salt manufacturer ; 

res. Bay City, Mich. 

1429. Martha Ann Norris^ (719) [Taylor*, Samuel^ Samuel*, Sam- 
uel', Moses^, Nicholas^]. She was born in Sutton, Vt., Jan. 11,1827. 
She married, in Glens Falls, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1842, George J. Tillot- 
son, born Nov. 14, 1819, in Moreau, Saratoga co., M. Y., and son of 


Daniel and Sally (Hamlin) Tillotson, of Connecticut originally. He 
is a lamberman. He lived forty-seven years in New York, and twenty- 
six years in Michigan. He resides in Muskegon, Mich. They are 
members of the Methodist Episcopal church. 


1430. Dallas Cadwell Tillotson^ b. May 30, 1844; m. Jan. 10, 1866, Augus- 

ta Sisson, who d. at Glens Falls, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1874 ; he is an 
insurance a^nt; he m. 2d, July 11, 1878, Annette Piper; res. 
Muskegon, Mich. Children : 1, Gulielma S. TUlotson^, m. Sept. 
26, 1888, George M. Tower. 2, George Tillotson^. 3, Bessie Til- 

1431. Florence A. Tillotson^, b. Aug. 7, 1847; m. Nov. 30, 1870, David D. 

Erwin ; he is a lawyer and res. Muskegon, Mich. ; he was b. April 
26, 1847. Children : 1, Fannie Erwin», b. Aug. 2, 1872. 2, Edna 
Erwin», b. Oct. 8, 1877. 3, Helen Erwin», b. Feb. 9, 1880 ; d. July 
11, 1880. 4, Douglass Erwin®, b. April 6, 1889. 

1432. Fannie E. Tillotsons, b. July 19, 1851 ; m. Nov. 1, 1871, Edgar Mont- 

gomery; he is a merchant and res. in Muskegon, Mich. Chil- 
dren : 1, Dallas Montgomery®, b. 1874 : d. May, 1874. 2, George 
Montgomery®, b. Sept. 22, 1876. 3, Florence Montgomery®, b. 
Aug.^, 1880. 

1433. Besea Tillotsons, b. Oct. 21, 1855 ; d. in Albion, Mich., Sept. 8, 1857. 

1434. Benjamin Bandall Norris^ (721) [Josiah^ Samuel^ Sam- 
uel*, Samuel*, Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Corinth, Vt., 
Jan. 5, 1810. He went to Hanover, N. H., when a child, with his 
parents. He married, in Hanover, Feb. 2, 1831, Pamelia, daughter 
of Nathan and Beulah (Wilmarth) Stark, of Hanover, and a con- 
nection of Gen. John Stark of Revolutionary fame. She was born 
June 2, 1811, in Hanover, and died Nov. 15, 1888, in Dorchester, 
N. H., with her daughter, Mrs. Harriet Maria (Norris) Colbum. In 
1835 Mr. Norris removed to Dorchester, and settled on Norris Hill, 
and was a farmer all his life. He was postmaster for eleven years, 
selectman for many years, and was a prominent democratic leader. 
He was a strong man, and looked up to by his townsmen. He was 
a deacon in the Freewill Baptist church at the time of his death, 
Nov. 2, 1882. He died suddenly of heart disease. Mrs. Norris was 
also a member of the church for about fifty-eight years. She was 
even in her temperament, and was a fine Christian woman. She 
was gifted in her religious utterances, and her life was beautiful to 
its close. For two years she was almost entirely helpless. 


1435. John Adams Norriss (1685), b. Hanover, N. H., May 31, 1833; lives 

in Dorchester. N. H. 

1436. Ira Brown Norris», b. Dorchester, N. H., July 29, 1835; m. Dec. 22, 

1862, Caroline, dau. of Joseph and Mary (Peaslee) Leavitt, of 
Dorchester, N. H. ; she was b. March, 1838, in Dorchester; he is 
a farmer ; he has been very prominent in his town ; he has been 
selectman some twelve years ; was representative two years, in 
1875 and '76 ; he was postmaster, and resigned at that time, when 
Mrs. Norris was appointed in his place, and held the office in 



1889. He is a democrat in politics; they are members of the 
Freewill Baptist church. They have no children, yet their home 
is the ^^Home for Little Wanderers." In 1889 he had four 
homeless children, whom he and his wife cared for ; one of them 
is a cripple, who for twenty-four years has been the recipient of 
their Christian charity. 

1437. Harriet Maria NorrisS b. Dorchester, N. H., Jan. 27, 1839; m. Nov. 

24, 1861, Edward Colbum, of Dorchester; he was son of Lemuel 
and Sally (Waldron) Oolburn ; he was b. in Dorchester, Dec. 23, 
1838 ; he was a farmer. He enlisted in Co. H, 11th N. H. vols., 
commanded by Col. Walter Harriman ; was in the first battle of 
Fredericksburg, Ya., Dec. 13, 1862, and escaped unscathed. He 
d. Feb. 24, 1863, of fever, at Newport News, Va., after a week's 
sickness. He was brought to Dorchester, and buried in the ceme- 
tery at the center of the town. When he left for the war Mrs. 
Colbum went to the home of her parents at Dorchester Centre, 
where she res. in 1889; no children. Mrs. Colbum has adoptcnl 
a little girl from the " Little Wanderers' Home," in Boston, who 
has been with her since her seventh year. Name : Nellie Collins. 

1438. Myra Jane Norris*, b. Dorchester, N. H., Jan. 1, 1841; m. about 

1868, Lewis Wesley Aldrich, of Westmoreland, N. H., b. July, 
1841, in that town ; farmer ; res. East Westmoreland, N. H. Chil- 
dren, born in East Westmoreland : 1, Benjamin Oscar Aldrich^, 
b. Sept. 28, 1870; is in a drug store, Keene, N. H. 2, Estella 
Grace AldrichS b. Oct. 30, 1872 ; at home. 

1439. David Preston Norris^, b. Dorchester, N. H., Oct. 30, 1844; res. 

Lawrence, Mass. ; was an overseer in the Pacific corporation, and 
was about the only republican found in this Norris family. Was 
prominent in Masonic circles ; he m. Emma Wood, of Hartland, 
Vt. ; no chUdren. He d. in 1891. 

1440. Elvira Norris^, b. Dorchester, N. H., July 16, 1847 ; m. in Worcester, 

Mass., May 31, 1869, Henry Herbert Woodward, b. Duxburjr, 
Mass., June 24, 1845 ; he is a commercial traveler, and lives m 
Dorchester, N. H. Children, bom in Dorchester, N. H. : 1, Jes- 
sie Elvira Wopdward»,b. March 13, 1870; at home. 2, Fred 
Arnold Woodward^, b. Dec. 8, 1872. 3, Nettie Maria Woodward®, 
b. Sept. 30, 1876. 4, Don Herbert Woodward®, b. June 15, 1881. 
5, Infant son®, b. June 7, 1889. 

1441. Abbie Ann Norris^, b. Nov. 2, 1854 ; m. about 1870, Henrjr H. Bailey, 

of Glover, Vt. ; res. Canaan, N. H. Children, born m Dorches- 
ter, N. H., except the first: 1, Harry Bailey®, b. Barton, Vt., 
July 21, 1872. 2, Charles Dantes Bailey®, b. April 2, 1874. 3, 
John Bailey®, b. July 4, 1875. 4, Maud Ann Bailey®, b. Nov. 2, 
1879. 5, Mabel Bailey®, b. Nov. 27, 1881. 6, Winnie Bailey*, b. 
Nov. 10, 1883. 

1441a. Herbert Francis Norris' (291-1) [Israel Francis', Francis^ 
Israel^ John*, Moses*, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Epping, N. H., 
July 29, 1849. He was educated in manual labor on bis father's 
farm, and attended the district school, the academy at Raymond, 
N. H., and graduated, in 1872, from the college preparatory coarse 
at the New Hampshire Conference seminary at Tilton, N. H. He 
ranked high as a scholar, and as a debater in the societies. A severe 
illness prevented his taking a collegiate coarse. He was a teacher 
in several places, and was principalof the academy at Canaan, N. H. 
He commenced the study of law at Concord, N. H., in December, 


1873, and was admitted to the bar in October, 1876, and commenced 
the practice of law in Concord, with W.T. Norris, of Danbury, N. H., 
a distant relative, as partner. Mr. Norris is a democrat in politics 
and has filled many prominent positions. He was secretary of the 
democratic state committee, a member of the New Hampshire house 
of representatives in 1877, and a member of the judiciary committee. 
He was re-elected in 1878, and was the democratic candidate for 
speaker in the latter year, and won a high reputation as a speaker 
and leader. His mental resources are large, with perfect self-con- 
trol, and he is seldom taken by surprise by his political opponents. 
He received the democratic nomination for congress in 1878, being 
the youngest nominee for that position since the nomination of Frank- 
lin Fierce. Mr. Norris was then less than thirty years of age. He 
made an active canvass of the district, but failed of an election, 
although he ran ahead of his ticket. 

He removed from Concord to Manchester, and became the senior 
member of the law firm of Norris & Foster. He always had a fond- 
ness for newspaper work and did considerable when studying his 
profession. Ele did more work in this line in Manchester, as a spe- 
cial writer, and finally joined the staff of the Manchester Union as 
leading editorial writer, a position which he held till June 1, 1891, 
when he became editor of a strong republican journal, the Boston 
Daily News^ in Boston, Mass., which position he holds when this ar- 
ticle is printed, in 1892. He married, May 29, 1878, Belle E. Mowers, 
born June 17, 1854. He resides in Boston, Mass. 


1441b. Robert Norrigs, b. April 17, 1882. 

1442. Joseph Heath Norris^ (736) [Gould«, JamesS James*, Mo- 
ses, Jr.', Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Washington, Vt., June, 

1826. He married, March 10, 1850, Julia Elma Guild, bom May 18, 

1827, at Mansfield, Vt. She now resides in Corinth, Vt. Mr. Nor- 
ris was a farmer and lived at different times in West Fairlee, Vt., 
Newbury, Vershire, and in Corinth, Vt., where he died Sept. 19, 


1443. Lester Carroll Norris^, b. Vershire, Vt. ; d. Corinth, Vt. 

1444. Amos LeRoy Norris^, d. Corinth, Vt. 

1445. Tenney LeVille NorrisS d. Corinth, Vt. 

1446. Plumley Gould Norris^, m. April 2, 1876, Anna Roberts; farmer; 

res. Vershire, Vt. 

1447. Perley Ellsworth Norris^, m. Jan., 1885, Maria Rowell ; farmer ; res. 

Bradford, Vt. 

1448. John Allen Tenney Norris^, farmer; res. Corinth, Vt. 

1448a. Erasmus Addison Norris' (760) fThomas Folsom«, John^ 
James*, Moses, Jr.', Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Boston, 
Mass., in 1821. He resided in Somerville, Boston, East Cambridge, 
and Charlestown, Mass. He married Caroline Elizabeth Bird, of 




Natiok, Mass., bom 1817, died Jan. 2, 1890. After the death of his 
father, Mr. Norris was editor of the Boston Olive Branchy then of 
the Freefmaris Advocate^ and of various other publications. 


1448b. f Thomas Folsom Norris% b. East Oambridf^e, Mass., Sept. 11, 1846; 
is an Orthodox Oon^egatiqnal clergyman; res. Westport, Mass. 
I He m. Alice Eaton and has five children. 

1448c. [Wilfred Addison Norris**, b. Sept. 11, 1848, in East Cambridge, 
Mass. ; architect, in Boston, Mass. ; res. Coolidge Hill st.. East 
Watertown, Mass. He m. Jennie B., dan. of Cyrus Decatur, of 
Chelsea, April 26, 1888; she was Lynn, Mass., Feb. 10, 1863. 
Child: Wilfred Bancroft Norris^^, b. Chelsea, Mass., Aug. 25, 

1448d. Caroline Elizabeth Norris^; single; res. Coolidge Hill St., East 
Watertown, Mass. 

1448e. Erasmus Addison Norris^, b. Somerville, Mass., July 5, 1855 ; is in 
oil business, 50 Maverick St., Boston, Mass. ; res. Chelsea, Mass. 
He m. July 7, 1878, Isabelle Brown, of Chelsea, Mass. ; she was 
dan. of William J. and Agnes (McLean) Brown ; she was b. Jan. 
14, 1859. Children : Mary Norris*, Helen Norris*, Eva Norris*. 

1448f . Isabelle May Norris^, b. May 14, 1856 ; m. Charles Burke, a book- 
keeper; res. Chelsea, Mass.; no children. 

1448g. Caroline Elizabeth NorrisS b. Nov. 25, 1857 ; d. Dec. 14, 1887. 

1448h. Helen Irene Norris*, b. Dec. 9, 1859. 

14481. Eva Agnes Norris*, b. Dec. 17, 1861. 

1449. Gteorge Washington Norris' (766) [John*, John*, Jame8\ 
Moses, Jr.*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Plymouth, N. H., 
Sept. 18, 1880. He married, Dec. 2, 1852, his cousin, Caroline Train 
Norris, daughter of Rev. Thomas Folsom Norris. She was bom in 
Cambridge, Mass., Oct., 18, 1830, and has been an editor, author, and 
artist. In 1892 she is one of the efficient managers of the business 
left by her husband. Mr. Norris was founder of the extensive busi- 
ness in pianos and diamonds, in 1852, which is now carried on by his 
sons at 110 Court street, Boston, Mass. This business he managed 
until his death at Brookline, Mass., where he resided, Aug. 18, 1887. 
Mrs. Norris is still living in Boston, Mass. (See No. 760f.) 


1450. Ctoorgiana Caroline Norris*, b. Watertown, Mass., Oct. 13, 1853 ; dl 

there Sept. 13, 1854, se. 11 mos. 

1451. Lucian Winslow Norris*, b. Somerville, Mass., Jan. 19, 1855; he is 

the senior member of the present Norris Piano and Diamond Co., 
of Boston, Mass. ; he is an active member of the firm and is also 
an excellent musician ; he m. Feb. 8, 1882, Effie Louise, dan. of 
Hubbard and Susan (Douglas) Osgood, of Cambridge, Mass. ; res. 
Chelsea, Mass. Children : 1, Buth Caroline Norrib^, b. Chelsea, 
Mass., March 23, 1886. 2, Lulu Whitcomb Norris®, b. Everett, 
Mass., March 18, 1888. 3, Elmer Osgood Norris®, b. March, 

1452. Alvah Maximilian Norris*, b. Somerville, Mass., Aug. 16, 1857; he 

is a member of the Norris Piano and Diamond Co., of Boston, 
Mass. ; he is active in business, and an expert in the diamond 
trade, and in estimating their value; he m. March 29, 1879, 



Fannie Putnam, dau. of Guy Head, of Boston, Mass. ; she d. Sept. 
20, 1880, 88. 18 years; he m. 2d, Jan. 1, 1884, Lillian E., dau. of 
Ezeklel and Susan (Poole) Messenger, of Brookline, Mass. ; res. 
Brookline, Mass. Children: 1, Thomas F. Norris*, b. Winthrop, 
Mass., July 26, 1886. 2, Fannie Head Norris^, b. Brookline, 
Mass., Jan. 14, 1888. 3, Alvah Maximilian Norris^ b. Brookline, 
Mass., Oct. 22, 1889. 

1463. Thomas F. Norrls^, b. Somerville, Mass., July 2, 1859 ; d. there July 

3, 1869. 

1464. Elmer Ellsworth Norris^ b. Somerville, Mass., Sept. 26, 1860; m. 

April 20, 1888< Abbie Elizabeth Whitmore, dau. of Stephen W., 
Jr., and Esther Stanwood (Noyes) Whitmore, of Salem, Mass. ; 
Mr. Norris is a member of the Norris Piano and Diamond Co., 
of Boston, Mass., and is the successful manager of the musical 
1466. Bosamond Thedora Norris^, b. Somerville, Mass., Jan. 27, 1862; she 
gave much attention to the studies of music and art, and is an 
excellent musician and vocalist; she m. Feb. 20, 1892, George 
Henry Hartshorn, of Boston, Mass. ; he is son of David H. Harts- 
horn, of Deering, N. H., and was b. Oct. 25, 1863 ; he is in a fur- 
nishing goods establishment ; res. Boston, Mass. 

1455a. William Henry Norris^ (770) [ John*, John^ James^ Moses', 
Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born Sept. 24, 1838, in Rumney, N. H. 
Moved to Groton with his parents in 1859, when six months old and 
lived on a farm till 21 ; removed to Boston, Mass., and lived there till 
October, 1861, when he enlisted, Oct. 29, 1861, in Co. C, 32d regt., 
Mass. vols., for three years, and served his time in the field and re-en- 
listed for three years, and was discharged after the close of the war, 
July 17, 1865. He served in the Army of the Potomac, and partici- 
pated in all the battles of that regiment. On his return he resided 
m Rumney, N. H., and later went to Boston, Mass., and since then 
has been in the insurance business till the present. He is a republi- 
can in politics, and a member of the Methodist Episcopal church since 
twenty years of age, and since 1877 has been treasurer of the Hyde 
Park, Mass., Methodist Episcopal church, and is high in the Masonic 
order, being a knight templar. He married, October, 1861, Calista 
M., daughter of Ebenezer Jeffers, of Rumney, N. H. 


1455b. Wilhelmina Calista Norris*, b. RAmney, N. H., Oct. 29, 1864; d. 
Oct. 12, 1890. 

1455c. Clarence Oeorge Norris*, b. Chelsea, Mass., April 2, 1867; he res. 
Louisville, Ky. ; civil engineer ; graduated at Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of Technology in May, 1890. 

1455d. Harry Adams Norris*, b. Chelsea, Mass., Dec. 23, 1868 ; educated 
at Hyde Park, Mass., and at Bryant & Stratton's Commercial 
College, Boston, Mass., and is in the insurance business with his 
father at 25 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 

1456. Esther Norris^ (781) [Theophilus*, John^ James*, Moses, 
Jr.', Moses*, Nicholas^]. She was bom July 1, 1831, in Boston, Mass.; 
married, Jan. 1, 1851, Andrew Jackson Vaughan, of Portland, 
Me., born there Sept. 12, 1828. She lived in Boston until her thirty- 

William Henry Norris. 


fourth year, then in Ohio for four years, and then lived in Provi- 
dence, K. I., till her death, Dec. 20, 1891. Mr. Vaughan is in the 
brass foundry business. He is a republican and a Baptist. 


1457. Louis Bertrand Vaughan^, b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 22, 1858 ; is a civil 
engineer ; res. Denver, Col. ; he m. Sept. 20, 1882, Ida Etta, dau. 
of Charles Hall ; she was b. Providence, R. I., Nov. 16, 1855 ; she 
is a fine musician and organist ; is a member of the Baptist church ; 
he is an Episcopalian. 

1468. Frank Leslie Vaughan^, b. Boston, Mass., May 4, 1861 ; m. Sept. 21, 
1886, Mrs. Minnie Pay (Hedley) Hall, widow of Edward Hall, of 
Danielsville, R. I. ; she was b. in Providence, R. I., March 12, 
1862; sh» is quite a noted musician; she and her husband are 
members of the Pilgrim Congregational church in Providence ; he 
is chief clerk of the Providence Steam Engine Co., and res. Prov- 
idence, R. I. 

1459. Helen Norris^ (788) [Theophilus*, John^ James*, Moses, Jr.«, 
Moses^, Nicholas^- She was bom in Boston, Mass., Dec. 20, 1845. 
She married, April 17, 1865, Albert Osbom, son of Albert and Susan 
(Snell) Packard, of Easton, Bristol co., Mass., born there March 2, 
1844. She has resided in Easton and Sharon, Mass. She now (1890) 
resides in Taunton, Mass. He is a provision dealer. 


1460. Helen Annabel Packard^, b. Sharon, Norfolk co., Mass., Feb. 23, 

1856 ; res. Taunton, Bristol co., Mass. 

1461. Albert Norris PackardS b. Sharon, Norfolk co., Mass., Nov. 15, 1869 ; 

clerk ; res. Taunton, Bristol co., Mass. 

1462. Clifton Freeman Packard^, b. Taunton, Bristol co., Mass., Sept. 18, 

1873 ; res. Taunton, Mass. 

1463. Lydia Marion Packard^, b. Taunton, Bristol co., Mass., Aug. 30, 

1876 ; at home. 

1464. Roger Heber Packard^, b. Taunton, Bristol co., Mass., Aug. 19, 1881 ; 

at home. 

1465. Esther Huldah Packard^, b. Taunton, Bristol co., Mass., March 10, 

1888 ; d. March 10, 1888. 

1466. George Moses Norris^ (810) [Moses*, Moses^ Samuel*, Nich- 
olas*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 
4, 1841. He married, Aug. 22, 1866, Lucy Ann, daughter of John 
Goates and Sarah (Mason) Sanderson, of Lynn, Mass. She was bom 
July 4, 1841, in that city. Mr. Norris removed to Lynn about 1853, 
and was there educated in the public schools, and graduated at Com- 
er's Mercantile College in Boston, Mass. He is a salesman in the 
leather and morocco trade for Peter Sims <fe Sons, 89 High street, 
Boston, Mass. He resides at 398 Summer street, Lynn, Mass. 


1467. Bertha Ellen NorrisS b. Dec. 23, 1870 ; at home. 

1468. Fred Lincoln Norris*, b. Oct. 25, 1872 ; at home. 


1469. Charles William Norris'' (812) [Moses^, Moses*, Samuel*, 
Nicholas*, Moses*, Nicholas*]. He was bom in Charlestown, Mass., 
Jan. 21, 1847. He removed to Lynn, Mass., about 1853, and was ed- 
ucated in the public schools of Lynn and a business college where he 
graduated. He lost a hand by the premature discharge of a cannon, 
in honor of the surrender of General Lee, in 1865. He is man- 
ager in a hardware store at 53 Monroe street, Lynn, Mass. He is a 
republican and a Universalist. He married, Dec. 8, 1870, Julia, 
daughter of Augustus P. Smith, of Lynn, Mass. She was bom in 
Lynn, Mass., Dec. 27, 1849. 


1470. William George NorrisS b. Lynn, Mass., April 26, 1872. 
1470a. Henry Levering Norris^, b. Lynn, Mass., July 11, 1880. 

1471. John Oscar Norris'' (377-1) [Alfred M.«, EzekieP, Joseph, 
Jr.*, Joseph*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Chester, N. H., 
Nov. 22, 1843, where his parents resided, and when four years old 
went with them to Fremont, N. H., where they lived about six years, 
and then removed to Methuen, Mass. At sixteen he went to the 
academy at Atkinson, to prepare for college, and later entered the 
scientific department at Dartmouth college, and graduated from it 
in 1866. In September of that year he was elected master of the 
Adams ^ammar school, Quincy, Mass.* He resigned in the follow- 
ing April, and in May, 1867, went to Ashland, Mass., to organize the 
town high school. In 1868 he left that place, and became usher of 
the Brimmer school, Boston, Mass. He became sub-master of the 
English high school of that city in 1870, and in 1878 was made 
master of the East Boston high school. In 1885 he was made head 
master of the Charlestown high school, of Boston, which position he 
holds in 1892. 

He served as chairman of the school committee of Melrose, Mass., 
for some years, and in 1892 is secretary of the New England Con- 
ference of Educational Workers, and vice-president of the Massachu- 
setts Teachers' Association, and of the American Institute of In- 
struction, and has made numerous addresses before these and other 
associations. He is a member of the Unitarian Club, of Boston, an 
early president of the Unitarian Sunday School Union, of Boston, and 
for some years a director of the Sunday School Society. For ten 
years superintendent of the Unitarian Sunday school in Melrose, and 
for twenty-two years was a member of the quartette choir of the Uni- 
tarian church of Melrose. He has been active in musical, literary, 
social, and educational matters in Melrose, Mass. He takes delight 
in his chosen profession as a teacher, and would exchange it for no 
other. He resides in Melrose, Mass."*^ 

* See family record, page 49, No. 377-1. The information from which 
this sketch was prepared came while the work was in press, and too late to 
be inserted in the usual order. 


1472. Eleanor B. Norris^ (925) [Joseph Blake«, Maj. William*, 
Josiah*, James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. She was born in Deerfield, N. H., 
Sept. 14, 1810. She married, Feb. 1, 1831, William H. H. Knowl- 
ton. He lived in Northwood, N. H., and was born Jan. 9, 1808. 
She resided in Deerfield, N. H., and died there Jan. 2, 1891, and is 
there buried. 

Children, born in northwood, n. h. 

1473. Blake Norris Knowlton^, b. June 29, 1831 ; res. Northwood, N. H. ; 

d. Aug. 7, 1863, when a young man ; he m. March 16, 1863, Emma 
J. Feasley. 

1474. Martha Ann Knowlton^, b. Feb. 25, 1833 ; m. Feb. 17, 1868, James M. F. 

Bachelder ; res. Lowell St., Manchester, N. H. ; he was born in 
Northwood, N. H. ; canvasser. Children : 1, Viella Bachelder^, 
b. Aug. 4, 1859; m. Alvin George Wheeler Aug. 30, 1889; res. 
on the Maj. William Norris farm in Nottingham, N. H. ; no chil- 
dren. 2, Kay Bachelder*, b. Oct. 30, 1861 ; 3. Nov. 27, 1866, when 
a few years of age. 3, Blanche L. Bachelder*, b. Aug. 4, 1871 ; 
res. Manchester, N. H. 4, Barton P. Bachelder*, b. March 31, 
1874 ; res. Manchester, N. H. 

1475. Susan F. Knowlton^, b. Jan. 23, 1836 ; m. June 16, 1859, Dr. Nelson P. 

Clark, of New Boston, N. H. Children: 1, Mary Wyatt Clark*, 
b. June 13, 1860; d. June 17, 1860. 2, Mary Wyatt Clark*, b. 
Aug. 22, 1862; d. Jan. 17, 1869. 3, Ellen Delia Clark*, b. New 
Boston, N. H., Aug. 20. 1869. 

1476. Daniel Tilton Norris^ (926) [Joseph Blake«,Maj. William^ 
Josiah^ James*, Moses^, Nicholas^). He was born in Deerfield, N. H., 
Dec. 27, 1811. He married, Oct. 6, 1835, Maria Sleeper, of Brent- 
wood, N. H. He was a hotel-keeper in Manchester, Exeter, Wash- 
ington, D. C, and Eichmond, Va. He resided in Richmond, Va., at 
the time of his death, March 27, 1867, aged 56 years. She died 
January, 1889. 


1477. Mary Elizabeth Norris^, b. Jan. 23, 1837; m. Robert Emerson, of 

Manchester, N. H. ; res. ui Marshall, Mich., several years, and 
in Washington, D. C., in 1890; no children. 

1478. Joseph B. Norris^, b. Jan. 21, 1839 ; drowned in Manchester, N. H., 

June 28, 1858, ae. 19 years. 

1479. Ellen Maria Norris^, b. Oct. 13, 1841 ; m. William Blake, of Ray- 

mond, N. H. ; she res. Washington, D. C. Child: William F. 
Blake^ m. Colcord ; res. Mich. 

1480. William F. Norris^, b. Aug. 10, 1844 ; single ; d. Dec. 2, 1882, ae. 38 

yrs. 4 mos. ; clerk in a hotel. 

1481. Clara A. Norris^, b. Oct. 10, 1847; m. Harry McLean, of Washing- 

ton, D. C, and res. there ; he is in the government employ; four 

1482. Charles G. Norris^, b. April 8, 1852 ; m. and res. Marshall, Mich. ; is 

hotel-keeper ; one chUd. 

1483. William Norris' (927) [Joseph Blake«, Maj. WilliamS Jo- 
siah*, James', Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Deerfield, N. H., 
Sept. 20, 1813. He married, Nov. 10, 1835, Sally Stearns Preese, 
daughter of Judge Dudley Freese, of Deerfield, N. H. She was born 


Aug. 7, 1812. He was a livery-keeper and resided in Lowell, Mass. 
He died in Deerfield, N. H., Oct. 17, 1841. She married, 2d, George 
Washington Norris, his brother, and died May 24, 1875. 


1484. William Freese NorrisS b. Nov. 13, 1836 ; d. Feb. 14, 1838. 

1485. William NorrisS b. Sept. 27, 1838 ; m. Juliette G. Fay, Jan. 25, 1866 ; 

res. Tenafly, N. J. ; he is a broker in New York city. Children : 
1. William Fay Norris®, b. July 4, 1867 ; clerk in New York city ; 
single. 2, Delia Fay Norris®, b. April 1, 1869 ; at home ; gradu- 
ated at Vassar College in 1889. 

1486. Joseph Dudley Norris% b. March 6, 1841 ; d. Dec. 24, 1841. 

1487. George Washington Norris' (980) [Joseph Blake«, Maj. 
William*, Josiah^ James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Deer- 
field, N. H., Aug. 9, 1819. He married, Aug. 8, 1842, Mrs. Sally 
Stearns (Freese) Norris, widow of his brother, William Norris. She 
was born Aug. 7, 1812, and died in Lowell, Mass., May 24, 1875. 
Mr. Norris remained on the homestead farm in Deerfield, N. H., un- 
til his eighteenth year, when he removed to Lowell, Mass., and for 
fifty-two years has been engaged in the livery business in the same 
locality. He was in the Lowell city government for four years, was 
councilman in 1861-62, and alderman in 1864-65. He is an attend- 
ant of the First Baptist church. He resides in Lowell, Mass. 


1488. George Franklin Norris^, b. Jan. 18, 1844 ; d. Feb. 19, 1844. 

1489. Sarah Marietta Norris*, b. April 10, 1846; m. Edward Reader; he is 

a wool-merchant; res. Maiden, Mass. Child, born in Lowell, 
Mass. : Carrie Steams Reader^, res. Maiden, Mass. 

1490. George D. Norris*, b. 1850 ; d. 

1491. Clara Georgianna Norris*, b. June 23, 1852; res. Lowell, Mass. 

1492. Child*, d. in infancy. 

1493. Celia Adele Norris*, b. May 23, 1856 ; m. Feb. 24, 1892, Henry Llew- 

ellyn Tibbetts; res. Lowell, Mass. 

1494. Lawrence Brown Norris' (931) [Joseph Blake^ Maj. Wil- 
liam^ Josiah*, James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Deerfield, 
N. H., Aug. 18, 1821. He married, Nov. 23, 1843, Adeline, daughter 
of Reuben Butterfield, of Lowell, Mass. She died April 21, 1845, in 
Lowell. He married, 2d, Oct, 20, 1846, Mrs. Mary (Whittemore) 
Eichardson, of Chester, N. H. She resides at Crescent Beach, Mass., 
near Lynn, Mass. He was a hotel-keeper and a livery-keeper, and 
the last part was engaged in manufacturing boxes in Wobum, Mass. 
He resided in Woburn, and died Feb. 18, 1883, aged 62 yrs. 6 mos. 


1495. Adeline Butterfield NorrisS b. March 21, 1845 ; m. June 17, 1866, 
Otis Winn, of Woburn, Mass., who was b. June 17, 1844 ; he d. 
Jan. 23, 1868, and she m. 2d, March 22, 1871, Lemuel Barker; res. 
Maiden, Mass. ; b. Laconia, N. H., June 11, 1835 ; is in Custom 
House in Boston. Mass. Child : Mabel Maria Winn*, b. Woburn, 
Mass., Nov. 2, 1867; res. Maiden, Mass. 



1496. Abbott Norris^ (969) [Wmiam«, Maj. WilliamS Josiah*, 
James^, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Nottingham, N. H., 
Sept. 8, 1835. He was commissioner of Rockingham county in 1868. 
He resided in his native town forty-one years, until 1869, and then 
went into trade at Eaymond. He was in the grocery business in 
Lake Charles, La., and Galveston, Tex., from 1871 to 1873, and then 
settled in North Hampton, N. H., until 1886, and for four years has 
been a resident, of Hampton, N. H. He is a merchant and insur- 
ance agent. He married, Dec. 3, 1860, Caroline Hoague, daughter 
of Joseph and Sarah (Batchelder) Hoague, of Deerfield, and grand- 
daughter of Benjamin and Betsey (Nevins) Hoague, of that town, 
and great-granddaughter of Isaac Hoague, who was born in Sea- 
brook, N. H., and lived in Pittsfield, and died in Canterbury, N. H., 
and his wife, Sarah (Langley) Hoague. Mrs. Norris was born in 
Deerfield, N. H., April 27, 1841, and died in Hampton, N. H., Jan. 
26, 1890. 


1497. Elizabeth Butler Norris^, b. Feb. 21, 1864; teacher; res. Hampton, 

N. H. 

1498. William Henry Norris^, b. April 10, 1868; clerk; res. Boston, Mass. 

1499. Trueworthy Norris^ (963) (True*, Moses^ Moses^ James*, 
Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Pittsfield, N. H., Jan. 12, 1819. 
He married, Feb. 11, 1840, Mary Jane, daughter of Nicholas and 
Betsey (True) Brown, of Pittsfield. She and her parents were once 
of Chichester, but natives of Seabrook, N. H. Mn Norris resided 
in Windham, in 1861 and '62. He became a member of the Rhode 
Island Heavy Artillery, and died in the service at Newbern, N. C, 
April 29, 1863. Mrs. Norris was born in Seabrook, N. H., April 17, 
1818, and resided, in 1890, with her son at Fells, Maiden, Mass. 


1500. George Washington Norris^ (1689), b. Pittsfield, N. H., March 13, 

1^1; lawyer; office, 209 Washington st., Boston, Mass.; res. in 
"^Vobum J^ass 

1501. Brackett Livingstone Norriss, b. Pittsfield, N. H., Aug. 14, 1843 ; he 

left home in 1859, and has never since been heard from. 
1502* Franklin Fierce Norris^, b. Manchester, N. H., March 31, 1845 ; serv- 
ed nine months in a Massachusetts regiment in the late war, in 
1862 ; was clerk of the Moline Lumber Co., located at Moline, Fla. ; 
then became a resident of Epsom, N. H. ; afterward studied law 
with Hon. Mason W. Tappan ; was admitted to the New Hamp- 
shire bar, and d. in Concord, N. H., May 7, 1884, and is buried m 
Pittsfield, N. H. 

1503. Olive Jane NorrisS b. Pittsfield, N. H., May 17, 1850 : m. July 26, 

1868, Samuel Walcott, a merchant in Boston; res. Somervllle, 
Mass. He was b. in Pepperell, N. H., and is deceased. She d. 
Aug. 20, 1870, and is interred at Natick, Mass. ; no children. 

1504. Trueworthy Norris, Jr.^, b. Amesbury, Mass., Nov. 2, 1854, m. July 

4, 1874, Susan A. Shelbume, of Pittsfield, N. H. ; res. Pells, Mai- 
den, Mass. Children : 1, Arthur D. Norris^, b. April 25, 1875 ; d. 
Oct. 31, 1882. 2, Walter A. T. Norris®, b. March 2, 1877. 3, 


Mary Rose Norrls*, b. Sept. 17, 1878. 4, Susie Eva Norris*, b. 
Feb. 17. 1883. 5, Harry Norris*, b. June 9, 1888. 

1505. Mary Addie Korris^, b. Amesbury, Mass., M!ay 9, 1859 ; d. Oct. 2, 

1870, and is buried in Pittsfield, N. H. 

1506. Moses A. Korris% b. at the Abbott farm, in ^^ the Range," in Wind- 

ham, N. H., June 9, 1862; m. June 26, 1884, Nanny Baird, of 
Curwensvllle, Clearfield co., Penn., where they now res. ; she was 
b. May 3, 1859. Children, bom in Curwensville, Penn. : 1, Susan 
M. Norris^, b. Sept. 8, 1885. 2, A. Kate Norris^ b. March 27, 

1507. Arthur Fltzroy Livingston Norris' (964) [True*, Moses^ 
Moses^ James', Moses^ NioholasM. He was born in Pittsfield, N. H., 
March 17, 1821. Graduated at Dartmouth College in 1845. Was 
a lawyer and resided in Pittsfield for thirty years, but practiced his 
profession at different periods, and lived in Manchester, N. H., Low- 
eU, Lynn, Woburn, and Boston, Mass. The last years of his life he 
had an office in Concord, N. H., which city was his residence. He 
married. May 25, 1846, Olive Willard, daughter of John Wallace, 
of Dover, N. H. He died Nov. 1, 1889. 


1508. Arthur Fltzroy Norris*, b. Manchester, N. H., March 4, 1847; m. 

Dec. 22, 1871, Lucy C. Nute, who died; he m. 2d, Jan. 20, 1885, 
Mary E. Blair, of St. John, N. B. He d. Feb. 29, 1892, in Boston, 
Mass., where he resided. 

1509. True Livingston Norris^, b. Manchester, K. H., May 4, 1848; fitted 

for Harvard College but, the month he was to enter, enlisted in 
Co. K, 6th Mass. vols., in 1863, and served until the close of the 
Rebellion. Practiced law in Boston, and Washington, D. C, for 
fifteen years and then entered the ranks of the newspaper pro- 
fession, and is editor of the Portsmouth Daily Evening Times: he 
m. May 20, 1890, Lillian G., dau. of Albert S. Hurst, of Eliot, Me. ; 
res. 97 State st., Portsmouth. 

1510. John McDonough Norris^, b. Pittsfield, N. H., Feb. 3, 1860; m. July 

6, 1871, Annie Riley; res. Boston, Mass. 

1511. Fannie Darling Norris^, b. Pittsfield, N. H., Feb. 4, 1852; m. Dec. 7, 

1878, Horace Wallace Cutting; res. New York city. 

1512. Alice Alfreda Norris^, b. Lowell, Mass., Feb. 25, 1854; trader; res. 

Boston, Mass. ; single. 
1613. Mary Olive Norris®, b. Lowell, Mass., Aug. 1, 1867; m. (Jeorge W. 
Smith ; trader ; res. Dover, N. H. 

1514. Thomas Gordon Norris^, b. Lowell, Mass., Aug. 20, 1859 ; m. Nov. 

1, 1882, Marv A. Jones ; res. Concord, N. H. 

1515. Lois Wallace iforris^, b. Lowell, Mass., Aug. 20, 1861 ; m. Sept. 18, 

1883, William W. Kennedy; trader ; res. Concord, N. H. 

1516. Charles Madison Norris*, b. Woburn, Mass., Sept. 22, 1863 ; m. Nov. 

30, 1887, Lizzie Geddes; he is a baggage master; res. Concord, 
N. H. 

1517. Hon. John G. Sinclair' (1001) [Martha G. Norris*, Joseph', 
Moses^ James', Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Bamstead, 
N. H., March 25, 1826. Married Oct. 29, 1847, Tamar Merrill Clark. 
She was born in Landaff, N. H., Sept. 2, 1828, and was daughter of 
•Daniel and Mary (Merrill) Clark, of that town. She was a woman 
of rare intelligence, of retiring disposition, and modest demeanor. 


.! '• t : 

■ K ' .• 


I»! • . 

: " 

.1, « » I 

■ (■ 


ci:;:?'^?^ -^. jz/u^aZ-cu^,^ 


was ever true to ber ideas of right, was a faithful wife and mother, 
a helping and sympathizing friend. She was a member of the Meth- 
odist church, and died in Bethlehem, N. H., Feb. 10, 1872. Mr. Sin- 
clair married, 2d, July 10, 1874, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Pierce) Blan- 
din widow of Willard A. Blandin, and daughter of John and Rebecca 
(Cushman) Pierce, of Bethlehem, N. H. She was born in that place 
April 9, 1887. She was a member of the Orthodox Congregational 
church in Bethlehem, N. H., and upon her removal to Orlando, Fla., 
her church relations were transferred to the church in that place. 
She is an earnest worker in the church, and for charitable objects. 

Hon. John 6. Sinclair was an industrious student, a bright and 
successful scholar. Nature gave him a strong and muscular frame, 
and as his health was robust he possessed much animal spirit, and 
was a great lover of athletic sports, and was full of wit. But life's 
duties pressed early upon him, and he entered, when 18 years of age, 
the employ of Webster & Peavey, merchants, in Landaff, and re- 
mained six years. He prepared for college at the academy at New- 
bury, Vt. Entered business life in Manchester, N. H., then in Law- 
rence, Mass., and in 1847 located in Bethlehem, as owner of a coun- 
try store, and a manufacturer of starch, and soon won the confidence 
of his townsmen, and entered political life; was representative in 
1852, '58,. '54, '55, '62, '68, '76, '77, '78, and was a member of the con- 
stitutional convention. In 1878, while a resident of Littleton, he rep- 
resented that town in the House. In 1858 and '59 he was a member 
of the state senate. His long and active legislative career had some 
interesting and brilliant epis6des, and he was one of the most daring, 
brave, and brilliant leaders of the democracy in the state. 

In 1866 he was the democratic candidate for governor, but failed 
of an election. In 1867 he was a gai n standard bearer of his party, 
and issued his challenge to Gen. Walter Harriman, the republican 
candidate, to a joint public discussion. It was accepted, and then 
ensued one of tne most interesting and exciting campaigns in the 
state. Both were fine political orators, and great throngs of people 
attended each meeting. Their speeches attracted much attention in 
and out of the state, and many editorials in the leading journals criti- 
cised the arguments of the intellectual athletes. The contest was 
sharp and the democracy was again defeated. In 1868 he was chair- 
man of the New Hampshire delegation to the national democratic 
convention. His long public career as a citizen of New Hampshire 
drew to a close in 1879, when he left his home among the granite 
hills, and established a new home in the sunny south, in Orlando, 
Orange co., Fla. There he has founded a large and lucrative real 
estate business, and is engaged in other enterprises. He is still vig- 
orous in mind and body. His intellect is unclouded and his tongue 
has not forgot its cunning. 


1518. Charles Arthur Sinclair*, b. Aug. 21, 1848 ; m. Nov. 1873, Emma 
Isabel Jones ; res. Portsmouth, N. H. Hon. Charles A. Sinclair 


was educated in the common schools at Bethlehem, at the Meth- 
odist institations at Tilton, N. H., and Newbury, Yt. ; at Phillip's 
Academy, Exeter, N. H., and entered Dartmouth College, but 
did not graduate, and entered business life ; was in Lesington, 
Mich., for eighteen months, and then established a wholesale and 
retail flour and feed store, at Littleton, N. H. He was elected to 
the legislature from Littleton, and was made colonel upon the 
staff of Gov. James A. Weston. Soon after, he rem. to Ports- 
mouth, N. H., and is now a partner of Hon. Frank Jones, in his 
extensive business, under the firm name of Jones, Cook <& Co., 
office, 147 Congress St., Boston, Mass. He is very prominent in 
business and railroad circles; is president of the Manchester & 
Lawrence R. R., and is a large owner in the Worcester, Nashua 
& Rochester R. R., and Boston & Maine R. R. ; is proprietor of 
the Portsmouth Daily Times^ at Portsmouth, N. H., and was a 
member of the New Hampshire senate from 1888-'92, and during 
one session was the democratic candidate of the legislature for 
U. S. senator, against the successful republican nominee, Hon. 
Jacob H. Gallinger. Children, bom in Portsmouth, N. H. : 1, 
Grace Jane Sinclair^, b. Aug. 23, 1874. 2, Martha Sophy Sinclair^, 
b. Aug. 1, 1876. 3, Mary Louise Sinclair^, b. Jan. 17, 1879. 4, 
Ellen Maria Sinclair^, b. April, 1887. 

1519. Emma Peavey Sinclair^, b. Aug. 20, 1851 ; she graduated at Tilden 

Seminary ; she m. Feb. 12, 1874, Rev. Charles Joseph Fowler, b. 
Bristol, N. H., Feb. 6, 1845 ; he is an influential clergyman of 
the M. E. church ; res. Woodsville, N. H. Children : 1, Martha 
Sinclair Fowler^, b. Manchester, N. H., Oct. 17, 1874. 2, Oscar 
Sinclair Fowler^, b. Bethlehem, N. H., Aug. 31, 1877. 3, Louise 
Waterman Fowler^, b. Bethlehem, N. H.,Feb. 4, 1880. 4, Hattie 
Rogers Fowler^, b. Bethlehem, N. H., April 14, 1883. 

1520. Martha Caroline Sinclair^, b. March 29, 1855 ; m. Oct. 7, 1885, John 

W. Weeks, son of William Dennis and Mary Helen (Fowler) 
Weeks ; he was bom in Lancaster, N. H., April 11, 1860 ; gradu- 
ated at the U. S. Naval Academjr, at Annapolis, Md. ; was in the 
service two years, visiting Chma, Japan, and the South Sea 
Islands. Was in real estate business at Orlando, Fla. ; rem. to 
Boston, Mass., in 1888, and is a banker and broker, firm of Horn- 
blower & Weeks, 22 Devonshire st. ; res. 195 Huntington ave., 
Boston, Mass. Child : Tamar WeeksS ^' Aug. 17, 1889. 

1521. Mary Elizabeth Norris' (1016) [Henry Albion', James 
Frederick*, Maj. James^ James', Moses^, Nicholas^]. She was born 
in Monmouth, Me., Oct. 24, 1830. She married, Dec. 28, 1853, Orne 
Upham, a farmer. They reside at 251 Upham street, Melrose, Mass. 


1522. Henry Chandler Upham^, h. Oct. 17, 1854; d. Nov. 6, 1860. 

1523. Walter Sumner Upham®, h. July 14, 1856 ; m. at San Francisco, Cal., 

Emma, dau. of William and Mary (Boardman) Fuller, of Melrose, 
Mass. He went to California in 1881, and is in business in San 
Francisco, Cal. Children, bom in San Francisco, Cal. : 1, Wal- 
ter Fuller Upham», b. Nov. 27, 1883. 2, Mary A. Upham®, b. 
Oct. 17, 1885. 3, Leslie O. Upham®, b. Oct. 6, 1887 ; d. young. 
4, Lawrence Henry Upham®, b. Sept. 29, 1889. 

1524. Helen Louise Upham®, b. Jan. 24, 1858; d. Oct. 13, 1860. 

1525. Mary Elizabeth Upham^, b. Sept. 27, 1861 ; she is a teacher in the 

high school in Boston, Mass. 

1526. Esther Norris Upham^, b. Jan. 27, 1867 ; at home. 

1527. Eliza Temple Upham% b. June 7, 1873 ; at home. 


1528. Phebe Ann Norris' (1017) THenry Albion', James Fred- 
erick*, Maj. James*, James', Moses*, Nicholas^]. She was born in 
Monmouth, Me., April 2, 1832. For nearly twenty years she was a 
teacher in the pabhc schools of Melrose, Mass., and previous to 1882 
bad served for eight years as member of the school committee, and 
was a trustee of the Melrose public library. Was president of the 
Melrose Woman's Club, secretary of the Shakespeare Club of that 
place. She is a Unitarian, and a firm believer in the gospel of 
woman's suffrage. She married, Oct. 30, 1884, Robert Smith Benne- 
son, who was bom in Newark, Del., Dec. 5, 1807. Went to Quincy, 
111., Aug. 16, 1837, which has since been his home. He married, 
1st, Deo. 4, 1842, Electa Ann Park, of South Royalton, Vt., who 
died Nov. 14, 1879. He is a Unitarian; a republican in politics. 
Has been alderman and mayor, and for sixteen years previous to 
1887 was president of the board of education. Is a bank director, 
and president of gas company. Was in the lumber business, and re- 
tired in 1875. They reside in Quincy, 111. No children. 

1529. Esther Maria Norris^ (1019) [Henry A.«, James Frederick*, 
Maj. James*, James', Moses^, Nicholas^]. She was born in Dorchester 
Mass., March 18, 1835. Married, April 30, 1857, Joseph Mason 
Everett, of Canton, Mass., who was bom there Jan. 6, 1828. Re- 
sided in Canton, Mass. Was in the insurance business ; was a repub- 
lican and a Unitarian. He died April 5, 1886. 


1530. Edward Everett*, b. Oct. 5, 1864, at Canton, Mass. ; m. Fanny 

Louise Bird, of Stoughton, Mass., dau. of Greorge Ellis and 
Louisa (Ward) Bird; she was b. Oct. 25, 1864, in Stoughton, 
Mass. ; res. 120 Front st., San Francisco, Cal. He is a Unitarian, 
a republican, and a merchant. Children, born in San Francisco, 
Cal. : 1, Dorothy Ward Everett^, b. July 7, 1877. 2, Edward 
Everett, Jr.^, b. Feb. 2, 1889. 

1531. Irene Mason Everett*, b. May 6, 1870. 

1532. Leonard Everett*, b. July 4, 1874. 

1533. Joseph Mason Everett*, b. May, 1877. 

1534. Helen Augusta Norris' (1022) [Henry A.*, James Freder- 
ick*, Maj. James*, James', Moses^, Nicholas^]. She was born in Dor- 
chester,Mass., May 5, 1842. Married, June 4, 1863, John H. Crocker, 
of Melrose, Mass. He was a Union soldier ; was wounded at Get- 
tysburg, and received a commission as lieutenant. Is a republican 
in politics. Is a stock broker. Resides in San Francisco, Cal. 


1535. Eliza Temple Crocker*, b. March 12, 1866; d. Jan. 31, 1870. 

1536. Henry Allan Crocker*, b. Sept. 26, 1872 ; d. 1881. 

1537. Helen Temple Crocker®, b. Aug. 14, 1874 ; at home. 

1538. Louise Norris Crocker*, b. April 30, 1876; at home. 

1539. Norris Randall Crocker*, b. Jan. 8, 1883; at home. 

1540. Rufus Greenleaf Norris' (1034) [Rufus Greenleaf', Joseph*, 
Maj. James^ James', Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Boston, 


Mass., Dec. 18, 1882. Married, Jan. 1, 1862, Marqia Ayer Avery, bom 
in Wbitefield, Me., March 24, 1881 ; daughter of John and Hannah 
(Potter) Avery, born Jefferson, Me., July 17, 1782 ; granddaughter 
of Samuel Avery, born Ipswich, Mass. Mr. Norris was a merchant. 
Resided in Boston, Mass. He died Jan. 1, 1887. His widow resides 
at 40 Concord sanare, Boston, Mass. He was in the oil business in 
Boston, then resided in Dubuque, la., and later returned to Boston, 
Mass., and was in the oil business the last thirty years of his life. 
Was a Universalist and a republican. Held no political offices. 


1541. Henry Otis NorrisS b. June 2, 1864; d. May 6, 1875. 
1642. Julia Avery NorrisS b. Jan. 16, 1867 ; d. May 9, 1878. 

1548. Edward Lovejoy Norris^ (1037) [Rufus Greenleaf«, Jos- 
eph^ Mai. Jame8^ Capt. James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in 
Boston, Mass., Dec. 4, 1888. Married, Sept. 29, 1870, Sarah Elizabeth, 
daughter of Thomas Carleton Hoyt. She was bom in Vassalboro^ 
Me., Feb. 4, 1889, and resided in Augusta, Me., when married. Mr. 
Norris resided in Boston, Mass., for thirty-three years; in Dorchester 
for eighteen years. Was a merchant ; is now in electric light business. 
Is a liberal Unitarian,, and a republican. Resides in Gloucester, 


1544. Carleton Hoyt Norris^, b. July 30, 1871 ; d. May, 1891. 

1545. Rufus Lovejoy Norris®, b. Jan. 4, 1873 ; res. Gloucester, Mass. 

1546. Julia Ann Sorris*, b. Nov. 29, 1874; res. Gloucester, Mass. 

1547. Ralph Var'ney Norris*, b. Jan. 26, 1883 ; res. Gloucester, Mass. 

1547a. Albert Lane Norris' (1078) [Greenleaf Rufus', Lowell*, 
Simeon^ James', Moses*, Nicholas^]. Dr. Norris was born in Epp- 
ing, N. H., March 4, 1839, and received a common school education 
in that town, and prepared for college at Phillips Academy, Exetej, 
N. H., and studied at the Wesleyan Academy, at Wilbraham, Mass. 
He studied at Exeter during 1855, '56, '57, then for four years he 
engaged in business life in Boston, Mass., to secure means to com- 
plete his professional education— one year as partner in a dry goods 
house. His energy and perseverance were crowned with well-merited 
success, and he entered the medical school of Harvard University, 
and received his degree after the usual three years' course of study. 
In the medical department of the army his aid was valuable, and he 
served nearly three years, as acting assistant surgeon, CT. S. A., in 
Virginia, Louisiana, and Texas, in the 18th, 10th, and 25th Army 
Corps, and as assistant surgeon in the 114th TJ. S. colored troops, 
and 1st N. Y. mounted rifles. Ketuming from army service. Dr. 
Norris settled in Cambridge, Mass., where he has since lived, and for 
a quarter of a century has successfully practiced his profession. In 

A. L. Na^RIS 


1869 and ^70, he was in Europe, and studied his profession at Ber- 
lin and Vienna, under the most noted professors, and at Edinburgh, 
under the most celebrated teachers and masters, including such emi- 
nent men as Sir James Simpson, J. Hughes Bennett, and others. He 
visited the leading hospitals in central Europe, for observation and 
study. After about one year's absence be resumed his practice in 
Cambridge. On May 29, 1878, he married Clara £., daughter of Dr. 
John L. and Dora rrescott (Rundlett) Perley, of Laconia, N. H., 
and with his wife immediately took his second European journey, 
visiting familiar scenes, traveling over the usual routes of visitors, 
and spending considerable time m medical study under noted pro- 
fessors. On returning to this country he resumed the practice of his 
profession at Cambridge. 

His theme for his graduation thesis at Harvard (1865) << Diaph- 
ragmatic Hernia," was suggested by the care of a sergeant in a New 
York regiment that suffered death a few days after the springing of 
the Bumside mine, July 30, 1864, in front of Petersburgh, v a., 
which case came under his professional care. His contributions 
to medical literature have been quite considerable, and have ap- 
peared in medical journals. They are of value and are monuments 
of his love for, ana zeal in his profession. 

He is a member of various societies, among them being the Mas- 
sachusetts Medical Society, American Medical Association, Boston 
Society of Medical Improvement, Boston Genealogical Society, Cam- 
bridge Medical Improvement Society. In 1890 he was a delegate 
to the tenth International Medical Congress, at Berlin, and to the 
British Medical Association, the same year, when, with his wife 
and son, Albert Norris, he made his third European journey, which 
included the usual popular resorts and routes and countries, and 
again returned to Cambridge. 

He is a member of the Masonic order, of the Independent Order of 
Odd Fellows, the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United 
States, Commandery of the State of Massachusetts, the Grand Army 
of the Republic, being an active worker. The National encamp- 
ments at I^ortland, Me., San Francisco, Cal., and St. Louis, Mo., 
were attended by him. He is a member of other orders and associ- 
ations of an educational and literary nature. The degree of A. M. 
has been conferred upon him. He is deserving of great credit for 
the tireless devotion, love, and care he has from boyhood, or for 
thirty years, shown his invalid mother, who was without resources, 
and who still lives, at the age of 81 years. Dr. Korris has a large 
practice, is learned in his profession, genial and affable in manners, 
quick to act, resourceful, and deservedly popular among a large circle 
of acquaintances. Resides 674 Main street, Cambridge, Mass. 


1547b. Albert Perley NorrisS b. Sept. 29, 1874; student. 
1547c. Clara Maud KorrisS b. Sept. 21, 1877. 
1547d. Grace Mary NorrisS b. June 11, 1881. 


1548. Benjamin NorriB'' (1089) [Joseph*, Benjamin^ Benjamin^ 
Benjamin', Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He was bom June 9, 1824, in 
Dorchester, N. H. Married, at Kavenna, O^ May 14, 1851, Melissa 
L., daughter of D. K. and Louisa (Belding) Whemer. She was born 
in Randolph, Portage oo., O., April 15, 1825. Mr. Norris is 
a farmer, and has lived in Randolph, O., for six years; in Rayeniia 
eight years; and inTallmadge, Summit oo., O^ his present residence, 
for thirteen years. 


1649. Harry E. NorrisS b. April 7, 1863 ; d. April 7, 1853. 

1650. Cora B. NorrisS b. Aug. 18, 1856; m. Oct. 9, 1879, atTallmadge, O., 

(George Lee, a confectioner; res. Massillon, O. 

1651. / Charles W. Norris% b. Oct. 9, 1866; d. Aug. 15, 1857. 

1552. \ Willis B. Norris*, b. Oct. 9, 1856 ; m. Feb. 3, 1887, Emma Smith ; far- 

mer; res. Akron, O. Child: Hazel L. Norris®, b. Tallmadge, O., 
Oct. 30, 1887. 

1553. Charles L. Norris*, b. Aug. 9, 1865, at Bavenna, O. ; d. May 15, 1869, 

se. 10 mos. 6 days. 

1554. John Adams Norris^ (1092) [Joseph^ Benjamin^ Benja- 
min^ Benjamin', Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He was bom Aug. 10, 1835, 
in Perry, Lake co., O. Married, March 6, 1865, Nancy Jennette 
Beebe, bom March 12, 1844, in Cadiz, Harrison co., O. She was 
daughter of Walter Butler Beebe, of Cadiz, born April 3, 1817, and 

Sanddaughter of Walter Butler Beebe, bom 1786, at Wilbraham, 
ass., who was son of Stuart Beebe, of East Haddam, Conn.; the 
latter was son of Samuel Beebe, bom 1735 ; died 1786. Mr. Norris 
resided in Perry, O., three years; in Chochton co., seventeen years; 
in Cadiz, O., five years ; and in Columbus, O., his late residence, for 
twelve years. He was a graduate of Kenyon College, Ohio. He 
was a major in the 98th regt. Ohio vols., infantry, and lost a leg at 
the battle of Perryville. Was provost marshal of the 16th con- 
cessional district of Ohio. He had been school commissioner for 
Ohio, and pension agent under President Grant, with headquarters 
at Columbus, and then a manufacturer and capitalist. He died, Jan. 
19, 1877, in Columbus, O. His widow is still living. 


1555. Walter Beebe Norris**, b. Columbus, O., March 2, 1866 ; is a real es- 

tate agent ; res. Columbus, O. 

1556. Jewett Norris^, b. Columbus, O., March 28, 1869 ; real estate agent ; 

res. Columbus, O. 

1557. John Adams Norris^, b. Columbus, O., Aug. 26, 1870; student; res. 

Columbus, O. 
1588. Stuart Beebe Norris^, b. Columbus, O., April 23, 1874 ; student ; res. 
Columbus, O. 

1559. Jewett Norris' (1098) [Joseph*, Benjamin^, Benjamin^ 
Benjamin', Jonathan^, Nicholas^!. He was born June 14, 1840, in 
Wheeling, Guernsey co., O. Married, Aug. 11, 1867, Sarah L^ 
daughter of Samuel U. and Mary (Lawrence) jeffers, a native of New 


Hampshire (perhaps Canaan), who lived and died in Carthage, O. 
Mrs. Norris was bom in Channcey, Athens co., O., May 17, 1843, 
and died in Topeka, Kan., Sept. 22, 1881. Mr. Norris is a farmer. 
He lived in Wheeling, O., for some twenty-five years; in Columbus 
for twelve years ; and has been a resident of Topeka, Kan., for twelve 
years, where he still lives. 


1560. Joseph I. Norris^, b. Columbus, O., Sept. 16, 1869. 

1561. Prescott Norris*, b. Columbus, O., Sept. 21, 1872. 

1562. Jewett K. Norris*, b. Columbus, O., Nov. 28, 1874; d. July 8, 1875, 

in Columbus, O. 

1563. Leslie L. Norris*, b. Columbus, O., Aug. 22, 1876; d. Topeka, Kan., 

Dec. 7. 1879. 

1564. Mary M. B. Norris*, b. Topeka, Kan., May 14, 1880; d. Dec. 8, 1881. 

1565. Samuel Norris*^ (1114) [Thomas, Jr.*, Thomas*, Benjamin*, 
Benjamin*, Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He was bom March 3, 1823. 
He married Ann Baird, of Granby, Que. He married, 2d, Mary Jane 
Perkins. Resides in Milton, Que., on his father's homestead. Has 
been engaged in the hemlock bark business, and has shipped quanti- 
ties to the United States. 


1566. William Thomas Norris^, res. Milton, Que. ; he m. Amarilla £. Wal- 

lace in 1876; she d. 1878; he m. 2d, March 18, 1880, Katie Jane 
Gillespie. Children : 1, Jane E. Norris®, b. December, 1880. 2, 
Jessie May Norris®, b. December, 1889. 

1567. Samantha Jane Norris^, res. Milton, Que. ; single. 

1568. Samuel Perry Norris^, res. Milton, Que. ; single. 

1569. Levi Nelson Norris^, b. Oct. 15, 1860 ; m. June 12, 1884, Susanna El- 

len, dau. of George and Catherine (Cook) Bradford, and grand- 
dau. of Richard, of St. Andrews, Out. ; she was b. Granby, Que., 
July 2, 1862; they res. North Troy, Vt. Children: 1, Nelson 
Howard Norris^, b. South Boxton, Que., March 5, 1885. 2, Susie 
Eveline Norris®, b. North Troy, Vt., Sept. 15, 1887 ; d. April 11, 
1888. 3, Carrie Eveline Norris», b. North Troy, Vt., July 25, 

1570. Kate EUen Norris^, m. 1884, John W. Wiggins ; res. West Derby, 

Vt. Children : 1, Sadie Ann Wiggins®, b. April 12, 1885. 2, Bay- 
mond Harrold Wigghis®, b. Sept. 11, 1889. 

1571. Ada Ann Norris^, b. Aug. 22, 1865 ; res. Milton, Que. ; single. 


1572. Walter Chauncey Norris^, b. Nov., 1871 ; res. Milton, Que. 
1572a. Carrie Winaford Norris^, b. Jan., 1874; res. Milton, Que. 

1573. Jane Eveline Norris^, b. Jan., 1877 ; res. Milton, Que. 

1574. Lucretia Norris' (1116) [Thomas, Jr.', Thomas*, Benjamin*, 
Benjamin*, Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. She was bom Feb. 4, 1828. 
Married Samuel Sumner Bangs, of Milton, Que. She died there 
June 20, 1862. 



1575. Chauncey Bangs^, res. 216 Main St., Springfield, Mass. 

1576. EliBangs^ 

1577. Harrison Bangs^. 

1578. Phebe Bangs^. 

1579. Joshua Bangs^. 

1580. Sarah Jane Bangs^. 

1581. Seth Norris' (1116) [Thomas, Jr.«, Thomas*, BenjaminS 
Benjamin', Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was bom April 8, 1826. He 
married Amanda Breso, of Abbottsford, Que. He died at Ely, Que^ 
Oct. 23, 1889. Mrs. Seth Norris's P. O., Buxton Falls, Que. 


1582. Peter Norris*. 

1583. IdaNorrisS. 

1584. Flora NorrisS. 

1585. Thomas Norris*. 

1586. George Norris^. 

1587. Byron Norris**. 

1588. Ella Norriss. 

1589. Amanda Norris^. 

1590. Clarence Norris^. 

1591. Jeremiah Norris^ (1117) [Thomas, Jr.«, ThomasS Benja- 
min*, Benjamin', Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He was born at Potton, 
Que., Sept. 20, 1826. Married, Dec. 25, 1864, Lucina, daughter of 
Dea. Isaac and Zoa (Ayer) Janes, of St. Armand, Que., born May 
17, 1828, and died at Milton, Que., Jan. 4, 1864. He married, 2d, 
July 4, 1864, Adelaide Martha Janes, sister of his first wife. She was 
born at St. Armand, Que., Feb. 21, 1847, and died at West Berkshire, 
Vt., Feb. 4, 1887, and was the mother of eight children. Mr.Norris 
is a man of strong mind, intelligent, and his immediate relatives are 
indebted to him for aiding greatly in the collection and preservation 
of their family history; Kesided in West Berkshire, Vt. 


1592. John Addison Norris^, b. Milton, Que., Sept. 27, 1865 ; d. there March 

16, 1882. 

1593. Alberta Lucina Norris^, b. St. Armand, Que., Sept. 16, 1867. 

1594. Mary Jane Norris^, b. Milton, Que., Feb. 5, 1870. 

1595. Charles Frederick Norris^, b. Milton, Que., Sept. 27, 1872. 

1596. Alice Gertrude Norris^, b. Milton, Que., June 10, 1875. 

1597. Luella Phebe Norris^, b. Milton, Que., June 8, 1877. 

1598. John Franklin NorrisS b. Milton, Que., July 21, 1881. 

1699. Chauncey David Norris , b. West Berkshire, Vt., July 23, 1884. 

1600. Benjamin Thomas Norris' (1118) Thomas, Jr.«, Thomas*, 
Benjamin*, Benjamin', Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was bom April 
21, 1828, in Potton, Que. He married, Nov.i 1852, Betsey Ann Spar- 
ling, bom April 21, 1829, in Quebec. Resided in East Bolton, Que^ 
and other places. She died June 24, 1888. He is a carpenter Mid 



1601. Mabel Alice Norris^, b. Lowell, Mass., May 6, 1854; m. Dec. 18, 

1889, Oscar Powell ; res. East Bolton, Que. ; he is a commercial 

1602. Phebe Jane Norris^, m. Hosea Shonyo ; res. East Bolton, Que. 

1603. Greorge Malcom Norris^, b. Milton, Que., Sept. 27, 1858 ; res. Sutton, 

Que. ; he m. Mary E., dau. of C. W. and Eliza G. (Adams) Wells, 
and granddau. of Thomas ; she was b. Stanstead, Que., Jan. 24, 
1856. Children, born in Sutton, Que., except the eldest, born in 
Newport : 1, Orrin Leon Norrls®, b. Nov. 30, 1879. 2, Ethel Clara 
NorrisS b. Sept. 18, 1881. 3, Ernest Don Norris®, b. Feb. 15, 1883. 
4, Queenie Hortense Norris«, b. May 24, 1885 ; d. Aug. 9, 1885. 5, 
Charles Clarence Norris*, b. June 1, 1888. 6, Lola May Norris', 
b. Aug. 9, 1890. 

1604. Benjamin Thomas Norris^, b. Sept. 27, 1859; res. North Fork, Fres- 

no CO., Cal. ; he m. Letitia Dewick, May 1, 1888. 

1605. Jane Norris' (1120) [Thomas, Jr.«, Thomas*, Benjamin^ 
Benjamin*, Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. She was born June 29, 183-, 
Married at Granby, Can., April 4, 1864, Freeman David Chandler, 
son of Alba and Anna (Reynolds) Chandler, born in Milton, Shef- 
ford CO., Que., Dec. 13, 1843. Resided in Pike, N. Y., Dake Centre, 
Penn., and now, in 1890, at Friendship, Allegany co., N. Y. 


1606. Walter Bronson Chandler^, b. Pike, Wyoming cc, N". Y., 1865 : d. 

1607. John Norris^ (1121) [Thomas, Jr.«, Thomas*, BenjaminS 
Benjamin^ Jonathan*, Nicholas^]. He was born June 24, 1835; 
married Susannah Hall, of East Farnham, Que., and died there 
Dec. 20, 1887. His widow resides at East Farnham, Que. For 
many years he was an active business man and resident of Ely, 
Que.; was active in the establishment of schools and in making 
public improvements. He erected cheese factories in Milton and in 
East Bolton, Que., and was extensively engaged in the bark and 
lumber business. He moved to East Farnham about 1882 and pur- 
chased a large farm and made most extensive improvements. He 
died after much suffering, in the hope of life and immortality 
beyond the grave. 


1608. George M. Norriss, res. East Farnham, Que. 

1609. Hannah Norris^. 

1610. Annie Louise Norris^. 

1611. Susannah Norris^. 

1612. Jane Norris^. 

1613. John Milton Norris«. 

1614. Enuna Norris^. 

1615. Charles Norris^. 

1616. Nellie Norriss. 



1617. Levi Norris^ (1122) [Thomas, Jr.«, Thomas*, BenjaminS 
£eIljamin^ Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was born May 25, 1837; 
married Mary Clough, of Pierceton, Que.; resides in Milton, Que. 


1618. Mary Jane Norris^. 

1619. Hattie Ella Norrigs. 

1620. Elizabeth Evaline Norriss. 

1621. Albert Edward Norriss. 

1622. Ernest Norriss. 

1623. Freeman Norris^. 

1624. Eunice Norriss. 

1625. George Smith Norris^ (1127) [David«, Jacob^ BenjaminS 
Benjamin', Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was bom in Orford, N. H., 
June 24, 1837 ; married, Jan. 1, 1863, Adeline Elizabeth, daughter 
of Mumford Hayes and Betsey (French) Kenyon ; she was born in 
Plainfield, N. H., in 1841 ; died in Pembroke, N. H., Feb. 20, 1876. 
He married, 2d, Nov. 24, 1877, Cora Amelia, daughter of Stephen 
Franklin and Mary Ann (Bachelder) Robinson, bom in Epsom, 
N. H., Feb. 16, 1858. He resided in Orford, N: H., twenty-nine 
years; Cambridge, Mass., two years; in Manchester, N. H., two 
years; in Pembroke. N. H., sixteen years; in Lexington, Mass., 
three years, where he still lives. Is a farmer. 


1626. Ann Maria Norriss, b. Oct. 2, 1863 ; m. May 19, 1880, Eugene Wells ; 

overseer in a mill, and res. Pembroke, N. H. She d. Nov. 30, 

1627. Alice Sophia NorrisS b. March 24, 1867 ; m. Oct. 4, 1888, Clifton 

Potter Ashley; he is a carpenter; res. Lexington, Mass. 

1628. Mary Worcester Norris^ (1128) [David«, Jacob*, Benja- 
min^ Benjamin', Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. Mary Worcester Norris 
was born Nov. 12, 1838, in Wentworth, N. H.; married, March 28, 
1861, Caleb Freeman Whitman. He is a farmer and resides in Or- 
ford, N. H. 


1629. Emma L. Whitman^, b. Orford, N. H., April 2, 1865 ; m. Dec. 2, 1884, 

John W. Coolidge ; he was b. Benton, N. H., May 1, 1839 ; res. 
Orford, N. H. ; she d. March 28, 1890. Children : 1, Ralph S. 
CoolidgeVh. Aug. 4, 1885. 2, Grace S. Coolidge', b. April 16, 
1887. 3, Edith M. Coolidge', b. Nov. 28, 1889. 

1630. SteUa M. Whitman^, b. Orford, N. H., July 13, 1869 ; m. Oct. 30, 1889, 

Joseph D, Cross ; he was b. March 1, 1858, in Barford, Que. ; res. 
Orford, N. H. 

1631. Mary H. Whitman^, b. Feb. 6, 1872, in Orford, N. H. 

1632. Carrie S. Whitman^, b. Nov. 17, 1879, in Orford, N. H. 

1633. John Langdon Norris^ (1129) [David*, Jacob^ Benjamin^ 
Benjamin*, Jonat^an^, Nicholas^!. He was bom in Wentworth, 
N. H., June 1, 1839; married, N^ov. 15, 1864, Martha, daughter of 


Almon and Maria (Dana) Evans. She was born in Orford, N. H., 
May 8, 1842. He is a carpenter and builder, and insurance ad- 
juster, office 44 Kilby street, Boston. He is a republican in politics; 
was a soldier one year in 47th regt. Mass. vols. He and his wife and 
children are members of the Orthodox Congregational church. Res- 
ides in Lexington, Mass. 


1634. Almon Evans Norriss, b. Orford, N". H., May 29, 1866; graduated at 

Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass., m 1890; res. Cambridge- 
port, Mass. 

1635. Lillian May Norris^, b. Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 3, 1867 ; is an artist ; 

at home. 

1636. Herbert Langdon Norris^, b. Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 22, 1872. 

1637. LucyNorris' (1149) [Farley*, Nathaniel*, Ben jaminS Ben- 
jamin*, Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. She was born in Dorchester, N. H., 
Dec. 1, 1828; married, March 25, 1849, David Mason Ross, born 
in Hanover, N. H., Sept. 1, 1823. He is a farmer, and resides in 
Hanover, N. H.; is a son of Nathan and Sally (Kingsbury^ Ross, of 
Hanover, and grandson of Thomas Boss, a native of Billerica, Mass. 
They reside in Hanover, N. H. P. O. Etna, Grafton co., N. H. 


1638. Emma Frances Ros8^ b. July 22, 1853; m. March 25, 1873, John S. 

Freeman, farmer; res. Lebanon, N. H. Children: 1, Lilla May 
Freeman*, b. Dec. 31, 1873; d. Jan. 21, 1874. 2, Bessie Vienna 
Freeman*, b. Feb. 1, 1878. 3, Ross Massahan Freeman*, b. Dec. 
22, 1880. 

1639. Charles Byron Ross^, b. Jan. 25, 1856; m. Sept. 12, 1882, Melora 

Wallace, of Ashburnham, Mass. ; he is a ticket agent; res. Hoi- 
yoke, Mass. Children : 1, Wallace Mason Ross*, b. Aug. 2, 1884. 
2, Mabel Malora Ross*, b. Jan. 15, 1887. 3, Charles Franklin 
Ross*, b. Oct., 1889. 

1640. Lou AnnNorris^, b. Jan. 22, 1860; single; res. Holyoke, Mass. 

1641. John Lawrence Norris^ (1152) [Farley®, NathanieP, Ben- 
jamin*, Benjamin^ Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Dorches- 
ter, N. H., June 3, 1837; married, March 15, 1860, Angeline, daugh- 
ter of Abijah and Phila (Aldrich) Colbum, bom in Shrewsbury, V t., 
Aug. 18, 1840. He is a farmer. He left Dorchester when 12 years 
of age; lived in Westmoreland, in Hanover, and has been a resi- 
dent of Lyme, N. H., for twenty-six years. A republican in politics. 


1642. Ziba Amherst Norris^, b. Westmoreland, N. H., Dec. 29, 1860; is in 

general produce business, 1673 Washington st., Boston, Mass. 

1643. Phfla Abbie Norris^, b. Hanover, N. H., July 3, 1862; res. Wake- 

field, Mass. 

1644. Charles Gordon Norris^, b. Hanover, N. H., March 2, 1864. 

1645. John Lawrence Norris, Jr.^, b. Lyme, N. H., Aug. 8, 1866 ; in general 

produce business, 1673 WashiSagton St., Boston, Mass. 

1646. Mattie Angle Norris^, b. Lyme, ^N . H., Aug. 2, 1868 ; res. Boston, 

Mass. ; Dookkeeper at 1673 Washington st. 

1647. Mabel Bertha NorrisS b. Lyme, N. H., Aug. 15, 1876 ; at home. 


1648. George Washington Norris' (1159) [Benjamin^, Nathaniel^ 
Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Jonathan^ iNicholas^]. Rev. George W. 
Norris was bom in Dorchester, N. H., July 7, 1837. He attended 
the district school some ten weeks each year until his foarteenth 
year, 1851, when his parents removed to Natick, Mass., and he was 
employed until August, 1857, in a shoe manufactory. He was then 
twenty years of age, and entered upon a course of study at the 
seminary in Newbury, Vt. He was converted in October, 1857, 
and soon after united with the Methodist Episcopal church. In 
1858 he received a license as an exhorter, in 1859 was licensed as a 
local preacher, and in the winter of 1859 he preached at West Fair- 
lee, vt. Later on he preached at Pomfret, Vt., and Henniker, 
N. H., and Dorchester, N. H. In September, 1861, he became a 
student at the Biblical Institute at Concord, N. H. He joined the 
New Hampshire conference of Methodist churches in April, 1864, 
and was ordained as deacon and elder April, 1866. He was pastor 
at Laconia, N. fl., in 1868-'71; Bristol, 1871-74; Lawrence, Mass., 
Garden street, 1874-'76; Keene, 1876-'78; Manchester, N. H., St. 
Paul's church, 1878-'80; Lawrence, Garden street, 1880-'83; Con- 
cord, Baker Memorial church, 1883-'85; presiding elder of Concord 
district, 1885-'90; dele^te to general conference at Philadelphia, 
in 1884; at New York, m 1888, and in 1890 became presiding elder 
of the Claremont district for one year, and of Dover district in 1891 
and '92. Resides in Concord, N. H. He married, Sept. 26, 1863, 
Martha French, daughter of Henry Sanders, of Wilmot, N. H. She 
was born in Sutton, N. H., May 9, 1835. 


1649. (Jeorge Ohanning Norris, res. Penacook, N. H. ; he m. Aug. 31, 1891, 
Mary A. Plummer, of Webster, N. H. 

1650. Horace Ross Norris^ (1160) [B,enjamin', Nathaniel*, Ben- 
jamin*, Benjamin*, Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Dorches- 
ter, N. H., April 26, 1840; married, Nov. 22, 1868, Jennie MatUda, 
daughter of Ezra Collins and Sophronia (Willard) Smith, of Moriah, 
N. Y. (Mr. Smith was b. in Unity, N. H., Dec. 1, 1806). She was 
b. in Moriah, N. Y., May 3, 1847. Mr. Norris is a shoemaker and 
farmer; resided in Dorchester until 1850; then in Natick, Mass., un- 
til 1861; then in Canaan, N. H., until 1888; since then in Haver- 
hill, N. H. Is a prohibition democrat, a member of the Methodist 
Episcopal church; has been a justice of the peace for five years, 
overseer of the poor, and is now, 1890, superintendent of the farm 
of Grafton co., N. H. P. O. Woodsville, N. H. 


1650a. George Ames Norris®, b. Canaan, N. H., Dec. 20, 1869 ; farmer; res. 
Canaan, N. H. 

1651. Elvira Norris^ (1164) [Mark', Benjamin*, David*, Ben- 
jamin*, Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. She was bom in Covington, then 


Genesee, dow Wyoming co., New York, Jan. 22, 1821, and went to 
Tpsilanti, Mich., when seven years of age, with her parents. - From 
1834 to '36 in a young ladies' school in Detroit, Mich., and many 
friendships formed there continued through life. She married, 
Sept. 23, 1841, Benjamin FoUett, of Batavia, N. Y., who had for- 
merly been a cashier in a bank in Ypsilanti. For two years they 
resided in Alexander, N. Y., returned to Ypsilanti in 1843, which 
was ever after their home. He was engaged in business with his 
father-in-law, Mr. Norris. To Mrs. FoUett, home and its ties were 
inexpressibly dear, and its fqur walls bounded a kingdom ample 
enough for her ambition. Yet she did not forget the greater inter- 
ests of the outside world. • From her girlhood she had been a mem- 
ber of the Presbyterian church, but m 1856, united with her hus- 
band's church, the Episcopal. In 1864, after attending the national 
democratic convention in Chicago, Mr. FoUet was taken seriously 
ill, and died at Elmira, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1864, leaving his home full 
of sorrow. Mrs. FoUett took an active interest in the benevolent 
enterprises of the city of her home. She was vice-president or di- 
rector of the Home Association, which cared for the poor and needy; 
was also vice-president of the Detroit Home for the Friendless, and 
was president of the Ypsilanti Ladies' Library Association. Its influ- 
ence upon the mental growth and culture of the city was very great. 

The last four years of Mrs. FoUett's life were clouded by many 
severe illnesses, and much intense bodUy suffering. During the last 
two years her sufferings had been so acute and frequent, that she 
often longed inexpressibly for the blessed rest of heaven, but her 
wonderful vitality seemed proof against the fiercest shocks of dis- 
ease. More than once did her dear ones think, sorrowfully, that the 
end was very near, yet she would be given back to them from the 
very arms of death. 

Her last Ulness was one of great physical suffering, but she had 
again ralUed wonderfully, and at her own request, her children had 
aU but one, the youngest, left her and gone back to their duties. In 
a few days she was seized with a congestive chill, and passed away 
from earth Sept. 10, 1884. The weary, pain-racked body was laid 
to rest beside that of the husband of her youth, in beautiful " High- 
land Cemetery," which now crowns the hill that overlooks the val- 
ley of the Huron, and where in the month of June, 1828, she and 
her mother caught the first glimpse of the home they afterwards 
came to know and love, for almost half a century. For her is the 
blissful life of that heaven for which an earnest Christian character, 
a life of charity and self-forgetfulness, of love to God and her 
neighbor, had made her ready.* 


1652. Alice FoUetts, b. Ypsilanti, Mich., March 17, 1844; m. Edwhi Fuller 
Uhl, May 1, 1865; res. 211 Fountain st., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

*Thi8 notice is taken from "A Life Sketch" of Mrs. FoUett, by Hon. L. 
D. Norris. 


Children : 1, Lucy Follett Uhl^, b. Ypsilanti, Mich., May 29, 
1868 ; res. Grand Rapids. Mich. 2, Daiad Edwin Uhl», b. Ypsil- 
anti, Mich., July 23, 1870; bank clerk: res. Grand Eapids, Mich. 
3, Alice Edwina UhP, b. Grand Rapids, Mich., June 19, 1879; 
res. Grand Rapids, Mich. 4, Marshall Mortimer Uhl^, b. Grand 
Rapids, Mich., Nov. 22, 1882 ; at home. 

1653. Lucy Elvira Follett^, b. Ypsilanti, Mich., April 25, 1847 ; d. at Ypsi- 

lanti, Nov. 24, 1865. 

1654. Nathan Polletts, b. Ypsilanti, Mich., April 9, 1849; single; res. 

Chicago, HI. 

1655. Lyman Decatur Follett^, b. Ypsilanti, Mich., Dec. 5, 1851 ; m. Julia 

Sligh; res. Grand Rapids, Mich. Children: 1, Marion Follett^, 
b. Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 8, 1880. 2, Irene Follett', b. Grand 
Rapids, Mich., June 19, 1882. 

1656. Benjamin Follett, Jr.*, b. Ypsilanti, Mich., Aug. 1, 1854; m. Mar- 

faret Tread well; res. Englewood, Dl. Children: 1, Benjamin 
ollett', b. Ypsilanti, Mich., Nov. 30, 1877 ; res. Englewood, El. 
2, Herbert Follett', b. Denver, Col., June 8, 1881 ; at home. 3, 
William Treadwell Follett', b. Detroit, Mich., Feb. 14, 1883. 

1657. Mark Norris Follett*, b. Elmira, N. Y., April 7, 1858 ; d. Ypsilanti, 

Mich., Oct. 8, 1863. 

1658. Simeon Keith Follett*, b. Elmira, N. Y., Aug. 16, 1860 ; m. C. Cecilia 

Lord ; he died at Colorado Springs, Col., Nov. 20, 1889. No chil- 

1659. L3rman Decatur Norris' (1165) [Mark®, Benjamin^ David*, 
Benjamin*, Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. Hon. L. D. Norris was born at 
Covington, Wyoming (then Genesee) co., N. Y., May 4, 1823; mar- 
ried Lucy Alsop, daughter of Gen. Chauncey Whittlesey, of Middle- 
town, Conn., Nov. 22, 1854. He is a lawyer. Besides in Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

In 1841 Mr. Norris entered Michigan University, as its first 
alumnus, where he remained two years and nine months, then en- 
tered and graduated at Yale College, in class of 1845; is also an 
alumnus of Michigan University, by ad eundem degree, 1869. 
The calendar of '91-'92 shows 2692 students. He studied law at 
Detroit, Mich., and was admitted to the bar there in 1847, and in 
1848 commenced the practice of law in St. Louis, Mo. In 1850 
he went to Europe upon professional business, where he spent 
the greater part of 1851. He devoted a portion of this time in 
Heidelburg, to the study of civil law. When but five years at 
the bar, he was retained on the "Dred Scott Case," which when 
carried to the supreme court of the United States, became so 
famous for the far-reaching force of its decision. 

He was the editor and half owner, for about a year, of the St. 
Louis Daily Times, While editor he gave an able editorial on the 
public and congressional life, record, and speeches of Franklin Pierce, 
then a candidate for the presidency and unknown in the west. 
More than 25,000 copies of this number were afterward printed, and 
the leader was copied in all the democratic journals in the Missis- 
sippi valley, and had a strong influence in promoting the success of 
the democratic ticket. 

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"^ ^ ^ • • Mjiiific; ■ * t riy i-*;uv'''" -f 1. w mi St. L-u-.d, ■>••'. i;. 

V ■ -■« ' } 'VI <■' ?"•' 1. I'- .i,'.uto't a U(M'ti''i of T! ;s ■ 

It *'■ . ' 'v s->.iit r,; /-..-, 'I i;i'.-. \v h_': ;,./v flit' \ 

" -' ^ ;• I •■*-ii -«' hiiii" fort*«- tt ■- ^■^"^i ..71. 

I.' 't^< jL ''./ /'.///f.s'. A\ I'i't* <'''.tci !:■? j.'-{ v'*' ,'>n m}/v? • Li^snu. 

.M -rf^ ii. 'M ...'« •• '•> *'..i.,.'^ .',?' tl:is nam her ^s^-ik: ait- r-.\ard i*r'; '. 
.;.<j ]fM-J-'" V -*; /-..t-. .■ ..-, ■; i the ueraurrat ,1^ , -ur^s-iis in t'l- 

^^^^l.pptayn/ /). v^/:/'i/t^J' 

ts^^}rvn/<Drinl^':^v57m^ , 


The failing health of his father, with his business interests, called 
Mr. Norris (an only son) back to Tpsilanti, in 1854, where he re- 
mained in business and in the practice of the law until 1871, when 
he removed to Grand Rapids, Mich., which has since been his home, 
21 North Prospect street. 

He has been some in political life. He was a member of the con- 
stitutional convention in 1867. In 1869 he was the democratic can- 
didate for state senator, in Washtenaw county, and introduced the 
practice of joint discussions, challenging his opponent, Hon. J. 
Webster Childs, who accepted. The candidates traveled together, 
and were each other's guest in their respective towns. They were, 
so long as Mr. Childs lived, warm personal friends. Mr. Norris 
was elected senator. He was made chairman of the geological sur- 
vey, and was a member of the judiciary committee, and the commit- 
tee on education. He took an active and prominent part in the 
proceedings of the senate, and subsequent events justified the wis- 
dom of his actions and votes opon many important questions. He 
has been very successful as a lawyer. He is regarded as possess- 
ing scholarly attaiments, a sound legal mind, and a profound knowl- 
edge of the principles of jurisprudence. In 1875 he was the demo- 
cratic, liberal, and reform conventions' candidate for judge of the 
supreme court of Michigan. In 1883 he was appointed one of the 
regents of the University of Michigan. He has the confidence of 
his fellow citizens and is engaged in the active and successful prac- 
tice of his profession, with his son, Mark Norris. 


1660. Maria Whittelsey Norris«, b. at Ypsilanti, Mich., Jan. 28, 1856 ; edu- 

cated in Montreal, Can., and graduate of the Boston University 
School of Medicine; lis unmarried; she prepared for the State 
Pioneer Society of Michigan, a very interesting paper, read be- 
fore the society Feb. 7, 1878, comprising *' Biographical Incidents 
in the Pioneer Life of Mrs. R. B. Norris," the grandmother of the 

1661. Mark Norris^, b. Ypsilanti, Mich., July 28, 1857 ; m. at Titicus, Conn., 

Sept. 3, 1885, Cornelia Abbott. University of Michigan, 1879, 
B. P. ; 1882, LL. B. He is a lawyer in the active practice of his 
profession, and is the law partner of his father; res. 29 North 
Prospect St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Children : 1, Margaret Nor- 
is^, b. Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 10, 1887. 2, Abbott Lyman 
Norri8», b. Grand Rapids, Mich., July 3, 1889. 

1661a. Lorin Orville Norris^ (1207) [William*, Benjamin^ Jo- 
seph*, Benjamin*, Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He was born in Ashtield, 
Mass., March 14, 1846. His father died when Mr. Norris was six 
years of age, leaving a widow and three small children, and the snb- 
lect of this sketch was the eldest. His mother taught school in San- 
Dornton, N. H.^ and Haverhill, Mass., after the death of her husband, 
and in 1858, married again and moved to western Massachusetts. 
At the age of ten years he went forth from home to face the stern 
realities of life, and never after that period, except for a short time, 


did he live at home. He spent some time in Metbuen, and North- 
wood N. H., going to school in the winter season. In 1860 he 
worked for fifty cents a day, hoping to obtain the means for a lib- 
eral education. In March, 1861, he entered the academy at ^hel- 
burne Falls, Mass., where by the most rigid economy, and by work- 
ing out of school hours, and during vacations, he was enabled to 
stay for eighteen months. In October, 1862, he entered the employ 
of the Revere Copper company, Boston, Mass., which continued for 
five years, during which he rose to the position of head bookkeeper. 

Failing health compelled him to relinquish this position, and in 
the spring of 1870 he opened a store for stationery, wall papers, 
fancy dry goods, and small wares, in Methuen, Mass., which he still 
successfully manages in 1892. In this business he has manifested 
the same traits of character exhibited in earlier years, and by dili- 
gence, attention to the details of his occupation, his trade has in- 
creased from year to year. The stem descipline and privations of 
his early life have given him increased appreciation of home and its 
comforts which he enjoys after arriving at middle life, and also, 
sympathy for those, and a willingness to help them, who are 
worthily striving against adverse circumstances and unfortunate 
surroundings. He married, Feb. 9, 1870, Mary Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of John and Susan Tenney (Kimball) McLaughlin. She was 
born in Salem, N. H., Sept 9, 1846. She has greatly aided her hus- 
band in the struggle of life, and he feels that much is due to her 
worthy efforts. Mr. Norris is an earnest member of the Baptist 
church and says he " would count the efforts of life and successes 
met with as of little value compared with the abiding hope and 
faith in the Lord Jesus Christ," which he firmly accepts as his own. 
Resides in Methuen, Mass. 

1662. Nancy Maria Norris® (1354) [Josiah^ Lewis', Benjamin^ 
Samuel*, SamueP, Moses^ Nicholas^]. She was born in Danbury, 
N. H., Sept. 11, 1884; married, at Monson, Me., Oct. 5, 1856, 
Franklin, son of John and Harriet (Chandler) Hart, of Atkinson, Me., 
who was born Aug. 7, 1829; resides in Howard, Me. P. O. Wil- 
limantic. Me. Farmer. This family is republican in politics, 
strongly temperence people, and Mr. and Mrs. Hart and the three 
eldest sons are members of the Monson Baptist church, and all 
members of the Sabbath school. They lost four children, three 
girls and a son, who died when infants 


1663. Frank Alonzo Hart®, b. Atkinson, Me., May 24, 1857 ; became a law- 

yer; admitted to the bar of Maine Feb., 1884; was editor of the 
Monson Weekly Blade in 1886, and was an enthusiastic laborer in 
religious, temperance, and educational themes. He d. Nov. 17, 

1664. James Norris Hart^, b. Willimantic, Me., May 22, 1861 ; graduated 

at the state college, at Orono, Me., with title of Bachelor of Civil 
Engineering; is now a teacher in that college; is one of the 
faculty ; res. Orono, Me. 


1665. Sumner Lewis Hart*, b. Willimantic, Me., Aug. 20, 1868 ; res. Dem- 

ing. Wash. ; farmer, and has pre-empted one hundred and sixty 
acres of goverment land. 

1666. / Wilfred Josiah Hart», b. Willimantic, Me., Dec. 4, 1870. 

1667. \ Alfred Johh Hart», b. Willimantic, Me., Dec. 4, 1870 ; d. Jan. 4, 1871. 

1671. Burt Stuart HartS b. Willimantic, Me., Jan. 9, 1873; d. June 20, 


1672. Malcolm Cole Hart% b. Willimantic, Me., Oct. 31, 1876; at home. 

1673. James Frederick Norris* (1356) [Josiah^ Lewis®, Benja- 
min*, Samuel*, Samuel*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Dan- 
bury, N. H., March 10, 1838; married, July 23, 1865, Samantha Vic- 
toria Johnson, daughter of Edwin South worth and Malinda South- 
worth (Washburn) Johnson, of Easton, Mass., grandaughter of 
James Johnson of Bridgwater, Mass. She was born in Guilford, 
Me., Dec. 16, 1839. He was a private soldier in the Union army. 
He was educated at Colby University, and Newton Seminary. He 
was a missionary for eleven years in Burmah, returning to the United 
States in 1888. He is now Home Missionary in Whatcone, Wash. 
His family resided in Foxcroft, Me., in 1890. 


1674. Warren Herring Norris®, b. Maulmain, Burmah, April 10, 1867 ; d. 

there Sept. 15, 1867. 

1675. Mary Rebecca Norris®, b. Maulmain, Burmah, June 24, 1868. 

1676. Frederick Edwin NorrisS b. Tavoy, Burmah, Dec. 15, 1869. 

1677. Alvah Hovey Norris*, b. Tavoy, Burmah, June 5, 1871; d. in Maul- 

main, Oct. 1, 1871. 

1678. James Herbert Norris^, b. Foxcroft, Me., Aug. 2, 1873 ; d. there Jan. 

28 1874. 

1679. James Sidney Norris», b. Foxcroft, Me., Oct. 11, 1874. 

1680. Heman Russell Norris^ (1405) [March^ John«, SamueP, 
Samuel^ SamueP, Moses*, Nicholas^]. He was born in Corinth, 
Vt., Aug. 21, 1829; married May 1, 1852, Eliza, daughter of William 
and Rachel (Morrison) Morrill, and granddaughter of Ephraim and 
Annie (Weed) Morrill of Gilmanton, N. H. Mrs. Norris was born in 
Canaan, Vt., Aug. 15, 1825. Mr. Norris is a farmer. He resided 
twelve years in Corinth, thirty years in Maidstone, Vt., twelve 
years in Lancaster, N. H., and seven years in Guildhall, Vt. He is 
a democrat in politics, and belongs to the Christian religious de- 
nomination. Resides in Guildhall, Vt. 




Swain Taylor Norri8»,b. Maidstone, Vt., March 12, 1853 ; m. Oct. 27, 
1880, Mary Jane, dau. of Rufus and Olive Jane (Derby) Remick, 
of Jefferson, N. H. ; carpenter ; res. Jefferson, N. H. Children : 
1, Heman Rufus Norris^o, b. Oct. 27, 1881. 2, Leon Eugene 
Norrisio, b. Sept. 1, 1880. 

Francis Oehalia Norris*, b. Maidstone, Vt., March 12, 1853 ; m. June 
3, 1872, Frank John Green, a hotel keeper; res. Lancaster, N. H. 
He was b. Corinth, Vt., Feb. 26, 1852. Child : Elbridge Russell 
Greenw, b. May 23, 1886. 


1683. Eugene Russell Norris^, b. Guildhall, Yt., March 24, 1861 ; is a paper 

maker ; res. Guildhall, Yt. 

1684. Heman W. George Norris», b. Maidstone, Yt., Feb. 1, 1867 : d. June 

20, 1869, in Colebrook, N. H. 

1684a. Josiah Henry Norris* (1409b) [Welcome^ Taylor*, Sam- 
uel*, Samuel*, Samuel', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was bom in Boston, 
Mass., May 27, 1881, and about 1832 went with his parents to Sut- 
ton, Vt., where he resided till 1850, except two years spent in learn- 
ing the trade of a blacksmith in Springfield, Mass. In 1850, with 
his parents, he removed to Glens Falls, N. Y., where he engaged 
in business for himself. He was an expert mechanic, and prosperied 
well, having most of the work to do for the numerous lumber mills 
of the place. He enlarged his business, and at the breaking out of 
the war, he had the Islrgest wagon and carriage works in the place. 
In 1862 he enlisted in the war of the Rebellion, and was commis- 
sioned captain by Gov. E. D. Morgan, Aug. 10, 1862, in Co. A, 118th 
regt. N. T. vols. He raised his company of one hundred strong, 
composed of the finest young men of the place,, and the engine com- 
pany, of which he was a member, " Old Defiance No. 1," presented 
him with a sword and sash as he left for the front. 

After serving two years with credit, he was discharged on ac- 
count of severe and dangerous sickness, which prostrated him for 
nearly a year. Then he again engaged in business, and his property 
was burned to the ground. He rebuilt his works larger than ever, 
which were again swept away in the great fire which destroyed the 
business portion of Glens Falls. These repeated reverses somewhat 
discouraged him, and he gathered together the property he had left, 
and removed to the oil regions of Pennsylvania in the spring of 
1866, where he has since lived, and for twenty-six years has been en- 
gaged in the manufacture of oil-well drilling and fishing tools. He 
has won the reputation in the oil regions of being the most expert 
manufacturer of such implements. He has invented, and received 
patents on, some mechanical devices. His sons, Frank H., and Dan- 
iel E. Norris, are associated with him in business. Mr. Norris bears 
his years well. He is an independent republican in politics, and 
was elected the first Burgess of Bradford, !renn. Resides in Tiona, 
Penn. He married, Dec. 31, 1853, Harriet Lucretia, daughter of 
James and Mary (Newton) Buswell, of Glens Falls, N. T. She was 
born in Edinburgh, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1834. 


1684b. Freddy Meeker Norri8% b. Glens Falls, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1854 ; d. 

there July 12, 1855.* 
1684c. Harry Ephraim Norris^, b. Glens Falls, N. Y., April 3, 1857; m. 

Nov. 26, 1879, Julia Belle Barker, b. Nunda, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1857 ; 

* The records of this family came after the different families were regu- 
larly numbered, and while the book was in press, which accounts for the 
numbers not being in the usual form. 




she was dau. of Edwin Wright and Jane E. (Grooves) Barker, of 
Jamestown, N. Y. Mr. Norris went to the oil regions of Penn- 
sylvania, when nine years of age, with his parents, and has lived 
in the towns of Petroleum Centre, Bradford, North Clarendon, 
and now, 1892, res. Stoneham, Penn. ; he learned the trade of a 
machinist ; he was educated in the public schools, and graduated 
from the Rochester, N. Y., Business University ; in 1881 he en- 
gaged in the hardware business in North Clarendon, Penn., and 
in two years sold out, and was appointed postmaster. In Feb., 
1886, he rem. to Stoneham, Penn., and became secretary and 
treasurer of the Stoneham Tanner jr Co., which position he holds 
in 1892 ; he is a musician ; in politics a republican. Children : 1, 
Edwin Rav Korris^^ b. Bradford, Penn., Nov. 8, 1880; at home. 
2, Earle Bertram Norris^^ b. Jamestown, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1882 : 
at home. 3, Nina Belle Norris^^, b. North Clarendon, Penn., 
July 5, 1884; d. Nov. 22, 1886. 4, Harrie Barker Norrisio, b. 
Stoneham, Penn., Oct. 30, 1886; at home. 5, Donald Grooves 
Norris^^, b. Stoneham, Penn., June 22, 1891. 

1684d. Ella M. Norris^, b. Glens Falls, N. Y., July 28, 1859 ; m. Dec. 6, 
1882, David Lawrence Gerould, b. Fairview, Penn., Sept. 6, 1859 ; 
he was a son of Abijah and Mary (Pray) Grcrould, of Warren, 
Penn.; they res. Warren, Penn., and he is a bank cashier. 
Children : 1, Marion Ruth Grerould^^, b. Warren, Penn., Aug. 30, 
1884. 2, Ray Lawrence (Jerouldi^ b. Warren, Penn., Dec. 24, 

1684e. Wilber Clarendon NorrisS b. Glens Falls, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1861 ; m. 
Nov. 19, 1890, Mina Louise Keating, b. at Erie, Penn., Aug. 26, 
1868; she was dau. of John and Marie M. Keating; they res. in 
Warren, Penn. ; he is a manufacturer of oil well tools. Child : 
Marie Alexina Norris^'', b. at Warren, Penn., Feb. 2, 1892. 

1684f . Frank Henry Norris», b. Glens Falls, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1867 ; m. Dec. 
5, 1887, Blanche Q. M. Ross ; he is a blacksmith, being the fore- 
man in the blacksmith department of his father's manufactory ; 
res. Tiona, Penn. 

1684g. Ray Welcome Norris^, b. Petroleum Centre, Penn., Aug. 19, 1869; 
he is in the steam laundry business; res. Warren, Penn. 

1684h. Daniel Edward Norris^, b. Petroleum Centre, Penn., May 24, 1872; 
m. May 24, 1890, Kathleen dau. of Thomas and Eliza (Gandy) 
Conway; she was b. at Tidioute, Warren co., Penn., Jan. 10, 
1874 ; d. Jan. 14, 1892, at Tiona, Penn. Mr. Norris is a machinist, 
employed in his father's works ; res. Tiona, ^enn. Child ; Har- 
old Leon Norris^^ b. at Tiona, Penn., Nov. 1, 1891. 

16841. Willard Harris Norris* (1412) [Welcome^ Taylor*, Sam- 
ueP, Samuel*, Samuel', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Sutton, 
Vt., March 5, 1839, where he resided eleven years, and removed to 
Glens Falls, N". Y., where he has lived for forty years. Is a manu- 
facturer. He married, Nov. 7, 1860, Mary Ellen, daughter of 
Ephr^im and Margaret Anna (Locke) Harris of Boston, Mass., where 
she was born June 80, 1836. She died Jan. 30, 1892. Her grand- 
father was Ephraim Harris, of Portsmouth, N. H. Her father died 
in Shoemakertown, Penn., Dec. 28, 1867. Mr. Norris is a Metho- 
dist and a republican. 


1684J. AUie Wilde Norris^, b. Glens Falls, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1861 ; d. Aug. 
1 , 1891 . 


1684k. (Ephraim Harris Norris', b. Shoemakertown, Penn, May 22, 1864; 

i res. Atlanta, Ga. 
16841. (Ephrletta Harris Norris», b. Shoemakertown, Penn., May 22, 1864; 
m. June 3, 1885, Harry Stoddard Dodge, b. Darien, Wis., Oct. 25, 
1859; res. Glens Falls, N. Y. 
1684m. (Albert Locke Norris», b. Glens Falls, N. Y., May 16, 1867; musi- 

i clan; res. Northampton, Mass. 
1684n. I Arthur Krum Norris«, b. Glens Falls, N. Y., May 16, 1867 ; res. 
Brattleboro', Vt. 

1685. John Adams Norris* (1435) [Benjamin Randall% Rev. 
Josiah®, SamueP, Samuel*, Samuel', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was 
bom May 81, 1833, in Hanover, N". H. He married, April, 1856, 
Phebe M. Jesseman, daughter of Rev. George C. Jesseman, by his 
first wife. She was bom Jan. 1, 1833, in Dorchester, N. H.; died 
Dec. 29, 1864. She left two children. He married, Jan. 8, 1866, 
2d, Mrs. Hannah Clough (Eaton) Ellenwood, of Dorchester, widow 
of Joseph Ellenwood, of Dorchester. She was bom in Gilmantou, 
N. H., May 13, 1843, daughter of Samuel S., and Hopee (Gilman) of 
Gilmanton. They live in Dorchester, at the Center. He is promi- 
nent in that town ; has been town clerk, and selectman, and filled 
other positions. He is owner of a steam sawmill, and manufactures 
shingles, clapboards, and other kinds of lumber. He is a democrat. 
They are members of the Freewill Baptist church. 


1686. Ida Lenora Norris^, b. May 10, 1858; m. June 1, 1878, Walter A. 

King, of Lyme, N. H., farmer. Children : 1, John A. Kingio, b. 
Dorchester, N^ H., Dec. 5, 1880. 2, Rosabel King^", b. £yme, 
N. H., March, 1884. 

1687. Etta Pamelia Norris^, b. Nov., 1863 ; m. Dec. 24, 1883, Herbert P. 

Worcester, of Canaan, N. H. Children : 1, Eva May Worcester^'^, 
b. Aug. 18, 1885, in Canaan, N. H. 2, William Wallace Iv^orces- 
terio, b. Canaan, N. H., Dec. 31, 1887. 

1688. Lillie Jane Norris^ b. Nov. 23, 1867 ; at home. 

1789. George Washington Norris* (1500) [True worthy', Moses*, 
Moses*, Moses*, James', Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Pitts- 
field, K H., March 13, 1841; married, Sept. 1, 1864, Sarah E., 
daughter of Thomas and Mary P. (Adams) Williams, of Chelsea, 
Mass. She was born in Boston, Mass., April 17, 1843. He is a 
lawyer; office, 209 Washington street. Resided in Wobum, Mass., 
in 1892. 

Mr. Norris was educated in the common school, and in a private 
school of a high order conducted by James C. Davis, at Amesbury, 
Mass. He studied law in Lowell and Boston, Mass.; was admitted 
to the Massachusetts bar in 1862, and has since that date been in 
the active practice of his profession. In politics he is a democrat, 
and has been a member of the democratic state committee of Massa- 
chusetts. Has resided in Chelsea, Ashland, Woburn, and Boston, 
Mass. He served six years on the school board^in Woburn, and 

?^ .^^ 


was chairman for two years. For three years he was a mem- 
ber of the board of water commissioners, and chairman one year. 
On May 18, 1886, he was appointed by President Cleveland, United 
States Indian Agent for the Nez Perce Indians, in Idaho Territory, 
and was confirmed July 26, 1886. His headquarters were at Ft. 
Lapwai, fourteen miles east from Lewiston. This position he re- 
signed December, 1888, and relieved in February, 1889. He then 
returned to Boston, Mass., and resumed the practice of law. 


1690. Blanche Elizabeth Norris^ b. Chelsea, Mass. July 2, 1865; m. June 

1, 1889, at Boise City, Idaho Ter., James L. Sllcott, of Lewis- 
ton, Idaho Ter. ; he is a native of Dover, Loudoun eo., Va. ; no 

1691. Bertha Williams No^^is^ b. Chelsea, Mass., Nov. 21, 1866; m. at 

Wobum, Mass., March 12, 1883, William R. Newcomb, a native 
of that city ; he is a machinist ; no children. 

1692. Mabel Adams Korris^, b. Pittsfield, N. H., March 13, 1868 ; she was 

a teacher from 1886 to 1889, in the U. S. Government Indian 
School, on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation, Idaho Ter.; m. 
April 15, 1892, Sidney M. Cowles, b. Hartford, Conn., April 15, 
1868 ; in gents' furnishing goods business ; res. Boston, Mass. 

1693. Mary Edith Nor^is^ b. Lowell, Mass, Sept. 4, 1869; from 1886 to 

1889 she was a U. S. Government Agency clerk, at the Nez Perce 
Indian Reservation, Idaho Ter. ; she m. Feb. 17, 1892, William C. 
Forsaith, of Woburn, and res. Woburn, Mass. 

1694. George W. Norris» b. Ashland, Mass., Nov. 14, 1871 ; d. Nov. 14, 


1695. Marcus Norris», b. Ashland, Mass., June 4, 1873 ; d. Oct. 10, 1874. 

1696. Grace Lakeman Norris^, b. Woburn, Mass., June 7, 1878. 

1697. Sarah Elizabeth Norris*, b. Wobum, Mass., Jan. 19, 1880. 

1698. Dan NorrisS b. Woburn, Mass., Dec. 18, 1884. 

1699. William Taylor Norris* (1236) [William Cheney^ Sam- 
ueP, Benjamin^ Samuel^ Samuel', Moses^, Nicholas^]. He was born 
in Danbury, N. H., April 1, 1820, and was son of William C. and 
Sallie (Elliott) Norris, of Danbury. He fitted for college at Canaan, 
N. H., Union Academy; was for a time in Norwich University, Vt.; 
studied for a short time for a Universalist minister, then read law 
with Weeks Ss Sargent, of Canaan, and practiced a short time in 
Grafton, N. H.; was principal of high school at White Lake, Mich., 
meanwhile reading law with Crowfoot & Broadhead, of Pontiac, 
Mich., and was admitted to the bar in Michigan May, 1849, and 
practiced in Pontiac in 1849 and '50; returned to Danbury, N. H., 
m 1850, and practiced there until his decease. He was a member 
of the New Hampshire legislature in 1856 and '57, and of the Con- 
stitutional Convention in 1876. He married, in 1846, Sarah L., 
daughter of Samuel and Betsey (Cass) Martin. She died July 13, 
1858. He married, 2d, Lizzie Mary, daughter of Leonard and Eliza 
(Saunders) Betton, of Danbury. She was bom July 26, 1838; died 
April 7, 1872, leaving a daughter. He married, 8d, Jan. 12, 1875, 
Nettie A., daughter of Rufus L. and Mahala J. (Sanborn) Martin, 


of Andover, N. H., bom in 1856, and resides in Danbnry, N. H., 
with her son. He died at Danbary, N. H., of disease of the liver, 
March 80, 1889. He received the aegree of A. M. from Dartmouth 
College in 1875. Had children. 

1700. Ichabod Johnson Norris* (1389) [William Cheney% 
SamneP, Beniamin^ Samael^ Samuel*, Moses^ Nicholas^]. He was 
born in Danbury, N. H., Nov. 27, 1827; married, Dec. 81, 1858, 
Harriet Augusta, daughter of Nathan and Harriet Jane (Smith) 
Leeds, of Andover, N. H., where she was bom June 15, 1840. 

Mr. Norris has been a railroad man, and is now a farmer. He 
lived from 1827 to '52, in Danbury; from 1852 to '58, in California; in 
Danbury in 1859; Salem, N. H., 1860; Wiers, N. H., 1861; Yap- 
hank, L. I., N. Y., from 1861 to '63 ; in New Jersey from 1868 to '70 ; 
and in Wisconsin since 1870. Resides in Merrimack, Sauk co.. Wis. 


1701. George William Norri8», b. Danbury, N. H., April 2, 1860; m. Nov. 

28, 1887, Letitia James ; he is a teacher, and res. in Western Ne- 

1702. Charles Ralph Norris', b. Yaphank, L. I., N. Y ., April 9, 1862 ; tele- 

graph operator ; res Merrimack, Wis. 

1703. D^n Clifford Norris', b. Danbury, N. H., May 10, 1864; he is a 

teacher; res. Swanton, Neb. 

1704. Nellie Emma Norris', b. Portage, Wis., July 19, 1870; res. Merri- 

mack, Wis. 

1705. Ned Johnson Norris', b. Merrimack, Wis., Nov. 1, 1876. 

1706. Bertha Beatrice Norris', b. Merrimack, Wis., March 19, 1880. 

1717. Nathaniel Norris* (601) [Nathaniel*, Nathaniel*, Ben- 
jamin^ Jonathan^ Nicholas^]. He was born in Hardwick, Vt., 
April 29, 1794; married, March 13, 1819, Betsey Tiffany, bom in 
Hareford, Penn., Sept. 17, 1799; died m Jackson, Penn., Nov. 27, 
1829. He married, 2d, April 29, 1830, Anna Bryant, born April 
23, 1801; died in Jackson, Penn., Dec. 16, 1839. He married, 3d, 
Feb. 25, 1841, Betsey Reed, bom May 9, 1799; died in Jackson, 
Penn., Dec. 1, 1875. He was a farmer and mason, and lived in 
Jackson, Penn., fifty-seven years, and died there Oct. 14, 1872. 


1718. Thomas Tiflfany Norris^, b. May 21, 1820; m. April 11, 1841, Sarah L. 

Knowlton; he was a farmer; lived in Jackson, Penn., and d. in 
Dnnmore, Penn., July 1, 1863. 

1719. Amasa Chase Norris^ b. Jane 19, 1826 ; m. Nov. 6, 1851, Eliza Mor- 

gan Clark ; farmer ; res. Jackson, Penn. 


1720. Joseph Bryant Norri8% b. Aug. 31, 1831 ; d. Jackson, Penn., Feb. 28, 


1721. Ellas Bloant Norris^ b. Feb. 16, 1833 ; m. Lizzie Sharp ; farmer ; res. 

in Mexico, Mo. 

* This complete record of this f amilv was received when this book was 
nearly printed, and is inserted oat of the usual order. 


1722. Betsey Eliza Norris^ b. Feb. 16, 1833 ; m. Dec. 1, 1854, Billings Bur- 


1723. William Henry Norris"', b. July 25, 1836 ; m. Nov. 6, 1861, Amity An- 

gelia Barrett ; res. Mexico, Mo. 

1724. Ella Florence Norris* (763-4) [David Holden^ John*, John*, 
JamesS Moses, Jr.', Moses^ Nicholas^]. She was born Dec. 24, 1858, 
and was educated in the public schools of Chelsea and Hyde Park, 
Mass. She became a teacher and taught in the public schools of 
Chelsea, Yt., Hardwick, Mass., and Melrose, Mass., for about four 
years, when she resigned and entered Wellesley college and prepared 
herself to teach the higher branches of study. After remaining some 
two years, showing ^eat proficiency in her studies, and being an in- 
structor a portion oi the time, her health gave way from over exer- 
tion. With the hope of regaining it she went to Chelsea, Vt., and 
later to Minnesota, but her trouble was too deeply fixed, and she 
died July 6, 1887. 

1725. Curtis Elkins Norris* (1166) [Benjamin^ David*, Benjamin', 
Jonathan^, Nicholas^]. He had four children. 


1726. Elizabeth Norris^, never married, but cared for the children of her 

sister Isabella, who d. youDg. 

1727. Amos Blanchard Korris^, m. Elizabeth Nolan, of Philadelphia ; he d. 

in Lyndonville, Vt., about 1885. Children: 1, Emma Norris^, 
is m. and res. Rochester, N. Y. 2, Mary Norris*, res. Minne- 
apolis. Minn. 3, Frank Norris^, drowned at Barnet, Vt., when 
a boy. 4, Frederick Norris^ (twin), res. Denver, Col. 5, Albert 
Norris^. 6, Lizzie Norris^, m. and res. Rochester, N. Y. 

1728. Mary Norris^, m. and d. St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; no children. 

1729. Isabella Norris'', m. Isaac Brock. Children: 1, Charles Brock^, res. 

Denver, Col. 2, Alice Brock^, res. Denver, Col.* 


1730. Job Norris\ said to have been a native of New Jersey. 
He married Miss Lindsay (or Lindsley), daughter of General Lind- 
say of Revolutionary fame. According to my information Mr. 
Norris had two sons. 


1731. Walter Norris^ (1733), b. Morris co., K. J. ; m. Miss Baldwin. 

1732. John Norris^ (1737), m. Susan Baldwin, a sister of Mrs. Walter 


1733. Walter Norris^ (1731) [Job^]. He married Miss Baldwin. 
Resided in New Jersey, New York, and Michigan. 


1734. Silas Norris* (1746), b. Morris co., N. J., Aug. 30, 1774. 

1735. John Norris*, who had a son : Jabez Norris*, of Brighton, N. Y. (?) 

He had children : Edgar Norris^, Frank Norris**. 

1736. Jacob Norris*. 

* Information of this family was received after the former account was 


1737. John Norris* (1732) [Job*]. He married Susan Baldwin. 
He was a Bevolutionary soldier. 


1738. Cyrenios Norris'*, single ; res. not known. 

1739. Walter Norris', m. IkOihala Stark ; res. Olive, Ingram co. Mich. 

1740. Job Baldwin Norris* (1749), m. Amelia Foster. 

1741. John Norris*, res. Plymouth, Mich. 

1742. Peter Norris', m. and had children : Cyrenius Norris*, Wesley Nor- 

ris*, Emma Norris*, Hannah Norris*. 

1743. Hannah Norris', m. Mr. Hoadley. 

1744. Phebe Norris*, m. Mr. Brown. 

1745. Katherine Norris', m. Mr. Gates. 

1746. Silas Norris* (1734) [Walter*, Job*]. He was bom Aug. 
80, 1774, in Morris co., N. J. He redded at Palmjrra, N. Y. He 
married Katharine Hines, and died in Palmyra, April 8, 1857. 


1747. Jacob Norris* (1754), b. Phelps, N. Y., July 28, 1806; res. Palmyra 

and Marion, N. Y. 

1748. Phebe Norris*. 

1749. Job Baldwin Norris« (1740) [John^ Job^]. He married 
Amelia Foster. 


1750. Rufus Foster Norris* (1758), b. Palmyra, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1814; m. 

Louisa Eingsley and lived in Sodus, Wayne co., N^. Y. ; he d. 
April 22, 1892. 

1751. Samuel Norris*, m. Arvilla Shirts. Child : William NorrisS m. Car- 

rie Snyder ; res. Sodus, K. Y. ; no children. 

1752. Mary Norris*, m. Mr. Briggs. Child : Harriet Briggs^, m. William 

Pickering ; res. Palmyra, K. Y. 

1753. Hannah Prances Norris*, m. Silas Hurlburt, of Spencerport, N. Y. 

Children : Albert Hurlburt^ Willis Hurlburt*, Foster Hurlburt*, 
res. Spencerport, N. Y., Amelia Hurlburt*. 

1754. Jacob Norris* (1747) [Silas*, Walter", Job^]. He was born 
July 25, 1806, in Phelps, Ontario co., N". Y. Resided in Palmjrra and 
Marion, N. Y. Married, Dec. 2, 1828, Anna E. Caldwell. Married, 
2d, Lydia M. Griswold, Aug. 14, 1845. He died April 3, 1857. 


1755. Mary E. Norris*, b. Not. 10, 1831 ; m. Robert Hale. Res. Marion, 


1756. Rachel L. Norris*, b. Nov. 8, 1834 ; m. Peter I. Querean. Res. Red 

Creek, N. Y. 

1757. Joseph Carlton Norris*, b. Palmyra, Wayne co., N. Y., June 14, 1849, 

he res. there twenty-four years ; in Walworth twelve years ; and 
for the last seven years in Canandaigua, N. Y. He is a teacher 
and principal of the academy in that place. He m. Dec. 10, 1868, 
Julia Helen Bennett, of Walworth, N. Y., dau. of John Dennison 
and Mercer (Topliff) Bennett ; she was b. March 18, 1861, in New- 
stead, K. Y. ; her grandparents were Charles and Martha (Bab- 
cock) Bennett, of Stonington, Conn. ; her grandfather was b. 
in Stonington, Nov. 11, 1790, and was son of Aaron and Abigail 


(Smith) Bennett, of that place; Mr. Norris res. Oanandaigua, 
N. Y. Child: Lyman Carlton Norris^, b. Walworth, N. Y., 
April 5, 1875. 

1768. Rufus Foster Norris* (1750) [Job Baldwin', John^ Job^]. 
He was born in Palmyra, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1814. He married Louisa 
Kingsley, and lived on a farm in Sodus, Wayne co., N". Y., where 
he died April 22, 1892. 


1759. Hon. Elliot Baldwin Norris*, b. in Sodus, June 25, 1845 ; m. in Sodus, 

K. Y., Jan. 5, 1869, Georgianna Chipman, b. in Waterbury, Conn., 
Jan. 15, 1847 ; he res. on the homestead, in Sodus, N. Y. ; he was 
elected a member of the assembly for 1891. Children, born in 
Sodus, N. Y. : 1, Mary Louise Norris^, b. Oct. 25, 1869 ; d. May 
8, 1877. 2, George Elliot Norris^, b. Jan. 5, 1871 ; d. April 12, 
1877. 3, Rufus Kingsley Norriss, b. Sept. 1, 1873 ; d. May 1, 
1877. 4, Mark Chipman Norris^, b. Aug. 3, 1875; d. May 4, 
1877. 5, Mabel Isadore Norris^, b. May 13, 1877. 6, Floy Eliza- 
beth Norris^, b. Aug. 31, 1879. 7, Annie Louise Norris^, b. Feb. 
21, 1881. 8, Louise Edna Norris«, b. Dec. 24, 1882. 9, Ella Jose- 
phine Norris^, b. Sept. 21, 1884; d. June 9, 1886. 10, Mark Elliot 
Norris«, b. Feb. 1, 1887. 

1760. Rev. Kingsley Flavel Norris*, b. Nov. 28, 1847 ; clergyman ; he grad- 

uated at Amherst College, and at Andover Theological Seminary. 
Has lived in Merrimack and Manchester, N. H., Minneapolis, 
Minn., and is now, 1892, preaching in Webster, Monroe co., N. Y. ; 
he m. Jan. 8, 1883, Ella May, dau. of John Chamberlin, b. Bill- 
erica, Mass., March 6, 1850. Children: 1, Kingsley Cham- 
berlin Norris^, b. in Hope, No. Dakota, March 8, 1884. 2, 
Anna Louise Norris^*, b. Morris, Minn., June 10, 1885. 

Unassigrned Norris Records. 

1761. Moses Morris. 


1762. Lydia Norris, b. May, 1775. 

1763. Sarah Norris, b. July 26, 1777. 

1764. Moses Norris, b. July 9, 1780. 

1765. Anna Norris, b. Dec. 14, 1783. 

From the Hardwick, Vt., town records — recorded by Mark Nor- 
ria, town clerk : 

1766. William T. Norris, b. Hardwick, Vt., Feb. 18, 1802. 

1767. Ascenah Norris, b. Hardwick, Vt., Feb. 17, 1806. 

1768. William Norris, b. Hardwick, Vt., March 1807. 

1769. James Madison Norris, b. Hardwick, Vt., Aug. 18, 1810. 



1770. Mary J. Norris. She was born Sept. 1, 1809. She married, 
in 1833 or '34, Bradbury, son of William S. and Eliza G. (Doton) 
Prescott. He was born July 2, 1810. 


1771. John Prescott, b. March 12, 1835; d. March 27, 1835. 

1772. JohnB. Prescott, b. July 9, 1837. 

1773. George S. Prescott, b. April 14, 1839; d. April 30, 1857. 

1774. William H. Prescott, b. Nov. 1, 1841. 

1775. Charles W. Prescott, b. Oct. 31, 1844. 

1776. Ebenezer Norris, Jr.^ [Ebenezer^]. Married, Jan. 3, 1843, 
Sopbronia Weeks Chandler, daughter of Lafayette and Sophronia 
(Weeks) Chandler, of Winthrop, Kennebec co., Me. She was born 
Nov. 8, 1823. He was born Sept. 20, 1815, and was son of Ebenezer 
and Nancy (Hammond) Norris, of Wayne, Kennebec co., Me. Far- 
mer and stone-cutter. Resides in Wayne, Kennebec co.. Me. Per- 
haps a connection of Nathaniel Norri^, of Wayne, Me. (See No. 440, 
page 55). 


1777. Evora Norris*, b. Aug. 12, 1847 ; m. Royal Fogg, of California. 

1778. Flora Norris', b. Nov. 4, 1849; m. 1881, 2d wife, Mr. Lord. 

1779. Lafayette Norris', b. Jan. 4, 1863 ; d. ae. 14 mos. 

1780. Sophronia Weeks Norris', b. May 12, 1855 ; m. Dan Graves, a marble 

worker; res. Wayne, Me. 

1781. Eben Norris', b. Sept., 1865. 

1 782. James Norris resided in Windsor, Ashtubula co., O. He was 
born in Tolland, Conn., Nov. 7, 1800 ; married Chloe Skinner. 
He is a son of John and Ruth (Ladd) Norris. His father was bom 
Oct. 23, 1765 in Plymouth, Mass; resided in Tolland, Conn., and 
died in Windsor, O., May 30, 1840. He was son of John and 
Hope (Benson) Norris. James Norris, first mentioned, has a son 
James Norris, born March, 1828. 

1783. Eugenia E. Norris [Joshua Bl She was bom in 1823, and 
was daughter of Joshua B. and Mary Norris. She married, at Law- 
rence, Mass., Dec. 18, 1850, Joel C, son of Lafayette and Sophronia 
(Weeks) Chandler, of Winthrop, Kennebec co., Me. He was bom 
July 23, 1825, and brother of Sophronia Weeks Chandler, who mar- 
ried Ebenezer Norris, Jr., son of Ebenezer Norris, of Wayne, Kenne- 
bec CO., Me. He was a farmer in California, but returned and set- 
tled in Abbot, Piscataquis co., Me. 


1784. Joel Chandler, b. Monmouth, Kennebec co. Me., Oct. 4, 1851. 

1785. Fred Chandler, b. Feb. 1856. 

1786. Norris W. Chandler, b. Dec. 28, 1858; d. Feb., 1865. 

1787. Emily Chandler, b. Aug., 1859; d. 1879. 

1788. Sopl^ronia Chandler, b. Abbott, Piscataquis co.. Me., Sept. 3, 1861. 

1789. Hattie Chandler, b. May 13, 1863 ; d. Feb., 1869. 

1790. Sarah H. Chandler, b. Dec. 1, 1866; d. 1870. 

1791. Eugenia Chandler, b. June 17, 1869. 


1791. Abigail Norris, daughter of Jeremiah and Hannah (Toll) 
Norris ; married Abraham Choate. She died in Whitefield, Me., Jan. 
24, 1845. Their son, Abram Choate, born March 7, 1789; married 

Lydia Norris, daughter of Benjamin and (Carter) Norris. She 

was bom Aug. 1, 1791, and died May 27, 1857, in Whitefield, Me. 
They had seven children. 

1792. Jeremiah Norris, son of Jeremiah and Hannah (Toll) Norris, 
bom Sept. 11, 1774, in Whitefield, Me.; married. May 30, 1798, 
Hannah Choate. He died Maj 2, 1825, in Whitefield, Me. 

1793. Capt. William Noms, son of Josiah Norris, born in 1786, 
in Limerick, Me; married in 1810 or 1811, Mary Choate, daughter of 
John and Mary (Nichols) Choate. Capt. William Norris died May 
2, 1861, in Portland, Me. They had seven children : William Norris, 
Ann Nichols Norris, John Choate Norris, Mary Choate Norris, Sarah 
Ellen Norris, Albert Little Norris, and Edward Norris. 

1794. Michael Norris, born at Sheirkeen, County of Cork, Ireland, 
Dec. 24, 1790 ; was a pilot till 1862, then came to America, located in 
Boston, Mass., where he died April 19, 1892, aged 101 yrs. 3 mos. He 
had eleven children. Six were living in 1892, four daughters and 
two sons. 

1795. Michael Norris, councilman from Ward 13, South Boston, 
Mass., is his son. 

Norris Family Register. 

It is of the utmost importance that the records of each 
family should be faithfully kept and preserved. Then they 
are always available to inquiring members of the family^ 
and are placed in accessible form for the future historian. 
Knowing the importance and value of thisy and to aid in 
this commendable and most important worky these pages are 
inserted^ that such records may be faithfully entered 
and religiously preserved in each copy of this published 
^^ Lineage and Biographies of the Norris Family, ^^ 





























Abbott, Cornelia, 167. 

Esther, 47. 

Rhoda, 76. 
Adams, Annie Maria, 87. 

Edgar Alonzo and fam- 
ily, 83. 

Flora May, 83. 

Myra Holden, 83. 

Polly, 76. 

William Frederick, 83. 
Aldbich, Benjamin Oscar, 

Delia C. 64. 

Estolla Grace, 143. 

Lewis Wesley, 143. 

Mr. 106. 
Allen, Orrin, 72. 
Allerton, Isaac, 12. 
Anderson, Eliza Alberta, 

WiUiam, 86. 
Andrews, Ephraim B. 124. 
Anoier, Addie H. 72. 

Albert H. 72. 

Cynthia H. 72. 

Jacob H. 72. 
ARMiNaTON, Simon, 76. 

Willard, 75. 
Ash, Nellie, 131. 
Ashley, Clifton Potter, 162. 
Atwater, George, 116. 
Avery, Marcia Ayer, 156. 
Ayers, Sally, 47. 

Babcock, Lucy Ann, 126. 
Badger, Diana O. 72. 
Bailey, Charles Dante, 143. 

Harry, 143. 

Henry H. and family, 

John, 143. 
Baird, Ann, 169. 

Nannie, 162. 
Baldwin, Laommi, 28. 

Miss, 176. 

Susan, 176. 
Bang^, Chauncey, 160. 

Samuel Sumner and 
family, 169. 
Barber, Katherine, 29. 

Sarah, 131. 
Barker, Julia Bell, 170. 

Lemuel, 160 

Mrs. Bnth (Miller), 62. 

BARNS, Olive, 103. 
Barrett, Artemas, 55. 

Helen Josephine, 55. 
Bartlett, Caroline, 95. 

Eleanor, 98. 

Frank A. 109. 

Huldah, 41. 

Reuben and family, 98. 

Mrs. Sarah, 108. 
Bachblder, James M. P. 
and family, 149. 

Mrs. Charlotte, 126. 

John, 52. 

Sophronia, 136. 
Batison, John, 113. 
Beach, Liberty P. 124. 

Nathaniel B. 56. 
Bean, Abbie Frances, 109. 

Alton Earle, 136. 

Anna McKenzie, 60. 

Benning M. 60. 

Fannie Emma, 136. 

Jeremiah, 21. 

John True, 109. 

Josiah Nelson, 109. 

Lilla May, 136. 

Mary, 109. 

Mary L. 108. 

Mary Lizzie, 109. 

Myron and family, 136. 

Sally Richardson, 138. 

Samuel, 108. 

William Frederick, 109. 
Bbaty, Mai-y Roselma, 88. 
Bbebe, Nancy Jennette, 

Beede, Elizabeth, 26. 

Penngander, 74. 
Bell, Achsah Bemice, 141. 

Charles William, 141. 

Ida May, 141. 

Rose Mary, 141. 

William Samuel and 
family, 141. 
Bement, Ellen Mitchell, 96. 
Benneson, Robert Smith, 

BENNETTjJulia Helen, 176. 
Benson, Hope, 178. 
Berry, Amos F. 126. 

Lyman, 43. 

Sarah, 114. 
Bbtton, Lizzie Mary, 173. 
Bickford, Albert and fam- 
ily, 76. 

Paul, 125. 
Bird, Caroline Elizabeth, 

Bird (continued). 

Fannie Louise, 156. 
BiSBEE, Edward N. 86. 

Georgianna, 86. 
Blackler, Betsey, 33. 
Blair, Maiy E. 152. 

Mary Blackwood, 126. 
Blaisdell, Henry and 
family, 104. 

Lucy White, 104. 
Blake, Almira Dearborn, 

Asa, 24. 

Betsey, 27. 

Eleanor, 51. 

Creorge, 98. 

George Frank, 52. 

Joseph, 98. 

Levi, 27. 

Mary, 120. 

Ruth, 44. 

Theophilus, 24. 

Theophllus and family, 

WilUam, 149. 

William F. 98. 
Blanchard, Betsey, 123. 

Elizabeth, 60. 
Blandin, Mrs. Mary Eliza- 
beth (Pierce), 153. 

Willard A. 163. 
Bliss, William, 126. 
Blodqett, Maiy, 44. 
Blood, Lucinda M. 109. 
Boles, Dolly, 40. 
Bolton, Charles Sargent 
and family, 76. 

Martha T. 76. 
BowEN, Melinda, 126. 
BOYDEN, Harriet E. 120. 
Brackett, Nathaniel, 21, 
Bradford, Susanna Ellen, 

' 159. 
Bradley, Mary Ann, 67. 
Briar, Elizabeth, 43. 
Brioos, Elisha, 139. 

Harriett, 176. 

John K. 59 
Brigham, Harry, 71. 

Helen L. 72. 

Ida M. 48. 
Broadhead, Elizabeth, 121. 
Brock, Isaac and family, 

Brockway, Edward, 136. 
Bronlin, Mary, 71. 
Brown, Abby P. 110. 

Abram, 64. 



Brown (continued). 

Catherine, 70. 

Elisha, 82. 

Eliza, 84. 

Emeline, 64. 

Eunice Norris, 98. 

Ezekiel Norris, 98. 

Hannah, 72. 

Harry Benson, 112. 

Isabel, 145. 

John, 60. 

Jonathan and family, 

Lawrence, 111. 

Lawrence and family, 

Lydia Ann, 59. 

Mary, 49, 79. 

Mary Blake, 98. 

Mary Jane, 151. 

Mary Lizzie, 82. 

Nancy M. 54. 

Sally, 59. 

Sarah Ann Graves, 98. 

Shabah Burley, 98. 

Susan, 39. 

Hon. Warren and fam- 
ily, 112. 
Buck, James, 77. 
BuCKMAN, George Hiram, 

George P. and family, 

Helen Augusta, 126. 

Isabel May, 126. 
Bullock, Kate B. 76. 
Bunker, Clark, 72. 

Cynthia, 72. 

Cyrena F. 72. 

George F. 72. 

Loretta M. 72. 

Mary Ellen, 72. 
BURBANT, Joseph H. 116. 
BURDICK, Billings, 175. 
BURKB, Charles, 145. 
Burley, Mr. 25. 

Alice, 119. 

Benjamin and family, 

Charlotte, 119. 

Elizabeth, 119. 

Emma, 119. 

Gordon, 119. 

Jacob Norris, 119. 

Joseph, 119. 

Lucy, 119. 

May, 119. 

Sarah, 119. 
Burns, Joseph R. and fam- 
ily, 39. 

Lyman Norris, 39. 
Burr, Eben and family, 

Frank Willis, 121. 

Farley Norris, 121. 
BuRRiLL, Charles, 131. 
Burt, Fred L. 72. 
BuswBLL, Harriet Lucre- 

tia, 170. 
Butler, Betsey, 51. 
BUTTERFIELD, Adeline, 150. 

Edward B. and family, 
Buxton, William and fam- 
ily, 68. 
Bryant. Adeline M. 72. 

Albert J. 72. 

Bryant (continued). 
Almon N. 72. 
Anna, 174. 
Ellen Dorcas, 72. 
Ezra J. 72, 
Joseph and family, 72. 

Caldwell, Anna E. 176. 
Carey, Winnifred, 91. 
Carlbton, Sarah C. 127. 
C arley, James and family, 

Carnes, James F. 117. 

Jewett Norris, 117. 

Bebecca Jane, 117. 

Bobert K. 117. 

Robert P. 117. 
Carpenter, Hezekiah, 136. 
Carr, Betsey, 38. 

Helen V. 100. 

Jeremiah, 27. 

John, 30. 

Miriam, 76. 
Cartland, Abigail, 99. 
Carter, William, 71. 
Cartwright, Walter, 42. 
Cate, Thirza, 126. 
Caverly, Elizabeth, 46. 
CiLLEY, Harriet, 98. 
Chamberlain, Sarah M. 

Champlin, George H. 82. 
Chandler, Daniel Bund- 
lett, 32, 

Edwin and family, 119. 

Emily, 178, 

Eugenia, 178. 

Fred, 178. 

Freeman David, 161. 

Joel C. and family, 178, 

Joseph, 32. 

Mary, 32. 

Nathaniel, 31. 

Sophronia, 178. 

Sophronia Weeks, 178. 
Chapman, Arthur, 80. 

Mary Elizabeth, 88. 

Rev. Samuel, 80. 

Sarah, 80. 
Chase, Anne, 29. 

Betsey, 67. 

Charles, 67. 

Comfort, 68. 

Emeline, 68. 

James, 29. 

James and family, 67. 

Jeremiah, 24. 

John, 67. 

Joseph N. 67. 

Josiah 98. 

Lydia, 29. 

Martha, 67. 

Mary Ann, 67. 

Nancy, 87, 66. 

Sidney and family, 119. 

Susan C. 131. 

William, 37, 66. 
Chesley, Ruth, 103. 
Chickering, Elizabeth, 122. 
Chipmam, Georgianna, 177. 
Choate, Abraham, 179. 

Hannah, 179. 

John, 179. 

Mary, 179. 

Clapp, Charlotte, 74, 

Walter and family, 38. 
Clark, Aroline French, 52. 

Betsey Alice, 52. 

Betsey N. 52. 

Cata, 51. 

Daniel, 152. 

Ebenezer, 52. 

Ebenezer and family, 

Eliza Morgan, 174, 

Ella, 52. 

Ellen Delia, 149. 

Enoch, 25. 

Eunice, 62. 

Jane Cilley, 52. 

John Phillips and fsun- 
ily, 51. 

Mary Wyatt, 149. 

Mercy, 67. 

Moses, 67, 74. 

Dr. Nelson P. 149. 

Robert Green, 52. 

Rosetta D. 103. 

Sophia, 96. 

Stephen, 51. 

Stephen Coffin, 52. 

Tamar Merrill, 152. 
Clement, Lois F. 82. 

Thomas, 82. 
Clifford, Burrage, 52. 

Daniel, 131. 

Dudley, 84. 

Lowell, 25, 26. 

Lucy, 25. 
Clouqh, Frank, 90. 

George Franklin, 103. 

Mary, 62. 

Nehemiah, 33. 

Nellie Frances, 103. 

Richard, 57. 

Tracy, 58. 
Cochrane, Charles, 50. 

James, 62. 
Coffin, Eunice, 29. 
COLCORD, Aurelia Payson, 

COLBERG, Josephine L. 91. 
COLBURN, Angeline, 163. 

Edward, 143. 
Colby, Alpheus Edward 
and family, 90. 

Charles Frost, 91. 

Frances Augusta, 90. 

Imogene, 91. 

Jane, 91. 

John and family, 90. 

John Henry, 90. 

Lydia Frost, 91. 

Mary Louise, 90. 
Cole, John, 132. 
COLLINGS, Edward Pierson 

and family, 133. 
Collins, Nellie, 143, 
Combs, Edna O. 111. 
Compton, Helena, 122. 
CONANT, Mrs. Maria Craw- 
ford, 45. 
Connor, George, 131. 

John and family, 103. 
Conway, Kathleen, 171. 
CooLiDGE, John W. and 

family, 162. 
CORWIN, Marcia, 79. 
CouRTRiGHT, Charles W. 

and family, 90. 
CowLBS, Sidney M. 173. 



Cox, William, 124. 
CoxE, Sarah, 17. 
Cram, Ebenezer and 1am- 
ily, 31. 
James, 30. 
Sally, 55. 
Crockett, Carrie Eliza- 
beth, 129. 
Eugene Thompson, 129. 
Frank Shepard, 129. 
George Norris, 129. 
George W. and family, 

Harry Hilliard, 129, 
Crocker, Helen Temple, 
John H. and family, 155. 
Louise Norris. 166. 
Norris Randall, 165. 
Crosby, Harry G. 126. 
Cross, Joseph D. 162. 
Lucinda, 134. 
Thomas, 134. 
Currier, Addie Frances, 
Charles Cleworth, 103. 
Sally, 72. 
Curry, Annette, 108. 
Cutter, Charles H. and 

family, 132. 
CUTTING, Horace Wallace, 

Dale, John P. 81. 
Dalton, Mary, 35. 
Daniels, Abigail Moody, 

Catherine Clark, 52. 

Dearborn S. 62. 

Ephraim and family, 

George Whitefleld, 52. 

Jane E. 52. 

Pelatiah, 68. 

Sarah Ames, 52. 
Davies, Chauncey Norris, 

Emily, 118. 

George Edmund, 118. 

Louisa Jane, 118. 

William and family, 

William W. and family, 
Davis, Eliza, 127. 

Moses and family, 38. 

Paul, 38. 
Day, Flora Maria, 139. 

George, 102. 
Dean, Alice, 46. 

Emma, 112. 

Samuel, 72. 

William, 79. 
Dearborn, Harriet E. 95. 
Decatur, Jennie, 146. 
Dee, John, 80. 
Degreeva, Octave L. 72. 
Demerritt, George H. 129. 
Dennett, Jane, 47. 
Dewick, Letitia, 161. 
DiCKBRSON, Joseph, 66. 
DiMOND, Abigail, 43. 

Rhoda, 43. 

Dodge, Harry Stoddard, 

Doe, Jeremiah, 36. 
Dole, Richard, 19. 
Dolly, Mrs. Mary, 119. 
Donovan, Charles, 28, 
Dorr, Elizabeth, 101. 

Mary, 87. 
DORSEY, Gumberry G. 114. 

Mary E. 114. 
Doughty. Margaret Jos- 
ephine, 140. 
Douse, Jonathan, 19. 
Downing, Mr. 27. 
Dow, Sally, 34. 

Winthrop, 34. 
Drake, Benjamin, 110. 

Ephraim, 23. 

Thomas, 23. 
Drew, Agnes M. 137. 

Annie, 30. 

Arthur, 137. 

Augusta, 137. 

Ephraim, 38, 

Ezekiel, 39. 

Helen, 138. 

Maria, F. 138. 

Martin Van Buren, 137. 

Ora and family, 137. 

Sobriety, 73. 

Theophilus, 137. 

Walter, 138. 

Warren H. 138. 
Driscoll, Frederick, 46. 
Drown, Hannah Langdon, 

Druse, Olivia, 138. 
Duncan, Harriet A. 114. 
Dunham, Effle, 81. 

Julia, 81. 

Oscar Mortimer, 81. 

Peter R. and family, 80. 

Thomas J'olsom Norris, 
DURGIN, Cynthia, 77. 
DURRELL, Mary, 119. 
Dyer, Blanche, 79. 


Eames, Adeline, 109. 

Burton H. 90. 

Emily, 108. 
Eastman, Lydia, 32. 
Eaton, Albanus, 136. 

Alice, 146. 

Benjamin, 67. 

Caroline Hamilton, 137. 

Carrie, 136, 137. 

Fida, 137. 

Freedom and family, 

Julius, 136. 

Moses, 136. 

Sally Maria, 137. 

Sarah M. 136. 
Edes, Abbie, 98. 
Edgerly, Eliza Osgood, 39. 
Edwards, Adaline, 106. 

Hannah, 106. 

Josiah and family, 106. 

Sarah, 106. 
Ellinwood, Mrs. Hannah 
Clough (Eaton) , 172. 
Elliott, Sally C. 130. 
Ellis, Moses b. 70. 

Elkins, Joshua, 67. 
Emerson, Robert, 149. 

Sarah, 98. 
Emery, Alphonso C. and 
family, 59. 

David S. and family, 58. 
England, Stephen, 24. 
Erwin, David B. 142. 

Douglas, 142. 

Edna, 142. 

Fannie, 1^. 

Helen, 142. 
ESDON, Robert, 136. 
Estabrook, John S. 124. 

Justus Norris, 124. 

Maiy Elizabeth, 124. 
Evans, Dudley P. and fam- 
ily, 106. 

Martha. 163. 

Nathaniel, 31. 

Stephen, 28. 
Everett, Edward and fam- 
ily, 165. 

Irene Mason, 165. 

James Hanson, 68. 

Joseph Mason and fam- 
ily, 155. 

Leonard, 166. 

Martha, 119. 


Fairbanks, Sally, 56. 
Fairbrother, Edwin For- 
rest, 130. 

Mary, 71. 
Fall, Harriet Augusta, 94. 
Fanning, Elizabeth, 20. 

Joseph, 20. 
Farewell, Agustus, 31. 
Farmer, Susan Badger, 72. 
Farnham, Ann, 131. 
Farrar, Caroline E. 23. 

Margaret, 78. 
Fay, Juliette G. 160. 
Fenton, Martha Ann, 88. 
Ferguson, Alexander and 
family, 85. 

Frank Theophilus and 
family, 86. 

John, 85. 

Maria Louise, 86. 

Thomas Norris and fam- 
ily, 86. 
Fernald, Luther, 47. 
Ferrin, Mrs. Nancy, 63. 
FlFiELD, Frank, 71. 
Files, Caroline Harmon, 

Finch, Herbert, 140. 

Isaac 1. 140. 

Jennie, 140. 
Fish, Valentine S. 77. 
Fisher, Albert, 62. 

Annabel, D. 102. 
FISKE, J. 63. 
, John Wesley, 63. 

Lucy Emeline, 63. 

Samuel Norris, 64. 
Flanders, Mrs. Almira, 
(Cole), 132. 

Betsey, 63. 

Charles, 119. 

Nancy, 132. 
Fletcher, Charles, 62. 

Fred P. 54. 



Flbtcheb (continued). 

Sai-ab, 86. 
Flint, James, 72. 
Floyd. Mr. 49. 
FOQO, Abi^il, 56. 

Anna* 113. 

Josiah, 56. 

M. Louisai 107. 

Royal, 178. 

Sarah E. 59. 
FOLLBNSBEB, Addle M. 77. 
FOLLETT, Alice, 165. 

Benjamin, 165, 166. 

Charles, 49. 

Freeman, 49. 

Herbert, 166. 

Irene, 166. 

Lucy Elvira, 166. 

Lvman Decatur, 166. 

Marion, 166. 

Mark Norris, 166. 

Nathan, 166. 

Simeon Keith, 166. 

WUliam Treadwell, 166. 
F0L80M, Abigail B. 76. 

Charles William, 38. 

Oilman, 39. 

Dorothy, 38. 

Ezekiel and family, 38. 

George W. and family, 

Irving T. 39. 

Jeremiah, ^. 

John 6. and familv, 39. 

Lyman Jones and fam- 
ily, 39. 

Moses D. and family, 39. 

Nicholas, 35. 

Nicholas and family, 84. 

Noah D. and family, 38. 


Richard Whitney, 39. 

Ruth, 17. 

Samuel, 18. 

Sarah, 23, 42. 

Sarah J. 85. 

Zebulon Norris, 39. 
FoKSYTii, Ceylon, 138. 
Fobs, Albion Nutter, 103. 

George N. and family, 
FOSTBR, Amelia, 176. 

Dorcas (?), 72. 
Fowler, Rev. Charles Jos- 
eph, 154. 

Hattie Rogers, 154. 

Louise Waterman, 164. 

Martha Sinclair, 154. 

Oscar Sinclair, 154. 
Francisco, David, 62. 
Frazbr, Benjamin, 71. 

John T. and family, 110. 

Polly, 71. 

Sarah, 71. 
Frazier, Keziah, 40. 
Freese, Sally Stearns, 149. 
Freeman, Bessie Vienna, 

John S. and family, 163. 

Lilla May, 163. 

Lizzie, 72. 

Ross Massahan, 168. 
French, Abraham, 99. 

Hiram and family, 58. 

John D. 138. 

Judith, 98. 
Frizzell, Eliakim, 43. 

Frost, Charles and family, 

George Alfred, 126. 
FULLBNTON, Elizabeth, 59. 
FULLINGTON, Jemima, 62. 
FULLONTON, John, 40. 

Mary, 40. 
FuLLBRTON, Ella Florence, 

Fuller, Emma, 154. 
FuRNALD, Abbie S. 129. 

Gage, Richard, 72. 
Gardner, Almira P. 92. 

Mr. 26. 
Garland, Charles, 62. 

Rebecca, 23, 30. 
Gault, Sarah, 36. 
Gary, Cleora, 134. 
Gates, Mr. 176. 
Gbddes, Lizzie, 152. 
George, Augusta Smith, 

Clara, 134. 

Daniel B. 135. 

Roy, 135. 
Gerald, Lucy. 90. 
Gerould, David Law- 
rence, 171. 

Marion Ruth, 171. 

Ray Lawrence, 171. 
Gerrish, Grace Wright, 135. 
GiBBS, Phebe, 118. 
Gibson, Clarinda, 125. 

James, 51. 
GiFFORD, Samuel, 79. 

Susan, 79. 
GiLE, Wilbur Fiske, 93. 
Giles, Annie, 77. 

Hannah, 54. 

Nathaniel, 54. 
Gill, Margaret, 65. 
GiLLiSPiE, Katie Jane, 159. 
GiLLETT, Freedom, 62. 
GiLMAN. John, 20. 

Peter, 21, 57. 

Thomas, 43. 

WiUiam, 56. 

Zebulon, 28. 
GrODFREY, Annie, 48. 

John, 17. 

Mehitable, 93. 
Goldsmith, Ezra, 81. 

GrOODWIN, Avis, 137. 

King A. 137. 

Lyle, 137. 
Gordon, Daniel, 28. 

Ithlel, 30. 

Jonathan S. 49. 

Katherine M. 49. 

Samuel and family, 39. 

Susannah L. 30. 
Goss, Harris J. and family, 

Gotharn, Annjenette 

Wear, 102. 
Gould, Jessie, 78. 
Gove, Abbie A. 111. 

Burt E. 110. 

Edwin F. 110. 

George S. 111. 

George W. 111. 

Geraldine, 69. 

James F. 111. 

GrOVE (continued). 

John F. 110. 

Jonathan, 59. 

Julia A. 116. 

Lewellyn J. 111. 

Luna Abbie, 110. 

Samuel and family, 59. 

Samuel B. and family, 

Sarah Jane, 110. 

Sherburne, 110. 
Gray, Clement Daniel, 136. 

Harland James, 136. 

Isadore Florence, 136. / 

Jennie Edith, 136. 

Sandford Gadcum and 
family, 136. 

WaiTen and family, 72. 
Graham, Rebecca, 61. 
Grant, Horatio, 70. 
Graves, Dan, 178. 
Green, Frank John, 169. 
Gregg, Janet, 132. 
Griswold, Lydia M. 176. 
Grover, Lydia, 84. 
Guild, Julia Elmer, 144. 
Guy, Martha, 57. 

Hadley, Helen, 126. 
Hailey, Mary, 141. 
Haines, Nelson J. 138. 
Hale, Nathan, 28. 

Robert, 176. 
Hall, Charles, 76. 

Ida Etta, 147. 

Kinsley, 17. 

Lucy, o9. 

Mrs. Minnie Fay (Hed- 

Susannah, 161. 
Hallett, Mr. 74. 
HamblIn, Isabella G. 58. 
Hamilton, Margaret, 73. 
Hammond, Oscar, 120. 
Hannaford, Anna, 43. 
Hardy, Tristam and fam- 
ily, 40. 
Harrington, Charles A. 

Margaret, 98. 
Harris, Dr. Jerome, 137. 

Mary Ellen, 171. 

Mary Walsh, 139. 
Hart, Frank Alonzo, 168. 

Franklin, 168. 

James Norris, 168. 

Malcolm Cole, 169. 

Sumner Lewis, 169. 

Wilfred Josiah, 169. 
HART8HORN,George Henry, 

Harvey, Clemina B. 39. 

Ira Taylor, 74. 

Lydia L. 74. 

Mlary F. 74. 

Otis G. 74. 

Sally, 39. 
Hastings, Bina L. 75. 
Hatch, John Q. 109. 
Haviland, Anna M. 139. 

Rogers A. 140. 

Walter A. 140. 
Hayden, George W. and 
family, 109. 



Haynes, Eliza, 38. 

Martha Jane, 79. 
Hazelton, Lucy, 63. 

Rebecca, 61. 

Sally, 63. 

Samuel, 61. 
Hazen, Be v. Henry A. 120. 
Head, Fannie Putnam, 146, 
Heath, Abel, 26. 

Diana, 77. 

George Warren, 120. 

Gustavus Norris and 
family, 77. 

Henry and family, 78. 

Joseph, 26. 

Lucia Ladonia, 78. 

Martha Bethiah, 120. 

Moses and famllv, 77. 

Samuel and famUy, 114. 

Seth Adolphius and 
family, 77. 
Hewett, James, 85. 
HiBBAKD, Harriet, 126. 
HiGOiNS, John Edward, 92. 
Hill, Almon Ward, 136. 

Asenath, 136. 

Benjamin, 41. 

Charles, 136. 

David, 136. 

Edwin, M. 136. 

Henry Chester, 135. 

Hosea, 134. 

Ida, 136. 

Lucy Ann, 135. 

Margaret, 136. 

Martin B. 91. 

Mary, 135. 

Merrill S. 136. 

Orphia, 136. 

Orson K. 135. 

Dr. Samuel and family, 

Susan A. 135. 

Thomas, 135. 
Hilliard, Caroline Matil- 
da, 129. 
HiLSON, Mary Elizabeth, 39. 
Hilton, Hojrt W. 136. 

Nancy, 51. 
Hinckley, Lizzie, 107. 
Hines, Katherine, 176. 
Hoadley, Mr. 176. 
HOAGUE, Caroline, 151. 
HOBART, Albert A. 114. 

Calvin and family, 113. 

Rev. Chauncey and fam- 
ily. 114. 

Elizabeth Kemp, 114. 

Rev. Norris ana family , 

Truman and family, 114. 
HOBBS, John Kimball Carl- 
ton and family, 83. 
Hoffman, Elizabeth, 103. 
HOLDEN, Mira, 81. 
HOLBBOOK, Joanna, 63. 
HOLMAN, Mrs. Mercey E. 69. 
Holmes, Benjamin, 26. 

Elizabeth, 26. 

Eva, 71, 

James, 47. 

Warren Morse, 84. 
Hook, Ezekiel, 41. 
Hopkins, Mary A. 82. 

Minnie, 76. 
HosEA, Rebecca, 58. 
HOSMBR, Louisa, 137. 

Hose A (continued). 

Samuel, 58. 
Howe, Edward F. and fam- 
ily, 107. 
Howes, Sadie R. 107. 
HOYT, Addie, 136. 

James, 66. 

Samuel, 66. 

Sarah Elizabeth, 156. 
Hubbard, Mrs. Sarah, 40. 
Hughes, William Alfred, 

Hunt, Mrs. Helena, 137. 
Huntingdon, Jonas, 44. 
Huntington, George and 
family, 78. 

Henry and family, 78. 
HURD, Dr. 138. 

Henry Norris, 101. 

Irving Austin, 101. 
Hurlburt, Silas and fam- 
ily, 176. 
Hurst, Lillian G. 152. 
Hutchinson, Charles Car- 
roll, 135. 

William, 135. 

William A. 185. 
Hyde, Ella J. 72. 

Freeman, 72. 

INGALLS, Annie, 120. 
Irving, Mellissa J. 79. 

Jackson, Andrew and fam- 
ily, 125. 

John Norris, 46. 

John Wesley, 46. 
Jacobs, Laura P. 139. 

Thomas A. 124. 
James, Lititia, 174, 
Janes, Lucina, 160. 

Martha Adelaide, 160. 
Jaquith, Hattie Orissa, 133. 
Jay, Eliza S. 109. 
Jeffs, Abigail M. 54. 
Jeffers, Calista M. 146. 

Ernest, Wilbur, 78. 

Sarah L. 158. 
Jenkins, William, 130. 
Jenness, Francis, 25. 

John M. 104. 

Langdon A. 52. 

Sarah, 26. 

William Whittem, 103. 
Jesseman, Adella, 76. 

Allison, 76. 

George C. 76. 

Rev. George W. and 
family, 76. 

Hannah M. 76. 

Mary, 76. 

Phebe M. 172. 
Jewett, Joseph, 61. 
Jones, Annie E. 99. 

Emma Isabel, 153. 

Mary A. 152. 
Johnson, Betsey A. 52. 

Christine E. 91. 

David, 71. 

Roswell Henry and fam- 
ily, 90. 

Johnson (continued). 

Samantha Victoria, 169. 

Sargent and family, 71. 
Johnston, Brackett, 35. 

John, 35. 
Joy, Anna L. 99. 
JUDKINS, Catherine 

Yaughan, 133. 
Juno, Sir Salar, 83. 

Kalanquain, Richard and 

family 78. 
Kaulbach. Elizabeth, 80. 
Kay, Jennie, 107. 
Keating, Mary Louise, 171. 
Keazar, Frank, 59. 
Kelly, Hannah, 44. 
Keen, Edward, 141. 

Jasen Mason, 141. 

Lewis, 141. 

Louise, 141. 

Mary Isabel, 141. 

Robert Peter, 141. 

Willard Lewis, 141. 
Kennedy, Jane S. 52. 

Mary, 126. 

William W. 152. 
Kenney, John G. 47. 
Kent, Mr. 41. 

Ken YON, Adeline Eliza- 
beth, 162. 
Kimball, Charles, 76. 

David W. 52. 

Dennis and family, 76. 

Elmer, 76. 

John Sinclair, 105. 

Joseph Paul, 105. 

Martha, 106. 

Mr. 73. 

Nehemiah and family, 

Sally 135. 

Sarah E. 105. 

Susan Tenney, 167. 
King, Walter A. and family, 

KiNGSLEY, Louisa, 177. 
KiNNE, Mary Ann, 124. 
Kirk, Mrs. Harriet Eliza, 71. 
KiTTRiDGE, Lucy, 64. 
Knight, John, 38. 

Nancy, 45. 

Sarah, 19. 
Knowlton, Blake Norris, 

Charles T. B. 99. 

Martha Ann, 149. 

Sarah L. 174. 

Susan F. 149. 

William H. H. 149. 

LABAYTEAUX, Linah, 62. 
Ladd, Albin To wusend, 124. 

Alvin E. 124. 

Carlos Norris, 124. 

Daniel, 22. 

Elizabeth H. 124. 

Hannah Eliza, 124. 

Josiah, 21. 

Lucy L. 124. 

Mark, 123. 



Ladd (continaed). 

Boocena Noma, 124. 

Rath, 178. 

Samael, 124. 

Shaw, 123. 

Warren Wallaoe, 124. 

WUUe WUlia, 124. 

Zenas, 124. 
Lakin, John, 101. 

Mary Elvira, 101. 
Lake, Alice Gertrude, 112. 

Annie Sophia, 112. 

Betsey, 99. 

Davia and family, 57, 

David Norris and fam- 
ily, 68. 

Jonathan Ambrose, 57. 

Joshua, 33. 

Lucinda, 112. 

Mary, 33. 

Melissa, 126. 

Samuel Martin, 111. 
Lang, Comfort, 58. 

Electa, 68. 

Eliza, 68. 

George Washington, 68. 

Joseph Brackett and 
family, 68. 

Lovinia Ellen, 68. 

Martha Brackett, 68. 

Nathaniel Norris, 68. 

Susanna, 68. 

William and family, 68. 
Langdon, Samuel, 26, 46. 
Langley, Joseph F. 104. 
Lathe, Mary Jane, 37. 

Robert, 37. 
Lawrence, Abigail, 120. 

Rachel, 114. 
Leavett. Benjamin, 53. 

Caroline, 142. 

Comfort, 53. 

Joan Elvira, 54. 

Reuben T. and family, 

Reuben Towle and fam- 
ily, 53. 

Stephen and family, 53. 
Lee, George, 158. 
Lewis, Maiy Susie, 82. 
LiBBEY, Betsey, 68. 
LiBBY, Sarah, 58. 
Lincoln, Abigail Nichols, 

Georgianna, 128. 
Lindsay, Miss, 175. 
Little, Rev. Jacob Garret- 
son and family, 128. 
LiTTLEFiELD, Mrs. Ellza 

Jane, 102. 
LiVERMORE, D. p. 49. 

Henrietta W. 49. 

Mary A. 49. 
Locke, John, 73. 
LOOMIS, Edward, 96. 
Lord, Caleb Norris, 70. 

C. Cecilia, 166. 

Charles Eben, 69. 

Fannie Boardman, 70. 
Lothrop, Benjamin, 86. 
LouER, Cora Bell, 91. 
Lovejoy, Julia Ann, 108. 
Lowell, Molly, 33. 
LoziER, George T. 48. 
Lyons, Louisa, 140. 

BfACOMBER, Annie G. 132. 

Samuel Alden, 182. 
Maguirb, Henry I. 90. 
Maloon, Mary C. 32. 

Nathaniel, 40. 
Manter, Luke, 34. 
Mardbn, Israel, 27. 

James, 46, 
Marsh, William, 184. 
Marshall, Elizabeth, 62. 

Isadore F. 88. 

Martin, JSliza, 118. 

Henry and family, 119. 

Nettie A. 173. 

Rosella, 139. 

Sarah L. 178. 
Marston, George H. 93. 

John D. and family, 110. 

Joseph Norris, 98. 
Mason, Mrs. Nancy (Batch- 
elder), 69. 
Mathis, William, 141. 
Maxwell, Benjamin, 127. 
Maybury, Margarite, 108. 
McAllister, Emeline, 77. 
McClure, Columbus and 
family, 88. 

Fred Herbert, 88. 

George Melvin, 88. 

Oscar Ansel, 88. 
MclNTiRE, Jane, 115. 
McKennen, Hannah, 115. 
McKenney, Albert, 89. 

Daniel and family, 87. 
McKiNNEY, Daniel, 47. 
McLaran, William, 68. 
McLaughlin, Mary Eliza- 
beth, 168. 
McLean, Harry, 149. 
McMillan, Eleanor, A. 85. 
McMurphy, Edwin, 130. 

James and family, 43. 
Meloon, Mr. 25. 
Menjies, Robert, 139. 
Merchant, Lucy, 86. 
Merrill, Ruth Augusta, 91. 
Messler, Mary E. 116. 
Messenger, Lillian E. 146. 
Miles, Edward Everett, 94. 

Mary, 67. 
Mills, Harriet, 39. 
MiLSTEAD, Zelas, 71. 
Miller, Abbie Seaver, 130. 

Charles, 59. 

Mary Ann, 123. 
MiLLiKEN, Ebenezer C. 56. 

Hari-iet, 84. 
MiLTiMORE, Nancy, 62. 
MiTCHAM, George, 136. 
Mitchell, Alice, 22. 

Joshua, 22. 
MOLYNEUX, Sir Henry, 11. 
Montgomery, Dallas, 142. 

Edgar, 142. 

George, 142. 
MOONEY, Mrs. Mary, 45. 
Moore; Frederick and fam- 
ily, 103. 

Morrill, Eliza, 169. 
Morris, Jedidiah, 56. 

Maria Olive, 56. 

Wesley, 90. 
Morrison, Leonard Alli- 
son, 1, 9. 

Morse, Ellen, 132. 

Helen M. 57. 
Murphy, David and family, 

Josiah Norris, 71. 

Melvin Norris, 71. 
Murray, Rozey, 95. 

Samuel, 44. 
Mower, Belle E. 42. 
Mowers, Belle E. 144. 
Mudgett, Martha Ann, 109. 
MUNN, Minnie, 126. 


Neal, Carrie, 59. 

Catherine, 109. 
Nealby, Margaret, 41. 

Matthew, 41. 
Newman, John, 62. 
Newcomb, William R. 173. 
Nichols, Joseph, 131. 
NORCROSS, Sally Smith, SO. 
Norris, Abbie Ann, 143. 

Abbott, 151. 

Abbott Lyman, 167. 

Abby Frances, 109. 

Abby Marceline, 109. 

Abel, 65. 

Abigail, 18, 24, 34, 37, 43, 
54, 98, 179. 

Abigail H. 66. 

Abram, 40. 

Ada Ann, 159. 

Ada Rogena Brockman, 

Adaline, 46, 47. 

Adaline Marilla, 99. 

Adeline Bulterfleld, 150. 

Adona Bell, 109. 

Albert, 87, 89, 175. 

Albert Boy den, 120. 

Albert Edward, 162. 

Albert Francis, 86. 

Albert Henry, 46. 

Dr. Albert Lane, 156. 

Albert Little, 179. 

Albert Locke, 172. 

Albert Perley, 157. 

Albert Turuey and fam- 
ily, 116. 

Alberta Lucina, 160. 

Aleda Adelaide, 89. 
. Alice, 45. 

Alice Alfreda, 152. 

Alice Gertrude, 160. 

Alice J. 141. 

Alice Sophia, 162. 

Alexander Folsom, 141. 

Alexander Twilight, 37. 

Alfred, 77. 

Alfred Edson, 49. 

Alfred M. 49. 

Alia Althea, 42. 

Allie Wilde, 171. 

Almah J. 77. 

Almie, 101. 

Almira, 63. 

Almon Ellsworth and 
family, 134. 

Almon Evans, 163. 

Alonzo Sidney and fam- 
ily, 132. 

Alvah Colby, 99. 

Alvah Maximillian, 145, 



NoRRis (continued) . 

Amasa Chase, 174. 

Amos, 66. 

Amos B. 123. 

Amos Blanchard, 175. 

Andrew, 61. 

Andrew Jackson and 
family, 120. 

Ann, 126. 

Ann Louise, 92. 

Ann Maria. 162. 

Ann Nichols, 95, 179. 

Anna, 37, 68, 177. 

Anna Helen, 96< 

Annie, 132. 

Annie Godfrey, 94. 

Annie Louise, 161. 

Arthur D. 151. 

Arthur Fitzroy, 162. 

Arthur Fitzroy Living- 
ston, 152. 

Arthur Krum, 172. 

Asa, 34. 

Ascenah, 177. 

Augustus Wellington, 

Aurelia Fales F. 56. 

Col. Basil, 13. 

Benjamin of Maryland, 

Beniamln, 29, 30, 35, 40, 
48, 60, 61, 62, 64, 67, 
122, 158, 179. 

Beniamin Bailey, 47, 72. 

Benjamin Bertram, 95. 

Benjamin Franklin, 65, 

Beniamin Franklin and 

family, 116. 
Benjamin P. 46, 69. 
Benjamin Randolph, 

Benjamin Thomas, 160, 

Benjamin True, 94. 
Hon. Benjamin White, 

Bertha Beatrice, 174. 
Bertha Ellen, 147. 
Bertha Jane, 89. 
Bertha Williams, 173. 
Bessie, 132. 
Betsey. 27, 39, 42, 43, 49, 

Betsey Eliza, 175. 
Blake, 29. 

Blanche Elizabeth, 173. 
Brackett Leavett, 99. 
Brackett Livingstone, 

Brackett W. 63. 
Brackett Woodbury 

and family, 100. 
Bradley Jonathan and 

family, 134. 
Byron, 160. 
Caleb, 69. 
Caleb Davis and family, 

Caleb Wiggin, 69. 
Carleton Hoyt, 156. 
Carlos, 125. 
Caroline, 101. 
Caroline Almena, 84. 
Caroline Augusta, 133. 
Caroline E. 134. 
Caroline Elizabeth, 145. 

NORRis (continued). 
Caroline Folsom, 43. 
Caroline Train, 81, 145. 
Carrie, 132. 
Carrie D. 77. 
Carrie E. 129. 
Carrie Etta, 92. 
Carrie Winaford, 159. 
Catherine, 46. 
Catherine Brown, 70, 

Catherine Hoyt, 50. 
Catherine Stevens, 113. 
Celia Adele, 150. 
Charles, 38, 45, 69, 141, 

Charles Albert and fam- 

ily, 91'. 

Charles B. 48, 100. 
Charles Clifton, 131. 
Charles C. P. 60. 
Charles Edward, 94. 
Charles Edward and 

family, 92. 
Charles Edwin, 90. 
Charles E. and family, 

Charles Frederick, 160. 
Charles G. 149. 
Charles Gordon, 121, 163. 
Charles Granville, 32. 
Charles Hannabal, 107. 
Charles Henry, 93, 112. 

Charles Henry and fam- 

ily, 96^ 

Charles Holden, 81. 
Charles Kaulbach, 80. 
Charles Little, 131. 
Charles Lowell, 60. 
Charles Madison, 152. 
Charles Moses, 94. 
Charles Pinckney, 50. 
Charles Ralph, 174. 
Charles Sullivan, 107. 
Charles Sumner, 82. 
Charles W. 39. 
Charles Warren, 133. 
Charles William, 148. 
Chase, 37, 50. 
Chauncey, 62. 
Chauncey David, 160. 
Chauncey Hobart, 115. 
Clara A. 149. 
Clara Augusta, 92. 
Clara Georgianna, 150. 
Clara Josephine, 120. 
Clara Maud, 157. 
Clarence George, 146. 
Clark, 73. 
Clark Currier, 138. 
Clifton Sabin, 86. 
Coffin Dole, 30. 
Cora B. 158. 
Cora Bell, 134. 
Cora Elbine, 37. 
Cornelius, 14, 23. 
Curtis Elkins, 123, 175. 
Cynthia, 72. 
Cyrena, 72. 
Cyrenius, 176. 
Dan, 178. 
Dan Cliflord, 173. 
Daniel, 30, 31, 33, 56, 61, 

Daniel Edward, 171. 
Daniel Filton, 149. 

NoRRis (continued). 

Daniel G. 72, 74. 

Daniel George, 139. 

Daniel Hazelton, 64. 

Daniel Johnson, 63. 

Daniel L. 13(». 

Daniel Lane, 111 . 

David, 21, 36, 40, 66, 73, 
74, 118. 

David Holden, 81. 

David Lowell, 34. 

David Preston, 75, 143. 

Deborah, 26. 

Delia Fay, 150. 

Dolly, 36, 71, 73. 

Donald Grooves, 171. 

Dorcas, 123. 

Dorothy, 38. 

Duane Chilson, 92. 

Dudley, 29. 

Capt. Dudley and fam- 
ily, 113. 

Dudley Fogg, 109. 

Earle Bertram, 171. 

Ebenezer, 178. 

Edgar, 175. 

Edward, 37, 48, 179. 

Rev. Edward, 12, 13. 

Edward Everett, 120, 

Edward Haynes, 79. 

Edward John, 92. 

Edward Josiah, 140. 

Edward Lovejoy, 156. 

Edwin Drown and fam- 
ily, 91. 

Edwin Ray, 171. 

Edwin Somerby and 
family, 81. 

Effle Maria, 134. 

Eleanor, 97. 

Eleanor B. 149, 

Eleanor J. 99. 

Eleazer Wells, 138. 

Ellas Blount, 174. 

Elijah Hedding, 86. 

Eliphalet, 34, 61, 62, 63. 

Elisha SUUman, 56. 

Eliza, 62, 73, 98, 137. 

Eliza Ann, 93. 

Elizabeth, 18, 20, 23, 26, 
46, 51, 62, 78, 84, 87, 99, 

Elizabeth Ann, 117, 119. 

Elizabeth Ayers, 47. 

Elizabeth Broadhead, 

Elizabeth Everett, 120. 

Elizabeth Martin, 113. 

Elizabeth Paysen, 128. 

Ella Augusta, 88. 

Ella F. 107. 

Ella Florence, 175. 

Ella Jane, 133. 

Ella M. 171. 

Ellen, 69. 

Ellen Eliza, 139. 

Ellen Goodenow, 129. 

Ellen Maria, 149. 

Hon. Elliot Baldwin 
and family, 177. 

Elma J. 112. 

Elmer, 124. 

Elmer Ellsworth, 146. 

Elmer M. 134. 

Elmer Osgood, 146. 

Elvila Viola, 39. 

Elvira, 143, 164. 



NOBRis (continued). 

Emery and family, 54. 

Emery Hamline and 
family, 127. 

Emily, 138. 

Emily Laurette, 80. 

Emma, 76, 175, 176. 

Emma Ashton, 49. 

Emma Elizabeth, 87. 

Emma Isabel, 90. 

Emma Josephine, 98. 

Emma Yates, 81. 

Enoch George, 125. 

Ephraim Elliot, 131. 

Ephraim Harris, 172. 

Ephrietta Harris, 172. 

Erasmus Addison, 144. 

Erasmus Addison and 
family, 145. 

Ernest, 162. 

Estell Louise, 49. 

Esther, 45, 65, 146. 

Esther Butler, 161. 

Esther Maria, 155. 

Ethel, 120. 

Ethel M. F. 133. 

Etta Parmelia, 172. 

Eugene Russell, 170. 

Eugenia E. 178. 

Eunice, 51, 98. 

Eunice Norcross, 80. 

Eva Agnes, 145. 

Evora, 178. 

Ezekiel, 49. 

Ezekiel Godfrey, 48. 

Ezekiel Lyford, 60. 

Fannie, 63. 

Fannie Barling, 152. 

Fannie Ellen, 101. 

Fannie Head, 146. 

Fanny S. 74. 

Farley, 120. 

Ferdinand Favor, 120. 

Flora, 178. 

Floy Elizabeth, 177. 

Frances, 45. 

Frances F. 29. 

Frances Gehalla, 169. 

Francis, 42. 

Francis Folsom, 77. 

Frank, 79, 138, 175. 

Frank A. 120. 

Frank B. 73. 

Frank Benjamin and 
family, 91. 

Frank Everett, 120. 

Frank Henry, 171. 

Frank Howe, 94. 

Frank Lewis, 133. 

Frank Warren, 131. 

FrankUn, 107, l3l. 

Franklin Pierce, 151. 

Fred Alfonso and fam- 
ily, 91. 

Fred Bartlett, 96. 

Fred F. 130. 

Fred Henry, 139. 

Fred Lincoln, 147. 

Fred Thayer, 120. 

Freddy Meeker, 170. 

Frederick, 176. 

Frederick Landon, 96. 

Frederick Taylor, 141. 

Freedom, 62. 

Freeman, 86, 162. 

George, 48. 141. 

George Albert, 134. 

NoBRis (continued). 
George Ames, 164. 
George Brown, 8. 
George Channing, 164. 
George E. 138. 
George Eastman, 139. 
George Franklin, 131. 
George Gordon, 49. 
George H. 138. 
George Henry, 109. 
George Henry and tam- 

ily, 82. 
Greorge Llbby, 58. 
George Lincoln, 98. 
George M. 161. 
George Malcolm and 

family, 161. 
George Moses, 147. 
George Punchard, 95. 
George Sleeper, 138. 
George Smith, 162. 
George W. 32. 
George W. J. 56. 
George Washington, 50, 

145, 150, 172. 
Rev. George Washing- 
ton, 164. 
George Williams, 174. 
Georgiana, 45. 
Grcorgiana Cai*ollne, 145. 
Gershom, 62. 
Gould, 77. 

Grace Elizabeth, 50. 
Grace Mary, 157. 
Grace Lakeman, 173. 
Greenleaf Rufus, 32, 76, 

GuUelma M. S. F. 43. 
Hannah Emeline, 121. 
Hannah Frances, 176. 
Hannah Maria, 140. 
Hannah S. 111. 
Hannah Ward, 65. 
Harriet, 31, 38, 40, 65, 71, 

84, 101, 161, 176. 
Harriet Jane, 83. 
Harriet Louisa, 126. 
Harriet Maria. 43. 
Harriet Rhoda, 39. 
Harriet S. 137. 
Harry Adams, 146. 
Han*y Ephraim, 170. 
Harry W. 100. 
Harold Leon, 171. 
Hattie Barker, 171. 
Hattie Ella, 162. 
Hattie True, 95. 
Haven and family, 94. 
Helen, 131, 147. 
Helen Amelia, 130. 
Helen Augusta, 93, 155. 
Helen Cassandra, 124. 
Helen Grace, 131. 
Helen Irene, 145. 
Helen Maria, 50. 
Helena Elizabeth, 141. 
Heman Russell, 169. 
Henriett Priscilla, 83. 
Henrietta Stephenson, 

Henry, 32. 
Sir Henry, 11. 
Henry A. 77. 
Henry Albion, 106. 
Henry C. 39. 
Henry Clay and family, 


NoBRis (continued). 
Henry Clay, 101. 
Henry Goodwin, 80. 
Henry Jewett, 116. 
Henry Lewis, 133. 
Henry Lovering, 148. 
Henry Otis, 156. 
Henry Weston, 131. 
Hepzlbah, 62. 
Herbert Francis, 42, 143. 
Herbert Langdon, 163. 
Herbert Lincoln, 128. 
Herbert Warren, 91. 
Herman, 43. 
Hiram, 38, 39. 
Hiram Currier, 131. 
Hiram Everett, 140. 
Hiram Welcome, 139. 
Horace Ross, 164. 
Horatio Gates, 36. 
Howard, 89. 
Huldah, 41, 73. 
Huldah Bartlett, 76. 
Ichabod Johnson, 174. 
Ida Albertina, 89. 
Ida Bell, 131. 
Ida Lena, 172. 
Ira, 66, 116. 
Ira Brown, 142. 
Irving Folsom, 42. 
Isaac, 43. 
Isabel, 141. 
Isabel May, 145. 
Isabella, 141, 175. 
Isaiah Bally, 91. 
Israel, 25, 42. 
Israel Francis, 42, 
Jabez, 175. 
Jacob, 14, 43, 44, 46, 62, 

63, 79, 176, 176. 
Jacob B. 63. 
Jacob Elvin, 79. 
James, 14, 18, 22, 24, 26, 

37, 40, 43, 44, 45, 57, 

122, 178. 
Dr. James, 28, 72. 
Maj. James, 31. 
James Buchanan, 101. 
James Bundy Hard- 
wick, 125. 
James Cate, 125. 
James Clayton, 129. 
James D. 26, 130. 
James Dennis, 79. 
James Dutton, 70. 
James Fall and family, 

James Frederick, 55, 

107, 169. 
James Henry, 107. 
James Hiram, 107. 
James Madison, 177. 
James Rogers, 107. 
James S. 26. 
James Shepard, 128. 
James Shepley, 89. 
James Sidney, 169. 
James Thompson and 

family, 133. 
James W. 99. 
James Wellington, 50, 

Jane, 21, 110, 161. 
Jane B. 125. 
Jane Eveline, 159. 
Jennie, 39. 
Jennie Almira, 132. 



NORRI8 (continued). 
Jennie Annette, 132. 
Jennie Estella, 140. 
Jennie S. 130. 
Jeremiah, 27, 28, 30, 160, 

Jerome Edwin, 79. 
Jesse, 64. 
Jewett, 158. 

Hon. Jewett and fam- 
ily, 116. 
Joan, 11. 

Joanna, 24, 64, 65, 98. 
Joanna Felch, 65. 
Job, 175. 

Job BaldwiH, 176. 
John, 17, 19, 25, 33, 37, 39, 


81, 87, 101, 109, 175, 

John and family, 98. 
John of Maryland, 13. 
John Adams, 84, 158, 

John Addison, 160. 
John Allen Tenny, 144. 
John Blanchard, 96. 
John Broadhead, 121. 
John Choate, 179. 
John F.D. 119. 
John Franklin, 150. 
John Granville, 95. 
John Langdon, 162. 
John Lawrence, 163. 
John McDonough, 152. 
John Milton, 83, 161. 
John Oscar, 49, 148. 
John Perkins, 95. 
John Ward, 126. 
John Winslow, 81, 134. 
Jonathan, 20, 22, 23, 24, 

• 28, 38, 73, 133. 
Jonathan Perkins, 109. 
Joseph, 21, 23, 26, 27, 37, 

38, 48, 54, 55, 66, 73, 

88, 93, 109, 114. 
Joseph B. 149. 
Joseph Blake, 97. 
Joseph Bryant, 174. 
Prof. Joseph Carlton, 

Joseph Chandler, 55. 
Joseph Heath, 44. 
Joseph Henry, 116. 
Joseph 1. 159. '' 

Joseph Milliken, 108. 
Joseph Partridge, 22. 
Joseph Perkins, 4i8. 
Joseph S. 106. 
Joshua, 56, 84. 
Josiah, 29, 34, 49, 75, 76, 

131. 140. 
Josiah Henry, 170. 
Josie May, 88. 
Julia A. 109, 137. 
Julia Ann, 69. 156. 
Julia Avery, 156. 
Julia Maria, 50. 
Julia Roxey, 96. 
Juliette Springer, 81. 
Justus, 124. 
Kate Ellen, 159. 
Katherine, 21, 29. 
Katherine Mae, 37. 
Katherine Marion, 49. 
Keturah Fairbanks, 56. 
Keziah, 40, 71, 72. 

NORRis (continued). 

Rev. Kingsley Flavel 
and family, 177. 

Laura A. 99. 

Laurence Brown, 150. 

Leah, 26, 77. 

LeightoD, Josiah, 133. 

Levi Nelson and fam- 
ily, 159. 

Levi and family, 162. 

Lewis, 32, 65, 71, 132. 

Lewis Duston, 134. 

Lewis Edwin, 132. 

Lillian May, 163. 

Lillie Jane, 172. 

Lilly, 28. 

Lizzie, 175. 

Lois, 53. 

Lois Wallace, 152. 

Lorentine, 73. 

Lorin Orville, 167. 

Lottie Frances, 109. 

Lou Ann, 163. 

Louisa, 107. 

Louisa Amelia, 107. 

Louise Edna, 177. 

Louise K. 66. 

Lowell, 59. 

Luoian Winslow, 146. 

Lucina Serepta, 138. 

Lucinda Diantha, 135. 

Lucinda Sargent, 80. 

Lucretia, 159. 

Lucy, 30, 71, 73, 87, 163. 

Lucy Ann, 86, 125. 

Lucy Eitson, 69. 

Lucy Kittridge, 65. 

Lucy M. 47. 

Lucy Maiia, 46. 

Luella Phebe, 160. 

Lulu Whitcomb, 145. 

Lydia, 19, 23, 24, 26, 29, 
34, 43, 59, 66, 75, 84, 
88, 177. 

Lydia A. 48. 

Lyman Carlton, 177. 

Hon. Lyman Decatur, 

Mabel Adams, 173. 

Mabel Alice, 161. 

Mabel Bertha, 163. 

Mabel Isadore, 177. 

Mabel Parker, 129. 

Mahala, 105. 

Manasseh, 73. 

March, 138. 

Marietta Louise, 83. 

Margaret, 21, 167. 

Maria, 26. 

Maria Harriet, 70. 

Maria Louisa, 90. 

Maria Sally, 134. 

Maria Whittlesey, 167. 

Marie Alexina, 171. 

Mark, 65, 122, 125, 167, 177. 

Martha Ann, 121, 141. 

Martha Downing, 48. 

Martha G. 104. 

Martha H. 137. 

Martha Jane, 89. 

Matilda, 63. 

Mattie Angle, 163. 

Mary, 12,21, 24, 25, 38, 42, 
46, 47, 48. 53, 57, 60, 61, 
67, 71, 75, 76, 104, 175, 

Mary A. 101, 130. 

NoBRis (continued) . 
Mary Abbie, 130. 
Mary Addie, 152. 
Maiy Ann, 29, 32, 50, 132. 
Mary Ann Clapp, 107. 
Mary Choate, 179. 
Mary E. 26, 176. 
Mary Edith, 120, 173. 
Mary Elmira, 133. 
Mary Emma, 49. 
Mary Elizabeth, 70, 80, 

139, 149, 154. 
Mary Forrest, 96. 
Mary Haven, 47. 
Mary Ida, J 10. 
Mary J. 178. 
Mary Jane, 110, 160. 
Mary L. 58. 
Mary Livermore, 49. 
Mary Lovllla, 138. 
Mary 0. 112. 
Mary Olive, 152, 
Mary Pike, 26. 
Mary Rebecca, 49, 169. 
Mary Rose, 152. 
Mary S. 28. 
Mary Worcester, 162. 
May. 124. 

Mehitable, 23, 26, 35, 37. 
Mehitable Clark, 67. 
Melissa Abigail, 125. 
Mercy, 24, 25, 44. 
Mercy Ann, &3. 
Mercy B. 136. 
Michael, 179. 
Mira Ann Cornelia, 82. 
Mlttie, 66, 117. 
Molly, 31, 34. 
Moses, 13, 14, 18, 20, 30, 


77, 86, 177. 
Hon. Moses, 100. 
Moses A. and family, 

Moses L. and family, 99. 
Moses Lawrence, 115. 
Moses Robinson, 64. 
Myra Jane, 143. 
Myron Kimball, 134. 
Nancy, 29, 34, 37, 38, 43, 

60, 68, 72, 77, 105. 
Nancy Folsom, 75. 
Nancy H. 139. 
Nancy Maria, 167. 
Nancy Thompson, 69. 
Naomi, 141. 
Nathan W. 101. 
Nathaniel, 37, 55, 63, 64, 

66, 69, 174. 
Nathaniel Bangs, 126. 
Ned Johnson, 174. 
Nellie, 76, 161. 
Nellie Emma, 174. 
Nellie Leon, 37. 
Nellie May, 140. 
Nettie, 131. 
Nettie Wealthy, 96. 
Nina Bell, 171. 
Nicholas, 11, 13, 17, 20. 
Nicholas G. 50. 
Octavla L. A. 56. 
Olive, 99. 
Olive Jane, 151. 
Olive S. 126. 
Oliver Ward, 69. 
Orah, 129. 
Orie, 141. 



NORRis (continued). 
Orville. 137. 
Otts, 32. 

Perlcy Ellsworth, 144. 
Perry, 73. 
Peter, 46, 160, 176. 
Phebe, 176. 
Phebe Ann, 156. 
Phebe Jane, 161. 
Phila Abbie, 163. 
Philip, 13. 
Phlnda, 71. 
Plumley Gould, 144. 
Polly, 41, 43, 65, 76, 77, 119. 
Polly H. 56. 
Porter Wright, 46. 
Prescott, 159. 
Preston, 76. 
Priscilla, 26, 44, 81, 85. 
Proctor, 90. 
Rachel, 22, 76, 121. 
Rachel L. 176. 
Rachel Ormanda, 134. 
Ralph Vamey, 156. 
Ray Welcome, 171. 
Rebecca, 63. 
Rhoda, 43, 63. 
Rhoda Diamond, 44. 
Rhoda L. 66. 
Richard, 47. 
Robert, 14, 144. 
Roccena Belinda, 124. 
Rosamond Theodora, 

Roxy, 65. 
Ruammah, 43. 
Ruel William Jay, 56. 
Rufus Foster, 177. 
Rufus 6. 113. 
Rufus Greenleaf , 108, 155. 
Rufus Lovejoy, 156. 
Ruth, 18, 20. 25, 33, 53. 
Ruth Blake, 79, 81. 
Ruth Caroline, 145. 
Ruth S. 58. 
Ruthy, 25. 
Sabin Cyrus, 86. 
Sabrina, 74, 126. 
Sabrina Lodina, 138. 
Sally, 37, 60, 62, 63, 66, 108. 
Sally Adams, 50. 
Mrs. Sally Stearns 

(Freese) , 150. 
Salome, 134. 
Samantha J. 159. 
Samuel, 14, 19, 25, 26, 29, 


73, 115, 121, 159, 176. 
Samuel E. 134. 
Samuel Fenton, 89. 
Samuel Gilman, 126. 
Samuel Jonathan, 134. 
Samuel L. 50. 
Samuel My rick and 

family, 120. 
Samuel Melcher, 65. 
Samuel Perry, 169. 
Samuel R. 67. 
Samuel Sherriff, 50. 
Sarah, 17, 20, 22, 26, 29, 

35, 43, 47, 59, 113, 177. 
Sarah Abbie, 42. 
Sarah Ayers, 90. 
Sarah B. 109. 
Sarah Elizabeth, 173. 
Sarah Ellen, 179. 

NORRis (continued) . 
Sarah F. 70. 
Sarah Fifleld, 131. 
Sarah Fitch, 50. 
Sarah Frances, 81, 93, 

Dr. Sarah Frances, 83. 
Sarah Gertrude, 112, 131. 
Sarah Jane, 116. 
Sarah Lizzie, 120. 
Sarah Lucretia, 56. 
Sarah Marietta, 150. 
Sarah Metcalf, 120. 
Seth and family, 160. 
Shepard, 43. 
Shepard Folsom, 43. 
Sherburne B. 97. 
Silas, 176. 
Silas L. 99. 

Silas W. and family, 141. 
Simeon, 33, 40. 
Sobriety, 134. 
Sophia, 57, 135. 
Sophia Ann, 111. 
Sophronia, 49, 65. 
Sophronia Weeks, 178. 
Stephen, 58. 
Stuart Beebe, 158. 
Sullivan, 32. 
Susan, 39. 
Susan Ellen, 140. 
Susan Jane, 86. 
Susannah, 31, 74. 
Swain Taylor, 169. 
Sylvester and family, 

Sylvester Williams, 125. 
Taylor, 74. 

Tbeophilas, 43, 76, 84. 
Theresa, 125. 
Timothy Johnson, 115. 
Timothy Osgood, 112. 
Thomas, 11, .38, 62. 
Thomas, Jr. 118. 
Thomas Azro Buck, 80. 
Thomas B. 63. 
Thomas C. 128. 
Thomas Coffin, 38. 
Thomas E. T. 130. 
Thomas F. 146. 
Thomas Folsom, 145. 
Rev. Thomas Folsom, 

Thomas Gordon, 152. 
Thomas J. 129. 
Thomas Jeflferson, 36. 
Thomas King, 46. 
Thomas Titfany, 174. 
True, 99. 

True Livingston, 152. 
True worthy, 151. 
Trueworthy, Jr., and 

family, 151. 
Velina Lee, 56. 
Walter, 175, 176. 
Walter A. T. 151. 
Walter Atkins Todd, 

Walter Beebe, 158. 
Walter Chauncey, 159. 
Walter Henry, 93. 
Walter Jay. 109. 
Ward B. 137, 
WardfJonathan, 235. 
Warren, 138. 
Warren Gustavus, 131. 

NoRRis (continued). 

W. E., the Author, 12. 

Webster, 92. 

Welcome, 139. 

Welcome Hosea, 140. 

Wesley, 32, 176. 

Wiggins, 62. 

Wilbur Fisk, 63, 125. 

Wilbur Clarendon, 171. 

Wilfred Addison, 145. 

Wilhelmina Calista, 146. 

Willard, 141. 

WiUard B. 140. 

WiUard Harris, 171. 

Willard Kinne 124, 

William, 11, 99, 127, 149, 
150, 176, 177. 

Sir William, 12. 

Capt. William, 179. 

Major William, 60. 

William B. 99. 

William Bean and fam- 
ily, 109. 

William C. 67. 

William Cheney, 130. 

William Everett, 120. 

William F. 149. 

William Fay, 150. 

William George, 148. 

William Henry, 38, 89. 
94, 146, 151, 175. 

William Henry Felton, 

William Othniel and 
family, 127. 

William Rust, 140. 

William T. 177. 

William Taylor, 141, 173. 

William Thomas and 
family, 159. 

Willis B. and family, 

Wilson Wood, 50. 

Winthrop Gove, 69. 

Wyatt S. 32. 

Zebulon, 35, 41, 63, 72, 

Ziba Amherst, 163. 
Norton, Charles Henry,139. 

Clarissa Ann, 92. 

David, 139. 

Mary Emma, 139. 

Mila Cary, 139. 

Nellie Gertrude, 139. 
No YES, Enoch W. and fam- 
ily, 108. 

Harry L. 108. 

Samuel B. 108. 

Sarah M. 108. 
NUDD, Molly, 24. 
NUTB, Lucy C. 152. 
Nutter, Ann Rebecca, 104. 

Augustus Granville, 102. 

Elizabeth Dame, 102. 

Frances Caroline, 103. 

George Washington, 

Hannah, 102. 

Harriet Newell, 102. 

Hattie Y. 102. 

James Edgar, 103. 

James and family, 103. 

Josephine Augusta, 104. 

Mary Abbie, 103. 

Sophia Jane, 103. 

William and family, 102. 




OSGOOD, Mrs. Abbie, 59. 

Effle Louisa, 145. 

James, 31. 

Lewis W. 99. 

Martha, 57. 

Sophia Ann, 111. 
Orcutt, Susanna, 74. 
Orne, Augustus, 52. 

Caroline, 52. 
Orr, Melinda Jane, 69. 

Packard, Albert Norris, 
Albert Osborn and fam- 
ily, 147. 
Clifton Freeman, 147. 
Esther Huldah, 147. 
Felicia M. 97. 
George Emerson and 

family, 84. 
Helen Anabel, 147. 
Lydia Marion, 147. 
Boger Heber, 147. 
Page, Eliza Ann, 111. 

Molly, 53. 
Palmer, Mary Elizabeth, 

Parant, Charles L. and 

family, 82. 
Park, Electa Ann, 155. 
Parker, Clarence Nathan, 
Greene, 42. 
Herbert Lester, 136, 
James Leonard and 

family, 88. 
John Henry and family, 

Joseph Edwin, 135. 
Nathan Lincoln, 135. 
Balph Thomas, 136. 
Parshley, Lizzie M. 53, 
Parsons, Anna Decatur, 
Ella Maria, 110. 
Frederick D. 110. 
Lydia, 84. 
Marshall K. 126. 
Moses, 84. 
Dr. Warren and family, 

Will 37. 
Payson,* George L. 128. 
Peabody, J. F. A. and fam- 
ily, 63. 
Pbasley, Emma J. 149. 
Peavey, Mr. 101. 
Peck, Elder and family, 62. 
Pbery, Sarah Eyans, 117. 
Perham, Daniel and fam- 
ily, 62. 
Perlby, Clara E. 167. 

Dr. John L. 157. 
Perkins, Charles Norris, 83. 
Edwin Steams and fam- 
ily, 82. 
Jonathan, 56. 
Lucy, 56. 
Mary Jane, 159. 
Moses, 98. 
Oscar, 90. 
PBVBY, Emily, 54. 

Pevey (continued). 

Samuel, 54. 
Philbrook, John, 64. 

Norris and family, 64. 
Philips, John, 28. 
PiBLOW, Eliza A. 138. 
Pickering, William 176, 

Pierce, John, 153. 

Elias, 135. 
PiERSONS, Bessie Plummer, 

Pike, Aaron Ford, 139. 

Albert, 101. 

Daniel W. 52. 

Frank Adelbert, 139. 

Gertrude Bell, 139. 

Samuel G. 52. 

Walter David, 139. 
Piper, Annette, 142. 

Betsey, 64. 

Comfort, 37. 


Mr. 35. 

William W. 71. 
Pitman, Almena Francis, 

Alvin Augustus, 103. 

Arthur William, 103. 

Charles William, 103. 

Samuel Jefferson and 
family, 103. 
Place, Polly, 101. 
Plumer, Jonn and family, 

WUliam, 34. 
Pope, Fowler W. and fam- 
ily, 137. 
Porter, Agnes Althea, 136. 

Chester Harden, 87. 

Esther Malone, 136. 

Florence Edith, 136. 

James Smith, 135. 

Lillie Jane, 136. 

Loraine Susan, 136. 

Mary Emma, 136. 

Sarah Ann, 135. 

Sophia Hill, 135. 

Thomas Freeman, 87. 
Poor, Enoch, 31. 

Judith, 49. 
Powell, Oscar, 161. 
Powers, Bessie, 76. 
Prescott, Bradbury and 
family, 178. 

Charles W. 178. 

John B. 178. 

Joseph, 19, 25. 

Joseph and family, 31. 

Josephine E. 52. 

Mary E. J. 39. 

Oliye, 99. 

Sargent C. and family, 
Prince, Irena, 136. 
Putnam, Dr. Daniel C. 54. 


Querean Peter 1. 176. 
QuiMBY, Mellie, 136. 

Bey. Moses A. 53. 

William, 136. 

Band, Mary, 136. 
Bandall, Charlotte Ann, 
Christina Merrill, 126. 

Elijah and family, 126. 
Joseph Norris, 126. 
Laura Delight, 126. 

Mary Abigail, 126. 

Peter, 126. 
Bandlett, Sarah, 70. 
Beader, Carrie Stearns, 

Edward, 150. 
Beed, Betsey, 174. 

Edward, 139. 
Bemick, Mary Jane, 169. 
BiCHARDSON, Mrs. Mary 

Mercy, 63. 
BiCHE, Edward Frank and 

family, 95. 
BiCHlE, Lina M. 95. 
Bichmond, Hiram, 127. 
Bicker, Isabella, 106. 
BiDEOUT, Frank P. 132. 
Biley, Annie, 152. 
Bobbins, Dr. Joseph, 107. 
BOBERTS, Anna, 144. 

Arthur Eyerett, 93. 
BOBERTSON, Sarah, 64. 
BOBIE, Asa S. 27. 
BOBINSON, Abigail, 49. 

Caleb, 28. 

Cora Amelia, 162. 

Dayid Franklin and 
family, 93. 

Edwin, 119. 

Ephraim, 43. 

Jeremiah, 19. 

Jonathan, 38, 60. 

Lydia, 62. 

Bebecca, 21,27. 

Sally, 60. 
BOGERS, Daniel, 29. 

Mary, 29. 
BOLLINS, Amos L. 105. 

Samuel H. 76. 
Boss, Blanche Q. M. 171. 

Charles Byron, 163. 

Dayid Mason and fam- 
ily, 163. 

Emma Frances, 163. 

Zaphira, 122. 
BOWE, Simon, 70. 
BowELL, Caleb, 66. 

Maria, 144. 
BUGG, Elizabeth Folsom, 

BUNDLETT, James, 20. 

Lydia, 34. 

Mary, 31. 

Olivia, 42. 

Theophilus, 20. 

Trueworthy, 42. 
Bust, Hannah, 140. 

Sabin, Ella, 52. 
Samper, Amanda, 27. 
Sampson, William A. 89. 
Sanborn, Abbie Maria, 94. 



Sanbobn (continued). 

Allan I. 90. 

Henry, 33. 

Jabez, 19. 

John, 52. 

Jonathan P. 22. 

Reuben P. 51. 

Zebulon, 93. 
8ani>er8, £rl, 101. 

Frank, 106. 

Martha French, 164. 
Sanderson, Edward P. 99. 

Ella M. 48. 


Lucy Ann, 147. 
Sargent, Hiram, 98. 
Saunders, Caleb, 35. 
Sawyer, Charles, 75. 

Freeman, 75. 

James, 138. 

John T. 75. 

Lewis B. and family, 68. 

M3nra, 75. 
SCAMMELL, Alexander, 32. 
SCRIBNER, Abigail, 112. 
Seldon, George Bogoin and 

family, 102. 
Sharp, Lizzie, 174. 
Shaw, George and family, 

Harvey, 79. 

Henry, 79. 

Josiah and family, 78. 

Mary, 72. 

Myron and family, 79. 

Nathaniel, 54. 
Shelburne, Susan A. 151. 
Shepard, George N. 111. 

Mrs. Lydia, 72. 

Samuel, 111. 
Sherburne, George C. 80. 

Mary Norrls, 80. 
Sherriff, Lydia, 28. 
Sherwin, Mary Augusta, 92. 
Shirts, Arvllla, 176. 
Shonto, Hosea, 161. 

Michel and family, 135. 
SiLCOTT, James L. 173. 
Simpson, Martha, 38. 
Sinclair, Hon. Charles A. 

Charles G. 104. 

Clara A. 90. 

Elizabeth B. 125. 

Ellen Maria, 154. 

Emma Peavey, 162. 

Grace Jane, 154. 

(Sinkler), John, 17. 

Hon. John G. 152. 

Martha Caroline, 154. 

Martha Sophy, 154. 

Mary Louise, 154. 
SISSON, Augusta, 142. 
Skinner, Chloe, 178. 

Susanna, 60. 
Slade, Sally M. 99. 
Sleeper, Hannah, 40. 

Maria, 149. 
Slioh, Julia, 166. 
Slocum, Edgar W. 64. 
Sly, Edwin, 75. 
Smart, Mr. 20. 

Moses, 44. 

Richard, 44. 

Robert, 23. 
Smiley, Jennie, 119. 
Smith, Benjamin, 36. 

Smith (continued). 

Caroline, 68. 

Ellsha, 34. 

Emma, 158. 

Enoch T. and family, 

George W. 152. 

Harriet Elizabeth, 127. 

Jabez and family, 40. 

Jennie Matilda, 164. 

Jeremiah, 40. 

Joseph and family, 34. 

Julia, 148. 

Lizzie, 98. 

Mary, 32. 

Mary Ellen, 102. 

Rosella, 106. 

Sarah, 136. 

Sarah Y. 38. 

Sophia Hill, 136. 

Zebulon, 35. 
Snellen, Mary N. 67. 
Snyder, Carrie, 176. 
Spalding, Randall, 120. 
Sparling, Betsey Ann, 160. 
Spaulding, Rev. Benjamin 
A. and family, 95. 

Julia, 95. 

Martha Rebecca, 60. 

Sampson, 50. 
Spear, Cyrena, 86. 

Nathan and family, 44. 
Spring, Arthur, 107. 

William A. and family, 
Stanley, Harriet, 79. 

Sarah LUlian, 133. 
Stanton, Clara, 137. 

Henry W. 138. 

William Jarvis, 137. 
Stark, Mahala, 176. 

Pamelia, 142. 
Stearns, Alfred, 65. 
Stetson, Fannie, 81. 

Lizzie Kidder, 132. 

Margaret Chapney, 92. 
Stevens, Hannah jSliza- 
beth, 89. 

Joshua, 41. 

Mr. 24. 

Mehitable, 23. 

Nathaniel, 23. 

Nettie, 103. 

Tobias, 74. 
Stocking, Mabel, 78. 
Stoddard, Adeline V. 73. 
Stone, Augusta, 124. 
Storrs, Horatio, 126. 
Styles, Edith, 46. 

Richard Eelley, 46. 
Sturdevant, Allen Gree- 
ley, 68. 
Sutton, Stephen, 81. 
SwiPT, Jiren, 56. 

Wyatt R. 56. 
Swords, Isabella, 120. 

James and family, 63. 

Talbot, Charles Clarence, 

Tash, Thomas, 28. 
Taskbr, Charles H. 39. 
Taylor, Annie, 36. 
Ida, 94. 

Taylor (continued). 

John, 24, 36. 

Jonathan, 24. 

Lydia, 24. 
Temple, Eliza, 106. 

Sarah Learned, 107. 
Tennant, Herbert Wen- 
dell, 83. 

Pulaski W. 83. 
Tetherly, Maria Tutton, 

Thing, Abigail, 34. 

Bartholomew, 34. 

Dudley, 34. 

Nancy, 38. 
Thomas, Matilda, 89. 
Thompson, David F. 137. 

Mary, 27. 

Polly, 69. 

Robert, 27. 
Thurber, John, 43. 
Thoyts, Jason Harmon, 68. 
Tibbetts, Henry Llewel- 
lyn, 150. 
Ticknor, Joshua, 113. 

Mary, 113. 

Betsey T. 114. 
Tiffany, Betsey, 174. 
TiLLOTSON, Dallas Cadwell, 

Fannie E. 142. 

Florence A. 142. 

George J. 141. 
TiLTON, Abbie M. 110. 

Abraham, 29. 

Arvllla, 98. 

Betsey, 97. 

Eleanor, 98. 

Daniel, 21, 28, 97. 

Gardiner, 111. 

Joseph and family, 26, 

Lucy Ann, 98. 

Mary, 98. 

Molly, 29. 

William, 97. 
Todd, Abigail Brown, 101. 
TOWLE, Benjamin, 23, 30. 

Esther, 53. 

Hannah, 30. 
Town, Eva Lucy, 126. 
ToziER, Frances Elizabeth, 

Treadwell, Margaret, 166. 

Napoleon B. 67. 
True, Benjamin, 48. 

Clarissa J. 12d. 

Mary, 48. 
Tucker, Cena, 59. 

James Edward, 102. 
TUCKERMAN, Mts. Eliza- 
beth, 46. 

Samuel, 46. 
TULLEY, Mrs. L u c i n d a 

TURNEY, Emelme, 115. 
TUTTLE, Emma Bell, 110. 

Henry A. and family, 
Tyler, Cora Merrill, 94. 


Uhl, Alice Edwlna, 166. 
David Edwin, 166. 
Edwin Fuller, 165. 



Uhl (continued). 

Lucy Follett, 166. 

Marshall Mortimer, 166. 
Upham, Eliza Temple, 154. 

Estlier Norris, 154. 

Mary Elizabeth, 154. 

Ome, 154. 

Walter Sumner and 
family, 154. 

Vail, James, 122. 

Boccenna B. 122. 
VAND08, Ruth A. 132. 
Varnby, Frank, 53. 
Vaughan, Andrew Jack- 
son, 146. 
Frank Leslie, 147. 
Louis Bertrand, 147. 
ViLES, Caroline Elizabeth, 

Von Rapp, Dr. Edgar Ar- 
thur and family, 125. 


Wadleioh, Frank Eugene, 

Waldo, Richard, 67. 
Walton, Shadrach, 19. 
Walkbb, Alcina, 76. 

Andrew, 63. 

Ctoorge, 87. 

John and family, 87. 

John William, 87. 

Lyman and family, 76. 

Walter, 76. 

William, 113. 
WALLACB^marilla E. 159. 

Olive Willard, 152. 
Ward, Ephraim, 43. 

James F. 124. 

Solomon, 43. 
Warneb, Caroline, 64. 
Wabben, Albert, 45. 

Annie M. 138. 

Asahel Leland and fam- 
ily, 78. 

Hannah, 68. 

Mary A. 81. 

Weston Asahel, 78. 
Wason, Thomas, 57. 
Watkins, Charles Augus- 
tus, 92. 

Emma Cate, 102. 

Watkins (continued). 

George Washingrton 
and family, 102. 
Watson, Evelyn, 54. 
Webb, Sumner, 34. 
Wbbsteb, William, 85. 
Weed, Albion Lorenzo, 136. 
Weeks, Ira and family, 67. 

John W. 154. 

Martha Ann, 67. 

Rosilla Octavia, 67. 

Tamar, 154. 

William, 65. 
Wells, Eugene, 162. 

Frances, 76. 

Mary E. 161. 
Wentwobth, Henry and 

family. 46. 
Weston, Mary Ann, 92. 

Nellie Leighton, 133. 
Weymouth, Sally, 77. 
Wheeler, Alvin Geo., 149. 

Edwin Titus, 126. 

Jesse, 51. 

Judith, 33. 

Lucy, 126. 

Melissa L. 158. 

Nehemiah, 33. 
Whitcher, Abbie, 76. 

Alvah, 76. 

David M. 109. 
White, Benjamin, 55. 

Henry K. and family, 

Ida May, 121. 

Irwin Clayton, 121. 

Mary, 55. 

Nathan, 30. 

William, 125. 
Whitehouse, John, 39. 
Whitman, Caleb Freeman 
and family, 162. 

Carrie S. 162. 

Emma L. 162. 

Mary H. 162. 

Stella M. 162. 
Whitmorb, Abbie Eliza- 
beth, 146. 

Mary L. 116. 
Whitney, Bela B. 119. 

Martha, 39. 

Stowell B. 141. 
Whittem, Joseph and fam- 
ily, 102. 

Joseph William, 103. 

Thomas Jarvis and 
family, 102. 
Whittlesey, Lucy Alsop, 

WiGGiN, Horace M. 103. 

Joseph, 69. 

Mary Parker, 129. 

Nathan, 35. 

Sarah, 35. 
Wiggins, John W. and fam- 
ily, 159. 
Wilbub, Osman S. 101. 
Wilcox, John, 119. 

Thomas, 68. 
Williams, Daniel H. 70. 

Elnora Butler, 70. 

Sarah E. 172. 
Wilson, Christopher and 
family, 68. 

Eliza Sinclair, 93. 

LiUian A. 90. 

William, 116. 
WiNKLEY, Jeremiah Orto 
and family, 103. 

Josephine Augusta, 103. 

Lizzie Wingate, 103. 

Lura Frances, 103. 
Winn, Mabel Maria, 150. 

Otis, 150. 
WiNSLOW, Luther, 37. 
Witt, Dr. Azra L. 137. 
Wood, Emma, 143. 
Woodbury, Benjamin, 52. 

Sarah, 131. 
Woodman, Ann Rand, 86. 

Elsie, 35. 

Fanny, 137. 

Jonathan Nelson, 137. 

Rev. Jonathan and fam- 
yy, 136. 

Mary, 137. 

Sarah, 137. 
Woods, Sarah Ann, 37. 
Woodward, Don Herbert, 

Elvira, 143. 

Fred Arnold, 143. 

Henry Herbert, 143. 

NetUe Maria. 143. 
Worcester, Herbert P. 

and family, 172. 
Wright, Sophia, 118. 

York, Angle, 87. 
Young, Acanthus, 102. 
Isaiah G. 57.